Prestige Rice Cooker Review & Buying Guide 2022

When we talk about the staple food of India, the very first crop that pops up in our mind is “Rice.” Also, you will find it in almost 80% of the country, and one of the nicest ways of cooking rice is to steam them properly.

Many people prefer to eat rice after boiling. It is also a decent way, but while you separate the water after boiling the rice, an issue arises. With the water, which you flow, so many important nutrients are also drained away along with it. This is where Prestige rice cooker helps you.

In this situation, the best advice we can give is to choose to steam your rice instead of boiling it. Especially it matters when you use varieties like Indrayani and Basmati rice.

In case you face some problems while steaming the rice LPG stove, then become free from those worries because there is even a smart and technically good solution for you to cook your rice and make it perfect for you.

Yes, it’s a Rice cooker, but this gadget can benefit you in many other ways, and to know them, you have to read it from start to end. Also, it’s among the Must-Have Kitchen Appliances in India.

Prestige Rice Cooker

Why Choose Prestige over any other brands?

As we know that Prestige is humbly known as the CII Design Excellence award in the industrial design category (subcategory Household appliances).

Also, these terms are not fake. You’ll find it very first line in Google about Prestige. It’s doubtless that prestigious households are ruling in the market with their best service and quality.

So, presenting this PRWO 1.8-2 700-watt electric rice cooker on behalf of Prestige to you. It will be the smart and best solution to all of the problems you are facing while boiling or steaming your rice on an LPG stove.

They are providing a special stainless steel close fit. It will take care of your food and maintain it at the proper temperature and warm for a long time. Adding the detachable power cord even makes your work of carrying it anywhere very easy.

There are so many impressive factors related to this rice cooker and even best for any type of Person with its nominal price.

So without wasting any second of yours, let us take you to the amazing specification of this model, and who knows, you may have interest in an aluminium idli cooker.

Prestige Rice Cooker Specification

  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Type: Rice Cooker
  • Power: 700 Watts
  • Body Material: Aluminium
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on the heating plate & detachable power cord

With an exclusive range of electric rice cookers and at times can be used in a multipurpose way to cook the entire menu. Like soup, idlis, stew, pulao, porridge, and steaming vegetables in a very decent way and without any dazzling work. However, we have the Best Egg Boiler Review in case you love egg dishes in your every day cooking.

Taking care of all of your needs, a prestige rice cooker will be a perfect choice for your kitchen appliance.

As we have already mentioned in the specification of this model, it can easily hold around 1.8 liters of water. Also, there are a 700 watts motor.

It will consume less electricity compared to other rice cooker models. This kind of features the experience of cooking will be even more interesting and amazing.

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Prestige Rice Cooker Features:


Comfortable & easy cool touching handles make it even easier to carry from one place to another.


I am coming with a super high-quality stainless steel lid. The main function is there to provide you a steam vent to allow the same steam to release at the appropriate time.


The control switch spindle helps in automatic cooking after the rice is properly ready to serve you on the plate. At that time, it automatically turns itself into “Keep Warm” mode. You will get 2 indicators of Cook and warm.


The detaching power cord really becomes easy to use with the characteristic of a portable cooker as well as very convenient to use.


Additionally, a cooking pan is also there for your better cooking experience. As the pan’s material is aluminum, it allows uniform distribution of heat for efficiently cooking rice.

You will not have to adjust some extra space for this pan in your kitchen as the pan can be easily put together and stored in the cooker, thereby service space.

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10 Qualities a Good Rice Cooker Should Have

  • It should have enough cooking capacity and also it must match your household’s needs.
  • A super Quick organized function to save your time
  • There should be special texture settings for firming or softening your rice.
  • If it is without steel pots, the durability concern will arise. Therefore, steel pot is crucial.
  • Can be able to cook any sort of grain.
  • To have a proper steaming process in the stream trays.
  • Poach or slow cook functions.
  • For better serving, some custom measuring cups should be there.
  • You will also need non-scratchable serving ladles and spoons
  • Without dishwashers, it becomes harder to clean the cooker. Therefore, look for dishwasher-safe models.

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What things should be remembered while using a Rice Cooker?

With lots of benefits of this rice cooker, it also carries some responsibilities and some things that you must consider while using. Therefore, we have mentioned some additional safety details about the rice cooker.

The following point-wise aspects are crucial while you cook with such gadgets. It’s not so hard. Enjoy your grain cooking procedure without harming yourself is everything you must take care of.

Water Levels

The very first thing to check in rice cookers is the water level. Neither should you overfill the rice cooker with water or underfill the rice cooker. Just set it proportionally.

Also, for more details, you will have a manual with the prestige rice cooker to know how much water you should pour into it.

Cleaning the Rice Cooker

At the time of cleaning the rice cooker, check twice that you’re not using water on its electrical parts. Chances of getting electric shocks might be there.

Remember it will directly affect your rice cooker’s functioning, and if it stops working, then it will not be considered under warranty.

