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TVS Gold Keyboard Review 2023: WORTH BUYING?

After some research, it is quite evident that Indian merchandise stands out concerning the sheer price differential. It’s sort of a legend, with its talk of loyalists who absolutely swear by it.

Any store you go to, any questions concerning keyboards have only one obvious answer – the TVS Gold keyboard.

Its price is accepted by everyone. Certainly, this keyboard isn’t a new entry into the market.

It’s the computer keyboard for specialists, and there are various instances of people using and owning them for years and has been more than 10 years.

For traveling with the pace of time, however, TVS has begun manufacturing models that are compatible with systems. The keyboard now comes in two variations – the PS/2 port version and the USB 2.0 version.

Let’s know whether the TVS Gold wireless keyboard is worth purchasing or not (read too carefully if you’re a gamer or content writer)!


Awesome soft keypresses.
Fantastic mobility, no shake and just stays at one place while typing.
Highly responsive.
Overall built quality is superb.
Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Switches are high durable.
1.5 meterslong high quality attaching cord.


lacks LED.


TVS Gold Keyboard Review

TVS Electronics Gold Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have been an enthusiast product up till today. These days it’s an increasing trend among bloggers, programmers, gamers, writers, and people who tend to greatly utilize their keyboards. 

Mechanical keyboards, in general, are proven to reduce fatigue, and while users do pay attention they purchase, there are certain who buy just seeing the star rating.

We request, please go into detail about whether this kind of mechanical keyboard is suitable for your tasks or not. The only gripe among customers is that the cost – highly advantageous and comfortable keyboard make you shell much money mostly. 

Gaming keyboards can retail anywhere up to 5,500 rupees, and the majority of people just are not willing to shell out that money for a peripheral device.

So, don’t you think something like the TVS Gold wireless keyboard is a boon, providing so many benefits (about which we will read below), at almost half the cost of those expansive mechanical keyboards with almost the same feel?

First Impression from TVS

TVS Gold Keyboard unboxing

The very first impression is due to the price tag itself. For the price of approximately Rs.2300, we believe this keyboard is a really great deal. 

It’s almost a surprise that a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX keys can be priced so low. The packaging of the computer keyboard comes in is minimum.

The box just includes the keyboard in certain plastic packaging, and there’s a warranty certificate and welcome/quick start guide pamphlet. 

There’s no added wrist rest. The first and most obvious component of the TVS Gold keyboard is its dimensions.

It’s pretty larger than the mainstream keyboards, and it’s much heavier as well, weighing in at around 1.1 KGs (we’re not joking). 

The additional heft with the large rubber feet in the bottom means that this keyboard will not slide around the table. The design is simple and understated.

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TVS Gold Keyboard Design & Build Quality

TVS Gold Keyboard Design & Build Quality

TVS Gold Keyboard is very basic and utilitarian, which is not a terrible thing. A number of the keyboards like this DAS keyboard have a design that is pretty identical. 

The plastic is pretty good, and we loved the feel of this computer keyboard. We believe that using a matte texture could have made this keyboard look a whole lot better, but it’s acceptable. 

Your philosophy about layout would issue a lot with this keyboard. The keyboard’s design is understated, and how it’s targeted toward practitioners is evident. 

Certainly, it’s as in the case this keyboard was designed to appear perfect on a table. The TVS Gold USB Bharat keyboard doesn’t have any sort of design or colored accents that you generally find on most high-end keyboards. 

It also lacks LED, and again, that’s something that is not that suitable for offices. You want something practical and sober there, and yes, the TVS Gold keyboard is the same!

One noticeable thing about the keys is that every single row of keys tapers towards the row. Now, this makes the typing simple. 

The keys of the keyboard are arranged in virtually a type-writer manner, so even though quite a good deal is tilted by it in the desk, it seems it in the angle. The arrow keys, nevertheless, are tapered to the extent that they are almost flush with the surface.

Whenever you place your fingers, you’ll feel the keys due to the lack of laser etching. The printing looks a bit shoddy in some areas, which decreases the overall aesthetic appeal. 

The keyboard is a bit more inclined by default, which truly helps you out. Also, the plastic feet are well constructed and sturdy. The rubber feet are pretty awesome.

The USB cable is rugged, thick, and reliable, so we believe that durability isn’t gonna be a problem. The length of its cable connector measures 1.5 meters (around 5 ft). 

The cable quality is tremendous. However, the duration is on the side. So, in case your computer setup is somewhat further than your keyboard, you’ll want to put money into an extension cable.

TVS Gold Keyboard Typing Performance

TVS Gold Keyboard Typing Performance

The typing advantages of the TVS Gold Keyboard are a good deal better than the keyboards we’ve tested at this price. 

