Best Samsung Washing Machines in India (Updated August 2022)

Best Samsung Washing Machines in India (Updated August 2022)

This model is thought of as among the most efficient washing machines in the marketplace with a few distinctive features.

We have reviewed a variety of washing machines from Samsung’s house, and most of them have stood up to our expectations.

Now we’ve picked up another washing machine from the house of Samsung, specifically Samsung WW60R20GLMW.

This Samsung models has a holding capacity of 6kg. It’s also somewhat pocket-friendly using a price tag indicating around Rs.27,000/- (might change).

It seems like, this washing machine tries it’ best to make your clothes washing experience a breeze!

So, what’s with this machine? Really worth buying? We will find it out under.

(For reading deeply about the functionalities and buying guide – Do read our Best Front-load washing machine review.)

Best Samsung Washing Machines in India – Reviews

1. Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 6Kg

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine6Kg

  • Washing capability specs: 6 Kg Washing Capacity
  • Maximum spin rate : 1000 RPM for partial drying
  • Number of clean apps : 10 wash programs for different Washing requirement
  • Washing method : Tumble Wash to ensure Superior Wash Quality

Here’s The Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 6Kg Model’s Specification Chart


Capacity 6 Kg Voltage 220 Volts
Maximum Speed 1000 RPM Star Feature In built heater
Installation Type Free Standing 220 Volts Stainless-Steel
Energy Efficiency 5-Star Control Console Fully Automatic
Smart Check Yes Working certification 20 Years

  • Quick Wash program saves much time.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • A Digital Inverter Motor ensures superior energy efficiency.
  • 20 year durability certification.
  • Chemical Free Drum Sanitization.
  • Eco Drum Clean technology brings ultimate convenience.
  • Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system.
  • powerful Steam removes engrained dirt & 99.9% of bacteria.
  • If you are a top-load washing machine users, then Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 6Kg seems somewhat costly.


This Samsung Front Load Washing Machine is a machine that oozes lots of elegance with minimal design and is quite attractive. Keep it at any part of your property; it’s going to add sophistication.

If we start with the entire body of this system, Samsung WW60R20GLM comes with a sturdy body, which indicates it’s been made of suitable quality plastic.

The machine is a kind using a front-loading system. This machine’s door is white, too, including the dial that is placed over the doorway and the screen.

As usual, with its dial, you can precisely choose any wash program as per your need as well as the electronic screen; you can go for similar settings like selecting the temperature, spin speed, etc..

Moving Inside the system, you know that the machine has a wash drum With a holding capacity of 6kg. The clean drum is constructed of stainless steel.

It prevents rusting/corrosion of the drum. our experts tested its dial by Rotating it and discovered it was easy to operate. Also, the Front door has been opened rather than being overly tight and rather frim.


Samsung Front Load Washing Machine arrives with some standard features which are found from the machine machines belonging to this series.

Some features you will find overlapping but not the less, the system super-efficient is actually made by all these attributes put.

However, three notable characteristics are currently missing in this machine, namely Bubble Technolgy, the Bubble Soak, and Eco-Drum Clean.

These attributes are observed in Samsung machines. Check the list below to be aware of the qualities of this machine. Regarding features, nothing is missing.

Diamond Drum

Samsung WW60R20GLMW comes with a unique feature. This specific sort of drum has a delicate curl layout with sleek ridges that are super soothing and tender against the fabric. Also, your clothes will be protected by the small water flow holes from becoming restricted or tangled.

Ceramic Heaters

This Is a feature in Samsung washing machines belonging to this series. From building up, the Ceramic Heaters are designed to stop calcium compounds. Consequently, quick heating is comes into play, which stinks on less power.

Digital Inverter

We will go here. The main function of the Digital Inverter Motors Is to provide energy efficiency combined with less sound and Unusually long-lasting functionality. It’s certified for working for a huge 20 years time frame, which is backed up with a guarantee.

