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Love Juicing? Here’s The List of Top 20 Best Juicers in India (2024)

A good start to your day by drinking the refreshing taste of fresh juice can be refreshing, but it is also very nutritious, isn’t it? But, it’s impossible to drink an entire glass of juice outside every day.

This is why you’ll require a juicer suitable for your kitchen. With the Juicer, you could create the number of juice glasses you like at no additional cost.

Take a moment before you rush to buy a juicer. There are a variety of juicers to choose from, and you could find it difficult to pick the best one with this guide.

Types of Juicers:

Are you aware of the different juicers in the Indian market? Yes, the juicers you believe are the same are, in fact, different.


Are you interested in learning about the various kinds of juicers?

The various types of juicers available on markets are listed as follows. Check out:

1. Centrifugal Juicer:

They are among the most sought-after economical, easy to use, and convenient juicers on the Indian market. They operate at a high rate to extract juices from vegetables and fruits, which means they can provide quick and immediate juice. These juicers are made to utilize centrifugal force to remove the pulp from the juice.

But, they typically waste a large amount of moist pulp and, therefore, its nutrients.


  • They provide a fast and efficient juicing process
  • They are straightforward to make use of
  • They have large mouths, so it is easier to prepare them.
  • They are offered for purchase at an affordable cost.


  • Certain models may be loud
  • The juices that are made with these juicers are lower in nutrients.
  • Not recommended for sprouts, herbs, and other green leafy vegetables.
  • They are prone to eliminate some of the nutrients and moisture in the pulp.

2. Cold Press Juicer or Masticating Juicer:

These juicers are different from centrifugal-type juicers, in contrast to the centrifugal force used to extract the juice. These juicers make use of cold pressing to extract the juices.

The name suggests that these juicers work at a slower speed, allowing the extraction of the highest quantity of juice out of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, since the Juicer requires a long time to extract its juices, the resultant juice produced by this Juicer contains plenty of nutrients and therefore is more nutritious than centrifugal juicers.


  • They do their work without any sound
  • They produce less foam in juices.
  • They extract the maximum amount of juice
  • They can help preserve more nutrients in juices.
  • They also work well with sprouts, herbs, and green leafy vegetables.


  • They’re slow in juicing
  • They have smaller mouths and consequently need to cut vegetables before putting them in
  • They’re more expensive than centrifugal juicers.

Make sure you’re aware of your requirements and preferences before deciding on the most suitable option from these two alternatives.

Top 20 Best Juicers in India – Reviews & Buying Guide 

1. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2L Juicer

Philips Viva Collection HR1863_20 2L Juicer

Philips is an incredibly well-known company in the Indian market and is trusted by the majority of its customers. This Juicer that is part of the Philips brand is designed to preserve the name of the brand and provide convenience for customers.

If you are searching for an easy-to-use and quick-processing Juicer with authentic brand recognition, then this Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2L Juicer could be the ideal option.

The Juicer has a capacity of 2L, which is plenty for large Indian families. With this Juicer in the kitchen, you won’t need to worry about making delicious, fresh drinks for the family.

The Juicer is equipped with Quick Clean Technology, which takes 1 minute to clean. It also has a pre-clean feature that eliminates any undesirable fibres in the juice and enhances the flavour.

The Juicer is constructed of top-quality materials, which means it can provide the best hygiene for the juices that are served.


  • Great for large families
  • Rapid processing
  • The smallest amount of power consumed
  • Easy to wash


  • It runs with a power of 700W, which makes it extremely energy efficient for its users.
  • It’s a sleek but slim design and is lightweight.
  • You get a complete guarantee of 2 years with this Juicer in case of any defects you might confront.


  • You may need to compromise on the speed settings since it only has one option.
  • Hard to assemble/dis-assemble for everyone.

2. Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer

Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer

As we mentioned, Philips is among the most trusted brands within the Indian market that has the trust of Indian consumers.

This Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer is an incredible juicer made by the company. This Juicer is definitely worth the money since it provides a variety of impressive features to its users that can be used to enjoy delicious juices.

Many customers who have tried this Juicer have been raving about its efficiency. Juicer and this is to be one of the main reasons behind its popularity.

