Best Faber Gas Stoves in India – 7 Models Reviews & Buying Guide

Cooking is intended to be a routine task for certain people and a passion for some. If you decide to cook as a pastime, make sure you set your priorities according to the main need to know how to cook. You’re right about cooking on a gas range.

Gas stoves are an indispensable part of any kitchen. Modern technology and advancements have brought in devices such as induction, micro-oven, oven, and more. There is nothing that can substitute an oven made of gas.

The Best 4-Burner Faber Gas Stoves List:

1. Faber Hob Top HCT 754 (4 Burner)

Faber Hob Top 4 Burner HCT 754 SR CRS LBK CI

This Faber Hob Top 4 Burner HCT 754 SR CR CRS LBK CI is an excellent option for the home. Pan supports strong, which means that even the heaviest of appliances can usually cook ahead of the stove and quickly.

Cast-iron manufacturing is also helpful in extending the life of the products. The burners are spacious enough between them to fit every type, shape, and size of utensils, pans, pots, and vessels.

The top-quality knobs have a significant role in ensuring that they last for a long time and ensure that there’s no danger of heat or electric shock caused by the Knob’s usage and operation.

It’s 3D flame technology that provides greater heat efficiency and multilevel angles for burning the flame. It’s durable and stylish due to its attractive matte finish. Also, it’s also easy to clean, is scratch-resistant, and heat resistant.

Key Features:

  • Knobs of High-Quality
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Glass Edge Protection
  • Cast-iron Pan Support


  • The slim design could enhance your fashion style with an elegant and user-friendly design.
  • This hybrid method is very practical.


  • It is only made available in black.

2. Faber gas stove Glass Cooktop (4 Burner)

 Faber gas stove 4 Burner Glass Cooktop

The Faber gas stove has 4 burners, and the glass cooktop features four brass burners among them; one is a huge size, one of which is smaller, and two are normally medium-sized. The knobs are nylon with anti-skid feet that allow for simple operations. The race that spills out from the tray is diamond-coated and cast iron.

The body is black and features a modern style. The striking black appearance and the slim shape of the stove’s powder-coated frame are stylish and easy to clean and maintain.

Diamond-coated, individual heavy Pan supports offer durability and the stability of pots and pans with a variety of dimensions and shapes. The top layer is made of hardened, shatter-proof Black Glass that promises durability, elegance, and class.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant Design
  • The stylish Touch knobs
  • Brass Burners


  • The designer product that makes the final phrase in style.
  • ISI verified, bearing the safety and security rules and measures.
  • Warranty on manufacturing and durability for glass tops is also due to the stove.


  • The knobs are usually destroyed through use that is violent and requires to be replaced.

3. Faber Hob Top Nexus  

Faber Hob Top Nexus HT 904 CRS BR CI 4

The Faber Hob Top Nexus HT 904 CRS BR CI4 has an auto-electric ignition mode which requires 1.5 V DC. It has two brass burners, a 3 kW Triple Ring and two 1.7 Kilowatt Lotus Double Ring.

The gas stove dimensions are 90 cm, 53 cm, and 13 cm. Its main attractions are:

  • The auto-ignition.
  • A free-standing hybrid mode.
  • High-performance cast iron pan support.
  • The high-efficiency brass burners.
  • Premium knobs.

Brass burners in two sizes are highly thermally efficient and ensure that cooking can be done quickly and as easily as possible. But, it also looks at environmental issues and makes prudent use of the available resources; in this case, fuel is used to ensure no waste or excessive use.

The top-quality knobs contribute significantly to making sure they last for a long time and ensure that there’s no danger of heat or electric shock from knob operation or use.

Key Features:

  • Cast-Iron Heavy Duty Iron Pan support
  • It comes with high-quality brass Burners.
  • Knobs with high-quality.
  • Compact design
  • Auto-ignition


  • The minimalist design could rapidly boost your style statement by incorporating a stylish and user-friendly style.
  • The top of the glass may be black glass with 8 mm of edge finish. It’s tough but also beautiful, thanks to its beautiful matte finish. It’s also easy to clean and is certified as scratch- and heat-resistant.


  • The auto-ignition mode doesn’t work when you have kids at home.

