Best Stabilizer For AC Review: Read This & Ensure SAFETY!

Best Stabilizer For AC Review: Read This & Ensure SAFETY!
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Here we’ve got Best Stabilizer for Ac review for you, in which we’ve no matter mentioned only 8, but at least we aren’t confusing you by recommending a big bundle of these. Rather than that, we full tested a bunch of 32 stabilizers and chose 8 most trusted ones, and we strictly recommend you to stick with either of these.

If you hear someone saying that branded ACs don’t require stabilizers, then they might be wrong, as a few top brand models also don’t come with voltage protection feature. Besides that, even if you hear someone saying that this particular AC stabilizer is the best for this particular brand, then also it’s wrong, as thinking deep, that doesn’t actually make any sense.

No matter which brand and which model, you definitely need a special AC stabilizer that perfectly cuts off the load and increases your AC’s life. After all, ACs are pretty expensive, if by spending almost 10th part of the AC’s cost, you’re saving those heavy repairing costs, then why not?

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V Guard has come up as the best stabilizer company, followed by Microtek. So, as bringing you the best is our motto, we’ve included only V Guard Ac stabilizers, as these underwent through our profession testers.

Let’s get into it, as we definitely need to!

Best Stabilizer For AC Review

Here comes the table indicating V Guard AC stabilizer price list:

Best V Guard AC Stabilizer Review

best stabilizer for ac V-Guard i4 Prima 2040 8.6 Under 4000
best stabilizer for ac V-Guard VNS 400 8.1 Under 2500
V-Guard VG400 8.7 Under 2000
V-Guard VWR 400 8.5 Under 4000
V-Guard VWI 400 8.7 Under 4000
V-Guard iD4 Prima 2040 8.5 Under 3000
V-Guard VND 400 Plus 8.1 Under 2500
V-Guard VG500 8.8 Under 2000

We’ve separately chosen the best stabilizers for 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2 Ton ACs, which will protect them from the harmful effects of voltage fluctuations.

Best stabilizer for 1 ton A.C.

These A.C.s are cheaper, and one has to accept that mostly, the build quality isn’t as good as those expensive 1.5 and 2 Ton AC. As a result, you need to protect these 1Ton A.C.s a lot. Also, buying any expensive stabilizer is also not making sense.

So, we’ve got 3 stabilizers at different prices, and all three are compatible with 1.5 Ton ACs also. This stabilizer is a single-phase supported.

Firstly, begin by reading about our first V Guard stabilizer for A.C.


best stabilizer for ac

1.) V-Guard i4 Prima 2040 Stabilizer Review – Cheap & Best stabilizer for inverter A.C.

160-280 V is the operating voltage of V-Guard i4 Prima 2040 Stabilizer, and at that range, it doesn’t let you complain. The performance is equally impressive, with both 1 and 1.5 ton A.C.s. This stabilizer model is among the most long-lasting models form V Guard ever!

This stabilizer is equipped for tackling a wide input voltage range, and by restricting the output voltage at 240 V, it ensures that you enjoy uninterrupted cooling.

Why should You Buy?

  • If the voltage limit exceeds 240V, then huge chances are there that the circuitry and the PCB of your A.C. get highly damaged, because they aren’t built for dealing with a higher voltage than 240V. In such a case, V-Guard i4 Prima 2040 delivers precise output voltage anyway between 200-240V and saves from such damages.
  • ITDS technology is there for ensuring a proper safety net for your A.C.’s compressor. If it is in Off position for anything over 3 minutes, it will automatically switch on immediately.
  • The sharp voltage control (SVC) technology does the job of limiting the voltage swing to short time for ensuring the steady performance of the A.C. load that you’ve connected.

The Final Advice!

V-Guard i4 Prima 2040 Stabilizer is providing great all-round protection. Buying this stabilizer means you won’t have to run to A.C. repair shops or hire professionals. Cost and effort both are saved. It works equally well with the A.C.s of various brands, and there is no exception.


best stabilizer for ac

2.) V-Guard VNS 400 Digital Voltage Stabilizer Review

The V-Guard VNS 400 Digital Voltage Stabilizer is among the most dependable ones out there. At a very comfortable price, it is shielding your A.C. with an extra layer of protection. It’s perfect for A.C. up to 1.5 Tons, but we put this one in 1 Ton Ac category as the performance is decent with the cheapest 1 Ton AC.

