Can Soap Dispensers be Used for Hand Sanitizer?

Can Soap Dispensers be Used for Hand Sanitizer?

Soap dispensers are specially made to store liquid soap, but they can also be used to refill other things that consist of conditioner, shampoo, and even hand sanitizer.

The dispensers are available in different models from which you can choose the one that you want. They are available in different capacities from which you need to pick the one that is suitable for your place.
The soap dispensers can be made of glass, stainless steel, or other materials such as ABS plastic or other strong fibers.

All the materials from which it is made are strong and durable that does not break easily. The dispensers can be wall-mounted or tabletop. Also, it can be automatic or manual, from which you can pick your favorite one depending on the traffic of the place. 

Soap Dispenser as Hand Sanitizer

Every dispenser is made of certain features and characteristics that are eligible to make it work more effectively. Some dispensers are only made for gel-based components; some are made for liquid-based components, and some support both. Here are the points on how you can use the soap dispenser as a hand sanitizer.

Look for the Essential Model

The most important thing is – hunt for a model that is perfectly eligible for the purpose that you want. The dispenser should be equipped with the ability to hold liquid-based sanitizers and gel-based sanitizers. It will let you can fill it with the desired type of sanitizer.

You can choose the automatic dispenser and make it a hand sanitizer dispenser to use on a daily basis. It can be a small portable dispenser or a large capacity wall-mounted one that will be suitable for different places.

Air Tight Container

The sanitizers contain a good amount of alcohol that is the most important ingredient to kill germs and bacteria. Alcohol is evaporated, so you need an airtight container so that it doesn’t get evaporated and is neither wasted.

The container of the dispenser should have a tight seal lid that saves the sanitizer from getting wasted. The tank must have a proper lid that even avoids leakage and spilling off the sanitizer. Along with this, the dispenser must also be non-corrosive and waterproof.

The Capacity

When it comes to the capacity, then you should choose the one that is perfectly eligible for the place where you need to install it. If you want it for personal use, then you can opt for the one having 200 to 300ml capacity.

If you want it for high traffic areas, then you should go for an automatic sanitizer dispenser or the soap dispenser with automatic features having at least 1-liter capacity that can last for weeks.

Some of the dispensers even have 5-10 liters of capacity that is usually mounted at industries and factories.    

Make Sure it is Refillable

The soap dispenser which you are going to use as a hand sanitizer dispenser must have a refillable feature. If they are not refillable, then at least the containers should be disposable. You should be able to easily change the gel when the liquid finishes.

Refillable dispensers will reduce your expenses, or else you will require the new one every week. The lid of the dispenser should be easily removable so that the sanitizer does not spill off when you refill it. Mostly the soap dispensers consist of this quality, making it an effortless and popular product.

 Must be Easy to Use

A variety of soap dispensers are available in the market that are manual soap dispensers or automatic hand sanitizer dispensers with enormous features and characteristics. The automatic ones are more preferable. 

You can choose a portable, water-resistant dispenser that can be a press dispenser or a bottle top dispenser. The one that is equipped with infrared sensors just requires your hand to be put under it. 

The sensor will detect the hands and will provide you the right amount of liquid in just a few seconds. 

Must keep all the aforementioned points in mind before converting your soap dispenser into a hand-sanitizer dispenser. It will be easier to rectify the right one once all the points are fulfilled. 

You can keep those dispensers at the gate so that they can be used whenever required. If it is wall-mounted, then you can mount it on the main door, and if it is a tabletop dispenser, then you can keep it near the door. 

They are also recommended for office premises and workplaces, including every commercial and non-commercial place. 

How to Use Soap Dispenser as a Hand Sanitizer


Are you Planning to use your soap dispenser as a hand sanitizer?

The first thing to do is – wash the dispenser and clean it properly.

The lid and dispenser should both be perfectly dry and clean so that the particles or soap and sanitizer do not mix.

After cleaning the dispenser, fill it with hand sanitizer. The sanitizer can be of your choice; it can be a gel-based hand sanitizer, a liquid sanitizer, or a foam sanitizer that is to be filled according to the dispenser which you are going to use.

Once you fill the sanitizer, close it properly so that it doesn’t leak or evaporate. Install it at the desired place such as reception or your office desk, and use it every time you need it.

Take a drop of sanitizer and rub it properly on both the palms covering fingertips to the wrist so that it can kill the germs and bacteria present on your hands in a few seconds without making use of soap and water.

It consumes less time and gives you the same effect as soap and water. Therefore you can undoubtedly use it whenever required.

Use of a sanitizer dispenser machine has become necessary in this pandemic as keeping your hand’s germs, and virus-free is of utmost importance. So use it everywhere and keep yourself safe.


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