4. Faber Hob Italian Burner (4 Burner)

Faber Hob 4 Italian Burner FH 40 AMD

The Faber Hob 4 Italian Burner FH 40 AM is equipped with four Italian Burners. One is a triple ring burner, while another might be a small burner. The other two are medium-sized burners designed for general usage.

This stove comes with auto-ignition technology to make cooking more convenient. The dimensions of this product are 55 cm, 46 cm, and 5 cm. This product comes with animal farm support to ensure maximum support and security.

The knobs are constructed from the highest quality rubber and are resistant to heat. The use of gas is extremely low as the stove can guarantee up to 70% of the gas’s efficiency and energy consumption.

The manufacturer offers a one year guarantee for this product. It’s a fantastic combination of efficiency, performance, and quality. It’s a built-in model directly connected to the granite in your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a Hob that is automatically controlled.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • The body is comprised of Stainless steel


  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient in addition to being convenient and user-friendly.
  • A heat-resistant stove provides a secure and safe cooking experience.
  • The luxury of an Italian-style stove in the kitchen of your home.
  • Innovative and outstanding design for a reason to show off to friends.


  • One-year warranties are the only ones provided for this product.

5. Faber Hob Top Imperia 604  

Faber Hob Top Imperia 604 BRB CI BK

The Faber Hob Top Imperia 604 BRB CI BK features an integrated automatic ignition system. It has two 3kW three-ring burners and two 1.7 dual rings burners.

It’s a crucial iron forged Pan support, designed specifically to provide the most stability possible to Indian cookware and make the cooking experience safe and secure. The dimensions of this item are 60 cm, 52 cm, and 13 cm, respectively.

The blue flame of the brass borders has greater effectiveness and less gas consumption, making it more environmentally friendly.

The gas stove hybrid comes with an elegant outlook and a compact and elegant design that allows for high-efficiency cooking. The legs are typically removed, so the top of the hob is usually quickly converted into a built-in gas stove.

Key Features:

  • Three Ring Burner 3KW for Extreme Use
  • IIt has a Flame failure device [FFD].
  • High-Efficiency Gas Consumption
  • Metallic Knob


  • The knobs and stoves with heat insulation have been tested for safety and are popular for long-lasting use.
  • Three years of assurance.
  • The blue flame that comes from brass burners is a green fuel source.


  • Due to its glass front, the stove is somewhat heavy and not as efficient as a stove that can be transported.

The Best 3-Burner Faber Gas Stoves:

1. Faber 3 Brass Burner Hob Cooktop 

Faber 3 Brass Burner Hob Cooktop (Nexus HT603 CRS BR CI)

Conceptualized and developed in India through Faber. Faber Nexus Series Hob Cooktop Hybrids provide you excellent cooking experience.

The heavy-duty iron pan supports curved Indian cookware, 3 full brass burners and is left to the appropriate metal knob suitable for modern kitchens as it’s a simple-to-setup style. Depending on your requirements, it has dual functions and can be used as a stovetop or built-in.

Triple Ring Burner and Lotus Double Ring burners are specifically designed to cook slowly. Built-in Auto Electric 1.5 V Dc (Battery operated). Black Toughened Glass is an 8 mm high toughened top.

Faber Hob Nexus IND HT603 CRS BR Dimensions are – Length 595 mm and width of 525 millimeters. The height is 130 millimeters. The Faber Nexus series Hob Cooktop Hybrids offer an amalgamation of efficiency, performance, and apprehension.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Ignition
  • Free Standing Hob Cooktop Hybrid
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • 3D Flame Technology


  • The slim design can rapidly boost your fashion style with an elegant and user-friendly design.
  • A heat-resistant stove provides a secure and safe cooking experience.
  • The toughened glass top is a black glass of 8 mm edge thickness. It’s strong and durable. It’s also attractive thanks to its beautiful matte finish. It’s also simple to clean and is guaranteed to be scratch and heat-resistant.


  • There is only a one-year guarantee offered for this item.

2. Faber gas stove 3 Burner Jumbo  

 Faber gas stove 3 Burner Jumbo 3BB BK

Faber’s top-of-the-line stove cooktops will protect your kitchen from the dangers of gas leaks. Combining Burners will give you the peace of mind that cooking is both heavy and light while cooking.