The Juicer is also well-known because of its beautiful appearance and impressive features. The small dimensions of this Juicer and the requirement for a small storage space play a major part to make this machine a hugely popular choice for Indian users.

It has 800mL of juice capacity and has the power to create two litres of juice at a time.


  • Suitable for big families
  • Easy to wash
  • Energy efficient


  • A 2-year warranty is included with this Juicer in case of any defects that may be found.
  • The pulp is collected in one location with no mess.
  • With its Quick Clean Technology, it is simple for users to operate and clean the Juicer.
  • Due to the quality of this Juicer, you can depend on it—It’s a Philips product!


  • It runs on 700W of power and operates with only a one-speed setting.

3. Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 Juicer

Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer (2)

Philips recognizes the needs and desires of Indian users and, therefore, always delivers diverse products designed specifically for Indian customers.

It’s not only what we’re saying, but this Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 Juicer also confirms the same aspect regarding this model from the Philips brand.

The elegant layout of this model has been designed to effortlessly adapt to the modern and modular kitchen interiors. It is constructed with high-end ABS plastic with shock-proof properties and is, therefore, one of the most durable juicer models available that are part of the Philips brand. The slim size and elegant design are perfect for all kinds of households.

So, before you conclude that the Juicer’s function is solely in its appearance, let us look at the different features it provides.

In addition to all the benefits, you have the anti-slip feature included in this Juicer, which reduces the possibility of accidents.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Quick juicing, with less background noise


  • This Juicer is incredibly powerful, practical, and efficient in its operation.
  • It has an auto-off feature that works to improve the comfort of users.
  • It has a capacity of 1.5L, which is adequate for families of average size.
  • This model is powered by only 400W of power which manages electricity costs.
  • The Juicer makes hardly any noise when it operates and is therefore quiet.
  • The speed of operation that this machine provides is beneficial.


  • Pulp container is somewhat small.

4. Prestige PCJ 7.0 Centrifugal Juicer (500W)

Prestige PCJ 7.0 Centrifugal Juicer (500W)

The Prestige PCJ 7.0 500 W Centrifugal Juicer is yet another juicer that is small in its size and features a strong motor.

For a start, in its description, the Prestige PCJ 7.0 500W Centrifugal Juicer uses 500W of power which is enough to juice almost everything.

In terms of how fast this Juicer runs, it comes with three-speed settings that permit users to use the Juicer by the ingredient that is being utilized.

The dual locking system that comes on this Juicer is designed to aver every possible risk of accidents. The anti-drip function of the Prestige PCJ 7.0 500 W Centrifugal Juicer is also appreciated for secure operation.

The mouth-to-mouth of this Juicer ensures that you will be able to put many ingredients inside this Juicer.


  • High durability
  • Dual locking system for increased security
  • Attractive design


  • This Juicer is a powerful model from the prestigious brand designed specifically for the Indian market.
  • It’s priced at a reasonable price and comes with options.
  • The Juicer is efficient with electricity costs.
  • You’ll be amazed by how fast it juices your ingredients.
  • The Juicer has a big capacity that is ideal for large families.
  • You get a guarantee of one year for this machine.


  • Not the best in terms of extraction. A bit of juice is left in the pulp.

5. Panasonic MJ-68M Centrifugal Juicer (220W)

Panasonic MJ-68M Centrifugal Juicer (220W)

Panasonic is another well-known brand on the Indian market that tends to impress its customers with its efficiency and design. This is among the top centrifugal juicers that can be purchased reasonably. Additionally, it has several essential features that make it an essential product in the Indian market.

The circuit breaker built-in included in this juicer aids to make the juices quickly.

You are assured that this Juicer produces high-quality juices you make since attention has been given to creating the device. The 1-year warranty comes for this Juicer to cover any defects that can be experienced.

When it comes to the style of this Juicer, it’s a simple design that blends with the kitchen decor and appears attractive. This Juicer is definitely worth the investment because it provides the best value for money.


  • Simple to use
  • Fast juicing
  • Minimal power consumption


  • It has a safety lock clamp that ensures the highest level of security for making juices.
  • This stainless-steel spinner makes sure that you can create juices using all kinds of soft and hard ingredients.
  • It has 220W of power to ensure that it operates efficiently.
  • The user-friendly and easy-to-press buttons of this Juicer are appreciable.