With its high and low cut off protection system, it’s the safest voltage stabilizers out there. the amazon customer reviews of this voltage stabilizer reflect its excellence.

Why should You Buy?

  • The intelligent time-delay system is integrated from providing sufficient time to the compressor for ensuring that enough time is managed and further, the voltage supplied to your A.C. is constant during power failures or rapid high voltage consumption.
  • 300 Volts is the maximum input power. That’s impressive!
  • Latest I.C. technology ensures high reliability.

The Final Advice!

The thermal overload protection system comes in-built, which ensures the safety of the stabilizer. Three years warranty is there. So, buying V-Guard VNS 400 Digital Voltage Stabilizer is bringing overall safety and some amazing features. Yes, it’s definitely worth buying.


best stabilizer for ac

3.) V-Guard VG400 Stabilizer Review

The V-Guard VG400 Stabilizer is the cheapest one here and a pretty successful one. This little stabilizer looks pretty and offers great performance. 170-270V is the operating range of this stabilizer.

Even being so cheap, three years warranty you get, meaning V-Guard VG400 Stabilizer is a very dependable one.The initial delay system is present. Nothing will happen to it during high and low voltage cut off, as it comes with protection regarding that.

Why should You Buy?

  • Thermal overload protection is used for building it, which ensures the protection of this A.C. stabilizer to the best.
  • It is very sensitive, embracing the latest technology and comes with an in-built Thermal Overload Protection.
  • The ABS material construction ensures high durability.

The Final Advice!

It’s truly a cheap yet smart and intelligent stabilizer which ensures long life f your AC.

If you aren’t targeting too fancy or feature-filled A.C. stabilizer, and at a lower price, want one that strictly sticks to the business, then V-Guard VG400 Stabilizer is for you. This is the only “high quality” stabilizer at this price that’s compatible with 1.5 Tonnes models. Please don’t use it for any other appliance except A.C.

Best stabilizer for 1.5 ton A.C.

Here we’ve got 4 ultimate stabilizers, which will roll on with any 2 Tonnes A.C. also. You can find a price difference here also. Now, the understood thing is, the more you invest, the more convenient and safe it is going to be. The following are the most amazing V Guard stabilizer for AC 1.5 Ton.


best stabilizer for ac

1.) V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizer Review – Best V Guard A.C. digital stabilizer for money

The V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizer comes with various salient features, and the voltage range of this stabilizer will supply you! 130-300 Volts it is, and finding such versatile, and safe stabilizer under 4000 rupees is pretty challenging.

Of course, a low/ high voltage cut off protection system is there. Overall, it’s a decent V Guard copper stabilizer for 1.5 ton A.C.!The most important feature in any stabilizer is the thermal overload protection system, and you’re getting it here. Besides there, 3-Year warranty is there.

Why should You Buy?

  • The latest IC technology is used for assuring reliable protection.
  • One of our electronics experts owns this stabilizer, and he claimed that VWR 400 is a suitable V Guard stabilizer for 2 ton A.C.! It’s serving them well!
  • The screws that come with this stabilizer are of good quality and hold this stabilizer very well on the wall. The installation is pretty easy.
  • The coil is of copper, and it carries all the qualities a good copper stabilizer should posses.

The Final Advice!

If you have upper voltage range, then better going on with any other stabilizers, ensure the safety of your Ac with V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizer. Most importantly, VWR 400 makes much lesser noise than other stabilizer models costing nearby. The design of this stabilizer is sleek and cool! So, it’s definitely worth money!


best stabilizer for ac

2.) V-Guard VWI 400 Stabilizer Review

The V-Guard VWI 400 Stabilizer operates perfectly 140-280V, having the maximum output of 240V. This one is the most trusted 1.5 Ton AC stabilizer, and on Amazon, 250+ users reviews are there. Around 12 amperes is the capacity of this model.

It forms a dependable layer of protection between your Ac and the voltage source, protecting the A.C. from collapsing. It is a convenient wall mounting cabinet designs, which saves your space, and this V Guard stabilizer looks modern.

Why should You Buy?

  • The fact that makes the V-Guard VWI 400 Stabilizer a desirable one is that it is generator compatible.
  • The digital seven segment display is easily readable.
  • Thermal overload protection is there for avoiding disasters.
  • It is an energy-efficient model.

The Final Advice!

