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12 Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India (Top Choices in August 2023)

Have you ever seen any kitchen without a sink? No. You will not find any in the future years. Because we all know how having a kitchen sink is important for any kitchen. A kitchen sink simplifies many of our kitchen tasks in minutes, like washing utensils, washing your veggies and fruits, cleaning your kitchen stand, and much more.

But, my friend, in India, there are numerous kitchen sink brands like Parryware, Hindware, Cera, Jaguar, and more. All are well-known for their highly qualitative manufacturing of kitchen sinks. But you cannot buy all the kitchen sinks.

So, how to choose from these many options? Well, I know your mind would be dancing with this question. That’s why, to help you make a clear choice, I have brought you a list of the 12 best kitchen sink brands in India. 

Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India

1. Crocodile


Tell me one thing: are you going to frequently change your kitchen sink? Absolutely not. For the kitchen sink, you will have a long-term approach.

And, so for me, there is one brand that is offering a reliable kitchen sink, which is none other than Crocodile. Their kitchen sinks are highly durable and always last for years. One of its best products is porcelain enamel.

Moreover, the Crocodile’s sinks are not only durable but are also best enough to provide a highly stylish look to your entire kitchen. Their high sound absorption abilities, strainer adjustability, and amazing personality will always make your guests praise your kitchen sink. Wow.

2. Jindal


Many times, you might have encountered some kitchen sinks that would have given lustrous shine in the beginning but then would lose their charm with time.

Will you ever afford to have such kinds of sinks for your kitchen? No. You will always prefer the ever-lasting and ever-shining one. And that’s the biggest reason why I brought the Jindal brand to the second position.

Its evergreen stainless steel kitchen sink products are no more than wondrous elements. Now, you might think that Jindal may take a lot of money from you. But that’s not the case. Although the Jindal kitchen sinks are highly durable and stylish, they are not at all costly. Amazing, right?

3. Futura


Who doesn’t know Futura? From kitchen products to kitchen sinks, it is hallmarked in every particular product. With years of experience, it is always able to craft mesmerizing products. And their kitchen sinks are just to another level.

With amazing style and large size, it becomes a perfect small area for you to wash your kitchen utensils. Moreover, its charming look with beautiful rims will make you fall in love with it.

Moreover, Futura sinks are designed to go a long way. So, no matter how often you use your sink, it will not become weak. And that’s the reason why Futura sinks are everyone’s favorite in India. Moreover, its lifetime warranty gives you a perfect reason to trust upon.

And there are many myths going on that Futura sinks are costly. But, believe me, Futura is the best affordable way of having stylish sinks for your kitchen space.

4. Carysil


Carysil is very well-known for driving excellence in its kitchen sinks. And that’s the reason why it has made it to our list. From big to small, carysil’s kitchen sinks have great potential to get fitted in any type of kitchen. And its strong durability always allows it to withstand any kind of rough and tough use.

And the amazing qualities of Carysil’s sink do not stop here. There is more to hear about. Its astonishing drainage system will never allow the water to disturb your countertop.

And its scratch-resistant surface will never allow even vulnerable scratches to damage its beauty. Moreover, with ultra-soundproof quality, it will not disturb anyone’s sleep in your home. Isn’t it great?

So, if you want a kitchen sink with profound excellence, then the Carysil brand should be your preference.

5. Kaff


Kaff’s name has become revolutionary due to its innovative kitchen sink products. Its kitchen sinks are the best example of how dedicated it is to serving high-end quality. Moreover, its kitchen sinks are highly durable. So, they have the full potential of always shining bright in your kitchen for ages. 

Now, tell me one thing: what is the most troubling task in the kitchen? Well, of course, it’s cleaning. Every housewife always wants less trouble in cleaning their kitchens.

And, believe me, sometimes cleaning kitchen sinks would become daunting if you do not have stain-resistant ones. And that’s why Kaff’s kitchen sinks are highly resistant to stains and scratches. Wow.

Moreover, Kaff believes in making long-lasting relations with its clients, and so it offers strong after-sales support, which many kitchen sink brands fail to provide. So, if you want a kitchen sink that is a package of reliability and high-end quality, then you should definitely go for the Kaff brand.

6. Franke


Mostly, you would find kitchen sinks in stainless steel material. But, there is one brand in India that is driving everyone crazy through its innovative and innumerable types of kitchen sinks. And that brand is none other than Franke. Through its amazing kitchen sinks, like classic fireclay farmhouses, it is setting a trend of having stylish sinks in your kitchen.

Now, what makes Franke unique from other kitchen sink brands? Well, it is a dedication to making high-quality kitchen sinks. Its kitchen sinks are not only stylish and elegant, but they are also highly durable. Thus proving to be a great resource for long-term investment in your kitchen.

And, no need for you to worry if your kitchen sink gets damaged as the Franke kitchen sink comes with a lifelong warranty. So, if you find any issue even after the 6 months of its purchase, Franke will be there holding you back. Now, that sounds amazing.

7. Hafele


Imagine your kitchen sink not performing well within the 2 months of its purchase only. What will you do? Of course, you will be dialing your sink’s customer care number.

But what if the company does not respond to your query? You will be dialing the number again and again, but no response. And you will be left with no option other than changing your kitchen sink and investing again in the new one.

But what if you would have chosen the brand with great customer service in the beginning only? You could have saved lots of money. So, you can see how important it is to lay down with a company with amazing after-sales service.

