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Top 11 Best Beer Brands in Tamil Nadu (2024)

India has a big beer-drinking population, and they consume huge quantities of alcoholic beverages every day. That is why some of the best beers from Tamil Nadu have come to serve as a label for the state, even in the country.

Numerous global breweries have attempted to crack the significant Indian market and connect with India’s vast population who love drinking beer.

The fact, however, is that large numbers of male and female entrepreneurs in India are putting their money into the expanding liquor market. Moreover, over the coming years, India is likely to emerge as the biggest drinking nation globally.

Let us look into the List of Top 10 Best Selling Beers in Tamil Nadu. Many Indian city-dwelling youths love these brands of beer in India as they are very famous.

1. Kingfisher


Tamil Nadu has relished the refreshing taste of beer from the KingFisher brand for a number of years. What sets it apart is its excellent quality and exclusive taste as compared to the other brands available in India.

That would come as no surprise as Kingfisher is among the very best-selling beers in Tamil Nadu because of its sharpness and malts that make this brew stand out for itself.

It can be found in every place of public houses and bars in this region and is always a sure shot to please all beer connoisseurs. There are several others available in Tamil Nadu, too, but there’s no beer quite as refreshingly quaffable and hop-forward as a lager Kingfisher anywhere.

If you are looking to unwind with some cocktails post work or just enjoy an evening chill session, then go with the king and have yourself a great beer in Tamil Nadu!

2. Carlsberg


It was created back in 1811 when Jacob Christian Jacobsen founded Carlsberg. Over two centuries ago, Carlsberg was one of those classic beers! The business continued after the demise of his father.

Carlsberg is the market leader in India’s beer industry. Its crisp and refreshing quality has made it an all-time favourite among craft beer aficionados everywhere.

This craft brew delivers notes of spicy hops, followed by the body being mild and easily paired with different meals.

Good to drink on its own or along with something tangy finger food, this is a great refresher of a beer to enjoy during summers in Chennai. This beer goes best with Indian food and provides a different combination of tastes that you don’t get from other beers.

3. Foster’s


There is no doubt that Foster’s Lager Beer packaging is fantastic, and often, the data supports its refined flavour. 

The hop-laden brew is good for you and gives off a nice garden nose to go with the beer. If you want to have a really strong experience or the darkest flavour as well, Foster’s Stronger would be an awesome option.

If Australians and Indians share something, it must be for Foster’s Beer. It’s the number 1 beer brand in Australia and the same in India, too.

This is a smooth, fuller-bodied lager that finishes elegantly and with just a touch of hop bitterness.

4. Tuborg


This story is an interesting trademark for the brand. Somebody didn’t name this, and neither did an inn-place where all the residents gathered together. It was owned by a gentleman named Jonas Thus. Afterwards, the people themselves called Thues Borg ironically. Within no time, Thuesborg became Tuborg!

In Tamil Nadu, Tuborg is considered one of the top-rated beer brands. It has its own taste and will make your taste buds delighted. The rich flavour profile of this beer makes it different from other beers available in India.

Moreover, Tuborg utilizes high-quality malts of barley and hops in brewing, imparting an unparalleled taste and smoothness to it. It is also one of the most popular picks among craft beer lovers due to its lovely smell.

No matter if you’re relishing its crispness with friends or quenching your thirst in a cafe, having a Tuborg, is sure to make for an amazing time. Tuborg’s rich taste and perfectly mixed herbs are the reasons why, among the available top brands of beer in Tamil Nadu, this is one of the best beer brands.

This is a great pick if you like a bold beer. It is tastier than any other beer trade brand, and it meets the requirements of Indian customers who want strong beer. This lager has an underlying sweetness: Mild in the centre, medium body, well-balanced, and crisp. It goes well with the abundance of Indian food here.

5. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000

Over centuries, beer has become part and parcel of the cultural landscape of Tamil Nadu. There are many other high-profile brands available, but none comes even close to the popularity of Haywards 5000.

It was reintroduced in the market again in 1978 under the Haywards label or name. It gets an interesting taste, and people either like it, taste it or do not. Haywards 5000 also has a highly concentrated version of the beer itself known as Haywards 10000 beer.

It keeps earning approximately an 11% revenue share. It comprises Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Chhattisgarh. 

British nationality and Hayward drinks brand founder Sir Anthony Hayward founded the Hayward alcohol label. And that, too, the legacy of Breakfast and Bed is left by his grandchildren in South Goa. After all, there, of course, is Haywards 5000. If you consume a glass of beer faster than anyone else, you’re on the house.

Frequenters praise the drink’s versatile applications, a foil for fried treats such as bajjis or vada, cooling off after a hot day at the seaside.

Be it solitary pleasure or gulping down during parties, this premium brand has gained its position as everyone’s refrigerator essential and stands out as one of India’s best beers in Tamil Nadu.

