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Myself & My Contribution to Top10productsindia.in

There are many individuals in India who buy stuff online but never touch the user manual provided by the manufacturer. Further, they end up in a situation of using the appliances in the wrong way or eating something in a way they should not after preparing the dish/drink. 

Now, that responsibility of providing honest knowledge, as a Food journalist, I’m working at Top 10 Products India and conducting guides such as Is Air Fried Food Really Fried, Is Rice Cooker Cooked Rice Really Healthy, etc. You can read all my guides by following this link, which will help you avoid common injuries & save unwanted reactions to your health. 

How Did My Journey Start?

After completing a Master’s Degree in Food Biotechnology, I was carrying my family’s business of property dealing. However, I felt that my degree and knowledge would go in vain if I stayed in the line my family had been doing, and therefore, I started looking for opportunities.

Thus, I found Top 10 Products India’s post empty for a food critic who can guide the Indian public to be cautious before using any appliance the wrong way or eating something that can harm their health without them knowing it.

What Are My Expertise & Education?

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My education started at Bombay Cambridge International School, which led me to complete a Master’s Degree in Food Biotechnology through the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Besides that, I’ve been testing food in the lab for 12 years, and as a food journalist, I have acquired all the essential knowledge required to guide people with their health-related queries.

Not just in my reviews by commenting, you can personally ping me by going to our contact us page of Top 10 Products India, and I will guide you the best regarding any food & health-related question.

My Interests & Occupation

I’m addicted to watching movies, especially suspense and horror ones. I often visit nearby cinemas to watch the latest movies at weekends, and the rest time, I put in researching health & food related topics people are searching for in India, so I can further start off on Mondays by pushing further my research and conducting some live tests if required to find the perfect solutions and advice on various helpful topics.

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