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Best Generators in India for Home Use Compared With Brands (August 2023)

Generators are, also referred to as Genset, used to generate electricity from diesel engines. They’re the combination of control systems heating, cooling, and circuit breakers known as generator sets or Genset. 

Today, people do not want to be without electrical connections, particularly during the hot summer months. Take a look at the top generators for homes in India for the best options during power outages.

Since the power demand is getting more pressing every day, many are searching for a reliable alternative and would like to set up a quality generator in their homes. 

There are numerous options to choose from in the present market since several brands supply high-quality generators. It’s also difficult to select the right generator without knowing all the information and specifications. Here, we’ll give you all the details about it.

Main Parts of Generator We Tested:

Here are the most important parts of the generator which play a crucial role.

  • Exhaust system
  • Cooling system
  • Regulator of voltage
  • Alternator
  • Lubrication system
  • Fuel System

Best Generator in India for Home Use — Reviews

Generators are an essential tool that will provide uninterrupted power to your home. At one time, Generators were sometimes utilized to manage power interruptions. Nowadays, our increasing demands need a generator that can be used at home during a power interruption. In this article, we’ve provided the pros and cons of home generators. Also, you can read the buying guide at the end of the article.

1. ELEMAX. 3300VA (3.3 Kva)

ELEMAX. 3300VA (3.3 Kva)

The Elemax PEG3200B is among the most preferred generators in India, with great fuel consumption efficiency. Its recoil oil mechanism is quiet, making it ideal for use in homes. Easy operation and easy installation make it user-friendly for anyone. With a capacity of 18, it can keep you powered for long periods.

Damage caused by overheating is prevented with its forced-air cooling power aspect. It can be used for hours in a row without interruption, and it will still work continuously. The standard single-cylinder with four strokes offers better efficiency and endurance when compared to other models. The compact size and lightweight design, coupled with easily movable wheels, make it easy to move about.

It is unnecessary to use any manual tools to start or displace the engine since there’s an electric start feature. This alerts system for oil makes it simple to fill the tank when fuel is depleted.

With its incredible emission control capability, it is necessary to be a victim of excessive fumes and smells. All outlets and plugs are clearly labeled and easy for anyone to operate without hassle. If you’re looking to purchase the top generator in India at home, it could be a great option.


  • Lightweight, with wheels that can be used for transport.
  • Massive oil capacity
  • Performs relatively quietly


  • High cost

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2. HONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000

Honda Portable Generator EP 1000

This model can generate up to 850VA. It consists of a single-cylinder four-stroke generator. It does not have an electric start but instead uses a manual string that has to be pulled several times. The device needs manual work to get started. The range of mileage provided by the engine is around 0.5 per hour, with the capacity of fuel tanks of 3.5 milliliters.

It is sufficient to last for at least 5-7 hours when fully charged. But for longer periods, it is essential to refill continuously. This top generator available in India for use at home is equipped with a fuel cap at the top, making it simple to refill.

The risk of overheating and wasting fuel is not a problem due to the advanced technology for cooling with air. Thanks to its green technology, this model emits less pollution than is possible.

In contrast to other generators, this one does not produce much smoke, making it one of the most suitable options for use at home. Its compact dimensions and steel structure are supported by rubber in the lower part. Since there are no wheels, picking the 31 kg device could be difficult.


  • Highly efficient
  • Easy filling up of the fuel
  • Design compact and strong


  • Manual start, no wheels, and no manual

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3. Sarrvad Solar Powered Generator

SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator

The Sarrvad solar power generator can store energy with lithium batteries. This model can support laptops, tablets, mini fans, TVs, and other devices. It’s the ideal companion to supply power during hiking or camping trips and at home during power interruptions. Additional attributes of Blink/Flashlight/SOS, like its portability, make it perfect for outdoor adventures and traveling.

The device comes with a car charger as well as a power adapter. You can charge it via the car adapter or any outlet on the wall. Since it’s powered by solar, it’s easy to maneuver. It’s among the top generators in India for use at home. The solar panel on it is 13V~24V/2.1A Max. This allows it to be used in direct sunlight within a couple of hours.

It’s the eco-friendly generator available that creates the least amount of pollutants. With various outputs, including 1 2 AC Modified sine wave output, it can charge various devices. Connect your devices directly via its four DC Ports, two USB ports, and one C-type port. But, don’t use the AC device that requires power over 200W.


  • Portable and compact
  • Recharge multiple devices at a time
  • Solar- Powered


  • Not recommended for prolonged periods of use.

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4. Greaves Power Generator Set

Greaves power Generator Set

Greaves’ power generator is more powerful than its weight. With a weight of 300kgs, this small generator has four wheels at the bottom and convenient steel handles. It easily glides over surfaces and is extremely lightweight.

The company makes some of the most efficient diesel-powered machines available. This diesel generator offers better energy efficiency and saves money while at the same time. With cooling fans that are forced, there is no chance of overheating. The machine is equipped with a single-cylinder-type engine with a power capacity of 2.5kVA. The device is eco-friendly since it creates smaller footprints.

