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WONDERCHEF Food Processor Review: Is This Double-Speed model Truly Impressive?

What if the task of chopping onions could not cause tears in your eyes? What if you could finish the chore of chopping veggies and mixing dough in a matter of just a few seconds?

You read it right.

Kneading dough with our hands may take several minutes. However, this Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed food processor can do the job of kneading dough in about a couple of minutes. 

Wondering how?

It’s easy because the Manual Wonderchef Turbo processor features the dual drive speed system through which the chores of cutting up vegetables, mincing, cutting and kneading dough is accomplished easily.

Furthermore, the Wonderchef Turbo food processor contains a whisking blade, thanks to which it’s able to do our whisking job effortlessly.

Therefore, starting now, making food in your kitchen can be an enjoyable task with using the Wonderchef Turbo food processor. Therefore, fasten your seat belts to take an incredible journey with the Wonderchef Turbo food processor.

Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor, Black

Wonderchef Turbo Food Processor Features and Specifications

It is said that the Wonderchef Turbo food processor weighs approximately 1.76 pounds. The dimensions of the food machine measure 7.59 inches x 6.8 inches x 6.8 inches. The Wonderchef Turbo food processor is composed of polycarbonate plastic material. This is the reason why the food processor doesn’t break easily. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the accessories the Wonderchef Turbo processor is accompanied by.


  • Whisking blade
  • Chopper blade
  • Slicer-dicer disk
  • The food processor has two gears.

Let’s move on to the amazing features for which this Wonderchef Food processor Turbo is famous.

Features of WONDERCHEF Food Processor

Chopping and Kneading

There is no reason to trouble your hands while you work dough because you can use the Wonderchef Turbo food processor, which is not just helpful in mincing and chopping but aids in kneading dough easily. Therefore, you can knead your dough in a clean and safe manner without having to use your hands in a matter of minutes using this Wonderchef Dual Speed food processor.

Dual Speed

This Wonderchef Turbo Food processor comes with a dual-speed control system that can chop and dice food ingredients at different speeds. Utilizing one of the gears, we can chop vegetables, onions, and fruits easily. With 4th gear, we are able to chop food ingredients into the sizes that we require.

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Slicing into Juliennes with four different settings

Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor

Within the Wonderchef Turbo food processor, the slicer-dicer disc comprises two slicing discs and two julienne discs. Utilizing the slicer discs, we can create thin or thick slices of various vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and others. Additionally, the julienne discs can be used to create thin or thick Julienne.

Whisking Blade

The process of whipping eggs or whipping cream is now a breeze for everyone since it comes with the Wonderchef Turbo food processor. It accompanies whisking blades and is able to be used for whipping or even making yogurt.

Ergonomic Design

This Wonderchef Turbo food processor has an ergonomic design, due to which any person will surely be enthralled by this gadget.

Because of its impressive capabilities, the Wonderchef Turbo food processor surely will be a must-have kitchen appliance. After having a better understanding of the numerous features of this appliance, we must know the amazing benefits that come with it. Let’s take a moment to enjoy the benefits right now.


Small size, with non-slip base

This Wonderchef Turbo food processor has an extremely compact size. This food processor needs less space to store it in the kitchen. Additionally, thanks to the non-slip base, it is effortless to use this gadget when using it since it won’t slide.

Good After Sales Service

We are aware that the Wonderchef company keeps its customers feeling satisfied. Additionally, the company ensures that its customers get a great after-sales support service with no kind of hassle. For instance, using the company’s Whatsapp application, customers can ask questions about the product messaging through Whatsapp. The Wonderchef Team will always be available to assist customers on the move. Isn’t that amazing?

It doesn’t require electricity to operate.

Wonderchef Turbo food processor functions as a manual processor. Also, unlike mixers, Wonderchef’s model doesn’t require electricity to function.

While this Wonderchef Food processor offers several significant benefits, it does have some minor disadvantages that must be addressed. Let’s look at the disadvantages.


Cannot Make Thin Paste

Although it is true that this Wonderchef food processor is proven to be a fantastic appliance for finely cutting various ingredients for food, we are unable to make thin pastes like a mixer mill.

However, overall we can say that the benefits that come with this Wonderchef Turbo food processor take over its drawbacks. If you’re contemplating buying this fantastic food processor, then purchase it without second thoughts.

What Our Testing Team Has To Say?

Easy To Use

Its Wonderchef Turbo Food processor can be simple to use because we only have to place the ingredients for food that need to be chopped into the food processor, then turn the handle on the outside. Then, our vegetables are chopped. This means that you don’t require any programming for this food processor manual.


The Wonderchef Turbo food processor comprises plastic polycarbonate materials. Because of this material, it will not easily break, and it is also easy to transport it to wherever you want since it’s an extremely light device.

Value For Money

We can conclude it is true that the Wonderchef Turbo food processor has several useful features for a reasonable price. There are a few food processors that offer this many features of slicing, chopping, and mixing dough easily. This Wonderchef Turbo food processor is one of the few. We can conclude that it’s a once-over purchase, and after using it will surely prove that it is worth the price.

How To Use The Wonderchef Turbo Food Processor?

Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor, Accessories

  • Unlock the lid and place food ingredients into the container.
  • If you have to cut vegetables, then you can utilize the slicer-dicer disc. When you have to chop vegetables or make a dough, place it on the blade of the chopper.
  • Close the lid, then shift the knob as per your requirements. If you want to cut vegetables, then you can utilize the power gear. Likewise, when you have to chop the vegetables, you can make use of the gear for speed.
  • It can chop your veggies in only a few seconds and with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight of Wonderchef Food processor Turbo?

It weighs approximately 1.76 pounds.

Can we use this to mincemeat?

Sure, you can mince meat perfectly with this processor.

Can we cut dry fruits with this processor?

Yes, you can cut and chop dry fruits using this food machine.

Do we receive any kind of warranty for the manufacturing process on this item?

Yes, we receive a one-year warranty on the manufacturing of Wonderchef Turbo. 

How big is this processor?

It’s quite small. It measures 7.59 inches by 6.8 7.59 x 6.8 inches.

Final Thoughts

The guests are arriving! Do you have to mix the dough and chop up vegetables for cooking? The only thing you’ll need is the Wonderchef Turbo food processor. It comes with a slicer-dicer disk through which you cut vegetables to make the salad. Furthermore, thanks to the cutting blade, it is simple to chop vegetables in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, whisking eggs and making the yogurt is a matter of minutes using the whisking attachment included with the Wonderchef Turbo food processor. You can also knead the dough using the Wonderchef turbo food processor without making use of your hands.

If you’re contemplating buying an all-in-one Wonderchef Turbo food processor, just go to Amazon!

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