Sujata vs Bosch Mixer Grinder – Who Deserves the Crown?

Sujata vs Bosch Mixer Grinder – Who Deserves the Crown?

Sujata Dynamix and Bosch Truemixx are two of the most popular mixer grinders that are heavy-duty on the market. They have a comparable power rating.

However, grinding efficiency is not solely about RPM or power. The shape of the jars, as well as the blades, also play a significant impact on the efficiency of the mixer.

Sujata vs Bosch Mixer Grinder – Which is a Better Choice? 

Let’s look at the several aspects of both mixer grinders to ensure you know which one best suits your requirements.

Sujata Mixer Grinder

Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

Bosch Mixer Grinder

Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder

Performance Comparison of Sujata vs Bosch Mixer Grinder

Dry and wet grinding efficiency are two important factors when analyzing the effectiveness of mixer grinders.

Bosch Truemixx Pro comes with a power of 1000 watts. Without load, it offers an RPM band from 21-23.5K cycles. On the other hand, Sujata Dynamix is powered by a 900-watt motor. Its RPM is somewhat smaller, ranging from 19-21K cycles.

The Bosch Truemixx Pro has higher power and RPM, but its grinding performance isn’t as great as Sujata Dynamix due to its form and blades.

Dry grinding spices such as garam masala and turmeric Sujata Dynamix was able to do a much better job. The leftovers left after sieving and grinding were smaller. There’s a noticeable distinction when you grind smaller amounts of ginger-garlic paste.

According to our research, this is because, in the Bosch chutney jar, there is a large space between the blades as well as the surface of the lid. Therefore, the ingredients can sit in this gap without touching the blade.

When it is time to grind wet, it is the Bosch Truemixx that does a fairly good job.

The Jar for wet grinding has an air breaker designed to aerate the batter. However, in our experiences, grinding without and with the flow breaker did not discern any significant difference in the aeration.

We even thought it was more efficient to take out the flow breaker and grind because it would be one less thing to wash!

Sujata is also a great option for equally effective wet grinding capability. It’s quick and efficient and efficiently grinds ingredients into a fine powder.

For Dry Grinding, Sujata is better. However, for wet grinding, both are equally efficient.

Winner – Sujata Dynamix

Sujata Dynamix 1 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 0 Point

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Motor Housing

The motor housing from Bosch is black with a stainless steel finish. Its height is about 25 cm. Sujata Dynamix’s base is 22cm.

Bosch Truemixx doesn’t have a power-on indicator. However, Sujata is equipped with it.

Being larger, Bosch mixer grinder wobbles slightly more than Sujata when grinding inside the 1.5-litre wet grinding container.

However, one drawback to Sujata has to do with the fact that it does not come with an overload protection device.

Each has particular pros and cons, making it hard to determine which is superior to the other.

Winner – No obvious winner.

Sujata Dynamix 1 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 0 Point

Cleaning is easy

The Jars of Sujata Dynamix are sleeker and have fewer curvatures and grooves. The lids with tinted covers hide any staining. The gaskets are simple to clean and wash.

Bosch, however, has lids that are susceptible to permanent discolouration. Bosch has lots of grooves and curves that can be difficult to scrub. It is also difficult to remove spices from lids.

Furthermore, the jars from Bosch are slender and narrow, and food can get caught in the flow breakers. This is why it’s not very simple to wash.

Winner – Sujata Dynamix

Sujata Dynamix 2 Points
Bosch Turmixx Pro 0 Point


Bosch Truemixx is one of the noisiest mixer grinders that we’ve ever tested. It’s quite noisy and annoying. On the other hand, Sujata Dynamix is a more mellow sound that’s not as loud or irritating as Bosch.

If we tested it with the decibel meter, we observed that Bosch Truemixx makes 100-105 dB noise, whereas Sujata produces 90-95 decibels.

Winner – Sujata Dynamix

Sujata Dynamix 3 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 0 Point

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Sujata Dynamix comes with 3 containers: a 400ml chutney jar, a 1-litre multipurpose Jar, and a 1.5-litre wet grinding container.