  • Unreliable After-sale service.
  • Difficult  to clean.
  • A few complains about durability.

6. Braun Multiquick 3 J300 Juicer (800W)

Braun Multiquick 3 J300 Juicer (800W)

If you’re searching for the best Juicer with top quality and unparalleled performance, there’s the best choice than the Braun Multiquick J300, 800W Juicer.

Braun has earned a good name on the Indian market, which helps draw the right kind of customers because this Juicer is priced higher than the average.

If you want to know the power of this device, it is an impressive juicer that operates using a minimal power consumption of around 800W. The stainless steel blades are paired with the speed settings and a high-power motor that extracts the juice from even the most difficult ingredients.

 Additionally, you get the advantages of the anti-splash function, which helps prevent the mess created by splashing the juice.

If you’re worried about the security offered by the Braun Multiquick 3 J300 800W Juicer, you can be assured that you are safe. The Juicer isn’t fully functional until it has been properly assembled.


  • Useful for both soft and hard substances
  • Two different speeds
  • Minimum storage space


  • It is typically favoured by those looking for top-quality service without a price limit.
  • It comes with two-speed settings that you can alter.
  • The anti-drip system makes sure that the Juicer remains in its place when it is operating.
  • It comes with a foam separator and a different pulp collector to reduce the mess.
  • The overall performance of this machine provides is remarkable.


  • Cleaning is little more involved.
  • Braun doesn’t have direct servicing in India.

7. Sujata Powermatic PM Juicer (900W)

Sujata Powermatic PM Juicer (900W)

While it’s a relatively new brand on the Indian market, the Sujata Powermatic PM 900W Juicer has earned its place over the other juicers. Sujata’s products are reliable and durable and have a high level of durability.

The company understands the demands and needs of customers and mixes the most recent and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the most effective outcomes.

If you’re one of those who love to experiment and try various juice flavours, this Juicer is the ideal option for you.

 It is easy to use these buttons to alter the performance of this Juicer based on your personal preferences.

The exterior of this Juicer is constructed of premium plastic that makes it safe for use. In addition, you also get two years of guarantee with this Juicer.


  • Ideal for personal use
  • Juices hard ingredients
  • Premium plastic


  • It has a power consumption of 900W, which is amazingly effective using all ingredients.
  • The Juicer can be used with the hardest ingredients, letting you experiment with various flavours of juices.
  • To give you the necessary control over the operation of this machine, it comes with two speeds and an off and on button.
  • This Juicer is equipped with 1L of capacity, ideal for those seeking an appliance for personal use.
  • The design and appearance of this model are attractive enough that they blend with Indian kitchens.


  • We can’t give good scores in terms of appearance.

8. Bajaj JEX 16 Fruit & Vegetable Juicer (800W)

Bajaj JEX 16 Fruit & Vegetable Juicer (800W)

If you’re facing a price restriction, but you don’t want to reduce the features and quality of your juices, the Bajaj JEX 16 800W Juicer can make a perfect fit for your requirements.

Bajaj has launched this Juicer to make the juice a straightforward task for its customers. As we are all aware, Bajaj is one of the most renowned brands in India and therefore is highly reliable for its quality and reliability.

It provides a total capacity of 1L that will suffice for families with small or medium sizes.

The Juicer requires an energy consumption of 800W, ensuring that the motor runs smoothly and puts a limit on your electricity bill.

To improve the users’ comfort and make it easier for them, this Juicer is equipped with two-speed settings that can be selected by users, depending on their needs and demands.

Because of these options, you can use this Juicer to make the juice of soft and hard ingredients. That’s right; this makes this Bajaj JEX 16 800W Juicer the perfect companion for your kitchen.


  • Perfect for families with small children
  • Cleaning may take some time.
  • Affordable price


  • You can avail the benefits of a pulp collection, the extractor of juice, a collector, and a foam separator when you purchase this Juicer.
  • The warranty of two years with this product guarantees that buyers can be assured that they will receive the best functioning.
  • Its two-speed settings is highly appreciable.
  • This Bajaj juicer is one of the top juicers found at a budget-friendly and reasonable cost.


