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Best Electric Lunch Boxes in India – Ranked After Testing

Do your children have a problem with school lunch? Do you have a problem every day when you eat lunch at work? Going out for lunch every day can be costly and detrimental to health.

Therefore, many people choose to make their meals for lunch. Sometimes, the kitchen in the office cannot store lunches, and employees wind up having to keep their lunch on their work desks.

Lunch boxes that are heated electrically allow people to enjoy freshly prepared food while in the office. They are often described as intelligent lunchboxes it allows the opportunity to eat delicious meals at a minimal cost.

This article focuses on the top 10 most efficient electric Lunch Boxes available for purchase in India. We’ve prepared a thorough Buyer’s Guide near the end of the article to guide you in choosing the most suitable electric Lunch box that meets your needs.

Here’s The List of the Best Electric Lunch Box Available in India

1. Cello Proton Electric Lunch Box

Cello Proton Electric Stainless Steel Lunch Box

If you’re searching for the most efficient lunchbox which comes with bags, choose Cello Proton electric tiffin box.

Cello Proton is a very popular one. Like Milton, Cello also enjoys an outstanding reputation in its Indian market. It is a trusted brand to create top-quality products.

This is a dual-container electric lunchbox, both of Stainless steel.

Each container is able to hold 300 milliliters of liquid. Weighing just 600g, this tiny and easy-to-carry lunch box manufactured by Cello is perfect for adults and school children.

You can lock and seal the containers’ lids to prevent spills of food from occurring.

The base which heats the lunchbox is coated with Teflon; this means that it’s non-stick and temperature and cold-resistant and offers a long-lasting time of service with exceptional electrical properties.

The indicator on the On/Off button will acknowledge you about the food cooking with an auto cut will end the cooking process in the course of 45 mins. Its electric cord measures 3.2 feet.

The containers warm up in 45 mins and, and with 300ml each, the lunchbox can be used for one person.

The lunchbox is available in two colors: Blue and Red. There is no guarantee for the lunchbox provided by Cello.

Although there isn’t any assurance, this product delivers strong performance, a durable design, and very efficient energy consumption of just 15 Watts. It’s a great electronic lunch box available at a reasonable price.


  • Power Consumption: 15 watts
  • Containers: 2
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 300ml each
  • The length of the cord: 3.2 feet
  • Colors: Blue and Red
  • Weight: 621 grams
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 12 x 8 cm


  • Very low power consumption
  • Unique Teflon coating
  • Lids include a sealant gasket
  • A separate pocket is provided for the power cord


  • No guarantee

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2. Milton Electron Electric Lunch Box

Milton Electron Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box

Milton is among the top brands known for its distinctive water bottles and lunch boxes.

Also, Milton is the most reputable electric lunch boxes brand in the Indian market.

In our younger times, we can recall using the Milton water bottles, through which we used to enjoy cool water throughout the school. Technology and innovation have only gotten better since then, and now we can have Electric Lunch Boxes.

This stainless steel lunch box has four containers, each capable of holding 360ml.

You just need to plug this lunch box into a power source around 30 mins before your lunchtime. It is also possible to heat your food with an adapter for your car if you need it.

This PU insulation lid makes sure that your food is hot, even long after you’ve cooked the food.

This electric lunch box’s power consumption is extremely minimal, at only 80 Watts. This lunch is also equipped with a Neon lamp indicator to show the time of day and when it is off.

The power cord of 3 feet can be removed and put in the lunchbox when needed.

Its body is shockproof. So, no bothering about electric shocks when eating the meal.

Additionally, the auto cutoff feature will ensure that the lunch box doesn’t overheat. We have found the body of this lunchbox manufactured by Milton extremely sturdy.

To help you and ensure your interests are protected, Milton is offering a one-year warranty on this lunchbox to give you peace.

Overall, the Milton Electron Electric Lunch Box made of stainless steel Box is a sturdy product that is certainly one of the most reliable electric lunch boxes that come with USB available in India.


