Which Is Healthier OTG or Microwave? A Comparison Guide

Which Is Healthier OTG or Microwave? A Comparison Guide

You might be asking, which is healthier, OTG or microwave? The answer lies somewhere in the middle, between the two.

The conventional microwave oven offers a much healthier, more nutrient-rich cooking method, and OTG has a baker’s delight.

Pro bakers have declared OTG the winner, but are you a believer? Find out! We’ve rounded up some reasons why.

OTG Is a Healthier Alternative to Deep-Fried Foods

OTG Is a Healthier Alternative to Deep-Fried Foods

OTG is a healthy alternative to deep-fried foods. Most deep-fried foods are cooked in partially-hydrogenated oils, which extend the shelf life of the food and enhance the taste.

Despite their tasty appearance, these oils are detrimental to health. In addition to promoting weight gain and diabetes, these oils also impair the immune system’s effectiveness.  

OTG Is a Baker’s Delight

OTG Is a Baker’s Delight

An OTG oven is an essential kitchen appliance for serious bakers. Its dual cooking zones make it ideal for baking bread, muffins and cakes. They can even be used for grilling and broiling. This oven is an excellent alternative to deep frying. 

Usha OTG can be an example here.

With an inner chamber made of galvanized steel, the USHA OTG maintains heat much more efficiently and reduces electricity costs. In addition, it comes with seven essential accessories, including a grill and rotisserie tongs.

Let’s have another example of an OTG that is a baker’s delight. With its 25-litre capacity, the Philips HD6975/00 OTG is a baker’s dream. It uses Optic-Temp technology for better baking, resulting in crisp cookies and uniformly baked cakes.

This oven is one of the best in India. It also comes with a recipe book. However, if you have a smaller kitchen or are limited space, the Borosil OTG is worth considering.

You Can Use Various Cookware in an OTG

You Can Use it for Baking, Broiling, Toasting and Grilling

OTG is an appliance that combines the benefits of cookware and microwave cooking. The OTG fan distributes heat throughout the device, most going below the coil.

Microwave waves cause food molecules to vibrate, which produces heat. The oven’s rotating glass plate helps heat food faster. You can use OTGs to make baked goods, such as cookies and cakes.  

OTGs use less electricity than microwaves, thanks to their coils built into the bottom and roof. Cast iron utensils are oven-safe and don’t likely break or lose their shape in an OTG.

Another advantage of OTGs is that you don’t need to buy expensive cookware to use them. You can cook with aluminium foils, silicone moulds, and borosil utensils.

OTG Uses Convection Mode

OTG Uses Convection Mode

If you’re serious about baking, an OTG oven is for you. These ovens are equipped with heating elements on both the top and bottom of the oven.

The combination of heating elements makes for a faster, more even cooking process that will leave your baked goods with a crispy, delicious crust. The OTG is the perfect solution for those who hate deep-fried food and prefer to bake instead. These ovens are also usable to grill.

In addition to its other functions, OTGs use convection mode to evenly bake your foods. To make this process easier, these ovens feature a fan, which helps circulate hot air.

Turntables are also designed to rotate to ensure that food bakes evenly. Some models come with their fans, but using them can be tricky. A fan is a must for larger OTGs.  


OTGs can bake, roast, grill, steam, and boil foods. These devices are available with various features, including thermostat control, energy efficiency, and removal of tongs or gloves. Some OTGs are also adaptable to a wide range of home settings. 

Undoubtedly, buying an OTG is more beneficial in terms of health than a convection microwave. Now, if you’re already in the mood to buy an OTG, here is a complete guide of OTG Ovens.

You’ll know about the 5 best OTGs that our experts found after testing 32 models and a solid buying guide.

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