  • The glass part of the juicer is somewhat delicate.
  • It’s competitors have scored better in terms of user ratings on Amazon.

9. Bajaj Majesty One Juicer (500W)

Bajaj Majesty One Juicer (500W)

From the known and reliable Indian brand of home appliances, Bajaj has the next Juicer. The Juicer comes with all the desirable features at a reasonable price. The cost is paid for the Bajaj Majesty One 500W Juicer is completely justified by the benefits and features it provides to its customers.

For starters, let us discuss the advantages of this Juicer; you’ll not have to be concerned about electricity costs. The Juicer operates with the smallest power consumption of 500W, which will lower your energy bills. Therefore, you can switch on this Juicer to make all your favourite juices in minutes with the Bajaj Majesty One 500W Juicer.

 You need to be aware that you should only use the Juicer only for short periods, or else it will become hot.

In terms of its design, it will be simple to use piano buttons when using this Juicer. It is worth testing this Juicer to get decent performance reasonably priced.


  • It doesn’t make a lot of noise when working
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Affordable price


  • There is an adjustable 3-speed juicer, which is easily altered according to the type of ingredients utilized in the Juicer.
  • You get one litre of pulp collection included with this Juicer, making users’ work extremely convenient.
  • The two-year warranty that comes with this Juicer provides the required charm to the Juicer.


  • Not that good with carrots and nuts.

10. Morphy Richards Juice Xpress Juicer (700 W)

Bajaj JEX 16 Fruit & Vegetable Juicer (800W) (2)

Morphy Richards is another name with amazing products specifically created for Indian customers. The Juicer is a stunning styled juicer, which is so created that it blends perfectly when paired with a modern kitchen.

Each of the components and functions of the Morphy Richards Juice Xpress 700 W Juicer is designed to enhance the ease of use for its users to make juice of whatever they desire.

You have a variety of options for controlling speed when using this Juicer with hard and soft substances. This means it can be used for almost any type of substance. It also comes with an extra-large tube to ease the burden of handling and juicing larger fruits and vegetables.

This Juicer needs 800W of power to be making juice from the ingredients. Operating at a voltage of 230 Volts is a perfect match for the Juicer’s capabilities.

Regarding the style that this machine has, it is equipped with a stylish design that each piece will add style to your home. Additionally, you get an option for storage of cords with the Morphy Richards Juice Xpress 700W Juicer that reduces the space needed for storage of this model. This Juicer comes with everything you could want from a juicer, ensuring the best performance and efficiency.


  • Ideal for large, oversized portions of fruits and vegetables.
  • Attractive design.
  • Minimum storage space.


  • Multiple options for controlling speed.
  • You enjoy  a 2-year warranty to protect yourself from the problems you might encounter while working with the Juicer.
  • Works perfectly with both hard and soft food substances.


  • Only 3.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon by the users.
  • It takes out 80% juice, which can’t be called good. The user needs to run the pulp again or put in a filter to squeeze out the remaining juice.
  • A few users complained about burning smell.

11. Pigeon by Stovekraft Pure 150W Slow Juicer

Pigeon by Stovekraft Pure 150W Slow Juicer

If cost is not an issue for you when you are looking to buy the juicer mixer you want, and you’re looking for your juicer mixer to be small in dimensions and have a great style and performance, then go with this model Pigeon from Stovekraft Pure 150W Juicer.

When you use this Juicer, you’ll not feel like you’ve purchased a higher price because this Pigeon is made by Stovekraft Pure 150W Slow Juicer well worth the money you invest in it.

It is recommended that this Juicer be used only for soft ingredients. Due to the same, this Juicer could be used by those who travel and those who want an individual juicer to use.

Because this Juicer is a slow juicer, you might have to wait for a few minutes to extract the juice from the fruit. The Juicer is easy to use, and it is easy to clean.


  • Processing slow
  • Easy to wash
  • Made for soft ingredients


  • This Juicer has been designed to blend with any design style and provide the expected and desired performance.
  • The Juicer has only 150W of power which is enough for small usages.
  • It also comes with a guarantee of five years.
  • This Juicer’s design is appealing and blends well with the contemporary kitchen style.
  • This Juicer is designed specifically for Indian customers and is always a hit.