  • Dimensions: 25.4cm x 17cm x 16.7cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 360 ml for each
  • Power Consumption: 80 watts
  • Containers: 4
  • Weight: 1.32 kgs
  • Cord length: 3 feet
  • Color: Cream


  • Body with shockproof protection
  • Double-wall insulation
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Strong and sturdy lunch box
  • Made in India
  • Low consumption of power


  • Containers are not leakproof.

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3. Jaypee Plus Hotline Lunch Box

Jaypee Plus Hotline Electric Lunch Box

Jaypee Plus is among the most popular brand names renowned in India in the field of kitchenware, homeware items, kid’s Lunch Boxes, and bottles of water.

It has been operating since the year 1984.

This electric lunch box has an intelligent plug-and-heat feature. After 45 mins of plugging in, it’s possible to heat your food to suit your preferences.

LED lights will notify you that your food is ready for serving, and the feature to ensure the temperature fluctuations.

The power cord for the lunch box is removed if and as needed.

The handle is ergonomic on the top of the box, which lets you hold this lunch box without requiring an additional cover.

Power consumption is more expensive, i.e., 100 watts, than the other top electronic lunch boxes in India; however, 100 watts won’t be enough to eat up your wallet, so it’s not the most impressive.

The body’s outer layer is constructed from virgin plastic, BPA-free and non-toxic for food preparation.

Inside this electric lunchbox, you get three containers. Each with a large capacity of 500ml, making it perfect for two people.

The 3 containers are all constructed of Stainless steel, which means you are assured of the durability and quality in addition.

We didn’t enjoy this lunchbox by Jaypee plus’s lack of an Auto-cut feature. As per our experience, this feature is a must-have feature. The bright side is that Jaypee Plus offers a one-year guarantee for this lunch box. Those searching for the best stainless steel lunchbox in India frequently purchase Jaypee Plus’ Hotline Electric Lunch Box.’


  • Capacity: 500ml each
  • Three Containers in a Box
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Gray
  • Consumption: 100 – 1000 watts
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 14.5cm x 26cm
  • Cord length: 3 feet


  • Leakproof containers
  • Attractive design
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Sturdy Material
  • LED Indicator
  • Amazing capacity of the containers


  • The auto-cutoff feature is not available.

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4. Ecoline Q4 Lunch Box

Ecoline Q4 Electronic Lunch Box

Ecoline operates under an ISO 9001 certified company. This is a brand new brand for the most efficient electric lunch box in India. Ecoline has launched several electric lunch boxes, which have proved successful in India.

The one you see here is an electronic lunch box with a large capacity of 1,400ml. There are four stainless steel containers. Two can hold 400 ml, while the remaining two can hold 300 milliliters.

The lids of these containers are BPA-free, making them safe for your food, and are also leak-free.

The exterior layer of the lunchbox is easily cleaned with water if required. This one impressed us with its ultra-low energy consumption ( nothing over 15 Watts).

The containers require to be heated for about 45 minutes before consuming the hot food.

You don’t need to worry about overheating because of the auto-shutoff feature.

There’s also an indicator for On/Off to determine whether your food is served warm. The lunchbox has a handy pocket in the back to wrap over the cable whenever you need it.

Ecoline provides a one-year warranty to show a sign of trust. It is widely regarded as the best 4 container lunch box.


  • Dimensions: 23cm x 12cm x 12cm
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 300 ml + 400 millilitres
  • The Containers: 4
  • Cord length: 3 feet
  • Weight: 990 grams
  • Power Consumption: 15 watts
  • Color: Blue


  • Only 15 Watts power consumption
  • Auto-cut off
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Leakproof lids
  • Containers can hold a lot of capacity.


  • The outer layer fabric appears to be a little fragile

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5. Tiffon Electric Lunch Box

Tiffon Electric Lunch Box

This lunch box can be an impressive choice in terms of characteristics, distinctiveness, and what it can offer.

For starters, it’s an attractive electric lunch box made by Tiffon with a distinct appearance from the traditional electronic lunch boxes.

This electric lunch box’s exterior is made of food-grade plastic and looks to be very durable.

Interiors, i.e., containers inside this box, are of stainless steel. There are two containers in each, which can hold 350 milliliters.

