Preethi food processor review – Full review

Preethi food processor review – Full review

Preethi Zodiac is one of the top-selling blenders that are top of the line in India. In reality, to say that it is a basic blender is not a good way to describe it. It includes a juicer as well as a food processor connector which makes it a complete package for your Indian kitchen. With a renowned crushing performance, excellent quality, exceptional assembly and a scrumptious plan, Preethi Zodiac is a suitable choice for people who require something a bit beyond the blender.

Preethi Zodiac Cosmo MG236 mixer grinder


  • It saves time using the connection to the food processor.
  • Incredible brutal execution.
  • Juicers’ ability to extract juice is best in the industry.


  • The juice is extremely frothy.
  • Uproarious


The containers for wet crushing and chutney are constructed of hardened steel and have polycarbonate covers. The moderate-sized container has a steel body and a plastic top. It is best suited for flavours that are dry, such as garam masala, turmeric and pepper, since it does not stain the surface.

Additionally, scratching the zest power off the top of the plastic is easy. If you crush it inside a container that has a top made of polycarbonate, the garam masala will react with the polycarbonate and will stain it deeply too.

We really liked the method of handling that uses fingers. Additionally, given that it’s slick, the container is also attached to ensure that screw heads don’t only sit within the container, making cleaning easy. However, the base is attached to the container by screws.

The juicer container stands out different from other blender processors with regard to its functionality and design. Additionally, it comes with positive and negative aspects of its own. It comes with two tops and various sharp edges, connected units that are paired with this blender processor. The first set is used for mixing, while the second is designed for a squeeze. The cover of the juicer includes the pusher and chute, which is extremely useful for assessing its functionality and efficiency. If you want to use it to mix, you can connect the spout and change your sharp point, put it together and utilize it.

The connection for food processors can be considered one of the functions in the Preethi Zodiac Mixer. It also exceeds the expectations of everyone. You can put on, cut and weave various fixings easily and swiftly. It is extremely efficient in that it can juice glass of squeezed citrus in less than two minutes.


The base of the blender’s processor is sleek and refined. It is true it is able to take much more counter space in comparison to other blender processors to the public. It is equipped with an orange power indicator. You can adjust the processor speed of your blender to three levels, and in addition, you can select an option to choose a heartbeat.

The unit comes with vacuum attraction feet which ensure the unit’s strength and stability even during heavy crushing. There is also an over-burden protection switch. The power pointer will turn orange if the motor turns overburdened.


The blender processor runs the 750-watt engine, which has an max RPM of 19000 cycles, without the load and 10000 cycles when using the heap. We noticed that the load had the lowest speed of 14000 cycles. At the next speed, it was about 18000 cycles, and at the highest speed, 19000 cycles. This corresponds with the specifications.

Ground urad hitter

Its blender processing power is powerful enough to crush smaller 3D ice cubes typically coming from the cooler’s assembled flexible ice tray. However, the times we tried with larger ice 3D squares, the blender didn’t work as well.

In the discussion of the juicer container, in the same way, there are 2 edge gathering units that could be used to juice or mix. The guide you receive provides guidelines on the best method to switch the cutting edge gather. However, it takes an effort to secure the container.

It doesn’t leave as much mess while squeezing.

Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder

The juicer is most effective on organic items with high water content, such as watermelon. Even with oranges, it can separate squeeze better than other juicers available to be found. However, when you push down organic ingredients using the pusher, the air is also pushed down, and the juice begins to froth up. If you’ve put the spout down and you feel like it could flood out through the top.

Attaching the food processor is an incredibly efficient gadget. It’s incredibly effortless and easy to use. However, since these cutting edges are razor-sharp, you must be very careful when changing the blades. We would prefer that the manufacturers had provided an authentic plastic box to keep instead of the airfield pocket wrap.

Grinding and slicing vegetables is easy. Frequently the vegetable is pulled in a different direction than you’d like. This is why, often, instead of cutting the vegetables evenly, you force them to move upwards. In addition, unlike other food processors that are dedicated to this, you can’t change the thickness and size of slashing.

