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Top 8 Best Cutlery Brands in India (2024)

There are so many cutlery brands in India. Some top restaurant chefs trust some brands, which we’ve listed for you today. Indian manufacturers choose the top materials for making your table the best in the world. Their selection list starts from rust-resistant high-carbon steel to premium stainless steel. 

All brands have their own creative style. Like the most popular brands, AmazonBasics and Sabichi Elkie have created their own style, which is really commendable, but they also have balanced handles and ergonomic designs.

That’s why their brand is preferable for professional chefs to home cooks. But there are so many brands available in the market.

If you’re thinking of giving kitchenware to some special person, then definitely you’ll choose the best cutlery brands in India. But if you’re searching for luxury brands, then there are lots of options available in the market besides these two. So have a look at the below brands :

1. AmazonBasics


The Amazon Basics cookware set is the most popular kitchen essential tool. Everyone wanting something that is affordable as well as beautiful, so this brand is definitely for you. 

Amazon Basics kitchеn tools rangе from singlе knivеs to complеtе sets that include еvеrything from stеak knivеs to spoons, making them your best choice for quality and convenience. 

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, then you should cover AmazonBasics. Thе wеll-madе product is both stylish and durablе, so it will work a long time in your kitchеn.

2. Sabichi Elkie

Sabichi Elkie

The Sabichi Elkiе Cutlеry brand has been everyone’s trust for 20 years. You can get varieties of quality kitchеnwarе with unlimited collections so you can choose as per your taste. From classic stainlеss stееl to morе modеrn and еlеgant stylеs there all are available in this brand.

Sabichi Elkiе Cutlеry brand’s super durability and craftsmanship attract many people. That’s why, from homеmakеrs to professional chеfs, this brand is everyone’s first choice.

Their varieties of colors and designs not only attract people but also their reasonable price is the main attraction. Those people who love creativity in their kitchen and are searching for a high-quality kitchеnwarе on their budget, then surely this brand is made for you. 

3. FnS Victoria

FnS Victoria

Fns Victoria Cutlеry is a well-known brand across thе globе for its different range of cutlеry sеts. From forks and spoons to kitchеn shеars and carving sеts, this luxury brand offеrs somеthing for еvеryonе.

The kitchen is a main part of the home. Everyone knows that keeping this kitchen beautiful is our responsibility, so whenever we go to buy kitchenware, make sure these products are sure to last.

To keep your kitchen attractive, select high-end stainless steel construction with an еlеgant design that would make your kitchen stylish. 

Moreover, this brand gives you a long-lasting guarantee, so you are stress-free by changing your kitchenware every year. If you’re searching to take your dining еxpеriеncе up a notch without spending, Fns Victoria Cutlery is a perfect option for you.

4. Parage


If you’re searching for the most preferable brands in the market, then Paragе Cutlеry is one of them. It has been crafting superior merchandise for many years, using a spеcializеd forging and polishing process for all of its products.

You can get every knife set of this brand that is super designable and highly durablе. So it is more attractive  than convеntional cutlеry sеts.

Thе handlеs arе ergonomically designed to make thеm comfortable to handle and precise enough to meet thе nееds of chefs and home cooks alike.

Paragе Cutlеry brand is different from other brands because of their longеvity. These features make this brand the perfect choice for those who are searching for a top quality that will hold up over time.

5. Linist


Linist Cutlеry brand is thе one-stop dеstination for all mannеr of cutlеry nееds. In this brand, you will get varieties of high-quality stainlеss stееl knivеs, spoons, forks, and many more.

They offer fast delivery and extended warranties on all items. Their level of quality is unmatched by others, and that’s why Linist is the first choice for many customers.

Some people prefer to stay up-to-date, that’s why they always make their home up-to-date. So, if you’re like this one, then Linist will be your first choice.



This STAR WORK has been well-known for over a decade. If you want to create unique tableware, then this brand will help you. In this brand, you’ll get elegant, functional, high-quality kitchen sets.

