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Best Chef Knife For Kitchen in India – Most Professional Choices

The knife is an essential element in your kitchen. Knives include cutting, chopping, dicing, and top meat cleaver knives. Special knives are offered that are suitable for all uses with the top knife available is made in India and is reasonably priced, so you can easily complete all of your chopping and cutting needs.

Because of the numerous brands, cooks and consumers can sometimes struggle to find the most effective knife for reasonable prices. We’ve put together an index of the top knives available in India from 2022.

Best Chef Knife in India

1. Kai Hocho Premium Santoku Kitchen Vegetable Knife

Kai Hocho Premium Santoku Kitchen Vegetable Knife

Kai is a top-quality kitchen knife and vegetable knife that has handles made of nylon resin. It is easy to cut and dice thanks to its ergonomic Japanese-style blade that is sharp and precise. It is extremely comfortable to hold with the palm.

Blades that are razor-sharp of stainless steel were designed for cutting with precision. The blade is made to cut precise slices. While cutting fruit, meat and other vegetables, this knife won’t take away any nutrients.

The knife is constructed of high-quality carbon steel since the chef’s blade is large and long. Double-bevelled blades are designed to cut precisely with a single stroke without needing a push or pull handle.

The affordable 6.77 Inch blade is an ideal choice for an Indian kitchen. It is suitable for any kitchen task.

Pros and Cons

  • High-end build and a premium-designed knife.
  • Japanese design for precise cutting.
  • You can cut vegetables as well as meat quickly.
  • Affordable knife.
  • It is lightweight, so you need to be able to hold it in place while cutting meat to avoid injury.

2. Godrej Cartini Creative Knife Set of 3 Pieces 

Godrej Cartini Creative Knife Set of 3 Pieces

Its Godrej Cartini Kitchen knife is an affordable and well-constructed stainless steel knife that can easily slice, dice, and chop. With three blades available, you can utilize the kitchen knives in your home to cut for various purposes.

This Godrej Cartini is the ideal peeling knife because its small, compact blades make peeling simple. This is a high-end knife if you are a professional chef and want to buy this knife.

The knife is included as it is available in three sets, is affordable and of high quality. If you’re looking for a bargain, consider this TOUARETAILS 6-piece Professional Kitchen Knife Set.

Pros and Cons

  • Blades made of stainless steel are high-quality.
  • The high-quality handle is made of polypropylene.
  • Blades with the hollow ground.
  • Perfect Paring Knife.
  • Avoid hard vegetables and fruit.
  • Not recommended for cutting meat.

3. AGARO Grand 17 Pcs Chef Kitchen Knives Set

AGARO Grand 17 Pcs Chef Kitchen Knives Set

Agaro is a great name in kitchen products. This is an AGARO 17 grand 17-piece high carbon Chef kitchen knife set. It is made for professionals and kitchens at home that will do most of the kitchen chores due to its Peeler, Scissor, and Knife Sharpener that comes with the Acrylic Stand.

The tough knife blades that are non-stick are easy to cut and clean. The knife collection is an all-in-one set of kitchen knives, including 13 professional knives, kitchen cutting tools, a peeler, and top-quality two-stage sharpeners for knives.

This is a premium and costly knife for kitchens. But, suppose you’re a high-end consumer who needs an exclusive product for their restaurant or kitchen. If so, is it possible to purchase this set?

Pros and Cons

  • Total 17 types of kitchen appliances.
  • Includes an acrylic display stand.
  • Black colour anti-rust coating.
  • High-end build and design.
  • An ergonomic handle that gives you a greater grip.
  • Pricey

4. Pigeon by Stove Kraft Shears Kitchen Knives 6 Piece Set

Pigeon by Stove Kraft Shears Kitchen Knives 6 Piece Set

A must-have kitchen utensil for cooking, The Pigeon, is a must-have kitchen tool. The Stove Kraft Shears Kitchen Knives set comes with 6 distinctive knives that can be used for various tasks.

The stainless-steel knife has an ergonomic grip and is utilized in many ways to cut and dice fruits, vegetables, and other food items.

Though you can cut using this knife due to its riveted handles that offer a comfortable experience and have a great grip, it could be a problem cutting meat since it’s not heavy. The meat is more dense and mushy.

This top kitchen knife is a great choice at an affordable cost. This is the most well-known knife for less than 300 rupees. It comes in six different knives. It is possible to purchase this knife to use in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for an ice cream maker and the knife you need for your restaurant, then you should check out this fantastic knife for an affordable cost.

