Whirlpool Destroyer World Water Purifier Review

Whirlpool Destroyer World Water Purifier Review

The new Whirlpool Destroyer World61005 model is an amazing breakthrough in the world for water purifiers. With its innovative EAT technique, this can be described as a solid product on the market. You are likely pondering the thought that it consumes power, which you will be surprised. We’d love to talk about the fact that this water purifier operates with a Nonelectrical interface.

The product also guarantees 100% recovery through five phases of purification. This keeps bacteria out and ensures that the correct mineral is absorbed into your body to offer health benefits to you. Also, there’s no loss of essential minerals during the purification and cleaning methods.

The product is rated at a 1 LT/min flow rate, which is enough for the intake water. It’s suitable for day-to-day usage, and keeping some minerals will bring you closer to the natural world. It has been observed that purifiers that are not as efficient tend to lose essential minerals during their purification processes. It’s a problem from the past due to EAT technology.

It is a great 100 percent recovery rate for water that ensures zero water waste, thus reducing the expense of your water bill. This Whirlpool Destroyer World61005 will end in saving around 16,000 litres of water per year.

Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier

An Overview of Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier

The rising incidence of pollution in the water has prompted us to adopt new technology. Therefore, upgrading to the most recent Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 model is your most effective choice. The water purifier is not electrical. As a result, you’ll increase your savings on the electricity bills, with the flexibility of mounting it to any place without having to think about the power needs.

Great Brand, Great Technology

The Purifier is made by a top brand known as Whirlpool and is a name that has earned trust for many years. They have always been focused on an appropriate design and higher quality. As a result, the structure and design of this product are sleek and well-designed to match the design that you want to create in your house.

The technology for purification is called EATwhich stands for Electro Adsorption Technology, which allows you to combine four filters in one and provides you with higher purification of the highest quality. It’s a groundbreaking technology that increases the feeling of water by purifying it with metal, which is impossible through AV technology.

Water conservation and health factors

Vital minerals are healthy and are only absorbed from the water. Other technologies filters filter out these minerals. However, this Whirlpool Destroyer World Purifier permits the minerals you require to enter your body. Thus, it improves your digestion and overall health for the well-being of your family and you.

It is worth noting that the Whirlpool Destroyer World also checks another purifier’s issue, that is, water waste since the whirlpool Destroyer has 100% accuracy and has zero water loss. Also, it boasts 100% water efficiency, and it estimates approximately 16,000 litres of water saved every year.

It is equipped with five layers of purification comprised of five different phases through which water is cleansed and the filter that offers you four in one water purification. This water purifier guarantees that the final drop of water that is inside your glass is cleaned and cleaned.

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Incredible performance even at low flow water (plus other advantages)

Water Purifier

Water flow is another element that stands out about this particular design of the filter. It is able to operate with a low flow of water. Functional flow rate is measured at 1 LT/min. It is able to fill up enough glasses to meet the requirements of water at your home.

The lifespan of filtering is impressive due to the constant use of the Purifier. It can last as long as 7-8 months which is vital to the budget and expense of the Purifier. The filter’s quality is also high, and the capacity of six litres will be sufficient for a load of water purification. Wall mounting is an additional benefit making it even more durable for installation.

Amazing warranty coverage

Warranty covers are also the best for the filter because you get a one-year period of warranty which will cover all manufacturing defects of the item. Warranty is essential for any item, and Whirlpool will cover the warranty.


  • Model Name- Destroyer World Series Water Purifier
  • Wall mounting is possible. You can mount this water purifier anywhere.
  • Type-Non-Electric capabilities to operate continuously
  • Stages of Filtration: 5 Pre-filters that guarantee the protection of metals (4 within 1 filter EAT Technology)
  • Pre Filter – Yes, it has the pre-filter
  • The life span of an EAT filter – You can use the filter for up to 6-7 months
  • Tank Capacity: 6 litres is the capacity of the tank
  • Flow Rate – The flow rate of this Purifier is 1 Litre/min.
  • Recovery 100% water recovery could save up to 16000 L/annum
  • Low-Pressure Operation: It is indeed appropriate for low flow water.
  • Warranty- ! years of Warranty coverage ( Warranty Card that comes with the product)
  • Purification System- Online
  • Width- 280 mm
  • Depth- 235 mm
  • Height- 365 mm
  • Weight- 3 kgs (6.61) lbs
  • Included Components- Water Purifier, EAT Filter and Warranty Card

Why should you choose Whirlpool Water Purifier?

Whirlpool Water Purifier

Non-Electric Water Purifier

The water purifier is a NONelectric Purifier that is able to operate in the event of power cuts and even failures. You don’t have to fret about the electric bill regarding your water purifier because your Purifier will help save each penny and supply you with higher quality water.

EAT Technology

The water purifier features an innovative technology that offers more water purification and guarantees that, in addition to the removal of particles that you don’t need,. Also, it contains just the essential minerals of water in the process. This Electro Adsorption Technology (EAT) provides the power and effectiveness of four combined filters to form a single EAT filter.

Retains Essential Minerals

Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 comes with an exclusive technology for retaining that helps preserve the minerals needed after purifying impurities from the water. As a result, the purified water is not just clean, but it also contains the essential minerals to your body. This is a significant factor in the health concerns that your entire family faces.

Level of Purification

The Water purifier is equipped with four filters on the outside that guarantee the removal of physical substances prior to introducing the water filtered through the EAT filter, which ensures it is 4x more purified. You’ll get the maximum water quality with this water purifier.

Water Recovery

Water recovery is as high-tech as this filter since it guarantees the highest level of 100 percent water recovery in order to conserve water. It will save approximately 16,000 LT of water per year by using the filtering system of this filter.

Lifespan of Filter

The continuous use of the Purifier for continuous use Purifier gives you 7 to 8 months of lifespan for the filters. As Its filters continuously remove contaminants, this water purifier is a fantastic deal.

Warranty of the Product

This model comes with a year of warranty that Whirlpool fully protects. The service is worth the investment.


In the end, with regards to this water purifier, it’s built to give a contemporary design, and its dimensions are suitable for ease of installation and require less space. Non- Electric capabilities provide it with an advantage over the electric cost in terms of the energy component.

The filtering segment comes with an Advance Eat technology which surpasses the purifiers of today’s technology. It also has the capacity of delivering the minerals you require to your drink, which is an added benefit of healthier health. In addition, the warranty and its services are positive with many happy and healthy customers. This Purifier has everything you need.

What else do you need to purchase Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre water purifier?


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