Each container comes with a food-grade PP lid that includes a steam plug to allow steam to escape and prevent overheating.

When moving the lid open and closed, the steam plug makes sure that the lid is closed smoothly.

In addition, the gasket made of silicon helps to make your containers water-proof. Auto-off features will ensure that there are no overheated areas in this electronic lunch box.

Its 3.3-foot long wire can be pulled into by a slider included at this lunch box’s back; this is a useful feature that will increase the wire’s life.

What we liked most about this lunchbox that is electric by Tiffon is the amount of time it consumes for food heating, which is nothing over 15 mins. This is much less than the big brands like Milton or Cello.

This cake company provides a one-year warranty.

You get 2 containers, and this whole set can fit into the plastic container; this makes the whole lunch box super compact and simple to transport.

The product is a fabulous choice because of all these options and features. It is worthy of being considered the most efficient electric lunch box available in India for less than 1,000 rupees.


  • Capacity: 375 ml per
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • The length of the cord: 3.3 feet
  • Color: Pink
  • Containers: 2
  • Power Consumption: 80 watts
  • Weight: 680 grams
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 cm


  • Steam plug to release steam
  • The cutoff time is just 15 minutes
  • Strong design and appreciable durability
  • Slider and Winder to help contain the wire cord
  • Leakproof containers
  • 1-year guarantee
  • LED Indicator


  • The lunch box capacity is just for one person.

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6. Nexx Hott-2 Electric Lunch Box

Nexx Hott-2 Electric Heating Lunch Box

This two-container lunch box from Nexx is a nice choice.

With its containers having 370ml capacity each, this is a strong Stainless Steel lunch box. These containers are also leakproof and airtight, meaning you don’t have to worry about gravy spills.

The outside of the lunchbox is constructed from food-grade Polypropylene that is thought to be safe and safe for those who consume the food.

We were very impressed with this feature because it stops the unneeded tangling of wire and any breakage.

The lunch box is auto cutoff, which means it is safe from overheating in the appliance’s electrical components.

The mechanism for heating this lunchbox is accomplished through a unique and advanced emissions control Optimization technology (ECOTEC).

The steam release plug’s unique design and the double thermostat function ensure that heating remains at ideal levels, which prevents overheating.

The inside of the lunch box appears to be quite durable to us, and this is because it’s break and shock-resistant.

We were extremely impressed by the time to heat up for this lunch box, which takes just 15 minutes, contrasted to 30 minutes for another most efficient electric lunch box in India.

Next offers a one-year guarantee for this lunchbox against any defect that may occur in the future.

These are all good reasons and sufficient for you to try the top thermos tiffin container available in India made by the Nexx Hott-2.


  • Capacity: 370 ml for each
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Power Consumption: 90 watts
  • Containers: 2
  • Dimensions: 25.5cm x 14.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Cord length: 3 feet
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 570 grams


  • Double thermostat
  • Steam plug to release steam
  • Access to the cord is easy
  • Airtight containers
  • The cutoff time is 15 minutes
  • 1-year Warranty
  • LED Indicator


  • This lunch box comes in two containers, ideal for 1 person.

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7. Haans Electric Lunch Box (Three Containers)

Haans Three Containers Electric Lunch Box

The final product we’ve reviewed for the Best electric lunch box available in India is a 3-container electric lunch box made by Haans.

Haans is a well-known brand that is part of Sally Enterprises, an ISO 9001:2008-certified company.

Sally Enterprises is among the top names in Household and Consumer durable Products.

There are Shaker Bottles, Water Bottles, Lunch Boxes, Airtight Containers, Microwave Idli Maker, and more from this company in both the market, both offline and online.

In terms of this electric lunch box, it is an all-in-one lunchbox with 1000 milliliters.

The three containers are all made out of Stainless steel and appear to be well-constructed in terms of quality and construction.

The airtight lids placed on the containers can help prevent contamination by bacteria.

This lunchbox powered by electricity will not take 45 minutes to cook. However, it can heat your food within 30 mins, and that’s impressive.