Low & High Voltage cut off and Initial Time Delay System highly attract you to buy V-Guard VWI 400 Stabilizer, and besides that, it’s Sharp voltage control brings a sense of dependability. Surely buy V Guard A.C. stabilizer VWI 400, it’s a safe purchase. For knowing V Guard stabilizer for AC 1.5 ton price, tap the button below!


best stabilizer for ac

3.) V-Guard iD4 Prima 2040 Stabilizer Review

Now, V-Guard iD4 Prima 2040 Stabilizer is the cheaper alternative of V-Guard VWI 400 Stabilizer. The difference is that our previous one works well with 2 Ton AC also, while in that department, this stabilizer is left a bit behind.

However, if you are finding a stabilizer for 1.5 ton AXC only, then that difference doesn’t even matter a bit!Not just your A.C., but it protects itself also very well. It won’t let you complain until your A.C. isn’t anyway above 1.5 tons.

Why should You Buy?

  • Due to Built-in thermal overload protection, chances of short circuits and all are equal to zero.
  • 160-280 V is the working range of this one. This stabilizer is pretty smart and doesn’t let you concern regarding safety, as it carries the responsibilities on its shoulders!
  • It’s capable of tackling an enormous range of input voltage and ensures the longevity of itself and the A.C.
  • ITDS technology ensures a perfect safety net for your A.C.’s compressor. During power supply failure, it turns itself On automatically within three minutes.

The Final Advice!

If you have V-Guard iD4 Prima 2040 Stabilizer, then there’s no need to predict input voltage, and do the hassle of turning the A.C. off when you manually feel that the voltage is up/down! Well, even figuring that is very difficult. Rather than guesswork, buy V-Guard iD4 Prima 2040 Stabilizer and defeat hazardous voltage smartly.

If you want to buy the Best V Guard stabilizer for 1.5 ton A.C. 90 volt, then go with V-Guard AD4 Bolt 9050. Most importantly, V Guard A.C. stabilizer 90v price will please you.


best stabilizer for ac

4.) V-Guard VND 400 Plus Voltage Stabilizer Review

The V-Guard VND 400 Plus Is the best cheap voltage stabilizer for 1.5 ton A.C. It comes with the Intelligent time delay system of 3Min ±20 sec. Even at a low price, the durability is promising. With Latest I.C. technology, you can carefreely depend upon it, and it will let nothing happen to your A.C.

The price is on the positive side. Buying such a durable and dependable copper stabilizer is challenging with this much less money.

Why should You Buy?

  • This one is a an elegant wall-mounting design and the installation is no hassle!
  • Low/ high voltage cut-off protection is your home
  • You enjoy a 3-year warranty.
  • Having this stabilizer, no need to bother voltage overload, as it will never let that harm your A.C.

The Final Advice!

You can use V-Guard VND 400 Plus Voltage Stabilizer with several companies and types of A.C.s. Fan sound is also low. Undoubtedly buy V-Guard VND 400 Plus Voltage Stabilizer, and earn peace of mind!

Best stabilizer for 2 ton split AC

Rather than recommending everything that comes the way, here, after proper overall testing, we’ve recommended just one AC stabilizer, which is the best for the 2 Ton AC. However, V-Guard VWR 400 and V-Guard VWI 400 are also exceptionally suitable for the 2 Ton model, but the one which we are especially recommending is the ultimate one.


best stabilizer for ac

1.) V-Guard VG500 Stabilizer Review

The V-Guard VG500 Stabilizer is the most recommendable stabilizer out there, and this is the only one, which we can highly recommend for 2 Ton AC. You’ll find several 1.5 ton AC stabilizers out there, but finding the suitable one for a 2 Ton AC is most challenging and also expensive.

Also, this stabilizer looks pretty elegant, and there isn’t any need to hide it for the looks! This model brings all the essential safety features, including the Initial time-delay system, thermal overload protection, and voltage cutoff protection.

Why should You Buy?

  • This 2 Ton AC stabilizer comes supported with HMC and ITDS Technology.
  • It is a compact and durable design, bringing no trouble regarding high operating noise.
  • ll components are up to mark.
  • It’s the most reliable V Guard 5 KVA stabilizer for AC out there.
  • The advanced IC-based design circuitry is provided for correcting the input voltage pretty much better in contrast to the conventional circuitry. Hence, it ensures a more reliable output voltage.

The Final Advice!

