Top 12 Best Water Purifier in India

Top 12 Best Water Purifier in India

Are you aware that you can directly drink water from the tap in Switzerland? Unfortunately, this is not feasible in India.


Because water pumped into the taps in India is contaminated and unsafe for cooking and drinking, we need top high-quality water purifiers. Do you have the proper water purifier?

Amid the many kinds and prices of water purifiers on the market, we’ve identified and categorized the topwater cleaners for less than 15000.

Are you prepared?

This is a comprehensive analysis of the cleaners that are the best for our readers, so they can select the best model for their needs.

Best Water Purifier under 15000

We have reviewed our findings on the Best Water Purifier under 15000 in India in 2022

1. KENT New Grand 8-liters Water Purifier:

Eureka Forbes 6.5-liters Water Purifier_ (2)

KENT’s water purifier is the first brand that makes our list of topwater purifiers for under 15000 bucks. It is a reputable brand that is well-known for offering the most advanced and efficient water purifiers for its users.

The process of double filtration from RO filters and UV/UF purification assures users that their water will be completely cleansed. The process also uses TDS control.

Are you limited in space within your home to adjust this water purifier? Its small wall-mountable style of the water purifier can change the circumstances more favourable for you. Its elegant and stylish design won’t take up any space inside your kitchen, and it is beautiful in modern design.

This KENT water purifier operates completely automatic, with an auto-start/stop feature. It also gives different indicators for users to inform them about the level of the water as well as power off/on, filter changes, any errors, etc.

In addition, customers get a warranty duration of 1 year for this water purifier that can withstand every adverse circumstance.


  • The tank capacity is 8 litres.
  • It is equipped with a UV to fail alarms to pinpoint any error
  • Auto stop and start feature
  • Double filtration is used in conjunction with TDS controllers
  • Wall-mountable, compact design that helps save space
  • Provides various indicators to users.

  • When we talk about this purifier for water, it is equipped with eight-litres of tank capacity, suitable for large families.
  • The most appealing feature of this purifier from KENT is that it can cleanse water from any source, including borewells, tap water tanks, borewells, etc.
  • TDS controller to efficiently remove the hard water and ensure it is suitable for cooking and drinking.
  • It improves the taste of water and adds the necessary minerals.
  • Users are also informed when UV failure is there by an alarm system that works effectively.
  • Needs high maintenance.

2. Eureka Forbes 6.5-liters Water Purifier:

Eureka Forbes 6.5-liters Water Purifier_

Water purifiers are known to be made that are equipped with the latest technologies; Eureka Forbes is the next on our list.

It is designed with a tank capacity of 6.5-litres, and the water purifier can take care of the requirements of families of average size.

Its intelligent LED indicators also inform users of its maintenance and replacement requirements. It is a minimalist yet elegant look and style that allows it to easily adapt to modern interior decors with no problems.

The use of top-quality food-grade plastic improves the longevity of the product and guarantees that it will last the longest duration without causing any problems.

Users also get the longest warranty period of 1 year for this water purifier made by Eureka Forbes to easily withstand all the harsh conditions.


  • It comes with a 6.5-litres in tank capacity
  • Simple and stylish design
  • Created with premium food-grade plastic designed to last for the longest time.
  • Six-stage purification is used with MTDS controllers
  • Provides mineral guard technology to ensure that the minerals are retained.

  • The distinctive feature of this water purifier is its mineral guard technology which preserves and stores all the essential minerals within the water.
  • It’s a low-cost water purifier that will provide the user with pure and clean water enriched with the necessary minerals.
  • It can provide efficient purification to water that has a TDS range of 200-2000ppm.
  • The six levels of purification available with the Eureka Forbes purifier ensure the elimination of all contaminants in the water.
  • The water goes through RO and UV, and UF filters to make it 100% safe for drinking and other purposes.
  • Because of the MTDS controllers, the water purifier does not affect the flavour and taste of water.
  • The usable tank is only 4.9 L.
  • Every year Eureka Forbes tells you to purchase Rs 2000 Plus worth of consumables.