The inclusion of the Auto-cutoff feature is icing on the cake.

Overall, the performance and capabilities in this lunchbox are impressive. However, the Warranty, we believe, isn’t an essential element of this electric lunch box from Haans.

Suppose you’re searching for the perfect Tiffin box for keeping food hot throughout India. You can take a glance at Haans 3 Electronic Containers Lunch Box.


  • The Containers: 3
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 1000 ml
  • Cord length: 3 feet
  • Power Consumption: 90 watts
  • Dimensions: 14 x14 x 23 centimeters
  • Weight: 600 grams


  • Durable and heat resistant plastic
  • Odorless
  • Containers with leakproof seals
  • Durable design and sturdy body
  • Shockproof body
  • The cutoff time is 30 mins
  • Built-in thermostat


  • No guarantee

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What’s The Final Advice?

With the development of technology, we are definitely in the midst of a new era where anything and everything can be done. If not, whoever would have imagined there would be a lunchbox that is electric shortly? Or cook your food using the stove with gas.

Now that we have this technology, isn’t it time to make the best use of it to our benefit and purchase the best electronic lunch boxes available in India to simplify life?

In the 7 top lunch boxes that are insulated in India. It’s difficult to decide which one to go with, so we’ve put together a few alternatives for you to consider.

Suppose you are a fan of the company and what’s printed on the product. In that case, you should consider the Milton Electron stainless steel electric lunch box with four containers and a capacity of 360 milliliters each. This lunchbox has an impact-resistant body that can cook your food in just 30 minutes. It also comes with an assurance of a one-year and double-wall insulation.

However, suppose the company’s name doesn’t matter to you, but the quality is. In that case, you need to select Tiffon Electric Lunch Box, which comes with two stainless steel containers with a heating time of just 15 minutes, a steam plug to release steam, a slide to contain the wire, and a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer.

Suppose you are trying to find the best electric lunch box with 4 containers available in India. In that case, You can pick the Ecoline Q4 electric Lunch Box, which has a massive capacity of 1400ml and a 1-year warranty Ecoline.

If you’re seeking the top electronic lunch box that comes with a bottle in India, You can look at Vaya Insulated Steel Lunch Box.

Shopping Guide – the Best Electronic Lunch Box in India

An electronic lunch box is quite different from the usual lunch box we have in our everyday lives.

If you are using a standard lunchbox, it is necessary to look at the capacity and the materials and select the most suitable lunch box. In contrast, an electric lunch box needs you to look at whether it has a wattage limit if there is an auto cutoff, Material, etc.

Additionally, an electronic lunch box will cost more than a traditional lunch box, and that’s why it is important to be aware of everything before choosing the ideal electric lunchbox.

We will go over the whole issue in our buying guide to India’s top hot case lunch box.

What is the Electric Lunch Box work?

This kind of lunch box operates based on electricity supplied by the device. Electronic lunch boxes are manufactured of plastic and have insulation within.

These stainless-steel containers in the electric lunchbox are lined with insulation which allows it to warm your food while simultaneously keeping it warm for at most 5-6 hours.

When you examine the working mechanisms of an electric lunch box, it’s not the food that is being heated. However, it’s the stainless-steel containers. Through these stainless steel bowls, food is heated in indirect ways.

Electric lunch boxes consume power that can start at 15 Watts and go to 100-watt. However, the duration of heating can range between 15 and 45 minutes, based on the manufacturer and its heating mechanism.

Are Electric Lunch Boxes Safe?

Every electronic device must be handled with care, which is especially true with an electric lunchbox. The electric lunch box functions through electricity, so it is essential to ensure that children are not around it. Because of this, many schools will not permit electronic lunch boxes for children.

If you’re careful enough as mature, electric lunch boxes are completely safe, particularly due to their benefits.

If you’re not comfortable with an electric lunch box, you should consider purchasing an Insulated lunch box that runs without electricity. In 2022, the most effective lunch box with insulation in India will come from Borosil.

The lunch box includes 4 containers, of which two can hold 350 milliliters, and the remaining two can hold 442 milliliters.