The capacity is 15 liters and will provide lasting power and a handy fuel tank located at the top. You get 12 V dry batteries with connectors, leads, and terminals. One of the most impressive advantages of this generator is the exclusive built-in DG Set Controller.

The 4-line LCD screen shows command information parameters, and they are settable using password security. The generator is fully configurable and has an output that can be activated by pressing the button. If you are looking to purchase the most powerful generator available in India, and your budget isn’t a concern, it is possible to choose this generator.


  • Offers enough power and efficiency.
  • Controls are displayed via an LCD monitor
  • Diesel run
  • Portable wheels


  • Too heavy at 300kgs

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5. BKR(r) Super Silent Inverter Generator

BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator

The BKR’s model is suitable for homes that can increase power by doubling it in the event of a need using its parallel-ready option. Parallel-ready can be used as an alternative for connecting two inverters and double the power if required. It can power a wide range of household appliances using its AC-rated output that runs at 1800 Watts AC and its AC maximum output starting with 2000 AC.

True power technology offers constant and reliable power ideal for appliances, electronics, and other tools. You can expect up to six hours of running time at 50% load. The tank’s capacity is four milliliters, making it suitable for a short-term power supply. The integrated choke/run/off knob makes it easier to start up.

The handles are built-in and allow for easy transport, but the absence of wheels allows it to be used in a luggage bag. The engine is equipped with superior performance in fuel efficiency and noise reduction due to its economic function. The status of the LED informs users of the power consumption and overload, and low oil instantly.

The remote button provides the user with the convenience of being able to operate the device from an extended distance. It is easy to maintain and is the main benefit of the latest inverter technology. This makes it among the top generators available in India to use at home.


  • Status of LED lights
  • Two devices may be connected
  • Economy mode for fuel efficiency


  • A lot of bulky items to transport around

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6. Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE

Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE

Honda EU’s silent generator is a superb performer. It produces minimal sound, making it suitable for homes and other private areas. It is small and compact in its dimensions; the generator has four wheels. You can drag the generator wherever you think it will be appropriate for easy mobility and convenience.

The handles made of metal in the front and at the back help move the machine rather than pulling it up or away. Built from HDPE and metal, the home generator weighs in at 60 kilograms, excluding its fuel weight. It can support many devices at once by having multiple outlets and AC power outputs.

Connect any device you like, including smartphones, laptops, or kitchen appliances, during an outage of power. The impressive 12. 5 liters fuel tank capacity will provide power for up to 23 hours if used at the maximum capacity. This home generator runs using just 2 liters of fuel in Eco mode for 7 to 8 hours. It is possible to save 20-40 percent of the fuel you use when the machine operates in Eco-mode.


  • Small and quiet
  • Easy Mobility
  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Supports as much as 1.5 tons of AC


  • Expensive

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7. ELEMAX. DEG 6500-2 Diesel Generator

ELEMAX. DEG 6500-2 Diesel Generator

Enjoy the continuous power for 8 hours with this generator set from Elemax. It’s a budget-friendly generator, considering the capacity of 14 liters of the tank. The four-stroke generator with a single-cylinder generates little sound. It can be used at home or in office work, and you’ll not even be aware of its presence. It is energy-efficient and lightweight. This device is equipped with wheels that can be moved around easily.

It is easy to move it to any location you prefer without hassle. The system that alerts you to oil immediately alerts you to refill the tank before the fuel expires. This saves time and also prevents your engine from self-damaging itself. It is low maintenance, one of the most important features that this engine has. It can be used continuously for days and hours; however, it still performs regularly.

A one-year guarantee is included. You get your money’s worth of use from the device and can rely on the reliability of this machine. Receive reimbursement for any manufacturing defects within the first year after the purchase. The benefit of recoil or electric starters makes it very convenient to use for everyone. Unlike other generators, you don’t need to pull the strings multiple times to start the engine.


  • Low maintenance and portable
  • One year warranty
  • Efficiency in energy use


  • Limited time use

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How to Buy the Best Generator in India for Home Use?

How to Buy the Best Generator in India for Home Use

Here are some suggestions:

Choose the Right Size for Your Needs

For the best generator size, you must know the amount of power each appliance in your residence requires. Consult their manual for references. Add these watts, and you’ll know which generator’s capacity will meet your needs. The top Generators in India are offered in three sizes that offer various uses.


The big size generators are known as standby generators. They can generate power up to 10,000 W or greater. This can be enough to power central air conditioning and other appliances. The most powerful models on the market have energy of up to 15,000 watts. This is enough to power heating systems that are completely electric.


Small size generators can generate upwards of 4000W power. They are usually equipped with an integrated inverter. They’re small enough to carry outdoors for camping and trekking excursions. The mini generators can simultaneously allow power for just a few vital appliances, such as sump pumps, fridges, and some lights.


The midsize portable or standby generator generates 5000-8500W of electricity. The larger size generators can be used to power an electric heater and other big appliances. Like smaller-sized generators, they can power all the appliances, including an air conditioner for windows or computers, a portable heater, and gas furnace fans.

Choose the Perfect Fuel Source

Choose the Perfect Fuel Source

If you’re looking to buy the most powerful generator available for your home in India, there are three options for the type of fuel you’d like to utilize.