Quick Wash

Finally, Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine arrives with a Quick Wash program, which will provide you unquestionable wash performance in only 15 mins. Hence, now you can get rid of soiled cloth, earning more time for tasks.

Volt Control

Volt Control is responsible for protecting the machine against voltage drops and some other power surges. Changes of ± 25% will stabilize and automatically restart the device after a power outage.

Warranty & Support

2 years warranty on the solution and 10 years on electronic inverter motor. But, You can get in contact with Samsung Customer support in case any flaws in the production or performance of this product are found through its Lifecycle. Samsung is always genial with the buyers.

Price & Availability

Decided to grab it? Well, Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 6Kg costs you around Rs.27,000/- (might change with time), and you’ll be able to buy it conveniently from Amazon.

This machine is available in 7Kg and 8Kg variations also. We also tested the Samsung washing machine 8kg model, and it carried the same features. Price difference won’t hurt.

The Final Advice

There’s much “good” with this machine. First of all, the design is loved by us, and in actuality, this machine gets the best design among the machines in this sequence.

Its snow-white body appearance gets the much-desired touch of elegance. Coming to the features, we found the features of precisely the same (nothing new).

However, the features perform extremely best to give you a superior wash performance.

When we compare it, Samsung Front Load Washing Machine is also. The only bad is that there isn’t anything terrible in this washing machine.

Our Bottom-Line: Certainly, Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine 6Kg model is one such household appliance that deserves a place on your property.

It Performs to give you the laundry experience, thereby Taking care of your fabrics. Additionally, it has 10 wash program Alternatives to suit your needs in accordance with the requirement.

It is a must-have product on your home to create your household actions a step Simpler. In our advice, it’s a supreme deal!

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  • Our trust is with Amazon

2. Samsung 6kg Top Loader Machine (Fully-Automatic):

Samsung 6kg Top Loader Machine (Fully-Automatic)_

It is a Samsung 6kg machine that has been specifically designed for individuals and bachelors searching for a low-cost and reliable washing machine.

It can operate at a speed of 680 RPM, which is guaranteed to provide the most efficient drying and washing results to its customers. Also, this machine comes with two years of guarantee on the item and motor available.

It is a Samsung washing machine that was made to provide six different wash programs for customers and five different water levels. The attractive design features transparent glass windows and lids with a bright LED. Additionally, it has an anti-rat mesh to guard it against rat attacks.

It has a centre jet pulsator that delivers gentle but powerful clothes washing. The diamond drum keeps laundry items untangled, avoiding any harm to the clothes. The drum is equipped to wash without harmful chemicals.

The filters available remove the lint from your laundry in the most effective way. With its child lock feature, customers can use the machine with their young kids in the vicinity.


  • Provides six different wash programs to users to wash all types of fabric
  • Utilizes waterfall technology to ensure an even and thorough washing of clothing
  • Elegant and user-friendly design with simple access
  • It can use the auto-restart feature to deal with the fluctuation
  • With magic filters that are capable of taking out and collecting lint

3. Samsung 7.2kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic):

Samsung 7.2kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic)_

This model is not the least among the top and most trustworthy Samsung washing machines. This washing machine is considered a perfect match for people looking for a reliable model with a reasonable price range.

The Samsung washing machine comes with a capacity of 7.2kg and can be utilised by a vast number of Indian families. Although it’s semi-automatic, it has been specifically designed to provide the highest comfort and ease for its customers.

With its operational speed of 1000 RPM, it can provide the most efficient results for the customers’ laundry requirements.

One of the benefits of this Samsung version is that it’s an energy and water-efficient model that customers can use. Samsung also provides a 2-year guarantee on the item and a five-year guarantee on its motor.

This washer is equipped with features such as a child lock, so you can use the machine with family members around.

The machine comes with lint filtering for collecting unwelcome lint throughout the washing process. With the scrub board, it’s extremely easy to remove dirt from all kinds of fabrics. The waterfall technology permits the detergent to be thoroughly dissolved inside the tub for an efficient wash.