This double vacuum-insulated lunch box by Borosil keeps your food warm and fresh for as long as 8 hours. For the icing on the cake, this lunch box also comes with a 1-year warranty.

What can you create using an electric heated lunch box?

A lunchbox heated by electricity can be utilized to cook a diverse variety of meals. They are, of course, great for warming up leftovers that otherwise take the perfect home inside the refrigerator and will never be consumed.

It is possible to make frozen meals like hot sandwiches, burritos, or vegetables because they’re a great option and a clever lunch hot box.

Keep in mind that when it is frozen, the electric lunch box will take longer to reach the right temperature, so be sure you read the instructions guide to determine the cooking time is essential.

Certain models include steamers built-in, which allow you to add just a bit of water. It then heats your food using steam. We’ve listed the top-rated models in this article to help you choose the best electronic lunch boxes on the internet.

This is especially helpful for foods like pasta, rice, and potato dishes, among other dishes. The tray-styled and crockpot-styled electronic tiffin boxes work great to heat food items like soups, stews, casseroles, and other dishes.

Additionally, alternatives that can be cooked professionally include hot dogs, sausage, plain rice, pizza slices, grilled sandwiches, baked beans, canned meals like spaghetti rings or chili, and more.

We have listed lunchboxes in the upper part of this article. You could also pick the best lunch box made of stainless steel for your needs.

Other options include pizza slices, plain rice, grilled sandwiches, canned meals like chili or spaghetti rings, and hot dogs, which are cooked or heated up, too. The only limit is your imagination since the possibilities are almost endless.

Electric tiffin boxes users must bear in mind not to let these lunch boxes be heated to extreme levels as they require very little power. Other food items like raw meat or seafood should not be cooked in it due to safety reasons as it does not reach a sufficient temperature so that harmful bacteria are killed present in the meat.

What exactly is an Electric Lunch Box?

If you apply the concept of electricity to the lunchbox, the item transforms into an electric lunchbox. This is how an electric lunch box is made, but everything else is the same. The lunch boxes are typically constructed from plastic with insulation within. There is a handle at the top, like the typical lunch box. This assists in moving the electric lunch box from one location to the next.

An electric lunchbox comes in various shapes and styles, and the best one is dependent on your needs. Additionally, some features are available in an electric lunch box, like auto cutoff LED Indicator, Thermostat, and many more. The cost of an electric lunch box in India ranges from 500 to 4,000 INR to as high as 4000 INR.

How do you clean your Electric Lunch Box?

It is recommended to wash an electric lunch box by hand instead of using a dishwasher. To clean the lunch box, begin with warm water in the sink.

Then you add a teaspoon of detergent. Then, move it around in the water and gently submerge the lunchbox in the water. Utilize the sponge or cloth to clean the lunchbox. Use a toothbrush to gently clean any stains, then wash the lunch box using freshwater. After that, place it on the rack of dishes to dry for the night.

If you notice any smell after washing the lunch box, put baking soda in the lunch box and allow it to sit overnight. The next day shakes the lunch box and cleans it with an aqueous cloth.

The Benefits of an Electric Lunch Box

Most of us find that electronic lunch boxes save time over the long term. It’s the case. However, there are many other benefits apart from time savings. Let’s look at all the advantages of having an electronic lunchbox.

1). Compact

The electronic lunch boxes are extremely small and can be carried with ease. The weight of the electric lunch box ranges from 500 grams to 1.5 kgs. It’s extremely light and will not create any problems for your shoulders or arm.

2). Saves Time

Well, we are not sure about your workplace, however, in our workplace, the wait time is large, and it takes at least 5-10 minutes to go to the microwave to warm the food. Because we have already spent 5-10 minutes heating food, We are not getting enough time to eat our lunch. In the end, we consider this to be a complete waste of time and energy. The electric lunch box will save the time you spend since all you have to do is locate an electrical source and plug your lunchbox. You’ll be back at your job and have your food hot in less than 30 minutes.