The keys are pretty clicky and tactile, so each keypress registers quite well in mind. The very best feature of this keyboard (and also the reason you have to be ready to invest 2300 bucks and still make a bit of compromise on the layout ) is its Cherry MX blue buttons.

Cherry MX is the keyboards’ industry standard. So, in case you purchase a keyboard that’s a good deal more costly than this one that also has Cherry MX blue switches, the scanning experience will be less or more identical. 

Mechanical keyboards or keyboards are having Cherry MX keys or, normally, last pretty longer than membrane-based keyboards.

TVS Gold Keyboard scissor mechanism

Therefore any mechanical computer keyboard can be a fantastic investment. The thing we’ve observed while discussing with the guys who are using this keyboard for over 6 months is that the overall typing experience is so sweet. 

So in case you are a content writer or a programmer, then you will feel like doing a lot of the job, and it is a big deal.

Together with the tactile feedback, the keys additionally give a decent “click” noise when you press. This feedback is just one reason that makes the TVS Gold keyboard wireless model attractive. However, you gonna like the click sound or not is just subjective.

You might think that click sound might cause a disturbance in your office, but better, you read the next sentence! 

You will immediately notice a considerable increase since the amount of pressure is lesser, and you will feel tired when you become accustomed to tapping the keys until you hear the sense that the feedback, you’ll realize that typing is a lot faster and easier on the hands.

Not typing, the general tasks such as using the controller commands and switching by pressing Alt + Tab is quite fine as every keypress registers in a very wonderful way. In apps like Photoshop or Premiere Pro, you may feel a major difference while using this keyboard.

TVS Gold Keyboard Gaming Performance

TVS Gold Keyboard Durability and Comfort

If you are a gamer, then games such as Mortal Kombat (or other such fight games) or perhaps Super Meat Boy (We can also include PUBG & here) is going to be a whole lot easier to play with TVS Bharat Gold keyboard.

You’ll be able to execute those mixtures of keys quite easily because each keypress only registers so nicely in your mind you won’t have confusion regarding whether you have pressed on the essential or not. Make sure you see the movie for comparison and audio evaluation with membrane keyboards.

The gaming functionality is a little underwhelming, although it’s a breeze to type on. Some gamers prefer that the keys on their keyboard provide little or no immunity, and the ability to simply partially press a key and be able to “glide” their palms over keys is a necessity for some. Cherry MX Blue switches in this keyboard’s choice means that this isn’t possible.

You won’t face a problem if you are a gamer that prefers to deliberately press each key rather than gliding your palms. 

For the ones searching keyboards that make no sound and the ability to use less stress to register a keystroke, this keyboard might not be the ideal option.


Gamers prefer keyboards with Cherry MX Red switches as they provide them that ability. The larger size of the TVS Bharat Gold keyboard also proves to be helpful in some games. 

A gaming YouTuber told us so! Another thing is that it is not N-Key rollover compliant. That means there is a limit to the keys’ number that you can press simultaneously.

The PS/2 version of this TVS Gold wireless keyboard comes with an 8-key rollover, whereas the USB 2.0 version has a key rollover of 6. There will not be any problems while playing First Person Shooters, for example, but it may pose an issue for games like FIFA or PES. Overall, the gaming performance is much better than any standard keyboard.

The Conclusion

We believe this keyboard is excellent for the price, and then this is a superb choice, in case you are planning to upgrade from a normal keyboard. If you are a content writer, gamer, developer, or even if you use your computer a lot, then the TVS Gold USB Bharat keyboard will last a great deal more than any keyboard and will give you a very nice experience.

The only negative of this keyboard we can think of is the print on the layout and the keys. However, these are minor things. 

We could recommend it to anybody. Undoubtedly, within 2500 Rupees, one can hardly expect such a tremendous keyboard! We bet, once you use this keyboard, you won’t prefer any other over this one ever!

Binod S.

Binod S. has acquired many degrees throughout his career. For example, he’s an expert in programming, electronics, prototype software proficiency, etc. He is a talented product testing specialist having qualifications and certificates in electronic engineering and computer science, and he’s great in mathematics as well.

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  1. Anil Sahu

    i have already booked the order for tvs gold pro mechanical keyboard but stil i do not know that this keyboard is really mx cherry blue keyboard or not

  2. Kirit Mehta

    Can I remove TVS gold keyboard switches for cleaning?

  3. Rahul Sharma

    TVS Gold keyboards have gone smooth in quality.
    I purchased one which provided the same performance even after a few months it remained all soft with he keys.
    I clean this keyboard once a few eeks by inverting it and tapping to remove debris. In short, it’s easy to clean
    TVS customer care is also good.

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