  • Hard ingredients are not recommended for this Juicer.

12. Preethi Essence CJ 101 Juicer (600W)

Preethi Essence CJ 101 Juicer (600W)

The Juicer also earned its reputation within the Indian market due to the qualities and features they have on its merchandise. This Preethi Essence CJ 101 600W Juicer is designed so that it allows for easy use and easy maintenance for its customers.

It’s equipped to run a strong motor to make this Juicer more efficient and appropriate for the Indian household. The motor uses 600W of power consumption, ensuring the highest juice extraction from the components.

This body Preethi Essence CJ 101 600W Juicer is constructed from ABS plastic, renowned for its premium quality. Steel blades of stainless steel used within this device are extremely efficient in that they can be used to juice all ingredients in the most efficient way.

It comes with three-speed settings that are easily adjustable using simple and user-friendly buttons. The Juicer design is also compact, which helps reduce the requirement for huge storage space.


  • Three-speed control is available.
  • Minimized mess while working
  • Simple to use and maintain.


  • The Juicer is designed to last for a long time with excellent quality.
  • Its leak-proofing even when you’re using soft components.
  • It is equipped with an easy-to-clean pulp collector that minimizes the mess created by the operation of the Juicer.
  • It is covered by a 1-year warranty period.


  • Not great value for money.
  • Tough cleaning.
  • The output is not perfect. Sometimes, pulp stays in the juice.

13. Borosil Primus BJU50SSB11 Juicer (500W)

Borosil Primus BJU50SSB11 Juicer (500W)

If you’re searching for an efficient juicer that is an all-in-one solution for Indian customers’ needs and requirements, you must consider the Borosil Primus BJU50SSB11 500W juicer. This Juicer is amazing in design, efficient in its functions, impressive with its speed, and is affordable in price.

Doesn’t it include everything an ideal juicer mixer needs?

A majority of customers have been impressed by the benefits of this Juicer and its justification for the cost that it’s available on the market. 

It has great power and offers a high capacity for its users. The power consumption of 500W for this Juicer does a great job of juicing different fruits and juices. Borosil also ensures that this juice will be long-lasting and lasts for longer than you would expect.

The huge feeding tube with the anti-drip functions of this Juicer allows the Juicer to work with all ingredients without causing any mess. It is a pleasure to use this Juicer.


  • Strong steel body
  • Noisy working
  • Durable product


  • Speed and performance make this juicer ideal for immediate use.
  • The Juicer is appealing and leaves an impression on the people who use it.
  • Since Borosil is an American firm, you can receive some of the top features that you will not see in many Indian brands.
  • Perfect for both hard and soft food items.


  • We expected a bit better customer reviews on Amazon.

14. Oster 3157-049 Juice Extractor (400W)

Oster 3157-049 Juice Extractor (400W)

It isn’t a stretch to say that the Oster 3157-049 400W Juice Extractor has done a complete justification of its services for the users.

While the brand isn’t as popular as other brands on the market, it has earned its mark within its place in the Indian market. Customers from this Oster brand are extremely happy with the features and functions the Juicer gives users.

The Juicer requires just 400W for all its tasks and is thus a power-efficient juicer. With this power and quality usage of the Juicer, it will save a lot of electricity costs for its users.

All components that make up the Juicer can be simple to separate, and the Juicer is clean and effortless to cleanse. If you choose this Juicer, you’ll not have any maintenance requirements to maintain this Juicer.


  • Simple use
  • High-quality body
  • Energy efficient


  • The appearance and the design of the Juicer are also a great complement to the user’s needs.
  • It is made of premium ABS plastic, which can be trusted for security and dependability.
  • It has only a one-speed setting you can get in this Juicer, and you’ll get the best performance and comfort with this Juicer.
  • The two-year warranty included with this Juicer ensures it is protected from the potential defects that could be discovered.


  • Only 3 star rating on Amazon.
  • Failed our noise test.
  • Failed our 4-feet drop-down test.
  • Not that durable construction.