Besides that, take note every day that the rice cooker is getting clean properly as per the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Disconnect Before Cleaning

Make sure you detach the rice cooker before washing it. If you don’t detach it, the chance of electrical shock is high. Also, be careful at the time of touching the plates. If one of them is hot, then you may face some serious burns on your hand. Use gloves or cotton clothing to hold it.

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Intended Use

Usage of the cooker is to be curious only. Never ever try or experiment with the fellow rice cooker, and do not try to repair it by yourself. If you face any sort of problem, ask any product expert to help you out or just call the manufacturer for it.

For example, Prestige covers every single of your issue with the product under the warranty period. You can contact Prestige customer care number for assistance – 1800-123-334411.

Keep Away from Flammable Material

As soon as the rice cooker catches the heat, it’ll get hot and might easily reach the flammable temperature for many several combustible items. At that time, immediately put that cooker away from other flammable materials around it.

Instruction Booklet

You should once refer to the whole booklet while using the rice cooker. We know that most of us don’t like to read those things, but the fact is it will really help you a lot in preventing you from life-taking accidents.

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Buying Guide – Electric Rice Cooker Purchasing Tips:

In today’s new generation electric rice cooker is one of the most needed kitchen appliances. This appliance helps you out in making your favorite food items as per your need.

It is beneficial for bachelors, small families, and students because this will surely make their cooking very easy in their daily life.

Looking into the advantages, people are likely to buy one for them also, and for that, you should be familiar with some fellow things and keep in mind while buying rice cooker if you want a good one then.

Let us tell you what a good electric rice cooker has with it.

Check the capacity of the Electric Rice Cooker:

Day-To-Day new models from different – different companies are getting launched. Also, there are varieties of electric rice cookers in the market. But, before you purchase, take a look at the capacity of the model that is fulfilling your needs.

If you are facing a problem in choosing it, then just simply count your family members and then decide the size as there are lots of rice cookers there with different sizes. According to Top10productsindia’s experts, the best size for 5 to 6 family members is 3 to 5 liters.

Ease Of Operation:

Take any of the cooking appliances they have to be easy to operate. Normally even a basic electric rice cooker also comes with just touch operation.

You need to add rice and water in the right quantity and just touch the “cook” button.

As we said that day by day, new models are launching, some modern models of rice cookers are operating with digital controls. It also offers you lots of different functions for cooking the many types of delicious dishes.

Delay Start Features:

Whenever you come across the word electric rice cooker, the best model among others is that which comes with digital controls. And one of the most important options of an electric rice cooker is to delay the start function.

With the help of this smart option, you can cook your rice or any other dish at a specific time. Also, it will make you remind by showing time on how much time is left to get your rice on your plate.

Check the Cooking Mechanism:

Generally, there are only two different mechanisms applicable to electric rice cookers. The very first is thermal cooking, and secondly, heat induction.

Among these two cooking modes, the best will be a heat induction machine then convection because it can easily make well-cooked rice in no time.

Automatic Keep Warm Function:

When you decide to buy a rice cooker, check whether there is an automatic keep-warm feature available or not. This modern Feature will be able to serve you hot and fresh food whenever you want.

Look for the Detachable Power Cord:

One of the most useful features in an ideal rice cooker that you can’t ignore is it should have a detachable power cord. This detachable cord helps you to store it without the requirement of dragging that long power cord on the opposite side of the appliance.

Cook & Serve Design:

A good electric rice cooker always comes with a cook and service design, and that’s where your money finds its worth. As it eases your work, you just have to cook the rice, and you can take it wherever you want and just serve it anytime.

Easy to clean Feature:

No matter at which price point an electric rice cooker is at, the inside surface should be non-sticky. The only reason behind this is, cleaning the cooker will be automatically very easy with stuff such as soap, sponge, and water.

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Will the rice cooker affect our health if we cook rice in it?

Be fearless. The rice cooked in rice cooker always tries to take out nutrition as much as it can for you. Also, without affecting your health and comparatively, it is healthy cooking style same as like while cooking on the stove.

Instead, the rice cooker can be beneficial as it saves your time.

How quickly can a Prestige rice cooker cook rice for me?

It takes hardly 15 min for the daily and regular cup of rice if you choose the Prestige model. Also, the Parboiled rice will take around 20 min. In the case of preparing a cup of whole-grain rice, it will only take 40-45 min to get ready.

Which ratio of water is perfect for a rice cooker to cook rice?

It depends. If you are taking short-grain rice 1, then a ¼ cup of water will be perfect for preparing a cup of rice. However, brown long grain rice will require 2 ¼ water each for 1 cup of rice. If you are preparing Parboiled rice, it will surely require 2 full cups of water for 1 cup of rice.

Till how much time does a rice cooker can keep the rice warm?

A special auto warm feature is added for that purpose only as it will keep your rice warm and in good condition for approximately 12 hours.

Will it be appropriate if we open the cooker while cooking?

No, it will not be appropriate as the lid should not get open while you are cooking rice as it may result in the escape of heat. That will not lead your rice to be evenly cooked.

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