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Best Tandoor Bhatti in India Review 2024

There’s nothing better than a traditional BBQ. This is not only an amazing way to eat. However, it’s also an excellent opportunity to spend time with the ones you love. Grilling on a barbeque is the most efficient method to cook food. The task is made simpler by reliable lighting, steady heat, and a large area of work.

The most successful barbecues will always provide delicious food with the smokey scent we long for. But, the requirements can be confusing and making the wrong option could prove costly to correct.

Barbeque is a popular tradition in western countries that stems from the dialect of a Caribbean Indian tribe called the Taino. Recently, the practice of grilling at home has been extending to India as well, with a lot of Indians opting for a barbecue night.’

If you’re a lover of freshly cooked paneer or chicken, you should go through these durable and inexpensive portable barbeque sets available on Amazon.

We’ve come to our final choice after the extensive test (and sampling) and settled on two of the most popular tandoor hattis in India. Read the complete article to find out more details to help you decide which one to purchase.

1. Hygiene Future Home SUITCASE Barbeque

Hygiene SUITCASE Barbecue Foldable Charcoal Barbeque

Do you like eating grilled chicken, fish and tasty tikkas? Does everyone love the taste of barbeque cooking at your home? This Hygiene Future Portable Home Kit Charcoal barbeque is the ideal choice for you.

This tandoor-style hatti is a small yet robust kitchen appliance that can make mouth-watering barbecue meals daily. The sleek matte black colour of the model makes it a stunning accessory to your kitchen. Let’s look at its functions, each one at a time.


The greatest thing about this tandoor hatti is the fact that it is extremely light with a weight of just 1 kilogram. This means you can take this device everywhere you go, whether planning a picnic outside or taking an escape on the weekend.

The compactness of this gadget is ideal for gatherings and having guests over since you can carry it around anytime and anywhere. Because of its suitcase style, it is easy to fold it up and take it with you wherever you go.

Powerful Capacity

The fact that it is light doesn’t affect its power capabilities. It is able to cook for up to 15 guests at a time, making it ideal for gatherings, parties and other occasions.

It is possible to use it outside and host barbecue celebrations, excursions, picnics, tours, gatherings for socializing or camping.

This Tandoor Hatti (also known as barbeque) is constructed using high-quality materials. Every item from Hygiene, which includes this barbeque, undergoes many rigorous quality standard tests. Hygiene states that only the finest items are provided to users to use.

Classy Design

The Hygiene SUITCASE Future Home Barbeque is stunning. With its gorgeous black exterior and adjustable height, it is similar to an actual briefcase, but it does far more than it!

Its goal, on the contrary, is more attractive. The grill has never before seen smoking and grilling capabilities thanks to the revolutionary charcoal design, as well as the easy-to-use features.

Hygiene Future Home has elevated charcoal grilling technology to a whole new level by combining the best of both worlds: creativity and craftsmanship.

With features like the folding storage unit for simple closing and opening and an adjustable grill rack, it is possible to cook a wide range of meals without any worries. Additionally, the four legs of this gadget can be folded, allowing you to be able to put it anywhere and move it out in remote areas when you require it. This makes it ideal to use in the off-season or when you’re looking for a great grilling session.

Even Cooking

This gadget is created to ensure that heat and smoke are distributed evenly across the cooking area, reducing hot spots and making sure that all food items are subjected to the identical quantity of heat and smoke, making cooking more evenly and taking in that delicious smoky flavour.

It’s a fantastic enhancement to an already great item. This model is a delight to cook with and gives incredible results while being extremely enjoyable and easy to utilize.

Easy to Clean

The issue with many Kitchen appliances is the fact that each of their kitchen appliances is connected, and it is difficult cleaning them. However, the situation isn’t identical here.

Hygiene Future Home SUITCASE Barbeque has a grill that is removable and is able to be pulled out at any time you’d like. The grill is easy to clean while keeping the food clean and your family healthy and safe.

The grill also resists rust even at extremely high temperatures, making the cleaning process even more effective.

It’s easy to set up within a matter of minutes, and there is no requirement for a lengthy installation. This appliance is the ideal option for your barbeque parties.

Additional Accessories

Isn’t it wonderful when you receive a few additional items with every purchase? This is why the Hygiene Future Home Charcoal Barbeque has well-understood that well and included extra accessories along with the main product.

Alongside the robust and rough tandoori, you get a strong steel grill and top-quality Skewers.

With all the accessories included, it is no longer necessary to purchase separate charcoal barbecue equipment. It is easy to buy this device and have all the barbeque you require.

The Hygiene Future Home Charcoal Barbeque is undoubtedly among the top charcoal grills available in the marketplace today and is renowned for excellent grilling and a low cost.

It’s, without doubt, one of the top charcoal grills in the marketplace today that is known for its smoking capabilities as well as cooking. It is a model that is way ahead of the trend, with lots of thought put into innovative methods to beat all other cooking appliances. This is a gadget that is a soaring success to its competitors and is able to deliver to every degree.

