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Best Air Cooler Under ₹7000 in India

Global warming has caused massive changes in the climate. Dry temperatures and humidity are increased through the destruction of environmental conditions. As a result, India’s summers are more prolonged and also hotter.

At the start of summer, conditions like heat stroke and dehydration are common. The irritation of the skin caused by excessive sweating is another frequent occurrence.

So, fans only in our workplaces and homes don’t work anymore to create an open living experience.

Make sure your workspaces and homes are cool and cozy during the piping-hot summers with air coolers.

But is it possible to buy an extremely reliable, top-quality air cooler for less than 7000 rupees?

There’s plenty to learn about the coolers we’ve selected for you, which will cost you less than 7000.

Let’s continue to move forward to the list of the best air coolers under 7000 in India.

1. Bajaj Platini PX97 36L Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 36L Air Cooler

The air cooler offers a benefit when compared to air conditioners because it can alter its operation depending on the climate and weather conditions. You don’t need to worry about your location when choosing it.

The air cooler is equipped with features including large air delivery and large tanks of water to ensure environmentally sustainable cooling.

It uses the most advanced technology to offer the necessary air cooling. For example, the cooler has a capacity of 36L for its tank, which is sufficient.

This air conditioner is built with a non-corrosive material, making it sturdy and well worth the price. The premium quality plastic will ensure that you won’t have issues with the air cooler’s body or structure.

Its compact size and attractive design can fit anywhere.

It can run at 1360 RPM together with three-speed controls. The air cooler is perfect for rooms that are up to 150 square feet. The Honeycomb’s three-sided pads allow for fast and easy air cooling in the area.

It is required to use 100W power consumption and an operating voltage of 230V. In addition, you’ll receive one year of warranty with this air cooler, which means you can eliminate any issues that might result from operating.

It’s guaranteed to give the quietest operation without disrupting the surrounding.


  • 4-way air deflection
  • Make use of the ChillTrap Cooling technology.
  • Compatible with inverters
  • Material that is resistant to corrosion

2. Symphony Diet 12T 12 L Tower Room Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T 12 L Tower Room Cooler

If you’re looking for an air conditioner that is strong, has impressive features, and is simple to set up and operate, this AC is a perfect choice.

It is light and easy to install without any issues. Its compact dimensions and stylish design let you place it wherever you want without thinking about where it will be. This cooler has a one-year guarantee, making it a sought-after item.

It has an air delivery capacity of 1000 cubic metres. Its tank capacity is 12L, which could be used to cool 100 square feet of space. It’s an excellent solution to offer fast cooling even in tiny areas. 

It can release air up to 30 feet to ensure that cooling will reach all corners of the space.

It requires 170W power consumption and an operational voltage of at least 230V. The honeycomb pads in this cooler will guarantee the highest efficiency regarding the cooling effect.

Additionally, there is an air filter that will make sure you’re breathing fresh air.

The louvre-like, automatic louvre movements within the air cooler uniformly disperse air throughout the room. The use of premium plastic makes this air cooler pretty rustproof and, therefore, will last longer.

You can also use the ice chamber and place the ice in it to enjoy an additional breath of air.


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Multi-directional wheels that facilitate mobility
  • Mosquito net
  • Rustproof

3. Symphony Ice Cube 27L Air Cooler

Symphony Ice Cube 27L Air Cooler

Are you dissatisfied with the cooling capabilities of fan models like the ceiling fan and the pedestal fan? You should consider using this Symphony Ice Cube 27 Litre Air Cooler and enjoy the inexhaustible cooling effects.

Symphony is different from other models and one of the most popular brands. It offers its customers a broad range of options, and this air cooler isn’t among them.

The 283mm fan provides cool air faster and more effectively. It comes with a tank that holds water with a capacity of 27 litres, ideal for rooms with more than the size of 165 sq. ft. or less.

Three honeycomb pads that are on the sides aid in helping in keeping the air cooler and hydrated with the maximum amount of water while taking in the air outside.

The cooler requires an operating power voltage of 230V and a power requirement of just 100W.

The small but powerful cooling system is silent due to its automatic louvre movement along with a filter for dust. The 3-speed motor lets users control the speed and temperature of the cooler by their needs and the temperature.

It also comes with a remote controller that allows you to operate the air cooler without any issues.

It comes with a 1-year guarantee and Dura technology that will ensure an extended life for the pump and a longer-lasting. This air cooler is compatible with the inverter if you’re worried about frequent power outages; however, don’t worry.


  • Works with inverters
  • Wider airflow
  • Automatic vertical swing
  • Uses I-Pure technology

4. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50Litre Air Cooler

Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50Litre Air Cooler

Are you wondering how to bring a refreshing breeze into your house during summer? It is possible by using your Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50 L Room Cooler. You can be sure of all the features you expect in an air cooling unit.

This air conditioner was built using the quadra flow technique to provide the best comfort possible from its usage. It’s lightweight and can be placed in any location.

The gorgeous design is irresistible when utilising the cooler. One can use this air cooler in humid and dry conditions.

It can deliver air in the amount of 175 cubic metres. It can also deliver air up to a maximum of 35 feet. Also, it offers a cooling space of 20 square metres due to its air deflection in four directions and three-speed motor settings.