3). Easy of Use

Electronically heated food boxes effortlessly plug into a wall outlet or car socket and will heat your food to a warm dining temperature in about 30 minutes, if not less. The smart boxes are extremely low voltage, which means that burning or overheating your food will never be an issue. A lot of smart boxes allow you to select your preferred temperature, and you’ll be satisfied every time.

4). It saves money

No doubt that having an electronic lunch box can save lots of money. You must buy a lunchbox to take to work. We are both aware that, on average, you will have to pay a minimum of 100 rupees for lunch. If you are doing that five times per day, your total will be 500 rupees per week and 2,000 rupees over the month. If you purchase an electronic lunch box, you will be able to get it for almost 50% less, and you’ll be able to save cash in the end.

5). Improved Efficiency

If you own an electronic lunch box and don’t have to stand in the office line and lose all those valuable hours of your day, your productivity will go up higher, and you’ll see positive results in the near future.

6). More Food Choices

There are more choices for food. If you don’t own an electric lunch box that is heated, the choices for lunch are incredibly limited right from the start. It’s mostly about eating cold meals, which can tend to become dull quickly. With an electric lunch box, the options for lunch can increase exponentially. A hot lunch box can be used in offices, allowing you to carry a range of foods for lunch, rather than the standard cold meals, and can make lunch an enjoyable event that you can look for every day, and your colleagues are served their usual cold meals.

7). Qualitative of the Food

Hot food isn’t just tastier; it is also believed to provide more nutrients to your body than cold foods. Therefore, the overall quality of food is enhanced when it’s hot compared with cold.

Pros and Cons of Electric Lunch Box

Electric lunch boxes come with numerous advantages, but they also have drawbacks. Before purchasing an electric lunchbox, it is essential to remember that you’ll require power and electricity to run the electric lunchbox. However, since power is required for an electric lunch box, it’s not safe for children.

Additionally, the maintenance of an electric lunchbox is somewhat difficult compared to a traditional lunch box since it has an electrical cord, fuse, and so on, which could get damaged if you’re not cautious.

You must ensure that the electric tiffin container does not contact water when you use it to heat the food. It could result in an electrical short circuit and eventually damage the electric Tiffin.

What Is the Best Way to Choose an Electric Lunch Box?

1). Material

The Materials used to make the electric lunch box, particularly the containers, must be durable, safe, and durable. It can be made of stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. We suggest stainless steel containers because they better be able to withstand heat, and their shelf-life is greater than plastic or other types of Materials.

2). Wire Cord

Since it is an electrical appliance, the electric lunchbox will require a power source. The most crucial thing to consider is how long the wire is. If it’s too short, it will not get to the nearest power source. The typical length of wire cable from India should be three feet or about 36 inches. However, If it’s smaller, take a look.

3). Cleaning is easy

Cleaning is among the most tedious and difficult tasks that you can do in an electric lunchbox, and only when the containers are not detachable. Therefore, you should look for electric lunch boxes that you can easily remove the containers to make Cleaning easier. Containers that aren’t removable can be cleaned by wiping them clean with tissues or a cloth.

4). Size

Size is among the most crucial factors you must consider before purchasing the perfect electric lunchbox. The Size of the box will depend on the amount of food you intend to take. Getting a smaller 2-cup electric lunch box is possible when you only need basic food like sabzi and chapati. However, if you want to eat a variety of foods, then you must look for a three or 4-container electric lunch box. Always verify your lunch box’s dimensions and capacity and the Containers inside the lunch box before purchasing one.

5). LED Indicator

If your electric lunch box has indicator lights, you can see whether your food is warmed up or not. It’s unnecessary, but it will help you keep a check on your lunch. Most electronic lunch boxes available in India come with this feature today.

6). Material

A sturdy electric lunch box can last for a long time, whereas a poorly designed lunch box is likely to cause problems and produce no output. Therefore, you must pay attention to the materials used in the lunch box. The body constructed from plastic must be of a virgin grade and safe for food products. However, stainless steel containers need to be heat and rust-free resistant.