Best Cold Press Juicers in India

15. Kuvings Professional B1700 Cold Press Juicer 

Kuvings Professional B1700 Cold Press Juicer

With user-friendly features and top quality features, With its user-friendly features and excellent facilities, the Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer is among the top cold press juicers available in the Indian market.

It uses an energy consumption of 240W to ensure that the juice extracted by this machine is not damaged and retains its nutritional quality.

It has a large mouth opening that makes it simple to use the Juicer for big fruits and vegetables. Also, you don’t have to peel the fruits, which will help to save time to prepare the juices.

To ensure the biggest level of safety for this Juicer, it is not possible to begin the operation of this Juicer until all parts of the Juicer are securely attached.

This Juicer can be used to make a variety of juices with different mixes of fruits and vegetables.


  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • No installation required
  • Modern security measures


  • The Juicer is just right to please the user, and without doubt, it has done a great job in this regard.
  • This Juicer is perfect for anyone seeking a small but appealing juicer to place in there.
  • You get 10 years of warranty on the motor and gear of this Juicer and a one-year warranty on the electrical components.
  • There is no need to install this Juicer because it comes in a per-installed form.
  • The outcomes with each use are extremely positive and pleasing.


  • The only cold press model in the market with absolutely no pros.

16. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

If you want a perfect Juicer, not just in terms of quality and performance but also in terms of style and style, the best choice is the Hestia Nutri-Max ColdPress Juicer.

The first thing that pops into your mind when you see the Juicer is that it looks stylish and, therefore, readily matches the contemporary kitchens. In addition, the usage of this Juicer is very suitable for all users.

As the name has been implied, this Juicer is sure that you get the most nutrients from the juices you drink. The Juicer can create dense juices of fruit with no air bubbles.

This reduces the chance of Oxidation occurring in the juices, increasing the flavour of juices produced by this Juicer.

One thing you can guarantee by using the Juicer that is slow to press is that it will obtain more nutritious juices as opposed to those produced by centrifugal juicers.


  • Maintains nutritional value
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Reduces the risk of Oxidation


  • This juicer makes sure to get the most juice out of the vegetables and fruits.
  • You’ll also be impressed by the cleanliness you will get out of this device.
  • You get a one-year guarantee with this Juicer.
  • Highly durable and great value for money.
  • It requires only 240W of power to extract the juice from the components.
  • The cleansing of the Juicer is less than one minute.


  • The Rotation Wipercould have been a bit better.

17. Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow Juicer (150W)

Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow Juicer (150W)

The Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow Juicer is a slow juicer that makes it possible to extract maximum juice out of fruits and vegetables with no difficulties.

The Juicer uses the sole 150W power consumption, which minimizes the threat of high electric bills, which means that this Juicer could be used daily.

This Juicer’s slow compression mechanism ensures that the juices created by the use of this Juicer have less foam and reduce the effect of the oxidation process. This ensures that the flavour and taste of the juices remain for a very long duration.

One of the most important tasks you need to do is cleanse the Juicer following the use. With the Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow Juicer,

In terms of how this Juicer is designed, you will find an appealing design and stylish design with this Juicer. The plastic body used in constructing this Juicer is made from ABS, which guarantees the highest level of sanitation and security. The Juicer is worth the money you invest in it.


  • Easy to use
  • It can be used to prepare any fruit or vegetable.
  • Maintains nutrients


  • The Juicer is built by a specific mechanism that assists in keeping the most nutrients in the juice.
  • You can reap the advantages of healthy and natural drinking juice with this Juicer.
  • You can expect pure flavour from all juices you extract from this juicer.
  • You can enjoy safe and clean juice thanks to this Juicer.


  • It is very expensive.
  • Assembling this model can be challenging.
  • The extracted juice contained a bit of pulp in our testing.

18. Usha Nutripress (362F) Cold Press Slow Juicer.

Usha Nutripress (362F) Cold Press Slow Juicer.

Usha brand is among the most well-known brands in India and has earned the trust and confidence of customers due to the benefits and features offered.

Usha Nutripress (362F) 240W cold press slow juicer is guaranteed to maintain the brand’s fame without interruptions. This Juicer is a great juicer you can utilize for your everyday juice needs.