It is the most sought-after fuel option for generators. It is easy to get gasoline from your local station and keep fuel ready to go at any time from your home. However, gasoline and petrol will be ruined over time unless you add a stabilizer. The fumes can be very odorous, and the cost is an important factor. Petrol prices can be extremely high at times, and a generator for an extended period will be more expensive than you expected.


Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel that can be used. It emits less CO2, and there is no unpleasant smell. It is, however, not available in abundance and requires high pressure inside the tank for it to work. When it is extremely cold, your generators could require a while to start up if they utilize propane as their fuel.

Natural gas

If you are using an emergency generator on standby and your home already has natural gas for cooking, you can connect the device to the cylinder. It’s easier to access and more convenient in your home. It is more affordable than other types of fuel. It is unnecessary to maintain the fuel in reserve or worry about replenishing your tank if your engine runs out of gas immediately. However, it is risky if not used with care. It’s also not a feasible option to use portable generators.

In addition to the size and choice in fuel type, these are additional factors to bear in mind before purchasing generators.

The Amount of Power Required

The Amount of Power Required

The majority of the top generator models accessible in India to use at home are standby generators which can provide greater power than mobile models. They can power all systems of your home by generating 5 to 20000 Watts power. This is enough power to run the entire house.

Portable generators, in contrast, only generate 3000-8000 power. There is only a handful of critical equipment like lights, some fans, a fridge, or an AC unit for windows. However, they’re not able to keep the whole house operating.

Storage Capacity of Your Home

Bring the portable generator model wherever you’ll need it. They don’t require any specific area to be installed and can be utilized wherever you’d like. However, standby models typically require a significant amount of space. They’re likely to be there all the time. Therefore, first, choose where to keep the generator and the space you will need to secure the machine or not.

All of the generators mentioned above have received positive feedback from customers. We believe that these reviews and the thorough buyer’s guide provided you with the most reliable generator available in India for your home.


Portable generators are among the most affordable offerings in the market. They range from the price of Rs. 10,000-50,000. It is possible to install them yourself or contact an electrician to ensure more efficient use.

Larger generators are more powerful, have greater output, and require professional installation. The price of a bigger standby generator could rise to 1 lakh or more, as per its capacity.

The Usage

The Usage

If you’re looking for an electric generator that is permanently attached to your home, choose stationary generators. Also, if you require an enormous generator to provide greater coverage and greater coverage, then a stationary generator is the best option.

If, however, you are frequently traveling and love outdoor activities, consider the portable model. You can use it at home or carry the device whenever you need it.

Generator Maintenance and Servicing

Generators as Per Fuel Type

Maintenance and servicing that is done properly on the generator are essential to receive the most efficient performance for your investment. Even though you may have signed an AMC and the purchase may benefit from a warranty, it’s essential to keep your generator in good condition by following the suggestions provided below.

  • Examine the wiring and cords regularly and replace them if damaged
  • Check oil levels regularly and ensure that the oil level is always at a safe level.
  • Change filters regularly and clean them according to recommendations.
  • Provide adequate protection to the generator to prevent direct sunlight contact and rain.
  • Follow the instructions as directed by the instruction manual and the warranty conditions.
  • Make sure that the area which houses the generator is well ventilated.
  • Check that the fuel tank is not depleted before switching on the generator.
  • Only use the fuel that is recommended.

Generators as Per Fuel Type

  • Petrol Generators can be efficient in delivering an enormous amount of power. However, because of the high price of petrol, they could be great for small projects.
  • Diesel Generators: These generators are powered by diesel and are suitable for long-term usage. Since diesel is more affordable, this is among the most affordable generators. Find diesel generators on sale in India at the most affordable price.
  • Kerosene Generators- these are the oldest generators that are available on the market. However, nowadays, it’s difficult to locate kerosene. They are the most affordable and must be chilled and ventilated to avoid the damage caused by overheating.
  • Gas Generators- These generators operate on gas, which is more affordable than other fuels. They last longer.


What size generator do I require to power my entire house?

It is possible to run the essential household appliances using a generator that can run at between 5000 and 7500 watts. That's a fridge or pump as well as other appliances.

What is the amount of kVA generator I require for my home?

By the standard energy usage, the power produced by meer is 9.2kVa on average. It can supply devices that have a maximum power that is 9.2 kW.

How long will generators last?

The generator's lifespan is entirely dependent on its quality and its maintenance. Portable generators last between 1000 and 2000 hours, which could mean a life span of 10 to 20 years.

Which generator is the best one for home use?

The generators mentioned above are suitable for homes. However, Honda and Elemax are among the best of all the rest based on specifications for quality.

Which diesel generator would be most effective in India?

Greaves, Honda, and Harrison are the top diesel generators available in India.


Here is a complete comprehensive review of the top Generator brands that are the best in India to use at home, that meet all your utility requirements. This list contains the top items based on the high-end and the overall quality of these brands.

Choose the ideal generator to use at home in urban areas.

We hope that the review or other information mentioned above can help you select the best suitable one for the home you have chosen. We encourage you to take the time to read it thoroughly and select the best one for your investment. Then, proceed in this direction.

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