OTG vs. Microwave – Which is Better in 2022? A Comparison Guide

OTG vs. Microwave – Which is Better in 2022? A Comparison Guide

Baking is a stunning amalgamation of science and art. Every time we view cakes, we’d like to know how to bake them. We’ve seen a lot of cooking tutorials and have seen baking cakes in the kitchen ovens at their homes. However, you require OTG for baking cakes, and microwaves cannot bake cakes with the efficiency it needs to. This could answer the million-dollar question on many minds: What’s the contrast between microwave oven and OTG ? Let’s solve the puzzle.

How Does an OTG Differ From Microwave?

1. Temperature Control:

While a microwave oven lets you control the temperature, it’s not as effective as an OTG that allows you to view the precise temperature, which is crucial for baking.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 0 vs. OTG 3

2. The Versatility of Utensils:

With an OTG device, you can utilize glass, aluminum, and silicone utensils. However, the Microwave has its area of microwave-safe tools as you can’t use utensils made of metal in the Microwave. This is why OTG gives you more options concerning tools.

After you have a basic understanding of the essential functions, pros, and cons of OTG and Microwaves, let’s look at the primary distinctions between OTG as opposed to Microwaves and decide which one is superior in 2022.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 0 vs. OTG 1

3. Preheating:

OTG ovens take between fifteen to 20 mins to preheat. Simulatneously, a Microwave oven requires 5 minutes to heat. A longer time to preheat means an increase in cooking time when using OTG. Then, there’s something to consider for Microwaves.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 1 vs. OTG 3

4. User Interface:

Microwave ovens are better than OTGs concerning user interface. Many Microwaves come with digital displays where you can set a timer, select from a preset menu, or even cook automatically.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 2 vs. OTG 4

5. Inside Spacing:

If you examine the OTG, various trays are placed over the other. This design allows the preparation of several batches at once. This is not possible using the Microwave because only one thing can be prepared at one time.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 0 vs. OTG 2

6. Capacity:

A Microwave can hold 35 liters of Capacity, while OTGs can hold a capacity of up to 60 liters. A higher capacity is beneficial to OTGs since they can bake or prepare large quantities of food, in contrast to Microwaves.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 1 vs. OTG 4

7. Functionality:

If you purchase an OTG convection microwave, it can be used to reheat and defrost, Grill, bake and cook your meals. However, you won’t be able to cook your food using an OTG since it’s an appliance specifically designed for baking.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 3 vs. OTG 4

8. Weight:

We examined the mass of a 16-liter OTG against a 16-liter Microwave and found that the OTG’s weight was approximately 4.7 kgs, while the Weight of the Microwave was about 12 kilograms. In general, Microwaves are heavy and bulkier and may be tough to maneuver from one spot to another.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 4 vs. OTG 5

9. Food Preparation Time:

If you begin cooking food from scratch with an OTG, it’s gonna take time because of its heating mechanism. OTG draws the heat from conventional heat waves. This process can be done much faster with the Microwave because of the heating process.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 4 vs. OTG 4

10. Affordability:

It is possible to purchase an OTG priced between 2,000 and 2,500 INR. A Solo Microwave, which has the lowest number of functions, is priced around 4-5K in India. Therefore, OTGs are cheaper than Microwaves.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 5 vs. OTG 6

11. Ease of Cleaning:

Because of the numerous floors and racks, cleaning the OTG is significantly more challenging than a microwave oven.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 7 vs. OTG 6

12. Auto-Cook:

There are no auto-cook functions in an OTG, so Microwaves today have about 100-200 preset menu choices.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 5 vs. OTG 5

13. Ease of Use:

With a digital LCD and preset settings, it is simpler to use the Microwave in contrast to the more mechanical OTG can confuse.

  • Scoreline: Microwave 6 vs. OTG 6

What is an OTG?

The oven was a broad word used to describe appliances that cooked and ate our food in the past. In the 2nd World War in 1945, American scientist Percy Spencer invented Microwave Ovens.

OTG is a more compact version of the traditional Oven. As the name implies, you can grill, bake, and toast using OTG. OTG. However, you can perform these tasks with microwaves and ovens, so why would you require an OTG? This is precisely the topic we will discuss in this article.

All OTGs come with the option of switching between 2 or 1 coil in accordance with what you’re doing. For instance, you’ll require two coils if you intend to bake. If you’re only planning to Grill, you may only switch on one coil. OTG is often referred to as a baker’s delight because it’s the perfect kitchen appliance to bake or grill food and toast.