This brand provides everything from essential kitchenware to beautiful tableware. Professional chefs are always looking for attractive design kitchen sets, so for them, this brand provides a different range of spoons, forks, knives and cutlery.

We offer different pricing on individual items and collectibles so customers can get the quality that they want without their unbreakable bank. Their high-quality services make this brand more trusted and respected among all the people.

7. Embassy 


Embassy Cutlery is a great brand for all types of kitchens due to its high-quality products. This company’s roots are in India and England, and they focus on precision and craftsmanship.

If you’re searching the traditional and contemporary designs, go for this brand. They also use local raw materials to ensure the product’s longevity performance.

For upgrading your kitchen, this brand will be great for you. Their quality is outstanding; you can get it according to your budget.

For those people who are cooking lovers for them, there is no shortage of stainless steel or gold-plated options to choose from. Embark on a culinary adventure with Embassy cutlery today!

8. Elegante Ritz

Elegante Ritz

Elegante Ritz is the most preferable bran for their high quality cookware and tablewared. All their products are highly durable and reliable, and their elegance is enough to make your table noticeable. Every element is made of high-quality stainless steel for high durability and resistance to rust. 

For every type of occasion, you can get multiple high-quality decorations such as rose gold plating, vibrant enamels, luxurious lacquers and sparkling crystal accessories. 

If you host a formal meeting or normal family dinner, these Elegante Ritz products are perfect for you.

Types of Cutleries

Types of Cutleries

We choose cutlery sets according to our needs and depending on the foods. Every cutlery has a different purpose. For example, you can use knives for your different work, and every work has a different knife set.

This article tells you the details about cutlery set functions and their uses. Here are three types of cutlery: knives, spoons and forks. Before buying, check these details. 



Spoons were created out of leaves, stones, wood, bones and even logs. But nowadays, people use metal spoons like silver, gold and even plastic.

But these spoons are not only made of metal, you can get different shapes, sizes and functions. According to your needs, you can buy these popular spoons. This product is very common, and it serves many purposes. 

Below these, we’ll share with you some kinds of spoons and their uses:

  • Tеaspoon: A teaspoon is very tiny and can be used for measuring and serving tea or coffee.
  • Tablеspoon:  Tablespoons are a little larger and can be used for eating and mеasuring food.
  • Soup spoon: This round or oval bowl spoon is mostly used for eating food.
  • Dеssеrt spoon: This is smaller than a tablеspoon; people use this mostly for eating and serving desserts. 
  • Gravy spoon: This is a little spoon used to serve gravy.
  • Icе crеam spoon: This flat bowl shapе spoon is used to еat ice cream.
  • Dеmitassе spoon: For eating coffее or еsprеsso, use this smaller spoon. 
  • Salt spoon: For using salt or other small-grainеd sеasonings, people mostly use this spoon.
  • Infant spoon: For feeding your baby, use this tiny spoon.



Different knives have different functions. Below this, we’ll discuss the different kinds of knives and their functions:

  • Table Knife: For cutting and slicing food, use this knife.
  • Steak Knife:  This sharp knife is used mostly for cutting steaks and meat.
  • Bread Knife: For cutting hard bread with long serrated edges, use this knife.
  • Chef’s Knife:  This knife is used for different kinds of tasks in the kitchen. For example, if you choose a sharp tip and curved blade, then it can be used for chopping, slicing and grinding food.
  • Paring knife:  This small knife is used for peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables.
  • Utility Knife: This knife is smaller than a chef’s knife, and it is used mostly for general work.
  • Paring Knife: For slicing meat, poultry and steaks, use this knife.
  • Boning Knife: For removing bones from meat, use this knife.
  • Cleaver: For chopping garlic, ginger and bones, use this sturdy knife.
  • Butter Knife: For spreading butter on bread, use this knife.