3. KENT Grand 8-liters TDS Water Purifier:

KENT New Grand 8-liters Water Purifier_

The next item on our list of the top water purifiers that cost less than 15000 dollars is this amazing model made by KENT. The only thing you can be certain about with the water purifier you purchase is that you will enjoy the high-quality, reliable performance without any issues or problems.

It’s KENT Grand water purifier offers a complete tank capacity of 8 litres, making it ideal for medium-sized families. Additionally, the capacity to purify this water purifier is 15-liters per hour, which assures customers that they will never have to run out of purified water.

With these filters, it can eliminate all harmful contaminants from water in the most effective way possible. In addition, the controlled RO technology also removes any contaminants, impurities, and undesirable particles from the water, making it suitable for a variety of uses.

If you’re worried about the taste and odour of your water, the TDS controllers can ensure the desired taste of water and essential minerals.



  • The tank capacity is 8 litres.
  • The product is compact; it is made of food-grade plastic
  • The TDS controller enables this feature to hold the minerals you want to keep
  • Utilizes four different filters to purify water.
  • Rely on UV and RO technology to eliminate dissolving impurities

  • The high-level purification process uses various filters, including carbon filters, UV filters, sediment filters, and post-carbon filters.
  • Its wall-mountable style made from premium food-grade plastic enhances the sought-after durability of the product.
  • Users get the longest guarantee of a year for this purifier for water.
  • The low power consumption of this model makes it a more efficient model and a model that saves money too.
  • It doesn’t just eliminate contaminants from water but also improves its flavour and mineral count.
  • This water purifier can cleanse water with TDS levels between 500-2000ppm.
  • The Kent service desk response is pretty slow.
  • It doesn’t look good.

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4. Havells Digi Plus 7L RO + UV Water Purifier:

Havells Digi Plus 7L RO + UV Water Purifier_

If you are in the market for high-quality purified water, wouldn’t you want a purifier for water that will provide you with the best performance without any issues? The Digi + water purifier by Havells is a water purifier that can improve water purification to a new step.


The RO and UV water purifier have a chic and elegant design. It features a jog dial that allows you to effectively manage all of the functions. It also comes with smart warning indicators that ensure appropriate performance in any circumstance.

Thanks to its capability to revive water molecules, it can hold all the necessary minerals in the water, thereby increasing its value.

It’s zero splashes; a hygienic water dispensing device is highly recommended as a stand-alone device to make it easy and efficient to work each time.

To increase the longevity of the cleaner’s water, it is constructed with premium food-grade plastic. Additionally, it comes with an assurance of one year for the user to deal with any adverse situation with the highest efficiency level.


  • The tank capacity is 7-liters
  • Auto-diagnostic nature, with auto on/off feature
  • Accompanied by various alert systems that ensure that the system is in good working order
  • It uses eight stages of water purification using double UV water filtration
  • The product is designed with a fashionable and elegant style; this model is also compact in dimensions

  • With a tank capacity of 7-litres, this purifier for water is ideal for families with small to medium sizes.
  • It utilizes the top technology in the industry to deliver pure water of the highest quality to customers.
  • It can effectively purify water with eight stages of purification and double UV filtering.
  • Havells water purifier stops functioning when the water it is delivering is not suitable for drinking.
  • Its doesn’t do much to improve Alkalinity.

5. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral 10L Water Purifier:

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral 10L Water Purifier_

Suppose you’re looking for an effective water purifier that will provide you with pure mineralized water and top-quality durability. In that case, the HUL Pureit Ultimate Mineral Water cleaner is on your list.

The water purifier HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral is among the top options you can purchase for your family at a price range of a reasonable one.

The RO membrane included within this unit assures users that pure water is mixed with impure, and therefore, it provides pure water that is 100% purified.

If we talk about the design, it’s not a stretch to say that it’s impossible to turn your back on the water purifier. Its sleek design and compact design are among the top features available in the water purifier. It also comes with an advanced alert system and an automatic shut-off feature to ensure the comfort of users.

Another feature unique to the water purifier’s features is the electronic purity gauge. It helps determine how clean the water is and consequently assures users that they’ve purchased the correct product.