7). Handle

Unlike regular lunch boxes that allow you to put the containers inside bags made of fabric, electronic lunch boxes typically do not have any of these covers or bags. Therefore, it is essential to choose an ergonomic handle that allows you to grip the handle and carry your electronic sandwich box around from one location to another.

8). Warranty

The Warranty provided by any electrical appliance protects you from any manufacturing defect. Select an electric lunch box with a guarantee in the event of a problem within the first year after the purchase.

9). Leakproof

Indian cuisine and eating habits are designed so that we are familiar with gravy-based vegetables or sabzi. Therefore, it is essential to use airtight and leakproof containers in which your gravies will not leak out of the container and create an absolute mess.

Tips for Maintaining the Electric Lunch Box

  • If you don’t plan to take advantage of the electric lunch box, ensure that you pack it the same way and place it in a dry and well-ventilated location.
  • Make sure to unplug the electric lunch box after using it, even if it comes with an auto-off function.
  • Always wash the lunchbox after you use it to not release any type of peculiar smell.
  •  Don’t use thinner cleaner, gasoline scrub, or stainless steel.
  • If you experience any technical problems with the electronic lunchbox, make sure you don’t try fixing it on your own and instead send it to the manufacturer to be serviced.
  • Do not smoke or pipe hot lunch items into your electric lunchbox.
  • Cleanse soak containers with warm soapy water. Or employ a soft and gentle cloth to scrub the surface of your electric lunchbox.


Do I have the ability to boil eggs in an electric lunch box?

Yes, you can boil eggs with an electric lunch box even though there's an appliance specifically designed to boil eggs, i.e., Egg Boiler. To boil eggs, use an electric lunchbox, and put the egg stand in your lunchbox. Place four eggs on the stand. Pour around 150ml of water into your lunchbox. Then close the lid and let it sit for 20 minutes after switching on the lunch box that is powered by electricity. Then, you can take the lid off to enjoy perfectly boiled eggs. For your information, it is possible to boil as many as seven eggs in less than three minutes with the Kent Egg Boiler.

Are lunch boxes made of plastic safe?

Each electrical appliance has an element of risk. If you're not cautious about using your appliance, there is always the risk of electrocution or machine damage, for example. It is essential to pick the best brand and most efficient electric lunchbox. When you are doing that, there are some steps you should take to ensure your safety. When looking for an electric lunchbox, make sure you choose a heat-resistant and top-quality lunch box. The stainless steel containers are the ideal Material for lunch boxes. Ensure you don't keep the electric lunch box within a space where children or pets can easily access it.

How do you make use of an electric lunchbox?

Every electronic lunchbox will come with a wire cable connected to it. You have to locate the power source and connect the cord to it. If the electric lunch box is equipped with an LED indicator, the light will come on, indicating that your food is being heated. Based on the model, it usually takes about 30 minutes for the food to be cooked.

Which lunchbox with the most efficient warming system available in India?

The heating time for an electric lunch box in India can vary from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the quality of construction and insulation. Next, as well as Tiffon, however, features the most efficient heating systems available in India with a time of just 15 minutes. The great thing is that both of these brands offer one year of Warranty for their electronic lunch boxes.

Do electric lunch boxes work?

Electric lunch boxes provide several advantages over other insulated items. For instance, you can keep food warm for longer and enjoy hot food without losing the dish's aroma.

What is the cost of an electric lunch box?

A portable lunchbox, If purchased with care, can last 3-4 years with moderate use. The majority of manufacturers in India offer a one-year guarantee in the event of issues. Therefore, even if you have any issues within the first year, you can contact the manufacturer and claim the Warranty.

Are lunch boxes made of plastic good for your well-being?

Yes, electronic lunch boxes are safe for your family's health. All you have to do is verify that the Material used in the structure is food safe and that the containers are made of stainless steel that is stain and rust-resistant. Your electric lunch boxes will be a popular kitchen gadget if you can do this.

What is the most efficient vacuum-insulated stainless steel lunchbox in India?

The Home Puff Double Wall Insulated Lunch Box made of Stainless Steel comes with three leakproof containers for food, and a 1.7 cubic liter capacity is the top vacuum-insulated stainless steel lunchbox in India.

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