Regarding the design, the machine is equipped with trays that are easy to slide, which provide the most comfort to users. Its two-way inner handle and sleek style also give it a stylish appearance. The machine was made to provide the highest performance to its users with any problems.


  • It is equipped with magical filters for taking out unwelcome lint from clothing.
  • Air turbo technology is available to speed up the drying of laundry.
  • High quality and durability to users.
  • It is a stylish design with handles on the inside and buzzer functions.
  • The best scrub board to gently scrub the clothing.

4. Samsung 8kg Inverter Front Loader WW80J4243MW/TL (Fully-Automatic):

Samsung 8kg Inverter Front Loader WW80J4243MWTL (Fully-Automatic)

This is among the top washing machines made by Samsung, designed to provide the best washing quality to customers. In keeping with the good name of Samsung, this washer is both water – and energy efficient and is well-liked by the customers.

It’s an entirely automated washing machine that can load 8kgs. Due to its capacity, this machine is the perfect option for families with large numbers and laundry needs. Samsung also guarantees two years for the item and 10 years for the available motor.

One of the greatest advantages users enjoy with this device is speedy and swift wash results. The machine runs at a rate of 1200RPM which delivers rapid drying results to users with no hassles.

When it comes to the distinctive features of this machine, it provides advantages from Eco Bubble technology. Thanks to this technology, this machine can provide a strong wash for the clothes without being rough on them. Additionally, digital inverter technology can provide a quiet wash without causing any disruptions.

This Samsung front-loading washer is also equipped with diamond drums specifically designed to take the best treatment of the fabrics. Additionally, the eco drum can clean the drum without using any chemicals. This machine lets its users benefit from its bubble soak feature to do complete laundry in a matter of minutes.


  • Automatic error detection within the machine using its smart check feature.
  • Provides a quick wash result in 15 minutes using 15 minutes of quick washing
  • Effective cleaning of clothes using Eco bubble technology, without being harmful to clothes
  • The drum is cleaned automatically without the need for any chemical substances
  • Delivers quiet operations with its digital inverter technology.

5. Samsung 7.5kg Top Loader (Fully-Automatic):

Samsung 7.5kg Top Loader (Fully-Automatic)_

If you’re searching for top-loading washers with a trusted brand, then this model from Samsung could be the ideal option to consider. It’s a fully-automatic top-loading washer equipped with numerous features to offer a pleasant wash experience for users.

For starters, this machine can be purchased with a capacity to load 7.5kg, which is enough for families with large numbers. It runs at a speed of 680 RPM, which cuts down the drying and washing times to the extent you want. It also provides a two-year warranty on the motor and 10 years of warranty for the motor available.

In terms of its distinctive characteristics, it has wobble technology to prevent the clothes from getting caught and becoming damaged. In addition, it has diamond drums that help keep the necessary ease and comfort on the clothes while washing. Magic filters help to eliminate undesirable lint from the clothes.

The washing drum has also been made to offer the advantages of the eco tub cleaning feature. This means that the tub is automatically cleaned without using any harsh and harmful chemicals. The air turbo feature within the tub produces a whirlwind of drying power by spinning at the speed of.

The Samsung machine comes with six wash programs and 5 different water levels to provide the desired results in washing to users. The transparent lid design and anti-rat mesh design prove the edge design for the unit in the most efficient possible way.


  • Utilizes the air turbo feature to keep an extremely high speed while drying
  • Digital LED to provide maximum convenience for accessing options
  • You get a child lock feature to safeguard the machine and your children
  • Auto-restart is a feature that allows the device to automatically restart the process from the point it was stopped
  • Wobble Pulsator to untangle the clothes after washing

6. Samsung 6.5kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic):

Samsung 6.5kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic)

Another gem from the washing machine manufactured by the Samsung brand is constructed with the top load design. It is fully automated and is designed to provide the most convenience and ease to its users.