6. Budweiser


One of America’s most popular brands of beer is Budweiser. Founded in 1876 by Adolphus Busch and has been an enduring element of American tradition for over 140 years.

The ubiquitous red and white label is famous worldwide. One of the best-known creatures to grace advertising in the last century is perhaps Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses.

It was bought by the largest brewery in the world, AB InBev. Even with all these, Budweiser remains one of the top-selling beers in America, with many people trying them out for the first time. Whether ice cold in your cup holder at the ballgame or passed around with friends, it’s the perfect addition to any event.

It is one of the best-known beers, often associated with Adolphus Busch, an entrepreneur. In order to realize his dream, in 1857, he moved from America to Germany. 

It didn’t remain this way at all, and in America, it gained popularity. One of the world’s stealthiest beer brands, led by Adolphus’s own leadership and aspiration.

This perfect texture is crispy & fragrant. In India and globally, every sip of beer is an excellent experience. One good reason to drink it in warm places is because of the smell of its taste.

7. Heineken


And when we think about beer, the primary characteristic is usually flavour. Beer brand Heineken, known for being widely loved in Tamil Nadu, assures its consumers an unmatched taste experience with every swig.

It’s lighter in the shade, but the perfect ratio of bitterness to fruity flavour leaves you with an unforgettable cup. That’s because this beer was made with all-natural ingredients (no additives, no preservatives), which makes for a crisper, livelier taste.

In addition, the beer brand has strict standards of brewing to make sure its products not only have a standardized taste but uniformity in brewing processes as well. It’s no surprise then that Heineken is widely regarded as the best beer brand available in Tamil Nadu.

8. Corona Extra

Corona Extra

Corona Extra is among the most renowned beer brands in Tamil Nadu. It’s famous for its spicy and adventurous taste, with both people living there and those travelling from abroad preferring to have this juice on their menu or just as simply to enjoy in one of the local bars on the island.

Deliciously Light Honey Malt Aroma with Subtle Bitterness and a Delicate Hint of Sweetness Makes Each Sip Truly Special!

Not only that but Corona Extra pairs with all types of food, whether it’s traditional South Indian fare or fusion cuisine in the modern era and even snacks! This drink makes a great way to unwind after a full day or raise a glass in celebration with friends and family.

Whether you are after a spunky DIY project or the old faithful Corona extra, there’s plenty to choose from in Tamil Nadu.

9. Hoegaarden


What makes it famous, though, was their decision to become hip and arty before there were crafters. It’s been enjoyed by beer lovers in over 70 countries.

With all the different varieties of Hoegaarden ales, the mixture of flavours is absolutely right. But our favourite of all is Hoegaarden’s First Belgian Wheat Beer! It is just sweet enough, and the bubbles make it ideal for drinking quickly.

This company was established in the year 1800. Today, nine out of ten breweries in Belgium serve Hoegaarden.

So, would you like to taste India’s richest, most delicious and strong beer?? Choose Hoegaarden Beer! It’s the best beer brand in India, and this unique taste makes sure that it will always rank up there.

Perfect with any type of meal you want to present for an afternoon brunch, BBQ, or cocktails, this dish will make you the star of the show. It’s just served cold, and a squeeze of lemon or orange is added for more taste. 

10. Godfather


The Godfather beer brand is quite famous in Tamil Nadu. It’s well-known for its distinct taste and robust nature. This beer is handcrafted in small batches utilizing traditional breeding practices, of which every cup bursts with bold hoppiness and malty goodness lingering until your last sip.

Its iconic red-labeled cans and bottles have made it one of the staple beers in the region, easily identified on any shelf, bar, or tap. The Godfather has great renown for quality beer, and countless patrons visit the pub over and over just to get their favourite type of Godfather beer.

Its easy-drinking flavour and budget-friendly price tag have made this brand massively popular among people of all ages who drink beer.

What makes The Godfather different from the bunch is that it has an amalgamated ingredient of the traditionally used Indian ones, which gives it one and only flavours unlike any of its competitor brands that exist in this category.

Thankfully, those in Tamil Nadu rarely have any problem finding Godfathers in local shops and eateries.

11. Six Fields

Six Fields

Six Fields is arguably Tamil Nadu’s best-known beer brand, having pleased palates with its distinctive varieties for over three decades now.

They’ve brewed an exceptional malty lager with a full flavour that reflects the classic German style. Add to these German and English hops, and you have a most satisfying brew, indeed.

The label features a wide variety of beers brewed with all kinds of ingredients: wheat and pale ale malts, hoppy flora, caramel malt, and chocolate malt.

The resulting brew is a distinctive combination of flavours not found often with other craft beers, and we think it’s just great! So whether you’re chilling at home or out to party, no experience with Six Fields will be forgotten.

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