This Juicer equipped with the cold press technique will ensure that you get the best quantity of nutrients in the juices and ensures that users get the most delicious juices.

The Juicer has an open mouth feature that guarantees that users will be able to use all fruits and vegetables in the Juicer without cutting the pieces into smaller parts. This cuts down on time needed to prepare the juices and the requirement for extra effort.

The components of the juicers are removable and offer the best advantages for cleaning and using the Juicer.


  • Modern security measures
  • Simple working
  • Silent operation


  • If you’re using this device, you’ll have all your juices with their natural flavours and health advantages.
  • The slow squeeze of the Juicer with the slow speed of operation provides an energizing glass of juice without any issues.
  • The intelligent cap offered with this Juicer makes sure that juices do not get spilt over in preparation.
  • The solid construction made our experts give it 10 off 10 in terms of durability.


  • The cleaning is very lengthy an tough.
  • Regarding performance, it gets badly beaten up by juicers like Kuvings Professional B1700 and Hestia Nutri-Max.
  • Makes a bit more noise than the competitors.

19. Wonderchef Compact Cold Press Slow Juicer (200W)

Wonderchef Compact Cold Press Slow Juicer (200W)

If you’re ok to pay the price to purchase a juicer that provides you with the finest features and an excellent appearance, then Wonderchef Compact 63152281 200W Cold Press Slow Juicer could be the perfect option for you. This Juicer was designed to meet the current and the needs of the coming users.

This Juicer can be effective in its work. The slow processing speed of this Juicer is so efficient that it preserves the highest nutritional worth of the juices created with this Juicer.

The quick and efficient process of juicing of this Juicer helps to save the most time for the users and provides them with the most nutritious and healthy juice glass.

The powerful motor of this Juicer is employed to process both soft and hard ingredients, so it is a good juicer to make almost any ingredient. The slow-processing technique helps maintain the necessary quantity of fibres in the juices, which increases the health value of the juices.

The Juicer sports a stylish appearance and is attractive enough to draw users’ attention.


  • No operations that make noise
  • Keeps the healthy fibres in the juice
  • Clean and quick to clean


  • The Juicer can provide complete satisfaction with the demands of users.
  • The induction switch supplied along with the Juicer makes it simple to operate.
  • It runs all of its functions in a low-noise mode, which reduces noise.


  • Very poor ratings on Amazon.
  • The brushed steel outer coating isn’t that durable.
  • Poor service by the wonderchef company.

20. Havells Nutrisense Cold Press Slow Juicer (150W)

Wonderchef Compact Cold Press Slow Juicer (200W) (2)

Havells Nutrisense 150W Juicer is one of the top cold press juicers, providing you with the most nutritious juices without additional strain.

It’s possible experiment with different flavours of juices each day because of its versatility. The slow juicing process used in this Juicer will ensure the best juice extraction and retention of the most nutritious nutrients. It consumes power of 150W, which ensures it is extremely energy efficient.

This Juicer’s style is appealing and durable, making it long-lasting and durable. ABS plastic of high quality is used to create the outer part of the Juicer. This increases the security and safety of the process of making juice.

You do not need to separate the fibres or foam from the juices because the Juicer comes with foam and a fibre filter. The Juicer is equipped to delight its customers for the first time.


  • Technology to slow-juice
  • Energy efficient
  • No operation with no noise


  • The Juicer is simple to operate, and therefore it can be operated at maximum ease.
  • You will be certain that there will be less clutter when using this Juicer.
  • It is possible to use this Juicer to make soft and hard ingredients.
  • Since the Juicer is small and small, it needs the smallest amount of storage space in the kitchen.


  • Only 3.5 star rating out of 5 on Amazon. Every 1 out of 4 users has given a 1-star rating.
  • Corrections on inner segment and body plastic is an issue.
  • The plastic parts look very delicate.

How to Choose a Juicer?

It’s difficult to select the best Juicer for your requirements without knowing the elements to be considered when making a choice. Have you got the most important elements?

NO!! Are you confident that you’ll be making the right choice with your choice of Juicer?