OTG is designed and constructed so that it is equipped with two heating coils or filaments on the upper part and base of the OTG. Heating coils are the ocer difference between Microwave and OTG. They are heated and help to cook food. Nowadays, you can find OTGs with fans, similar to Convection Microwaves.

An important aspect to keep in mind when it comes to OTGs is the amount of time required to bake or cook. Because of the electric coils, which take time to warm up, the total time to cook is longer when using an OTG.

The OTG’s begins at rupees 2500 and reaches up to rupees 10,000. The top OTG brands in India include Bajaj, Borosil, Agaro, Philips, etc. The Capacity of an OTG can range from 10 liters up to 60 liters. This is contingent on whether you plan to use the OTG for professional or personal usage.

Pros & Cons of OTG


  • Can save money on the grills and toasters since they are built-in features in an OTG.
  • It is the ideal tool for baking.
  • It is a portable device and lightweight. In our tests, we measured the size of 16 liters OTG against the 16-liter Microwave. The Weight of OTG was about 4.7 kgs while the Microwave’s Weight was around 12 kilograms (almost 2.5x light).
  • Contrary to Microwaves, you can utilize metal utensils with the OTG.
  • Are a more cost-effective option for kitchens.


  • Basic Microwave functions like defrosting or reheating are not possible using OTGs.
  • OTGs are well-known for their uneven distribution of heat.
  • OTGs require a significant amount of time to warm the food items.

What do you get using an OTG?

In general, the OTG is perfect for baking, roasting, and grilling. The baking quality using an OTG is very professional than a Microwave. It’s possible to bake cupcakes, cookies, muffins, croissant pasta, grill meat, and toast bread. You can also make pizzas, bruschettas, and other dishes using an OTG.

Who should buy an OTG?

If you have time on your hands or have an urge to bake, the best thing is to use nothing other than an OTG. It is impossible to get the same amount of flavor, crispness, and taste in any other kitchen appliance. It’s a well-known truth that the OTGs are appreciated for the wonderful foods, not for the speed at which they cook.

What are you able to not do using an OTG?

The OTG takes some time to heat up. So, we can’t use it to cook in a deep fryer or heat food items.

What is a Microwave?

In the scientific sense, microwaves are referred to as radio waves. They utilize the water molecules in your food items to provide heat, but we’re sure you’re not here to find out everything. Microwaves are widely used as the perfect kitchen appliance that we can use to heat food items, but there are many more things that microwaves can do.

If you’ve read our previous article, you’ll be aware that we use three main kinds of microwaves in our everyday life in India. Three types of microwaves comprise Solo, Grill, and Convection.

Many people in India highly rated microwave Ovens due to their ability to heat food in a matter of minutes. Besides food heating, you can also use a Microwave to Grill and bake. It depends on the Microwave model you purchased (Solo, Grill, or Convection).

  • Solo Microwave -Cooking/Reheating/Defrosting
  • Grill Microwave – Cooking/Reheating/Defrosting/Grill
  • Convection Microwave – Cooking/Reheating/Defrosting/Baking/Grill

Important Things to Note About Microwave Ovens

One important thing to consider about Microwaves is the power usage it requires, which is comparable to the power of a refrigerator or an iron. This is even more true when you use Microwaves for just a few minutes.

You can buy microwave ovens in the Indian market starting from around 4500 rupees. It goes up to 35,000 Indian rupees based on the model of Microwave that you plan to purchase. Bajaj, Samsung, IFB, and LG are the most dominating brands in the Indian market. 15 to 35-liters is the capacity range of the microwave ovens.

Many people highly rated microwave ovens because reheating food is just  a matter of minutes with this device. Besides reheating your food, it’s also possible to bake and grill. However, the features for these operation vary according to the model you buy  (Convection, grill, and solo). 

An important aspect to keep in mind regarding the use of Microwaves is the energy usage that it consumes, which is about the power of a refrigerator or an iron. This is the case even when you are using Microwaves for just a few minutes.

The cost of a microwave oven in India starts at 4,500 INR and can rise to 25,000 INR based on the model of Microwave you intend to purchase. The top Microwave Oven brands in India include LG, IFB, Samsung, Bajaj, etc. The Capacity of the Microwave Oven differs from 15L up to 35L.

