So, in our washing machines’ segment, we’ve come up with an extra-ordinary model from IFB, which is costing low enough to deeply please you.

IFB Top Load Washing Machine is a top choice, and talking about the sales, we recorded a steep increment in the last 3 months. We had a sharp eye over this washing machine, and finally, we performed a comprehensive test in our lab.

Our report will make every housewife’s face glow actually! This 6.5 Kg model makes your clothes-washing process much simpler than you expect.

Stay stuck to our IFB Top Load Washing Machine report for the next 4 minutes, as then, and you’ll get a clear idea about how safe the investment is!

Now Here, Let’s Start IFB Top Load Washing Machine Review 2021

IFB Top Load Washing Machine

Build quality

Regarding build quality, hardly any IFB appliance makes us feel doubtful, and the same is with this washing machine.

Now, no one likes loud “hhmmmm-hmmmm” operation noise from a washing machine, as it creates headaches. Fortunately, IFB Washing Machine 6.5kg Top Load operates at minimal noise.

Besides that, due to sturdy construction, there are minimal vibrations while washing clothes. Undoubtedly, this machine isn’t an appliance to show off, but we exclaim, the paint quality is very good. The base is also strong, and so is its lid.

Warranty & Post sales support

IFB Top Load Washing Machine

Well, washing machine isn’t a thing that faces abuse. No one spends 6-8 hours continuously washing clothes. So, most of the leading washing machine brands provide good durability.

The same is with IFB. The motor used in this machine is very reliable. Hence, you find the complaint percentage too low. This motor is warranted for 4 years, and 4 years product warranty is there.

IFB has made a big name in the Indian kitchen appliance market not just by manufacturing top quality appliances, but also by attending their customers on time, hearing their issues, and solving them. IFB has 650 franchises all over India.


Honestly saying, there is nothing too shiny here, but this IFB machine has enough features to fully assist you in clothes washing.

We can’t say this feature is missing, or that is missing, as, for the money, you can’t get more. Let’s cherish deeply now.

Deep Clean

You might have seen that there’s a washing machine at home, but still, the lady is washing the clothes by hand.

Well, why does that even happen? It’s so because most of the cheap top load washing machines in India actually fail to deal with tough stains.

Now, this is the department where the IFB Top Load Washing Machine 6.5l model shines bright! Your clothes might catch stains of many kinds – normal, tough, very tough to clean, etc. but you don’t need to bother.

Just drop everything in the drum and turn on the Deep Clean mode, and see the magic! This machine will wash everything for you, with all perfection.

Crescent Moon Drum

Clothes damaging is another big thing to bother when it comes to cheap top load washing machines. Most of these don’t come with the right protective features, and certainly, you end up damaging some of your clothes.

Especially, the thinner and delicate fabrics, including silk, satin, etc. are more prone to get damaged. This 6.5L washing machine includes the Crescent Moon Drum, and the grooves on the drum surface ensure high protection for those delicate clothes. Now, no matter you are running this IFB model on its deep clean mode, nothing is gonna happen to your clothes.

Aqua Spa Therapy

Now, this is another feature that is added by IFB to ensure the longevity of the clothes. Its motor rotates at 720 RPM, but that is actually more gentle than you think. It’s rare to find the aqua spa therapy feature in such a cheap washing machine.

To explain it, we would give a bit of explanation. Suppose your shirt is capable of surviving 30 washes, we are sure that nothing will happen to that shirt up to 40 washes with this machine, without compromising on the wash quality.

3D Wash System & Auto Balance System

The auto-balance system is very important in any washing machine because just spinning the clothes in the drum for a long time isn’t gonna do the job.

The purpose of this Auto balance feature is to automatically detect the Unbalanced clothes and further ensure a uniform and perfect wash.

Further, the 3D wash system is available in this IFB Washing Machine Top Load 6.5kg model to Soak clothes properly to deliver an excellent wash.

Smart sense feature

IFB Top Load Machine

Now, in true words, even if you save some detergent in every single wash, you actually save much if you calculate for 6 months.

So, whenever we test a washing machine, we surely look upon the factor of how much water and detergent is the machine saving.

Fortunately, IFB Top Load Washing Machine is loaded with Smart sense feature, to ensure pretty less usage of detergent in contrast to what you use with your older washing machine model.

IFB Top Load Washing Machine Specification Chart


Capacity 6.50 Kilograms Voltage 240 Volts
Control Console Fully Automatic Installation Type Free Standing
Water Consumption 104 Liters Wattage 360 Watts
Access Location Top Load Color White
Maximum Rotational Speed 720 RPM Material Stainless steel

  • Highly durable build quality.
  • IFB Washing Machine Top Load Price is lesser than it’s competitors.
  • A smart sense feature ensures less utilization of detergent.
  • Crescent Moon Drum protects delicate fabrics from getting damaged.
  • Aqua Spa Therapy ensures the longevity of your clothes.
  • 4-year warranty.
  • Not that much striking looks.

The Final Advice

You already read the benefits of this 6.5L washing machine, and now let’s talk about the competitors. Well, there are many, and the biggest one was the Samsung 6.2l model. However, on an overall basis, the IFB model is a bit better investment. To read more on Top loads, visit our Best 10 Top loaders review.

Coming back to this 6.5L model, the makers have truly looked upon your requirements and provided enough facilities that you aren’t left desired.

On the verge of 16 thousand (might change with time), IFB Top Load Washing Machine is an intelligent purchase.

Neither you worry about the clothes damage, nor high electricity bills and water wastage. So, for middle-class buyers, it’s our top recommendation.

You can also buy IFB Top Load Washing Machine Stand and Cover to ensure a longer and dust-free life of your washing machine. For knowing IFB Top Load Washing Machine Price, tap the button below!

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