  • 10 litres of tank capacity
  • It is equipped with a digital purity indicator that can be used to verify water purity.
  • Created with an advanced alarm system and indicators
  • The system works using 7 stages of water purification
  • It incorporates the minerals that are required in the water.

  • If you’re searching for the best water purifier to fit your entire family, the 10-litre tank capacity in this device is perfect for the need.
  • It’s easy to use this water purifier to treat water with a TDS level of up to 2000 PPM and will provide you with the results you desire.
  • Because of its seven-stage purification process, there are very few impurities remaining on the water’s surface.
  • The water purifier ensures that it will add the minerals needed in the water by using mineral cartridges.
  • The warranty of 1 year that is included for this product completes the advantages for users.
  • No customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Not fully happy with the customer service.

6. HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Mineral 10L Water Purifier:

HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Mineral 10L Water Purifier_

Pureit is among the most famous names within the Indian market for purification systems that offer value for money. It is constructed using the most advanced technologies to provide the best performance to users.

For starters, the HUL Pureit water purifier offers an entire tank capacity of 10 litres for its customers. Because of this huge tank capacity, the cleaner can cater to large families without problems.

You can utilize this purifier for water with a TDS level of 2000ppm or more to obtain the most effective results.

The superior quality of RO and UV multi-level purification is fully concentrated to provide clear and safe water to customers.

In addition, the seven-stage water purification also assures consumers of the superior quality of the water. It efficiently separates purified water from non-purified water to ensure the greatest comfort for the user.

Not to be left out, the water purifier itself is made of high-quality food-grade plastic that will increase its longevity.

Within a short period, HUL Pureit has become one of the most trusted brands for water purifiers due to its energy efficiency. When are you purchasing one?


  • 10 litres of tank capacity
  • A stylish and striking design
  • It comes with a digital purity indicator that can detect the quality of the water.
  • Utilizes 7-stage purification of water to ensure pure water
  • It is compatible with advanced alerts and auto-on/off features.

  • It comes with nothing less than a beautiful aesthetic in its appearance and design.
  • It comes with various alert systems that allow for easy operation and an auto-off/on the feature.
  • Digital purity indicators assist users in being certain of the purity of the water.
  • It offers the highest warranty of 1 year with this cleaner to ensure the comfort of its customers.
  • The cost of  consumables and filters is chargeable.

7. KENT Wonder Star 7L Wall-Mountable Water Purifier:

KENT Wonder Star 7L Wall-Mountable Water Purifier_

The KENT water purifier is the ideal water purifier that shows that good things are simple to put together. It’s an affordable water purifier made to meet the requirements of its customers most efficiently.

Are you aware that the water you drink is cleaned after it has passed through several filters? The KENT water purifier implements the same concept and blends the advantages of UV, RO, and UF filtering systems.

When it comes to its style, you’ll receive a stylish and subtle model with all the necessary indicators. The LED indicators warn users via its power off/on state and any error or issues.

The KENT water purifier requires only minimal maintenance, and it automatically shuts off whenever the tank is filled.

Finally, users get the best guarantee of 1 year with this product. It also comes with 3 years of service free.


  • The tank capacity is 7-liters
  • It requires minimal maintenance thanks to the auto-on/off feature.
  • With various indicators to ensure seamless operation
  • Utilizes RO, UV, and UF filters to ensure the most effective water purification
  • ABS material with a high-end design can resist corrosion and protect against leaks.

  • It has seven-litres of tank capacity that can meet the requirements of a small family.
  • You can use this water purifier using various sources of water and obtain the water you want to purify without any hassle.
  • It uses TDS controllers to regulate the quantity of TDS and minerals present in the water.
  • It’s constructed using ABS material and push-fit parts to guarantee the required protection against leaks.
  • The high-end construction ensures the effectiveness of its protection against corrosion in all conditions.
  • The installation team arrives after making you wait a lot, a few users said so.

8. Faber Galaxy Plus 9L Mineral Water Purifier:

Faber Galaxy Plus 9L Mineral Water Purifier_

If you prefer a water purifier that has the perfect blend of performance and stunning design, you’ll be delighted to see our next entry to our list of the top water purifiers that cost less than 15000.