And, when it comes to the question of strong customer support for kitchen sinks, I would recommend none other than the Hafele. Yes, the brand not only assures highly qualitative kitchen sinks but also holds its customers back forever. Isn’t it amazing?

8. Neelkanth


Believe it or not, but it’s human psychology that our hot favorite bucket of brands will always include the one that has been ruling for many ages. No matter what brand it is.

And there’s a strong reason behind this. The brands that have been ruling for ages have not easily reached such a strong position. It’s because of its qualitative products and services that it is still alive.

So, even for kitchen sink brands, the same thing applies. Actually, there is one such brand that has only become old by its name, but it is still energetic even today. And it is none other than Neelkanth.

With years of expertise, it is able to deliver kitchen sinks that are highly durable. Moreover, its kitchen sinks are strong enough to provide a lustrous and fascinating touch to your kitchen interior. Also, the kitchen sink by Neelkanth pulls off your hectic cleaning task through its easy cleaning and maintenance.

And what to say about its customer support. It’s as strong as a rock. So, if you are constantly looking for one kitchen sink brand that has never got old, then my friend Neelkanth is the name.

9. Nirali


Will you buy your kitchen sinks just by considering its quality? Or would you consider only its price? You would say both. And it is an obvious thing because everyone cannot afford everything easily. For them, the budget also matters a lot. And that’s why I brought Nirali kitchen sink brand to this list.

Nirali offers mind-boggling and stylish kitchen sinks in India. Now, your mind would tackle Qualitative designs means costly. But not my friend, Nirali considers every customer. And that’s why it always produces kitchen sinks that are not only qualitative but also affordable to every client. Now, tell me, which brand would care this much about its clients?

With its evergreen stylish designs of quartz, vitreous China, fireclay, granite, and stainless steel, it has been stealing everyone’s eyes for many years. And, once you purchase a kitchen sink from Nirali, neither Nirali nor its kitchen sink will leave your hand. Isn’t it amazing?

10. Hindware


Whether it’s about our home or a small kitchen corner, we want everything hygienic. So, how about having hygienic kitchen sinks for your family? Yeah, It is actually true. There is one brand that brought the concept of kitchen sinks that would be highly resistant to dirt and germs. Wow. Doesn’t it sound great?

And who is that brand? It is none other than Hindware in India. Hindware has always been popular for many of its products, and germ-resistant kitchen sinks are one of them. Moreover, its sinks are always quality-tested. So, their sinks will never fall apart in terms of safety.

Moreover, we all know how old Hindware is. So, we can imagine what kind of quality and styling its sinks would have. And that’s the reason why Hindware has made it to this list.

11. Parryware/Roca


Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? If yes, then I have something to tell you. Are you going to continue with the same old traditional kitchen sink? But why have that old sink when your kitchen is going to change? You might wonder what is there to change in the sink.

Well, there is a lot to change in it. In this digital era, where everything is just getting transformed, then why not the kitchen sink? 

Parryware/Roca decided to transform the kitchen sink industry through its innovative, customizable kitchen sinks so that you can adjust the sink as per your requirements. And, due to this innovation, only the Parryware/Roca brand has become a deserving candidate to hold position 11 in my list of best kitchen sink brands in India.

12. Cera India

Cera India

Imagine your kitchen sink having separate compartments for washing your utensils and veggies. You would wonder how that is possible. But, such compartment kitchen sinks have become a reality. And do you know who made it real? It is our very own Cera India.

Earlier, we needed to think about keeping the washed utensils and veggies in our sink. And we all know how cumbersome it was. But, thanks to Cera, who made the hectic task much easier through its compartment sinks.

Moreover, the kitchen sinks by Cera are highly strong no matter how rough and tough its use is. And, yeah, don’t think Cera to be a costly brand. It has always introduced its products keeping its customers’ budget in mind. And this is what I like the most about Cera.


What is the best material for a kitchen sink? 

Answer: There is nothing like the best in sink material. It merely depends on your choices. However, the most common kitchen sink materials are granite, stainless steel, fireclay, cast iron, and copper.

How to decide the right size for my kitchen sink? 

Answer: Well, you should consider two factors when deciding the size of your kitchen sink. First is the size of the area where your sink is going to get fitted, and second is the size of your utensils. A sink will be of no use if your utensils do not fit into it.

What is the best installation type for my kitchen sink? 

Answer: There are mainly three types of sink installation types: Top-mount, under-mount, and farmhouse. In the top-mount installation, you will be installing your sinks on the countertop, while the under-mount will include the sink under your countertop. And, in a farmhouse installation, the front part of your sink will remain open.

How to clean and maintain my kitchen sink? 

Answer: Well, you should always use a soft sponge and mild soap solution to clean your kitchen sink surface. Moreover, you should not allow more water to flow in the sink as it would create stubborn stains.

How long does a kitchen sink live? 

Answer: There are many factors that would affect the longevity of your kitchen sink. Some of them are its material, cleaning, and its use. A highly durable and qualitative sink can live as long as 10 to 30 years. At the same time, a less durable sink will never go such a long way.


So, as you saw, India is a hub of many amazing kitchen sink brands. All these brands have unique specialties to offer in their respective sinks.

Now, which brand you should choose merely depends on your preferences. Otherwise, all the above-mentioned brands offer astounding kitchen sinks at much more affordable prices in India.

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