They’re all made from stainless steel, with the lid made of polycarbonate. The largest wet grinder is equipped with a lid lock. There is an additional chop blade and whipping blade which can be attached to the wet grinding container.

The most distinctive feature of the jars made by Sujata is that the lock on the Jar is made of steel and white paint. The paint can peel off after a couple of years. However, the metal lock is stronger. It also prolongs the longevity of the coupler.

Bosch Truemixx Pro comes with four containers. The three main jars are capacities of 500ml 1, 1 litre, and 1.5 litres. They are made from stainless steel and feature lids of polycarbonate that lock. Also included is a blade for pounding that can be affixed to the multipurpose 1-litre Jar.

This juicer is constructed from polycarbonate and features a lid made of plastic. The lid also has an opening where you can put in pieces of fruit to extract the juice. One of the advantages that Bosch Truemixx has over other jars is that its jars are waterproof.

In terms of cleaning, Sujata’s containers are much easier to handle. The lids made of polycarbonate that are tinted aren’t easily stained. However, Bosch Truemixx had lids with many curves, making them difficult to clean.

When you measure the thickness, you will find that the jars made by Bosch are slightly smaller at 0.6mm. However, Sujata’s container is 0.8mm thick. However, their blades are similarly thick, at 1.4mm.

Overall, the build qualities of the two brands are decent. Sujata’s is cleaner, and Bosch’s containers are waterproof. We rate them as equal in this respect.

Winner – Both

Sujata Dynamix 4 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 1 Point


Sujata Dynamix doesn’t have vacuum suction feet or an overload protection switch, whereas Bosch includes both. Additionally, Bosch has lid locks on all its jars, and Sujata has only a lid lock for its grinding Jar that is wet.

This being said, although Sujata Dynamix doesn’t have vacuum suction feet, it rarely shifts, even when doing high-end grinding. The absence of an overload safety switch is an issue.

Winner- Bosch Truemixx Pro

Sujata Dynamix 4 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 2 Point


Bosch, as well as Sujata Dynamix, are both fairly simple to use. When locking the Jar to its base or controlling the grinder for mixing, they’re close to being comparable. Tiny things like the lid lock in Bosch or the power-on indicator on Sujata make a distinction.

Winners – Both

Sujata Dynamix 5 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 3 Point


Bosch has recently raised the price of its Truemixx 1000 Watt model. At the time of publication of the article, Bosch Truemixx’s 1000-watt mixer grinder retails for around 6500-7000 rupees, based on the location.

Sujata Dynamix, on the other hand, is priced at approximately Rs. 5500. In light of the excellent performances of Sujata and its affordable price, Sujata is certainly the winner.

Winner – Sujata Dynamix

Sujata Dynamix 6 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 3 Point

Warranty and After Sales Service

Bosch Truemixx comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and a five-year motor warranty. On the other hand, Sujata only comes with a 2-year warranty, and there is no additional warranty for the motor.

For after-sales support, Sujata has limited service locations. It is necessary to contact Sujata’s Delhi office and obtain the number of technicians in the area. You then bring the product in to be repaired.

Bosch, however, offers a wider range of service centres. You can contact Bosch, and the technician will contact you in the comfort of your home for repairs. The Chutney Jar had to be repaired as the blades were loose.

After emailing Bosch, the customer service rep arrived and replaced the Jar at no cost because it was covered under warranty.

Winner – Bosch Trumixx Pro

Sujata Dynamix 6 Point
Bosch Turmixx Pro 4 Point


Bosch Truemixx and Sujata Dynamix are both powerful mixer grinders with their strengths and drawbacks. If you’re searching for the best mixer grinder to grind spices and everyday grinding tasks, the Sujata Dynamix is a better alternative to Bosch Truemixx.

If a good wet-grinding performance, hands-free operation, and a simple after-sales service are your top priority, Bosch Truemixx is the best option. Through our analysis and comparison, we conclude that Sujata Dynamix is the most efficient mixer grinder.

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