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Kent Air Fryer Review: Take Your Health Seriously

Are you foody? Do you like eating tasty food? What? You’re also concerned about your health. That’s fine – we will present something to you in this article that will certainly satisfy your taste buds without harming your health.

Here it is – Kent Air Fryer!

Consuming a lot of deep-fried food frequently could lead to heart diseases. In this age where most people live a sedentary life and work at home, sitting and less activity eating oily food can cause additional health problems that are severe too.

Air fryers are a novel method to indulge in your favourite food items without guilt. However, their abundance in the market can make it difficult for consumers about whether to purchase this one or the other. Right?

To help clear up this air fryer’s confusion and offer you the solution, today, we’ll examine Kent Air Fryer. We will go over everything we know about it with the least amount of detail. Follow this article to find out more about this incredible technology that connects the two in the form of a single chain.

KENT Hot Air Fryer

Amazing Features Of Kent Air Fryer

  • Kent Hot Air Fryer uses lesser oil for cooking food.
  • It makes use of high-speed hot air technology to deliver delicious food that is fried without ever actually being cooked.
  • It comes with eight preset Menu Options that you can choose from. You can select any of them that includes French Fries, Tikki, Pakora, Samosa, etc., according to your preferences.
  • The fryer comes with a smart touch panel to manage its functions. The LED indicator is in place to show the power switch on/off.
  • The advanced touch screen allows you to control various functions such as temperature and time, mode, and more.
  • It offers an amazing capacity to cook delicious meals in one session.


KENT Hot Air Fryer display test

Kent Hot Air Fryer comes with a strong 1350W energy supply and can support a range of delicious activities like grilling, baking and frying and roasting, as well as steaming. It comes with 8 preset menus that will allow you to set it up according to your preferences. It is packed with fabulous features, such as the smart LED touch panel as well as hot air technology and much more.

When you’re craving French Fries or are starving for Samosas Tikki, Pakodas, Kent Air Fryer lets you make every delicious dish using around 80 per cent less oil. Doesn’t that sound nutritious and delicious? Do you wonder what it is that it does to perform this task? Let’s look into its impressive range of functions.

What does Kent Air Fryer have to offer?

Let’s quickly note down the amazing Kent Air Fryer’s functions and features:

Rapid Hot Air Technology

This is a new concept in the appliance and food industry. In the past, when someone said that you could eat the taste of fried food without having to fry it, we could have believed it was an invention. However, the ever-growing technology industry has enabled the “fried, but not fried” idea feasible.

Today it is possible to find Rapid Hot Air Technology in various kitchen appliances. These appliances allow you to cook your food using hot air. The extremely hot air when it gets contact with the food makes it crisper on the outside and soft inside. Doesn’t this give you the same texture that you enjoy in restaurants? This technology achieves the same effect, however, in a more healthy way.

Large Capacity

KENT Hot Air Fryer cooking test

Kent Air Fryer Kent Air Fryer has a huge capability to prepare delicious meals that weighs up to 1.4Kg for each batch. This is a huge size for a small family or any small family gathering. Make healthy and delicious meals for everyone using this huge Kent hot air fryer.

8 Preset Menu Options

There are many moods that we all experience at moments. The same is true for Kent Air Fryer, where it comes with 8 preset menu choices for food items like French Fries, Chicken, Peanuts, Fish, Defrost Baked Corn and Tikki. In order to fill your stomach by eating the perfect food, cook a variety of delicious foods with only one kitchen appliance.

Digital Advanced Technolog

The appliance contains the latest technology to make the cooking process effortless. The LED display is digital and provides simple reading, as well as intelligent touch screens allowing you to control various functions right at your fingertips.

This is the way technology is making cooking appliances more efficient. It is easy for selecting the desired option from the menu preset, choose the timer, and temperature, then leave everything to this digital device.

Healthy Fried Food

KENT Hot Air Fryer features test

Kent Hot Air Fryer helps cook delicious recipes without having to worry about excessive consumption of fat. Its Hot Air Technology prepares the proper, healthy food in style. So, you can enjoy the dishes with a healthy mix of technology.

1 Year Warranty

Kent Hot Air Fryer comes with a 1-year warranty. From when you purchase it to repair or replace any part that could be defectively produced by Kent.

It is possible to fill in the required information to claim a warranty at the moment of the purchase—the warranty card in the instruction manual for the machine you purchased. Go through the easy-to-read user manual guide to understand more about the item.

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Our Own Experience

KENT Hot Air Fryer body looks

To give you amazing information about this product, we’ve placed an order for a portion of the quantities on Amazon India. Before proceeding, let’s inform you that we’ve conducted the most rigorous hurdle drill.

The style of this machine appears gorgeous. The shiny rims of the machine create a glamorous appearance, and the digital touchscreen maintains its sleek appearance.

We also tested the speedy hot air technology. You won’t believe it, but it’s incredible. We’ve prepared a couple of dishes using this machine, and they turned out to be delicious. Therefore, we can say that this appliance is the ultimate solution to your food-related issues. Eat delicious and healthy meals at home with the Kent Hot Air Fryer.

  • Healthy ways to prepare tasty meals at home.
  • A large capacity lets you cook more food at once.
  • A chic design can add a touch of glamour to the look of your kitchen.
  • It is priced at a reasonable price.
  • The manual could include more in-depth explanations.

The Conclusion

After you complete studying this article, now is the time to decide whether to purchase it or not. Since we’ve personally experienced this fryer, we’d like to share the personal experiences that we have had.

This product is a fantastic alternative for those seeking to savour delicious foods without worrying about excessive fat consumption and elevated cholesterol levels. It helps to reduce around 90% of the consumption of oil. If you’re more inclined to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, the Kent Air Fryer could be a product that you should consider.

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