This Samsung top load washer is available with a loading capacity of 6.5kg, which is ideal for small families and single users. It runs at a speed of 680 RPM, which is designed to cut down on the time for drying and washing required. The machine comes with a warranty of 3 years on the machine and 10 years for the motor.

To ensure that users can wash all kinds of fabrics, the Samsung washing machine comes with seven different wash options and 5 different water levels for the users. This machine comes with a centre jet pulse for thorough cleaning of the fabric. The magic filters available will help you get rid of all lint particles without hassle.

It also incorporates waterfall technology, making the washing and rinsing process more precise and consistent. Diamond drums are available to keep the laundry smooth and soft by offering them adequate protection. Thanks to air drying, this machine can dry clothes very quickly.

To present this Samsung machine with the most appealing appearance to its users, it is built with an open glass window with an opaque glass lid. The touch panel is quick to access and provides the most efficient use for users.


  • An attractive design is available that has a clear lid, and glass window
  • Available with features such as child lock, auto restart, and auto-lock.
  • It comes with a centre jet pulsator to make your laundry completely clean and soft
  • Waterfall technology for the desired results when washing and Rinsing
  • Magic filters that take away all particles of lint from the washing

7. Samsung 6.5kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic):

Samsung 6.5kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic)_

This is yet another top-loading washing machine by Samsung that is specifically designed for small families and individual users. It can carry 6.5kg, which is perfect for personal use. It is specifically designed to meet every kind of laundry requirement of its customers in the most efficient possible way.

With a speed of 700 RPM, this model guarantees quick-drying and washing results to the customers. Additionally, it is equipped with six different wash programs and five different water levels to make it an appropriate model for washing any type of fabric. The machine can effectively remove all the lint produced throughout the washing process with its magical filtering system.

The diamond drum available in this machine helps keep the clothes smooth and soft while washing and protects them from getting caught. A centre-jet pulsator model of this Samsung model machine will provide thorough results in the laundry without hassle. Because of the eco-clean feature of this drum, it will automatically cleanse itself without the need for the use of chemical filters.

Waterfall technology also comes, which can provide the desired results when washing the laundry. This feature ensures that customers can rest assured that the detergent residues will be eliminated during the rinsing of the laundry. Not to mention the machine is protected against any possible damage and defects by a 2-year guarantee on the product and the motor that is available.


  • Air turbo feature that helps reduce drying time and provide higher quality and more efficient results
  • Diamond drum to provide an effective level of protection to clothes while also thoroughly cleaning them
  • Waterfall design to evenly distribute the detergent within the machine
  • Magic filters for removing and collecting the available lint
  • New LED display to make the use of this machine convenient and easy

8. Samsung 6.2kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic):  

Samsung 6.2kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic)_

There is no shortage of washing machine options that are impressive that the Samsung brand makes, and this model is an example of that. It comes with a capacity of 6.2kg, which is ideal for families with small children and single users. It is an automated model that comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Users can wash any type of fabric with this machine, as it has 6 wash programs, along with five different levels of water. The turbo air feature is sure to cut down on drying times and remove any moisture from clothes.

Magic filters are also available to eliminate the lint that is not needed from the laundry in the most efficient way possible.

It also comes with the options like a child lock that can safeguard your family members and your machine. This is accompanied by the auto-restart feature that allows the machine to begin running exactly from the location it stopped at.

The diamond drum can keep your clothes silky smooth and soft while providing the most effective protection for the clothes. The waterfall feature makes sure that the detergent is evenly distributed within the water to provide a thorough washing. In addition, it can be admired for its appealing and stylish appearance.


  • Waterfall technology allows for comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of any kind of fabrics
  • Utilizes the auto-restart feature to deal with the fluctuations to the maximum extent possible
  • It is designed in a stylish style that has a clear lid as well as a glass window
  • It is equipped with a simple-to-use LED and touch panel, providing maximum convenience
  • Air turbo feature to speed up drying and removal of excess water


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