2. FLYNGO Foldable Briefcase Charcoal Barbecue

FLYNGO Foldable Briefcase Style Charcoal Barbecue Tandoor Grill

Another Tandoori Hatti that we’ve listed includes one called the FLYNGO Portable Briefcase Barbecue. It is among the top barbecues available in India currently. From tandoori paneer tikkas to grilling chicken, this device can meet all your barbeque requirements. Let’s discuss its functions.

Build Quality

The quality of charcoal barbecues is judged by the ingredients you use and their ability to withstand the rigours of heavy use and intense temperatures. The quality barbecue is compact and has four legs that can be folded, which is similar to an ordinary suitcase.

This charcoal grill contains solid iron built-up that have a durable coating to ensure you get the most from the grill and last for many years.

If you’re not looking for a premium product at a high cost, this is the grill you should consider. This budget-friendly but strong charcoal grill is constructed with the highest quality materials that are green and safe for the environment.

It also comes with an adjustable height as well as air circulation that makes the fire ablaze no matter what you cook.

Portable Size

The small and compact size of this device makes it easy to take everywhere you go. Whatever you’re grilling, this grill will be ready to serve you. You don’t even need any space in which to put this barbecue grill since its compact design and you can place it everywhere, including the rear of your car!

The most appealing feature? It comes with a unique mini briefcase style with a handle, making it easy to take anywhere when you’re travelling or heading to an outdoor picnic with your loved ones and family. The grill can be effortlessly adjusted to your preferred level and angle to ensure your cooking level and grilling and to ensure the fire stays robust.

Smoky Flavor

The grill is made of charcoal and gives you an authentic smoky flavour when you cook your food. The grilling and cooking capabilities of this grill are caused by the combustion of coal in the base of the grill.

Three layers are attached to the vents on the grill’s two sides, which ensures that an appropriate amount of oxygen is able to enter the grill. The grill is evenly heated, providing you with an authentic smoky flavour.

Each of four seasons of barbecuing are essential to enjoy a leisure activity. In summer it is possible to camp in the shade, with some barbecue. It’s exciting to watch children fly kites and enjoy a delicious BBQ.

In the winter months, it is possible to invite your guests and family members to a gathering, cook a great barbecue on the grill away from the heat and have a blast. You can take a break wherever you would like to and enjoy your favourite food cooked to perfection, and enjoy the flavour of smoke that you love.

Whatever you want, whether it’s kebabs, hot rolls, sausages, you can grab it right from the grill and then get to work.

Easy Operation

FLYNGO Portable Briefcase Charcoal Barbecue requires no special setup for use. It’s easy to set it up while on the move. This makes it easy to host an outdoor barbeque anytime you’d like.

Being small and lightweight does not mean that it’s not durable. The grill is a whole stainless-steel construction, which is impervious to scratches and heat. It also doesn’t deform and easily rust.

As we mentioned that this charcoal barbecue is very simple to put together; there is no requirement for equipment or tools for assembly. It makes it easy to install by yourself without assistance from a professional.

Ease of Cleaning

Are you tired of searching for solutions to clean your kitchen appliances simply because their parts are not detachable? No more. FLYNGO The Foldable Briefcase Charcoal Barbecue features a movable net. You can take the net off whenever you wish to clean it and ensure that your device is clean and secure.

Selecting the perfect Charcol Grill for You


If coal ashes come in contact with the food that is to cook, they produce an abundance of radiation that is converted into heat. The features you’ll find below are essential in the grill that you are thinking of buying to work effectively.

Heat Control

Controlling the temperature at which charcoal cooks and the amount of heat reaching the food item being cooked are crucial. The best charcoal grills include lids that fit tightly to minimize the loss of heat, as well as strategically placed vents that ensure an even fire inside the grill.

Height Adjustment

Moving the grilling tray upwards or down can bring the grilling embers nearer to the cooking food or split them off and allow you to alter your direct transfer of heat.

Spacious Charcoal Chamber

A big chamber can allow you to move and shuffle the embers and also allow enough space for airflow and charcoal. This allows you to control or focus the heat on specific areas.


This is the surface that’s grating. A good grill provides greater thermal radiation, holds the various foods in a proper manner, doesn’t result in undercooking or overcooking, and creates uniform heat over the entire surface of the food. Apart from the grates that we prefer, we recommend using the classic grill with wire. It is still a great grid system to ensure optimal BBQ grilling. Cast iron is not that good because it is hard to clean and can’t hold food items or meat properly.

Adding More Charcol

An open-air sliding door in the charcoal grill ought to permit you to easily take and add charcoal. It isn’t a good idea to burn yourself trying to open the grill if it’s not working properly. It is also possible to “wipe off” ash from the embers by using an aperture of proper dimension and shape. Ash, which is a good insulator, may hinder the process of generating heat.

The best charcoal grill can be as difficult as choosing the essential shining, stunning, and sparkling model available needs knowledge. When looking for the top charcoal grill, you’ll find plenty to take into consideration. That’s why we’ve taken care to save you the hassle by offering you the finest choices.

We’ve listed two charcoal grills that will satisfy all your barbecue needs. So, this is our first article on charcoal and grills that will aid you in choosing which best suits your needs! Enjoy grilling!

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