We people use Forks in our daily lives. Maybe someone uses it for a little while, or someone uses it daily. Forks, we usually eat noodles, desserts and pasta. Below these, we’ll discuss the different kinds of forks and their uses: 

  • Dinner Fork: When you go to the restaurant or organize a party in our home, we serve this dinner fork at the table.
  • Salad Fork: This is a little small, and specifically, we use this for eating salads.
  • Dessert Fork: For eating desserts, use this small fork.
  • Seafood Fork: This fork is served for eating seafood like oysters and clams. It has three small teeth.
  • Meat Fork:  For slicing or dicing, use this fork.
  • Soup Fork:  For serving gravy, use this small fork.
  • Cocktail Fork: This fork is very small and is usually used for eating appetizers and small bites.

Cutlery Guide to Buy: The Best material to select

Cutlery Guide to Buy_ The Best material to select

Choosing the best materials for cutlery is very important for safety. If you choose low-quality ingredients, then you don’t get any taste in your food. That’s why we came here to guide you on which cutlery is best for purchasing. Below this, we’ll point out some materials which is best –

  1. Stainless steel: This is a very well-known material. This is very easy to clean and durable; also, it can resist rust and corrosion.
  2. Silver: This material looks stylish and makes your tableware noticeable. But you have to maintain it daily so it shines and prevents fading.
  3. Titanium: For people who have very sensitive skin, this material is perfect. It’s very strong and light. This material resists corrosion.
  4. Wood:  This is very nature-friendly and very simple. This lightweight gives you a rustic feel. You can wash this by hand, and it can’t be exposed to moisture.
  5. Plastic: This is ideal for outdoor events or any other big occasion because first, it’s unendurable and nature-friendly, and also, it’s very light, cheap and disposable.
  6. Ceramics: These are undoubtedly very attractive, but they are fragile, breakable and not suitable for serving hot food. 

But the right service for your kitchen will depend on your taste and budget and how you use them.

Stainless steel cutlery is perfect for all your functions due to its unendurable features and low maintenance. Also, you can clean easily.

If you’ve any special occasion, then select Silver and titanium. But if your event is held outdoors, then select wooden and plastic tableware.

Be sure to look for defects before purchasing cutlery

Be sure to look for defects before purchasing cutlery

If you miss this guidance, then the above guideline is incomplete. This section is very important to know before purchasing: buying a defective piece of cutlery will be ineffective. Follow these points before buying cutlery: 

  • You’ll mostly find scratching  issue in this Metal cutlery.
  • The scratched cutlery destroys your whole decoration.
  • Avoid Clean cutlery as it may be dirty and damaged.
  • Before purchasing, check the damage mark on your cutlery. The dents can be caused by improper molding and inefficient annealing and pressing techniques.
  • You can check out the stainless-steel cutlery shine. It can be rough with time. Avoid extra shining cutlery because it’s made of some dangerous chemicals.
  • Before purchasing, check the Porosity issue because it’s another defect. This can be caused by gas dissolution during the sand-casting process.
  • Welding: Check for any visible welds or seams on the cutlery. It should be smooth without showing any holes or rough edges.
  • Balance: Check the cutlery balance because it should be lightweight and well-balanced so people can easily hold it.
  • Handles: Before buying, check the cutlery handle for any cracks, chips or rough edges. It should be smooth, and you can easily grip it.
  • Polishing: Check the surface of the dish for scratches or uneven polishing. It should be shiny and smooth.

How can you care for your cutlery?

How can you care for your cutlery

Cutlery is very classy and expensive, so it must be maintained and cleaned daily. Cutlery is susceptible to rusting and corroding if not stored safely.