There is a water tank with a capacity of 50L, which is enough to run for a full day using an air cooling system. The louvre’s motorised movement allows it to move vertically, using wood wool pads to evaporate. 

It is easy to set up and operate and is accompanied by the assurance of getting uniform cooling. It is powered by an energy supply of 150W and a voltage of a minimum of 230V. 

The air-cooling motor spins at a speed of 1400 RPM. To ease the lives of those using it, it has a remote, indicating water level and inverter compatibility. A one-year warranty also backs it.


  • Uses quadra flow technology.
  • Motorised louvre movements
  • It is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms as well as offices.

5. Crompton Marvel 20 Litre Evaporative Room Cooler

Crompton Marvel 20 Litre Evaporative Room Cooler

Crompton gives you an air cooler built to meet the varied demands of its clients. It’s a durable and effective air cooler with every feature you want. A uniform spread of air guarantees that the entire space is cool.

The air cooler has an extra ice room designed to increase cooling efficiency. Additionally, it has an auto louvre designed to ensure an even flow of air across the area.

It is made up of honeycomb pads that ensure instant cooling. The pads are sturdy enough to absorb a good amount of air outside and transform it into a cool breeze. The air cooler is spread over 150 square feet. The water tank capacity is 20L.

The air cooler can send air out for as long as 20 feet, making use of 130W of power and an operating voltage of 230V. Connecting this cooling device to an inverter at home is possible to get continuous cooling even during power outages. One-year warranty coverage is provided to ensure its durability.

While it’ll require adequate space, the appealing design will fit any style. The only thing you will get is the two-speed settings of the blower in the cooler, which can create problems in various temperatures in the room.


  • Inverter Compatibility
  • Remove the ice chamber
  • Instant cooling
  • Water level indicator

6. Kelvinator KTF-131 Blade Tower Air Cooler

Kelvinator KTF-131 Blade Tower Air Cooler

This air cooler was created to give effective air cooling whenever required. Consider using the Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Air Cooler, which consumes less energy.

Because of its small size, the cooler can easily fit into any space. This cooler can be utilised to reduce the space in your home.

The stylish design and aesthetic are among the features that provide an amazing view. You can also put this chiller in your kitchen for cooking.

It is equipped with a motor speed that is 5000 RPM. It also has four speeds at which the fan can run. Also, it has a one-year warranty that guarantees users the most enjoyable experience possible using an air conditioner.

You will also enjoy an unrelenting operation from this AC.

The tower fan type allows for instant cooling. It is equipped with the dimension of a fan, which is 35 millimetres, which could be utilised to distribute the air across all the edges of your space.

This guarantees uniform cooling across the. Additionally, it consumes 60W of power, which could help you save significant energy.

The device isn’t able to rotate reversibly or remote access. So, you must manually manage certain features. Even though it lacks certain functions, you’ll be disappointed by its effectiveness.


  • Quiet performance
  • Tower style design
  • Instant cooling
  • Consumes less power

7. Kenstar 15L Tower Air Cooler

Kenstar 15L Tower Air Cooler

Kenstar 15 L Tower Cooler With Remote is the ideal blend of design and performance. Its function is that it provides you with an immediate cooling effect.

Its striking design and powerful cooling capabilities are among the best options available during summer’s hot and humid months.

It’s not necessary to regulate the temperatures of air conditioners. Because of the available sensors, the air cooler will reduce the room temperature to the desired level for ease for the user.

The fully-functional remote provides complete control over the cooling system and user-friendliness to the person using it.

The tank’s capacity of 15L is perfect for smaller rooms and is suitable for general indoor areas. The tower-style design of this air cooler ensures that uniform cooling distribution is achieved across the entire space.

It’s powered by using a power of around 125W with operating voltages of 220-230V. The cooling pads made of Honeycomb ensure that cool air is effectively dispersed.

The air cooler releases cool air that can reach 24 feet in total. The motor rotates at 1400 RPM.

Mosquito nets and dust filters are efficient in their function and ensure that the air is fresh. The warranty of one year for the air cooler guards the cooler against a variety of issues that may arise.


  • It is suitable for indoor use only.
  • Automatic sensors
  • Combination of styles and work
  • Light-weight

8. Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler

Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler

Are you searching for big-sized facilities at a fair cost? Power cuts can be devastating during hot summer days. It’s impossible to breathe without cooling or a fan! This model will be sure to be a great cheerleader.

Luckily, the Little Dx 12-Litre model is compatible with inverters. The weight of the cooler is only 10kg. We suggest it over the 20-litre model. It’s hard to believe that this small air cooler can deliver air up to 35 feet. Its air delivery is 900m3/hr!

Don’t pay too much if you’re looking for an efficient cooler for a tiny space. Kenstar Little DX-12 model is the ideal choice for you.

If you place an enormous air conditioner in a tiny space, no matter if it’s not very loud, you’ll experience discomfort for a bit. This one, besides producing only a little noise, has great airflow! It is ideal for rooms of medium size as well. You just need to get it!


  • Its swing mode operates pretty equally.
  • You’ll enjoy four-way air deflection and a 3-speed setting.
  • The evaporative pads of Honeycomb greatly enhance the cooling efficiency of this cooler.
  • Small flies, mosquitoes and insects are stopped from entering the cooler through the mosquito net.
  • To check the water level, There’s no need to take off the pads. There’s a gauge measuring the water level.

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