Most importantly, V Guard’s customer service is decent. Chances are pretty low. Still, if the stabilizer fails to satisfy with its protective features, then you’re be responded well by V Guard customer service. 170-270 V is the wide operating range, making V-Guard VG500 Stabilizer suitable for most of you.

Best v guard ac stabilizer in India 2021: Buying Guide

Applications of Voltage Stabilizers have turned into a requirement for every home. Various sorts of Voltage stabilizers are available now with various works and functionalities. The latest advancements in technology such as Power Electronic Devices and Microprocessor chips have changed the manner in which we see a Voltage Stabilizer.

We are focusing on AC stabilizers here. They are presently completely automatic, clever, and packed with plenty of extra capacities. They have an ultra-quick response to voltage fluctuations and enable their users to alter the voltage necessities remotely, including start/stop work for the output.

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

Generally, a Voltage Stabilizer is nothing but an electrical device that is utilized to provide a steady voltage output to a heap at its output terminals irrespective of any change/fluctuation into the output i.e., incoming supply.

The main purpose behind a Voltage Stabilizer is to ensure the electrical or electronic gadgets, for instance – AC Unit, Refrigerator, TV, etc. From the probable harm because of Voltage Surge/fluctuation, Over Voltage and Under Voltage conditions.

We can see various sorts of Voltage Stabilizers available in the market. Both simple and advanced programmed Voltage Stabilizers are available from such a big number of manufacturers. Because of the rising challenge and expanding awareness for the safety devices.

These Voltage Stabilizers might be a single phase (Output of 220 to 230 volt) or three-phase (Output of 380 or 400 volts) as required by the kind of use. The guideline of expected stabilized output is finished by buck and boost strategy as performed by its inside circuitry. Three-phase Voltage stabilizers are accessible in two unique models i.e., Balanced load models & Unbalanced load models.


They are available in various KVA ratings and ranges, as well. An ordinary range Voltage Stabilizer can guarantee a settled output voltage of 200 to 240 volt with 20 to 35-volt boost-buck from an input voltage feed going from 180-270 volt. Though, A wide range Voltage Stabilizer can guarantee a balanced out voltage of 190-240 volt with a 50-55 volt boost buck from an information voltage running from 140 volts to 300 volts.

They are also available for a wide variety of uses, for example, devoted voltage stabilizer for little units like Refrigerator, TV, Microwave ovens to a big solitary unit for whole household appliances. In addition to its normal stabilizing function, Present Voltage Stabilizers accompany numerous helpful extra features, for example, overload protection, frequently variation protection, zero voltage switching, voltage cut off display, manual/auto-start, output start\stop facility, voltage cutoff, etc.

The Voltage Stabilizers are very high vitality productive devices (with the effectiveness of 95-98%). They expend very little power, which is normally 2 to 5% of the greatest burden.


For what reason do we need Voltage Stabilizers?

All electrical/electronic devices are planned and manufactured to work at the most extreme efficiency with a normal voltage supply, which is known as the nominal working voltage. Dependent upon the designed safe working limit and the working range (with optimum efficiency) of an electrical or electronic device might be limited to ± 5%, ±10%, or more.

Keep in mind, and nothing is more essential for an electrical/electronic device than a filtered, secured, and stable power supply feed. A right and balanced out voltage inventory is a lot required for the device to play out its planned capacity in the most upgraded manner. It’s the Voltage stabilizer which guarantees that the device gets the ideal and settled voltage regardless of how much the variance is.

Hence, a Voltage stabilizer is a very effective answer for any individual who wants to get an ideal presentation and secure their devices against these flighty voltage vacillations, flood, and also the noise present in the supply.

Like UPS, voltage stabilizers are additionally an advantage for the assurance of electrical & electronic equipment. The voltage variances are very normal irrespective of any place you live. There might be various explanations behind the voltage vacillation, for example, flawed wiring, lightning, short circuits, electrical deficiencies, etc. These changes might be as Over-voltage or under voltage.


Impacts of Continuous/Recurring Over Voltage to Home Appliances

  • Over Voltage may cause permanent harm to the connected AC.
  • It might cause harm to the winding insulation.
  • This may lead to unnecessary disruption to the load.
  • Over Voltage may lead to an over-heating issue of the AC or cable.
  • This might degrade the useful life of your AC.