Pros and Cons

  • The thick fabric of the grips is useful.
  • Six items are made of a Boner Knife, Utility Knife, Steak Knife, Paring Knife, and Scissors.
  • Sharp and Versatile Set
  • Feel supple in your hands.
  • It comes with a wooden block.
  • The best choice for vegetables.
  • Cannot cut meat or large vegetables due to the compact design.

5. ORPIO (LABEL) Stainless Steel Meat Knife

ORPIO (LABEL) Stainless Steel Meat Knife

Orpio is an excellent 7-inch meat knife. It’s a Japanese chef’s knife used for butchering vegetables and meat. Many chefs use it in their cafes and restaurants to make precise and speedier meat cuts.

This high-end Santoku knife can be described as the most suitable knife to use in restaurants and homes. Its high-quality stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, rust, and discolouration.

Discolouration, because of its razor-sharp edge blades, is suitable for slicing, chopping, dicing, or cutting all types of fruits, meat, vegetables, and bread.

It features a hollowed-out design, which allows it to easily prepare fish, meat, vegetables, fish, and others. The design and the quality make it the top knife in our kitchen. We recommend using it in your restaurant or cafe because it’s a great knife for the kitchen if you’re looking for a good meat knife.

If so, you could choose the AGARO Solitaire Meat Cleaver, made of stainless steel, as it’s one of the top meat cleavers that can be used in kitchens and restaurants.

Pros and Cons

  • Ability to cut grain along with meat and vegetables.
  • 7 inches of knife suitable for any type of kitchen use.
  • Sharp Edges.
  • Non-Stick Blade high-grade blade.
  • Beautiful Pattern.
  • The robust design and Ergonomic design of the handle.
  • Professional Chef’s Santoku Knife.
  • We’re not complaining about the cost.

6. Victorinox Kitchen Knife Set of 2

Victorinox Kitchen Knife Set of 2

The Victorinox Kitchen Knife comes with a universal peeler and two knives. This knife features straight edges as well as a razor-sharp carbon steel blade. The ergonomic handle is constructed out of polypropylene.

This knife set for kitchens is the ideal tool to use in your kitchen at home. It is possible to cut your vegetables, and the peeler will help to peel any fruit or even the heaviest vegetables. This makes the work much simpler with precision.

The Swiss traditional double-edge peeler is a top knife set to use in the kitchen. It is easy to peel fruits like apples or cook vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and cucumbers. The Universal Peeler can cut through the toughest skins thanks to its sharp edge.

Pros and Cons

  • Ideal for cutting or mincing meat, vegetables, and other items.
  • High-quality knives of good quality.
  • Two knives and a sharpener to sharpen the knife.
  • Overpriced.
  • Cutting meat is a problem.

7. Victorinox Carbon Steel Knives and 1 Peeler


The trio comprising 2 knives and 1 peeler comes from Victorinox Carbon Steel Swiss Classic edition kitchen tool is the top-selling knife you need to purchase to cut hard and pulpy fruits and vegetables.

The 11cm lengthy serrated edge blade is great for slicing bread or cutting thin slices of juicy, pulpy fruits and sausages, vegetables, salami cheese, and other things.

It is ideal for use at home or in restaurants since it can peel and slice both simultaneously thanks to its sharpened blade and ergonomic handle. It’s also lightweight, so you shouldn’t apply it to meat. Use it instead on fruits and vegetables.

The razor-sharp blade of a sharp knife is made from martensitic stainless steel. An ideal alloy for cutting-edge retention, corrosion resistance, and pliability.

A curved design for the handle makes cutting and peeling as smooth as possible for long periods. These factors make it the top kitchen knife. This has led to it becoming the top-selling knife combination on the internet.

Pros and Cons

  • Two different knives and one universal peeler.
  • Ideal for fruit and vegetable peeling.
  • Sharpen knife.
  • Best knife combination.
  • Because of its lightweight, the product can cause harm when cutting large vegetables.
  • It’s not for meat.

8. Q’sica Non-Stick Kitchen Knife Set with Blade Covers

Q'sica Non-Stick Kitchen Knife Set with Blade Covers

Q’sica Non-Stick Kitchen Knife Set is three premium chef knives that are perfect for kitchens at home. This chef’s and utility knife are perfect for cutting, mincing, and chopping vegetables and meat. It’s one of the most effective kitchen sets.

It is a soft grip handle knife that is anti-slip and has an extra-secure cover that ensures that the blade is protected and provides airflow.

If you need a butcher’s knife, you could consider this affordable knife from Q’sica. You can check out this meat knife or butcher’s knife.