We’re talking about the Faber Galaxy Plus Mineral Purifier, which is made to provide the highest quality to its users in every aspect.

Combining the advantages of RO, UV, and MAT’s advantages will guarantee that each bit of drinking water remains free of pollution and impurities.

This water tank is made of top-quality food-grade plastic, which helps that the water purifier remains in top condition throughout the day. Furthermore, it enhances its endurance to handle extreme situations efficiently.

The Faber filtering system is an amazing device to use in energy-saving mode. It shuts off automatically when the tank becomes full.

The water level indicator helps users be assured that the water is pure and present within the tank. Additionally, there’s a 12-month warranty included in this water purifier for the purchasers so that they can endure any harsh circumstances.


  • Provides the capacity of 9-liters in tank capacity
  • Automatically shuts off the power-saving mode.
  • Made of high-quality plastic to ensure greater longevity
  • Utilizes eight stages of water purification to achieve optimal results.
  • Maintains the levels of minerals in the water.

  • Its 9-litre purifier’s tank capacity will meet the needs of large families and provide them with constantly purified water.
  • Its filtration capacity can be 13.5-litres per hour, which will ensure that you never run out of purified water at any time you require it.
  • To be the most reliable partner for its users, it can be used to treat water with a TDS up to 2500ppm.
  • To provide the purest water to its customers, this water purifier uses its eight-stage purification.
  • There are a few complaints against the customer service.

9. A.O. Smith Z1 UV 10L UV Water Purifier:

A.O. Smith Z1 UV 10L UV Water Purifier_

The last item in our top 10 list of water purifiers is the one made by A.O. Smith, an excellent performer who can provide purified water in a matter of minutes.

There are five different filters included in this water purifier: sediment filter, prefilter ultraviolet lamp, UVSS, and silver-activated post-carbon. These filters are used in conjunction with highly effective UV technology to make sure that the water is cleaned against any kind of impurities and contaminants without failing.

The distinctive feature that this purifier has is that it’s included among the very few water purifiers which can offer purified hot water in a matter of minutes. Purified hot water is delivered at either 45-degree Celsius or 80 degrees Celsius for usage.

This water purifier was designed for use in conjunction with water with TDS levels as high as 2000ppm. It also gives a guarantee period of one year for users in order to manage any adverse situation with the greatest efficiency.


  • 10 litres of tank capacity
  • Created with glow effects for nighttime.
  • Compact design that saves the most space
  • Utilizes UV technology and various filters to improve water purity.
  • Provides pure hot water immediately

  • It is equipped with a massive tank capacity of 10 litres, making it ideal for large families to keep providing them with clean water with no problems.
  • It comes with compact dimensions that will take up the most space inside your kitchen.
  • It also comes with a night assist glow in its design to provide uninterrupted assistance to users during the dark.
  • The ease of access is an advantage for any type of user.
  • The faucet intervenes with the waterflow while turning off a few times. A better design expected.

10. Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier:

Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier_

Whirlpool is among the most well-known brands recognized for their low-cost and high-quality products. This water purifier makes no one-off in the high-quality league from Whirlpool and is made for providing pure water to customers without hassle.

Additionally, the cleaner can detect and eliminate any harmful contaminants and bacteria present in the water for the highest cleansing. It will keep all bacteria from drinking water over 48 hours.

To increase the efficiency of water purification, It utilizes its technology to boost calcium levels. By using this technique, it preserves and preserves the desired quantity of minerals in the water.

It is made of high-end material, which ensures the product will last the longest period possible to last. Its indicator for filter changes helps users know when it is time to change the filters to continuously purify water without any issues.


  • The tank capacity is 7-liters
  • Compact and wall-mountable design
  • Does not alter the mineral content or odour in water.
  • Utilizes its eight-stage purification process to deliver high-purified water to customers
  • Keeps bacteria and other contaminants from spreading for up to 48 hours.

