Prestige Delight 2-Litre Electric Rice Cooker Review in 2022

Prestige Delight 2-Litre Electric Rice Cooker Review in 2022

Rice is among the most important food items in Indian culture. Rice is consumed in large quantities every day and more in certain regions of India. It is an important part of every person’s diet.

Rice is a popular side dish and is a good source of carbohydrates. You can use rice in many meals, including Biryani and Pulao and Pongal. Rice is a mainstay in Indian households, so having an appliance that cooks the perfect rice every time is essential. You can now enjoy the finest rice with an Electric Rice Cooker made by Prestige.

Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Overview of Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

The majority of people who cooked rice before the invention of rice cookers used a pressure cooker. Cooking rice in a pressure cooker requires precision and care. An appliance such as a rice cooker won’t require worrying about this. It will have an auto cut-off function that will shut off the device when the rice is cooked. You won’t need to do any guesswork since the rice cooker will care for everything. Most people prefer to boil rice rather than steam it. This is fine. However, boiling rice will destroy all nutrients.

Prestige Delight 2-Litre Electric 700 Watts Rice Cooker is a fantastic product. It also arrives with 2 Aluminum Cooking Pans.


Let’s talk about an electric rice cooker. It can cook rice, but also whole meals. You can quickly make stews, idlis, soups, and oatmeal, as well as steam vegetables. The Prestige Cute Rice Cooker, with its innovative features, is a must-have kitchen tool.

  • Capacity: The capacity of the cooker is 1.8 litres. This gives you enough space to cook approximately 1 kilogram of food in one go and serve about 5-6 people.
  • Dimensions: The electric rice cooker’s dimensions are 31 x 31x 26 cm. The whole unit weighs in at almost 3 kilograms. They are perfectly sized to fit onto your kitchen’s top. This cooker can be used in any kitchen with limited space.
  • Voltage and Wattage: This prestige electric rice cooker operates 230V and 700W. It is highly efficient and can save around 20-30% on energy.
  • Accessories included in the package: This includes the main unit, spatulas, manuals, detachable cables, and warranty cards.
  • Warranty: The heating plate and the construction are covered by a 5-year warranty.

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This Electric Rice Cooker is a better choice than your regular pressure cooker

Although a rice cooker is only for rice making, a pressure cooker can also cook other foods. The rice cooker is more accurate, but the pressure cooker is not accurate.

The rice may become scorched if it is overheated in the pressure cooker. This rice cooker has an auto-cut function that allows you to cook the rice correctly without burning or overheating it.

A pressure cooker must be used with an induction or gas burner. On the other hand, this rice cooker is an electric gadget that doesn’t use gas burners.

Rice cookers offer many advantages over pressure cookers, making them a great product to gift to someone or use yourself.

The Benefits of Using this Electric Rice Cooker

An electric rice cooker can make it easier to prepare rice than traditional cooking methods. The Prestige Delight rice cooker is an ideal choice if you want to upgrade your kitchen equipment with an electric rice cooker.

  • An electric rice cooker can be a fabulous way to make and heat rice, quinoa or oats quickly without needing to watch it constantly.
  • This Prestige electric rice cooker is the best because It’s portable, durable, and easy to use. This cooker saves you time and allows you to create delicious recipes.
  • This is an excellent option for those afraid to use a gas stove or prefer to cook their food.


Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the Prestige Rice cooker’s features, which are why we recommend it.

Additional cooking pan: A different pan is included for frying. For efficient cooking, the graded aluminium pans ensure optimal heat dispersion. You can stack cooking pans and keep them inside the cooker to save space.

Cool Touch Handles: Cool-touch handles make the cooker easy to transport.

Attachable Power Cable: The cooker’s removable power cord makes it easy to transport and use.

Close Fitting: The lid is made of high-quality stainless steel. To allow steam to escape, the lid features a steam vent.

Scoop Holder: The slot at the handle can also be used as a scoop holder.

Controls: The Controls switch lever assists in automated cooking as it switches to “Keep Warm” mode automatically when the rice has been cooked. It also has two indicators: Cook and Heat.


What colour of rice to use?

Use a bright colour of rice and don't include too much yellow.

Is using an electric rice cooker safe?

Research has proven that electric rice cookers are safe and not toxic despite widespread belief. This is a fast yet healthy way to cook. To avoid nutritional loss, you shouldn't leave food in the cooker for longer than 6 hours.

How can you select the best rice?

Rice picking isn't as hard as it seems and can be improved with experience and expertise. Consider the following when selecting rice:

What about the texture of the rice?

The texture of the rice is as follows. Select hard rice. Finalize the process by pressing each grain. 1. Always choose a well-respected brand. 2. It is important to make sure that rice is free of lice 3. Rice should be squeezed out of the bag.


The warranty period, capacity and material are important factors when buying an electric rice cooker. The Prestige Delight Electric rice cooker has these features that will enhance your culinary experience. Yes, we highly recommend it!


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