The Preethi Zodiac Blender Processor dough survey on kneaders

The mixture made using the food processor can be somewhat messy. Making the batter manipulatable is easy. The pusher also functions as an estimation cup that will give you an estimate of the proportion of flour and water you’ll need to add. However, when we prepared the batter using the estimates, it was too slippery. Also, the machine is prone to vibration. But, since it’s done within 30 minutes or less, it’s not really a problem.

Citrus juicer

The citrus connection also turns out excellent. You can juice the entire orange in one minute without a bad taste after breaking the seeds. While you work, the blender processor isn’t vibrating. But, it’s quite loud. The sound was not great and ranged from 75 to 79 decibels.


The blender processor is equipped with basic security features, such as an overload safety switch and vacuum feet. In all likelihood, it isn’t equipped in terms of a locking mechanism that many other food processors also include. Also, as we mentioned earlier to this one, the sharp food processor connector could have been incorporated into the proper bundling table to ensure secure storage.

Simplicity of Cleaning

The lodging at the base can be removed by using sodden material. The steel containers that have been treated aren’t tough to clean. As per the instructions, you could include some drops of cleaning liquid and water and then run the blender for 30 seconds to wash it. It removes any food that has been gathered from sharp edges as well as other difficult to reach corners. However, a lot of times, even after that, you’ll have to scrub inside the container to get rid of stubborn food stains that have been smashed by flavours.

The polycarbonate tops will stain with no issue. This is why it is more efficient to crush flavours in a mid-sized container that has easy-to-clean plastic tops. The container is fitted with screws at its base. But, there aren’t many around the edges since the handle is screwed and welded from an outside view.

The screw heads that are located at the base of the clean container may accumulate grime over a period of time. However, the good news is that the handles are attached to the container, with virtually no screw heads protruding from the inside. The container for the juicer, though quite sloppy in appearance and design, is also easy to clean.

After Sales Service and Toughness 

The blender processor is solidly built in quality. The sharp edges of the containers are constructed from high-quality steel that has been tempered to 0.8 millimetres and 1.4 millimetres thickness each. Plastic covers for the containers are food grade, and the polycarbonate covers are 100% shatterproof. You get the elastic beading in the middle in terms of quality. Preethi provides lifetime support for its products. They offer a long-term guarantee on the product and an extended guarantee for the engine.

Their administrative headquarters are located in South India. Additional Preethi blender processors can be found at nearby machine shops too. North Indians would be in the ideal position with Philips from that point of view.

Imperfections, But Not Deal Breakers

One of the biggest flaws in this blender processor lies in the juicer container design, which froths quite a lot. Watermelon juice foaming is observed when the spout is removed. Its noise is loud and quite horrendous. But, this is quite normal with all blender processors, too.

Correlation With Various Similar Models

If you are planning to purchase a blender that has a food processor, Philips’ HL7707 is less expensive and costs less and is more affordable, will have caught your attention. The food processor connector between the two models does not make a difference in terms of functionality. The only difference we could detect was the slight distinction on the hand.

The main distinction is that Philips HL7707 does not come with the Wet-crushing container. The layout of various containers is also unique. In terms of crushing limits and the execution of each is concerned, they’re very comparable. This means that in case you’re not convinced by Preethi Zodiac’s 3 in 1 juicer, and you don’t use the wet crushing container, then the HL7707 is a better value option than is worth a look.

If you are a fan of Preethi Zodiac but don’t want the 3-in-1 juicer container then, Preethi Zion sold at a lower price is worth a look. It comes with a different handle design that has screw heads that extend into the container. The new Preethi Zodiac model 2.0 includes pre-set capacities, such as Chutney, Batter, Kneading and Puree.


Preethi Zodiac is most certainly an ideal addition to a South Indian kitchen. Its versatility, multi-usefulness, and impressive crushing limits make it an absolute must for those who require blenders that also have a food processor. However, it’s more expensive than other blenders, but because of its unparalleled utility in terms of planning and execution, it’s an excellent option to take into consideration.


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