You are currently viewing Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder Review – Is It Truly The Best Choice?

Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder Review – Is It Truly The Best Choice?

Hamilton Beach is a premium mixer grinder that has been getting rare reviews from its customers. It’s possibly the most expensive mixer grinder in the country. And it comes with a variety of USPs. If you want a reasonable model, you can check this guide with 11 top recommendations.

It is preprogrammed with functions, great design, and sturdy quality of construction. In the following review, we will examine these features in greater detail and determine if it’s worth the high cost.

Let’s check about Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder

Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder Review

Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder

1. How Good Are the Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder’s Jars?

How Good Are the Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder’s Jars

Hamilton Beach’s jars Mixer Grinder is built to last. It has 3 jars of 500 mg, 1 litre in size, and 1.5 litres. They’re all made of stainless steel and have Tritan lids, which have locks.

The benefit of using Tritan lids is they are shatterproof and very stain-resistant. They don’t scratch as much as the polycarbonate lids that you can find in regular mixer grinders.

The jars are clean, with handles and bases connected without screws visible from the inside. They are also easier to clean.

The blades of all the jars are the same style. They aren’t removable. Every jar has lid locks and must be secured to the motor housing for them to work.

2. Are the Safety Features Good?

Are the Safety Features Good

Mixer grinders are among the most secure options on the market. It features a power switch at the back of its motor housing. Therefore, you don’t have to switch on and off the power source every time.

It is equipped with standard features, such as a shock-proofing body, a three-pin plug, and an overload protection switch that shuts off the motor in case of an overload. On the motor’s housing panel, you will see a heater indicator.

It stays green when functioning normally. However, when it’s heated, it changes colour to yellow, and then after the overload safety switch is activated, it will turn red.

Therefore, you should be able to turn off the machine whenever it starts to turn yellow and stop an overload safety switch from being activated.

Another thing we liked is that it comes with a double lock mechanism that ensures the mixer grinder won’t switch on until you have locked the lid of the jar and the lid onto the motor housing properly.

This is why it is among the few mixer grinders that provide hands-free operation. You can select your preferred setting, then turn on the mixer, and then it will shut off at the time you set it. This can be very useful in the morning, especially multitasking.

Preethi Cosmo and Preethi Zodiac 2.0 are the other two options with these preset functions. They do not contain an option to lock the lid that you can use; you need to hold the lid, which makes this feature useless.

If you’re at your mixer, you do not have to use features like presets. You can simply hear the sounds and decide whether to turn off the feature.

3. What About the Motor Housing of Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder?

Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with 1400 watts of power. It is pre-built with functions to grind various ingredients with the right consistency.

Furthermore, if we want to control the power and duration, we can adjust the knob to 10-speed settings and an RPM ranging from five to 18K cycles.

Concerning the functions of presets on the left of the menu on the exterior of the motor, you can select between dry, wet, hard blend, and wet soup functions.

On the right side, you can pick the desired consistency, which is coarse, medium, or fine. If you opt for soup or blend functions, you can choose between half or fully based on the number of ingredients included.

A dry setting is utilized for the production of spice powders. With wet hands, it is possible to make coconut paste, chutney ginger-garlic paste, etc.; by using wet soft, one can crush masala, onions, and other soft ingredients.

The blend function is useful for creating shakes and smoothies. The soup function can run for around seven minutes. In the process, the friction generates heat and warms the food items. However, it doesn’t possess any boiling capability. It’s just warm.

The type of grinding determines the function. Depending on the function, the blades rotate at different speeds to grind to the consistency you want for the time specified.

If, for instance, you opt for dry grinding in small quantities, then they will run for around 1.5 minutes. Start at a slow-moderate speed to disintegrate the ingredients, then grind them into fine powder at maximum speed.

So, how do these presets function? Let us explore.

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4. User-Friendliness


Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder can be described as certainly one of the most simple mixer grinders to utilize. Simply put in the ingredients and select the setting, and it takes charge of the task without much trouble.

The jars are quite easy to clean as well. As we said earlier, the design is neat since the base and handles are joined to the exterior. There aren’t any screws within the container.

Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about food getting stuck on the screw heads, resulting in the dirt over time.

Another advantage is that these jars are dishwasher-friendly. The other jars, if cleaned in the dishwasher, build up water inside the lock of the jar.

However, there are holes in the lock of the jar that allows water to leak out and don’t build up. This means you don’t have to be concerned about dirty water dripping onto other items or even the coupler being damaged because of the accumulation of water.

5. How Good is the Performance of Hamilton Beach Mixer Grinder?

To try out our Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder, we experimented with grinding various dry and wet ingredients to a different consistency.

We created the garam masala and turmeric powders using the tiniest dry grinding jar. Turmeric must be broken down into smaller pieces than 1 inch long.

We set them to a very fine consistency, and in 1.5 minutes, we could grind them. When we sifted them, we did find some fine remnants. However, the results were satisfactory.

We also tried grinding idli batter, chutney, or mending meat with both the hard wet and soft versions and have had amazing results.

One drawback is that it cannot grind smaller amounts of ingredients. If you attempt to grind small amounts of ginger-garlic paste (20 grams) to make a dish, it will be chopped up coarsely instead of ground to an even consistency.

We also experimented with grinding raw rice to create rice powder to make puttu. We required a sieve to separate and crush the fine residue two times. However, we were able to create approximately 1kg of rice powder.

Between the two times, the indicator for the motor’s heat changed colour for a short time. Therefore, we decided to rest the motor and then continue with an interval of 15 minutes.

Its blend feature is very good and takes about 45 seconds. It’s among the few options available with a Tamper. With it, you can move the ingredients toward the blade and make sure that all ingredients are mixed into a consistent consistency.

The tamper can be fitted into the hole at the high end of the lid. It is long enough that it isn’t in contact with the blades.

The recipe book comes together with the mixer and provides information on how to utilize the mixer grinder for different recipes. We were unable to locate any recipes that use an option for soup.

We did, however, try making tomato soup by boiling tomatoes, then adding bay leaves, garlic onions, butter, etc. After five minutes, the soup was hot and decent in flavour. But, it will not be compared to the soup you cook at home on the stove.

While the product is advertised as a juicing mixer, it doesn’t have the juicer attachments you normally encounter in other mixers. Therefore, the name could be a bit off.

In general, this mixer is quite efficient in grinding. We particularly liked the fact that it provides a completely hands-free operation. We’ll talk about this more in the following section.

6. What About the Noise?

What About the Noise

When it comes to sound quality, the volume that the mixer has is among the highest. Suppose it’s running at its highest speed. In that case, it can produce about 100-105 decibels, nearly double the noise of a normal mixer grinder (dB increases exponentially.)

Thus, a difference of 10dB would be nearly two times the volume of noise.) The only other option that produces similar noise is Bosch’s truemixx pro mixer grinder.


Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer is one of the priciest grinders available on the market. If you own it, you can create various spices and powders and grind an array of food items without much trouble.

The grinding efficiency is excellent, and the hands-free operation is extremely beneficial. The clean design also makes it simple to clean.

Its biggest drawbacks are the high cost and the loud enough sound to wake your neighbour. However, considering the convenience of using it, the device is worth it when you can afford it.

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