Before buying, you must consider different cutting-edge set guidelines and other things. So follow these tips below to keep your cutlery safe :  

  • Washing by hand:  If you want to keep your cutlery sets safe, always wash your hands. You can also use the dishwasher, but it should be a low heat setting.
  • Drying immediately: After washing, dry them immediately. Because extremely wet can mark water spots or even rust.
  • Storing properly: If you don’t use your cutlery sets for a month or a week, then keep them in a proper place. Use a block or sheath to keep your knives set; for forks and spoons, use a drawer. These are very protective places.
  • Sharpening regularly: Sharpen your knives daily to kepe them in good condition. For sharpening, use a sharpening stone, honing rod or electric sharpener. But by following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can protect your knives from damage.
  • Avoiding harsh chemicals: Avoid any chemical cleaners like abrasive scrubbers or cleaners for cleaning your cutlery. It can damage your cutlery sets. You can use soap and water.
  • Polishing periodically: If you polish your cutlery with a soft cloth, then your cutlery will look good. Daily polishing can help to remove the fingerprints.

Cleaning your stainless steel cutlery

Cleaning your stainless steel cutlery

When you buy a stainless-steel cutlery, you want to work with it for a long time, so you need to take care of it properly. Below this article, we’ll give you some tips to ensure it is in perfect shape for as long as possible.

To avoid rust spots and dulling,

  • Wash with warm, soapy water: Use mild dish soap and warm water to clean your cutlery. But make sure to wash and rinse every piece thoroughly; always use a soft cloth for drying these.
  • Dry thoroughly: After washing, dry these dishes thoroughly. In this way, you can avoid the water spots and rust.
  • Store properly: Store every piece of cutlery set in a dry place, and don’t collect them when wet. Otherwise, it’ll become rusty, and the color will change. If you have to stack them, dry them completely before stacking them.

Moreover, before cleaning your cutlery sets, follow the cleaner’s instructions and then try to use a stainless steel cleaner for polishing and cleaning. Don’t use such kinds of materials, for example, steel wool or scouring pads; it can cause scratches on the surface and rust.

Also, avoid acidic food for cleaning because it can fade the colors. Dishwasher-like detergent and high heat also don’t use it can dull your cutlery sets.

Help restore damaged or dull cutlery

  • Polishing: The combination of baking soda and water is the best for stainless steel cleaners; it can help to shine your stainless steel cutlery. First, rub the cleaner or paste onto the cutlery, then use a soft cloth, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Sharpening: A honing steel or a knife sharpener helps to sharpen the knife. But first, follow the instructions for your specific sharpening tool, and always use it cautiously.
  • Repairing: If your fork has physical damage, like a bent or broken fork or a handle, then consider taking it to a professional. They can repair or replace the damaged parts and restore your service to its original condition.
  • Rust: The combination of lemon juice and baking soda can help to remove the rust in your cutlery. Rub that paste onto the rust spots, wait a few minutes, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Do this always.

If your cutlery is worn out after repair or badly rusted, replacing it and using it safely is best. Regular cleaning, drying and proper storage will help keep your plates in good condition and prevent further rust, discoloration and damage.

To avoid damage to surfaces and scratches

To avoid damage to surfaces and scratches

  • By hand, use your cutlery. Wash every piece separately. Don’t use rough scouring pads or steel wool because it could damage the stainless steel.
  • If you use a dishwasher, be careful when packing dishes. Note that it may move during washing. To avoid scratches, cutlery should not be placed in any part of the cutlery basket.
  • Cutlery should be stored neatly, preferably indoors.
  • Cutlery trays in drawers also work well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dishwashers for cutlery sets safe?

A set of cutlery made from a premium stainless steel dishwasher is safe. However, washing the cutting tools by hand with soap and detergent is recommended. If you have stubborn stains, it is recommended to store the cutlery in a solution of hot water that is slightly warm and detergent. After the stain has been removed, then you'll be able to clean them.

How to easily store the set of cutlery?

Many brands of cutlery offer stand, which means you can hang them or put them on the table. However, you could buy a tray or cabinet to store your items. It's better as you could eventually remove the cabinet when required.

What should we do to take care of our cutlery set?

If you consume spicy, oily, or acidic foods, you should go ahead and clean the cutlery set immediately. Some models are safe for dishwashers, but its washing dishes in the dishwasher is not recommended. This is because it could cause scratches and marks.

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