The glass is toughened glass that provides durability and resistance to scratches. It’s stylish and adds a touch of class to the kitchen.

Three Brass Burners Gas Stove equipped with 2 medium burners and one small burner.6 mm thick toughened glass with an elegant look and metal base will make it appear stunning in kitchens.

Powder Coating Round Pan support is designed to fit all the major sizes of ropes and pans that are sturdy and durable in their construction.

It’s a 2-year guarantee. The product comes with a comprehensive warranty. Dimension: W= 690 mm, L= 390 mm, H = 55 mm, Weight: 5.8 Kg (9kg net wt), Color: Top: Black.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomically designed Knob
  • Black Powder Coated Frame
  • Jumbo Burner
  • Brass Burner


  • The latest range of cooktops from Faber protect your kitchen from the dangers of gas leaks.
  • It’s chic and adds style to your kitchen.
  • The Burners’ combination gives you peace of mind when cooking heavy and light simultaneously.


  • Due to its glass front, the stove is somewhat heavy and far from being as effective as a portable stove. So, for hikers, this model isn’t recommendable. However, if you want to settle your stove at one definite spot in your kitchen, then the weight shouldn’t bother you. 

The Buying Guide for Faber Gas Stove

Numerous businesses around the globe manufacture thousands of gas stove models each day. It is necessary, and since every stove has distinct characteristics from the other, it is possible to be divided into groups based on various characteristics and specifications.

The purchase of a gas oven is a crucial decision, and you must be knowledgeable about gas stoves. Before purchasing anything, it is essential to conduct an appropriate amount of research and familiarize themselves with the features of the oven and the services offered and the specifications to be met, and the businesses that are known for their excellence. This is why we have compiled the buying guide you need to make your final decision on a gas cooker today. It is according to the features such as:

  • Review and rating: Customers who purchased the product in the past give their opinions about the product. It’s essential to read the reviews and ratings since they reflect the true character of the item and the company.
  • Cost: Cost is the most crucial factor since it is impossible to purchase something you don’t have the money to purchase. It’s pointless to try to reduce costs and buy a cheap product if it’s not durable.
  • Several burners: The quantity of burners is crucial as you don’t want to buy things you don’t need. If you don’t use a lot of cooking, four-burner stoves aren’t necessary for you.
  • Brand: Brands are crucial as they guarantee goodwill.
  • Size and weight: There’s no fixed weight or size of a gas stove. It varies as per models and brands. You don’t need to shift or transport your gas stove generally. So, weight doesn’t matter much. Half or 1 kg less or more, it won’t make much difference. However, if you’re planning to go on a hike, and carry your cooktop with you, then you should go with the lightest and most compact one. 


What should you not use on a Faber gas stove?

Well, the list of what you shouldn’t use on Faber gas stove doesn’t differ from other brands. If you’ve already bought one, avoid using the the things below-mentioned:

  • Applying heavy pressure on the stove’s top
  • Steel wool
  • Scrubby sponges
  • Any cleanser while your Faber stove is hot
  • Glass cleaners

What shall I use to clean my Faber glass top gas stove?

Faber glass stoves are very easy to clean. If you already had a glass top gas stove earlier, then you can use the same process of cleaning. However, if it’s your first one, then no worries, the process is simple. 

  • Cool your glass top. Spray vinegar on the surface.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda, but make sure not to overdo it.
  • Dip a small towel in hot water. Rub the glass top gently
  • Leave the towel there only for nearly 10-15 minutes.
  • Use a fresh dry towel to clean again.

You need to do this process every 4-6 days. However, you should do the basic cleaning after each use. Never feel lazy one this, because the normal cleaning takes just 2 minutes. 


It is crucial to find the best gas stove to suit your needs. While the features, costs, and many other aspects are important in your decision, it is your responsibility to be the one to make the decision and decide between the things you desire and what you need and make a decision accordingly.

The brands are changing, the products and the technologies that go with them develop every day. This leads to the introduction of new features and products each time. Being up to date with the latest technological advancements and trends isn’t easy. Gas ovens are a thing we purchase for long-term use, and therefore you need to spend as long as to select the right product.

Explore the information, read online, review items, check the specifications, and decide on the best option. Remember that maintenance of your gas stove plays just as crucially in its long-term durability as any other attribute.


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