Pros and Cons

  • Sharpen blades.
  • The most popular and affordable kitchen knife.
  • It is perfect for slicing or mincing vegetables.
  • A premium builds with a useful and strong grip.
  • It’s not the best choice for meat.

If you’re looking to pick a good chef’s knife for your kitchen, you have many aspects to consider, including weight, sharpness, material, and balance. Also, it is important to know the cooking method you’re using for your knife.

Every job requires the perfect tool. And chefs are only as sharp as the knife they use.

A knife is one of the most basic of tools, yet the more you study it, the more choices you will have in your budget. What style, material, or dimension is the best? What is your favourite cuisine and what are your priorities?

You’ll see a reflection of the knife’s designer’s vision from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade. This is why we have compiled a list to help you get going, starting with distinguishing between forged and stamped blades.

Stamped vs Forged

Stamped vs Forged

Forging a blade requires moulds and then creating knives from scratch into the form of liquid metal. A typical knife blade will span the entire length of the knife’s handle.

The scene where the sword is forging of Game of Thrones is a very accurate representation of the process as it was shot using an actual forger.

A knife with a forged blade is strong and long-lasting. However, it’s more expensive than a blade that has been stamped. Professional chef’s knives are usually made in this manner.

You’ve probably seen a knife stamped during the process of manufacturing. Stamping, as in this case, is taking the knife out of a strip of iron. They are also less expensive and less durable.

Types of Knife Blade Material

Steel stainless

Stainless steel is widely used in knife blades all over the world. This is a highly popular class of material for knife blades since it can resist corrosion, and maintaining this material is pretty easy as well.

High-carbon steel

A bit more expensive than standard stainless steel, High-carbon steel blades are tough and hold their edge and sheen longer than cheaper alternatives.



A knife with a ceramic blade will retain its sharpness over a long time. It is also extremely precise. But they aren’t as heavy or heavy as the thick heel of other knives.

They are also more fragile than premium metals. While they aren’t as flexible, an excellent ceramic knife is a reliable knife in the chef’s arsenal.


They can be efficient, light, and easy to use. However, their flexibility makes them unsuitable for cutting tough materials.

Common household materials:

It’s likely to be found in your kitchen drawer at your home. It’s an affordable rust-resistant metal, but the blade is susceptible to dulling and is difficult to sharpen.


The balance is in the hand of the beholder. It could be evaluated in two ways. If you are holding a knife, pointing the edge away from your body shouldn’t need any extra tension to keep it straight.

When you hold the knife perpendicular to your body (the blade is in a straight line to your arm) Also, it should be simple to keep an even foot.



Naturally, you must cleanse the knives and then dry them following each use. If you’ve bought good knives, you don’t have to sharpen them as often.

However, you must be aware of whether the knife requires sharpening every time you use it (if the blade is sharper than the one you want, for example, or is slow).

It is also possible to check the sharpness of a knife, whether either new or old, by cutting through the paper. The clean the cut is, the sharper the blade. Sharpening blades is possible using stone or other metals.

Do you slice or chop?

This boils down to a couple of factors: Are you purchasing multiple knives? What will you use it to do if you’re just buying one?

A smaller blade is better appropriate for cutting, whereas larger blades are better for cutting. Curved blades are “rocked” to cut softer food items quickly; however, they’re generally smaller and are therefore not suited for cutting heavy.


The weight of a dish is a subjective issue for chefs: What is satisfyingly heavy for one cook can be difficult and cumbersome for someone else. A knife that heavy can be the ideal tool for breaking down tough vegetables, root vegetables, or even cutting through thick bones of poultry and meat.

A lighter knife is ideal for cutting more fragile ingredients. Ideally, you’ll need both. However, if you’re just investing in one, think about the type of cooking you’ll be doing and the weight you are comfortable with.

If you cannot feel the knife before buying it, as if you buy it online, via online purchase, for instance, conduct some research about the manufacturer and the weight of the knife. The weight of the knife can impact the balance. In this regard…

Japanese Knives

Japanese Knives

With a rise in popularity worldwide, Japanese knives are light, extremely sharp and much thinner than their western counterparts.

Their lightness permits speed and skill, but the Japanese knife may have difficulty working with more difficult surfaces, such as bones or the dense nature of vegetables.

But, certain principles of Japanese manufacturing blades have been adopted by mainstream western usage. Many of the top knives for chefs are hybrids that combine the sharpness of a Japanese knife with more industrial methods used in German manufacturing.

For Professionals

There is always a difference in the price of professional or amateur equipment, regardless of sector. It shouldn’t be unexpected that kitchen knives are much more costly than consumer knives: more is expected from the knives regarding the sharpness, quality of metal and durability as well as user-friendliness.

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