Check out the following factors that should not be ignored when making a decision:

Total Capacity:

When buying the juicer, the first thing you need to consider is the capacity. The Juicer’s capacity is the amount of juice you can create with the Juicer. In determining the Juicer’s capacity, take into consideration:

  • The size of your family
  • Your consumption for the day

Selecting the appropriate capacity of the Juicer will allow you to speed up the process as well as the time you invest.

Type of Juicer:

Another crucial aspect you must not forget when choosing the best Juicer for you is the kind of Juicer. There are various kinds of juicers on the market, each offering various benefits. So, it’s vital to be clear about the type of Juicer that can provide all the work to meet your needs and demands.


There are times when you need to adjust the speed of your Juicer based on the ingredient you’re making use of. However there are a variety of juicers that have one speed, but you should look for the one that comes with more than a one-speed option.

The variations in speed can help you create your juice to suit your taste. Additionally, you will reap the benefits of speed variations when using both hard and soft ingredients when making juices.

Ease of Use and Installation:

Everybody would love to have an appliance that’s simple to operate, maintain, and easy to install. We’re certain that you’re also one of the people. Aren’t you?

If you do, you can apply the same method to your juicer. Look for a juicer that has ease in operation as well as maintenance. It is not worth purchasing a juicer that’s an operating system you cannot comprehend.

In addition, you must be looking for installation ease in the juicer you choose. Imagine how you’ll utilize the juicer if you can’t install it correctly.


The design is another aspect to consider when purchasing the juicer. This will allow you to keep yourself from a lot of damage and accidents while you use the juicer. Furthermore, the appealing and unique design of the juicer can bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen’s decor and fit in with the contemporary interiors.

Power Consumption:

The second consideration when choosing a juicer you choose is its power consumption. You should choose a juicer that needs the least power consumption to reduce the cost of electricity and consumption.

The top working juicers require a total power consumption of between 200W and 800W. If you’re hunting for a unique juicer to achieve the desired outcome, you may select a juicer with greater power consumption.


You probably think that only high-priced juicers can provide the performance you want. However, plenty of juicers can provide the desired performance at a moderate cost range.

So, you need to seek out the juicer that is priced close to the budget you have set. This will allow you to limit the juicer’s expenses and pick the right juicer that fits within your budget.


Wouldn’t you love it to have a quick and immediate solution to the problem areas causing problems for your juicer? There are a lot of cases pending where the user isn’t able to get the help they need with their product. The primary reason for this is that they don’t possess the required warranty for their product.

Avoid making the same mistake again when making your juicer. Pick a juicer with the longest warranty to ensure that you get immediate and prompt assistance to fix the juicer that is not working as you need it.

FAQs Related to Best Juicer

1. Which is the top cold press juicer available in India in 2022?

The ideal cold press juicer is determined by the needs and other aspects of the individual’s preferences. Because cold press juicers keep the nutritional value of these juices, they have become extremely well-known within the Indian market.

  • Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer
  • Panasonic MJ-L500 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer
  • KENT Cold Press Juicer
  • Usha Nutripress (362F) 240W Cold Press Slow Juicer

2. Which brand is the top juicer?

There are a variety of brands that are available on the Indian market. Every brand has distinctive features and benefits for its customers, making its brands distinct and different from other brands. Some of the top brands available in juicers are the following:

  • Havells
  • Philips
  • KENT
  • Panasonic
  • Morphy Richards
  • Prestige

3. Do you prefer to blend or juice? Juicing is more nutritious than smoothies?

The choice between them is entirely dependent on the preference of the consumers. But, when you blend smoothies, you receive the entire vegetable and fruit and its fibres, skins, and other nutrients. You can, however, avoid having all of this in juices. So, it’s more beneficial to juice if you want a more satisfying and more delicious flavour.


Based on our analysis and the benefits these juicers can provide to users, we’d like to suggest:

  • Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2L Juicer (Black/Silver) as the appropriate centrifugal juice extractor.
  • Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer (B1700) is the best cold press juicer

These juicers will add the comfort you get from them and are priced in a reasonable price range.

If you’re confused and have doubts, you can leave them in the comments section below. We will respond to you with the most current information on the issue you are concerned about.

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