Impacts of Continuous or Recurring Under Voltage to Home Appliances

  • It might lead to equipment’s malfunction.
  • Under Voltage probably result in low efficiency of the AC.
  • The AC, in a few cases, can take additional hours to perform a similar function.
  • It might lead the AC to draw big currents, that may further cause over-heating.

Differentiate between Voltage Stabilizer and Voltage Regulator

Well.. both sound the same. The two of them carry out a similar function of settling the Voltage as well. However, the manner in which they do it brings the distinction. The major functional distinction between voltage stabilizer and voltage controller is:

  • Voltage Stabilizer is a device that delivers steady Voltage to the output with no adjustments incoming Voltage.
  • Voltage Regulator is a device that delivers steady Voltage to the output with no adjustments in load current.

How to select the best Voltage Stabilizer for Home?

You have to think about various factors while buying a Voltage Stabilizer. Else, you may land up with a Voltage Stabilizer that may fail to meet expectations or over-perform. Over performing won’t hurt, yet it will cost you more money. So why not pick such a Voltage Stabilizer which can satisfy your necessities and save your pocket as well.


Various factors which play an essential role in choosing a Voltage Stabilizer

The Various factors that play a vital role and needs thinking before choosing a Voltage Stabilizer are:

  • Wattage necessity of the appliance (or the group of appliances)
  • Type of Appliance
  • Voltage fluctuation level in your living area
  • Type of Voltage Stabilizer
  • Working range of the Voltage Stabilizer which you required
  • Over Voltage or Under Voltage cutoff
  • Type of Stabilization or Control circuit
  • Type of Mounting for the Voltage Stabilizer


Selection & Purchasing the Stabilizer for AC: Step by step Guide

These are the essential steps which you should follow for choosing the best Voltage stabilizer for your Home:

Check your appliance power rating for which you required the Voltage Stabilizer. The power rating is available on the backside of your appliance as a sticker or nameplate. It will be in Kilowatt (KW). Usually, the Voltage Stabilizer power rating is in KVA. Convert it into Kilowatt (KW).

(KW = KVA x Power Factor)

  • Consider keeping an extra add-on margin of 25 to 30 % of the Stabilizer’s power rating. This will provide you extra choice to include any appliance in future.
  • You must check the Voltage fluctuation tolerance limit. If it suits your requirements, then you are ready to proceed.
  • Check the mounting necessity and size which you need.
  • You can ask and think about additional features inside the same value range of various models.

What is Stabilizer OH error?

It generally happens when your area is suffering from frequent power failures. OH, the error means it’s saving your AC (or any other appliance) from potentially dangerous voltages. If there are any bigger issues, then contact V Guard AC stabilizer service center.

Best Stabilizer For AC Review: The Conclusion

Buying and using any of the stabilizers that we mentioned will save you from spending again on an AC. These generally cost just 10% of your Ac’s price. So, hesitation must not be there!

We’ve been testing various electrical appliance since long, and we do involve stabilizers in various cases for concluding tests, and here, we shared that knowledge!

Besides those V-Guard AC stabilizers we mentioned, we’ve selected the best stabilizers for your TV and refrigerator as well. Talking about TV, we wrote Best 43 Inch smart TV Review, in which, we came to know, V Guard TV Stabilizer Crystal Plus Smart proved to be the best for TV’s protection!

After that, While writing our Best Refrigerator in India Review, V-Guard Stabilizer VG 150 Supreme was what we found as the most dependable stabiilzer for refrigerators, especially double door refrigerators.

The master tip is, if you’re looking for the V Guard double booster stabilizer for split AC, then better don’t, as you won’t find a good one. Instead, find triple booster one, that’s much better! Still if you want V Guard triple booster stabilizer for 1.5 ton AC, then buy V-Guard AD4 Bolt 9050 Stabilizer.


As V-Guard is the best stabilizer brand in India, we concentrated on its models only, but during our testing, a few other stabilizer models impressed us, which we’ll mention here. Microtek EM4160+ was the first one to grab our attention. It’s the one for 1.5 ton AC, but rolls on perfectly with a 2 ton model also.However, you strictly want one for 2 ton AC, then tap HERE.

MONITOR 4-KVA is also a superb choice for 1.5 ton model, costing around 1700 (might change with time), but there are some complains also. At last, the most durable one is Spartan Microtek Em4130+, but its expensive. Undoubtedly, it makes great payback.


He is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carry colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hire a team of expert for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist and a singer.

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