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Butterfly Idli Cooker Review — Deep Analytical Information

Breakfast is among the most important meals you can have throughout the day. To have breakfast, you could prepare various dishes, such as South Indian dishes.

Do you consume Idli each day to start your day? In case you don’t, the principal problem you face is that making Idli is a daunting job. For making quality Idli, it is necessary to have an uncooked kitchen as the most delicious of Idli.

So, in this regard, we’ve come up with the top Idli cookers available that you can utilize to prepare Idli without difficulty. Based on the price and nature of the product, you may find Idli cookers that are designed for easy use.

It’s stronger than the aluminum Idli cooker models.

butterfly idli cooker

The most important attraction of the Butterfly Idli cooker

With substantial stainless steel construction, this cooker has a rustproof cover that provides it with strength. It can be used with an acceptably cooktop and features a stunning reflection for a stunning appearance.

The set includes a specially treated handi-formed steaming container made of steel and four plates for idlis with four openings per. The vessel can hold up to 4.5 Liters of food and can be used to steam idlis at the most optimal temperature. In addition, the idli cooker comes with a tension whistle which allows it to release steam with greater control over the pressure.

The features and specifications of the Butterfly Idli cooker

Get a thorough understanding of specifications and features, and learn the benefits this Idli maker can offer you:


The idli cooker can be used as an electric stove. Its flat surface enables users to use it with an induction gas stove and a normal gas stove.

Whistle to release steam

The whistle at the upper part of the lid has been made to provide you with the best experience when you make nice soft, delicious Idlis in your kitchen.


It is resistant to rust and therefore will last longer than other cookware made of metal which gets rusty as soon as you wash them several times.

Bright Mirror Polished

A bright shine that resembles polish is present in this cookware. This bright, mirror-polished kitchen appliance gives you a unique cooker that performs well.

Sturdy, Cool Bakelite handles & knobs

The handles and knobs that are attached can be used to carry the cooker with ease without risking getting burned. In addition, the hot cooker is secured with the help of robust handles.

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How can a Butterfly Idli Cooker be Effective?

butterfly idli cooker recipe

Traditional methods of making Idli are time-consuming and tedious. People who work daily and need to find some time out to enjoy the moment are often unsatisfying. However, for those who love South Indian food, Idli must be one of their top choices.

The presence of an Idli cooker in your kitchen is a boon for customers looking to prepare Idlis without difficulty and in a short time. Idli’s style is the same as the standard ones, or maybe more so. Idli cookers provide customers with the pleasure of enjoying Idli at their home at any time they want.

It saves time

It is not like everyone who enjoys Idli can afford the luxury of staying at a location where there is a South Indian food store nearby. Additionally, food stores that sell South Indian food are not common in many areas in India. Also, people of today barely have enough time to always visit food joints whenever they feel like enjoying any specific food. So, yes, Swiggy and Zomato are there but don’t forget they charge for delivery.

Therefore, to help people enjoy their favourite South Indian delights from the at-home comforts of their homes, Idli cooker is a godsend. Moreover, it is time-saving since people do not have to travel long distances to get an Idli or two. Therefore, idli cookers are ideal for cooking quickly and saves a large quantity of time and resources.

Idli can be an excellent food

Idlis aren’t part of the South-Indian breakfast items. However, they form a significant element of the daily diet for South Indian individuals. Idlis are well-known for being heavy and keeping your stomach full for a long time. This is why, for people who spend their day focusing on what they will cook for breakfast as well as lunch, Idlis can be a great choice.

A decent idli cooker allows one to relax by immediately making Idlis and eases the pressure of deciding on which dish to prepare for lunch or breakfast. There are a lot of limitations and will save you a lot of time.

It is also used in other dishes that require steaming.

Idli cookers aren’t just useful for making Idlis. However, most of them come with an over-the-board option where there are additional plates available for cooking other dishes. Idli cookers allow you to cook various steamed treats such as Noodles, Dhokla, Pathra, Momos, Uttapam, and more.

Thus, the Idli cookwares offer the consumers the one-stop solution to prepare every one of their top steaming meals from the convenience of their home.

Legal and even steaming of food items

Idlis can generally break down or appear ugly because the shape isn’t ideal due to uneven steam. Idli cookers are designed and finished to cook a perfect batch of Idlis by utilizing powerful, exciting and even steaming. They are Idli plates, and their carvings can be designed differently, which allows for even the use of steam.

idli plates

The design encased in the Idli cooker does not allow steam escape. Instead, the steam, which is a lot of it, is released via a vent located over the top of the cooking utensil. In this way, the highest quality idli cookwares are designed to perfection and are the perfect Idlis. Butterfly idli cookers come fitted with modern technology that gives you the highest quality.

High efficiency in energy use

Butterfly idli cooker is specifically designed to allow for the speedy warming of the food within. The quick warming speeds up the cooking of food items. In addition to reducing energy, Idli cookers likewise furnish users with the benefit of being a low-energy arrangement. It uses less energy when it’s used on an induction cooker. In addition, it consumes less gas than a traditional gas oven.

Selecting the most suitable Idli cooker is not difficult. Be sure to select the ideal dimensions for you and your loved ones. It is recommended to make idli cookware with an additional liner to ensure you can cook your vegetables and various meals. Steam cooking can be beneficial to your health. However, many cookers use excessive power, so it is difficult to utilize in the long run when you consider the cost.

The Conclusion

The final thing we’d like to highlight is the usage of the butterfly Idli cooker. As a result, you can eat the delicious, soft Idli by making it yourself in just a few minutes. Simply add the batter for Idli and fill the cooker up with enough water to cook nutritious Idli.

It is possible to cook 16 Idlis at once, and you can relish the delicious meal even if there are guests in the home. So if you’re one of the people who enjoy Idli and often require Idli to be your breakfast or other meals throughout the day, just don’t neglect this wonderful idli cooker!

Just be careful not to put too much water into the cooker because it may spill and ruin your food. If you want a normal multi-purpose idli cooker for a small family, buy a Prestige 3 litre cooker.

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