Pros & Cons of Microwaves


  • Using microwaves is never a hassle. It’s easy all because of the start/stop buttons, timer, and many side features. 
  • Because microwaves heat the food extremely quickly, fewer nutrients are removed
  • The control of temperature is yours by using the use of a Microwave
  • The dish heats up; however, the interior of the Microwave stays cold to make it easy to access
  • It is not necessary to preheat as the heating begins from the moment you hit the “Start” button
  • Cleaning a microwave is simpler than a traditional oven
  • Allows Auto-cook function


  • Only microwave-safe appliances can be employed
  • Microwaves like Convection models can be expensive.
  • It is possible to cook only an entire meal at one given time using a microwave oven.
  • The  Microwave’s power consumption will be on the high end
  • Microwaves can reduce the levels of water in your food.
  • Microwaves can be bulky, and their movement can be a hassle.
  • If you’re not cautious when using the timer, the Microwave could cause your food to overheat.

Which is the Best Microwave Oven in India?

LG 32 L model is a top choice of many experts. Having 32L of Capacity, this model  from LG is perfect for 5+ member families. You can make use of it for defrosting, reheating, grilling, and cooking. To add icing to this cake, you will receive the 211 auto cook options in addition to  a strong 1-year assurance from LG.

What we can and what we can’t with a Microwave Oven?

However, Convection Microwaves permits you to bake; their baking quality cannot be measured against OTG. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use metal bowls or keep food in the Microwave oven.

Who should purchase a Microwave Oven?

If you’re short on time due to working for long hours or simply do not have the time to cook or reheat on the gas stove, then you must invest in an oven that uses a microwave due to its capability to heat food quickly and cook food from scratch.

What are the possibilities with What can you do with Microwave Oven?

In addition to defrosting and heating in a Microwave, you can cook meals from scratches, such as poached eggs, cookies, macaroni, cheese, and potato chips. There is the option of baking cakes or making eggs, steaming vegetables, cutting garlic dried herbs, soaking beans, etc.


How does an OTG differ from Microwave Oven?

OTG or Microwave ovens are identical except for the differences in technology. OTG ovens have a slower healing time of about 15 minutes, while microwaves have a quicker heating time of about 5 minutes. Additionally, an OTG consumes more power, while microwaves consume less energy.

What is a Microwave Oven?

The microwave oven is used for cooking food by using microwaves. Besides heating the food, it is also possible to use a microwave for cooking food according to the type of microwave oven you own (Solo Grill, Convection, or Sole).

What is an OTG?

OTG is also referred to as an Oven toaster grill. It utilizes rods for heating to cook food items such as garlic bread, tandoori chicken, grilled fish, cakes, cookies, paneer tikka, cheese pizza, etc.

Which one is better at baking: Microwave or OTG?

From Grill, Solo, and Convection Microwaves, you can bake only using convection microwaves, not the other two models in the Microwave family. If you're an expert or a skilled baker, we would strongly suggest you go for an OTG since baking is the specialty of this model. OTGs is a device that uses heating coils and hot air from the fan, which is perfect for baking. This kind of precision could not be achievable by using a Microwave.

Which one is more suitable for Pizza - OTG or Microwave?

You will require a very hot and dry base for making a pizza. A microwave produces current but does not produce heat. This is why it is not in a position to generate the level of heat needed by pizza. An OTG is the best option to cook a pizza. You have to heat the OTG before placing your pizza on it and set the temperature to 250 degrees. Within 5 minutes, you'll be ready to take the pizza out just like that!

Microwave vs OTG: energy efficiency

The Microwave utilizes radio waves to warm the water molecules in the food. This is why you can discover that the food will be hot inside using a Microwave. Because the Microwave can cook all the food items simultaneously, it takes less cooking time and consequently consumes less power. In addition, OTG is slow cooking, where hot air embraces the food, and heat transfers slowly from the outer part into the inside and outside the dish. A longer cooking time means more power consumption. The amount of power consumed is also dependent on power settings, usage style, usage duration, and the power level.

Which is the healthiest OTG vs. Microwave?

Both household appliances, Microwaves and OTG, employ different methods to accomplish the same function. Microwaves operate based on electromagnetic waves, whereas OTG works on the electromagnetic waves’ principle. OTG employs coils as well as hot air is circulated through the fan. From a scientific standpoint, there isn't any scientifically proven proof to prove which is safer, OTG or Microwave. As a bonus, fewer nutrients are destroyed in Microwaves because fewer nutrients are lost in Microwaves because of the shorter time required to heat.

Conclusion of this Comparison

It is difficult to decide between Microwave and OTG. It can be challenging at times, but only when you want the two to work. Also, it’s easier to determine what your needs are likely to be and then determine if you require either a microwave or an OTG. You must choose OTG or a Microwave for those who like baking or making pizzas since Convection Microwaves won’t give you the same flavor. However, you should opt for a Microwave when you have got the desire to speed. Simple, isn’t it!


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