  • Its 7-litre tank capacity makes it ideal for families with small sizes and bachelors.
  • It is equipped with eight stages of water purification that guarantee that the user receives the highest purity of their water.
  • With its purification rate of 14 litres an hour, it can continuously provide pure and clean water to users with no hassles.
  • This water purifier users can be assured that each drop of their water will be cleansed by RO, UV, and UF filters.
  • Alongside its efficient, attractive and stylish design, it offers one year of warranty for its customers to ensure its most efficient use.
  • Bad customer support.
  • We found a few gimmicks in the warranty terms of this water purifier, and a few users have suffered the same.

11. Eureka Forbes Aquasure 6L Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 6L Water Purifier

There is no doubt that this Eureka Forbes water purifier is an ideal blend of looks and performance. There’s not much to be overlooked within this model of water purifier. Consequently, it is a must-have that Eureka Forbes beauty. It is available on our list.

To ensure that the water purifier is secure and efficient, it uses an adjustable voltage stabilizer that can withstand any voltage fluctuations when required. It will also shut off if the tank is empty and is not being used.

In addition, its attractive design and top-quality construction assure its users that they’ll have the most price for their budget. To add more benefits to those who purchase it, it also offers a guarantee period of one year for its water purifier.


  • Offers 6-liters tank capacity
  • Auto on/off feature that is a part of the regulation of voltage fluctuations
  • Water purification can be achieved from any source
  • It uses RO and UV filtering systems to purify water.
  • Retains and maintains the essential nutrients and taste/odour by using MTDS controllers

  • For a good fit for the users, it has a capacity of 6 litres of tank capacity to use.
  • The UV and RO purification bring the purest water to the user without issues.
  • It can cleanse drinking water of any kind.
  • With the MTDS technology, this water purifier can preserve the essential minerals inside the water.
  • It helps maintain the necessary smell and taste of the water and keep it from distortions.
  • No customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Failed our drop-down test in our lab.

12. LG Puricare RO + UV Water Purifier:

LG Puricare RO + UV Water Purifier_

LG is the brand’s name that doesn’t require any introduction into the market. It doesn’t matter if it’s an electronic device or a water purifier; all brand products are created to give the highest efficiency to users.

For starters, the first thing to begin with, this LG water purifier has been designed with an 8-litre tank capacity, making it an ideal option for families with medium size.

In terms of its distinctive characteristic, it utilizes efficient digital sterilizing technology. If you’re thinking about the advantage of this particular feature, you’ll be thrilled to find out that it sterilizes the entire water pathway with the highest quality possible.

You can rest assured that the water you get is free of harmful chemicals. To make it easier to work, the cleaner is also equipped with an indicator for changing filters to ensure that the users receive purified water whenever they need it.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of this product, LG also offers a full warranty period of 1-year with the product and 10-year for the body made of stainless steel.


  • It comes with 8-litres of tank capacity
  • It is possible to activate the filter change indicator.
  • It is available in a beautiful floral design and with a stainless steel body
  • Combines the advantages of UV and RO to eliminate any bacteria or pollutants from water
  • The design is based on highly effective digital sterilizing benefits to cleanse the water pathway

  • It uses RO filters and UV technology to kill and eliminate any bacteria, viruses, pollution, impurities, and dissolved contaminants completely out of the water.
  • The water level indicator informs users of the purified water available within the purifier for continual use.
  • The dual-protection stainless-steel tank design, with floral prints, make this water purifier one of the most attractive water purifiers on the market.
  • Because of its minute size, you can place this purifier in any location you like.
  • No colour choices available.


Purifying water is the need of the moment to get clean water. If you are looking to purchase the topwater purifier that is less than 15000 dollars, then we’d suggest using the KENT’s Super Star 8-liters Wall-Mountable RO, the UV/UF Controller, and the TDS controller.

The huge tank capacity that the cleaner can hold and its double-purification procedure guarantee that it provides the best drinking water you can get.

Features such as auto-off/on and a fail-safety system that detects UV will ensure the proper operation of the water purifier without any issues. Its attractive design and wall-mountable design are impossible to resist.

This water purifier is a full package of features. If you require additional information or specifics you need, please leave a comment below. We will be glad to help you with the most effective assistance.


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