Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Finding a suitable gift for the best female friend is a daunting task. It was daunting for use as well, as we don’t know who your best friend is. As a result, we’ve composed the Best birthday gift for girl best friend guide, including stuff for girls of various ages.

Besides that, we’ve made sure that these gifts don’t prove to go too heavy on your pocket.

We’ve recommended pretty expensive looking gifts, which in actual, cost pretty low. Just for a hint, you can buy double tremendous fits inside a thousand rupees’ budget.

We are pretty sure that the Best birthday gift for girl best friend, which we have suggested, will cement your friendship with her forever!



Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend Review

I know you aren’t certain with what to buy. So, for decreasing your confusion, we have provided 10 different categories, and top 5 gift choices under each category. No matter what is your, or your friend’s taste, you definitely find a suitable gift.

Gift cards, chocolates, bouquets, etc. are too expected and doesn’t fit well when it comes to the best birthday gift for girl best friend. We’ve brought innovative ideas, and we’re sure your gift will be much more appreciated than others!

Here comes the birthday gift for girl best friend ideas for you!

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 1 – WATCHES


A watch is such a suitable gift, and you get a large variety and large price categories in watches. It is a small gift, and when the person unwraps it, this small gift earns more appreciation than bigger gifts! Your gifted watch will be on her wrist, and it will keep on making her memorizing you most of the time when she checks the time.

Gifting a watch is a mature idea. Another big advantage of gifting a watch is that it lasts long (if you buy a good quality one, rather than something cheap).

There is no need to buy over expensive watch, as a survey says, the chances of a gifted watch returned back is high, or even the receiver asks for paying money! Avoid going to expensive on the watch; defining class is not your motto. Your motto is to make your best friend feel special.

If you buy a good enough watch, then it’s a great gesture, and if she doesn’t wear one, a wristwatch will cut off the occasions of pulling out mobile for checking the time. Many times girls pull out the phone for checking the time, and get tangled with social media notifications and all! That won’t happen if you gift a watch!

We checked 60+ watches, and chose 5, under 500, 1000, & 2000. These watches look expensive. There is a watch for all group ages (talking about girls, not women).


Best birthday gift for girl best friend

Swisstone Analogue Under 500 8.8
PIRASO Analogue Black Under 500 8.6
Skyloft Analog Black Under 500 8.6
Sonata Fashion Black Dial Under 600 8.4
HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band Under 2000 8.3

1.) SWISSTONE Analogue Pink Dial Silver Plated Bracelet

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewWant to give something that looks expensive as well as beautiful? Then this watch is great! It comes with a shiny silver plated belt and pink case, which is a great combination of colors that most girls like.

It is so comfortable to wear and a year’s warranty is there, yes at such a low price of just near 500 rupees. This is not just a watch, but it also looks pretty like a bracelet, it will give a look of both watch & silver bracelet.

2.) PIRASO Fasttrend Analogue Black Dial Girl’s Watch

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewA combo of three pretty watches with pink, blue, and black color. This will be decent! Your friend can wear it with multiple dresses, and it will be much good than giving only one watch. If we talk about durability and comfortably, then it is great. The belts are smooth to wear, and the round case looks decent.

I know that you ‘surely thinking about the price, just and just under 500 Rs. Are you shocked? I’m not talking about one of them; I’m talking about the whole combo of three. It might happen that any other friend also gifts a watch, but you will stand ahead as you’re gifting a variety!

3.) Skyloft Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewWant to gift her something that brings more punctuality in her along with style? Gift her Skyloft Analog watch. The two-person sitting with each other design in this watch will make her imagine that you are with her always.

The stainless steel belt is a comfort to wear. Zed black shiny color blends perfectly with dresses of most of the colors. Also, the unique design of flying birds which you can mostly get in expensive watches you get in this watch.

4.) Sonata Fashion Fibre Analog Black Dial

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewDoes your friend like a purple color? Most of the girls do! Sonata Fashion’s watch comes with a unique purple color on the belt and dark bluish-purple color on the watch’s display. These types of big numbers of watches are in fashion nowadays.

The easy dial is there to set the time, and the watch’s glass is made of fiber, so there is no worry even if the watch falls down. It is so smooth to wear and cause any sweating even after wearing it for a long period. Besides that, the watch is very low in weight.

5.) HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewIf you have a big budget to purchase something expensive to impress your friend, HolyHigh 115U is a smartwatch with a touch screen display. It is a fitness watch, which means your friend can utilize it while running, exercising, or while counting how many calories she burned. She can even check her heartbeat rate in it.

It supports date & time, sedentary reminder, smart alarm, auto-sync, camera shoot remote control, gesture control function, anti-lost, touch display screen. Fitness watches cost pretty high, but this one brings similar features, costing at least 500 rupees less than regular. Read Best fitness bands reviews for more choices in the same category!


Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 2 – JEWELRY


The whole world, sorry, the whole universe knows that girls adore sparkling jewelry. No worries, we aren’t recommending gold and silver stuff here! We’ve chosen exceptionally attractive jewelry items within 500 and 1000 rupees.

The benefit of gifting jewelry is that, firstly, it will add on to style, and secondly, your buddy will look double beautiful. Again, choosing the right jewelry is a daunting task, and if you buy something wrong, then the gift will be accepted, no doubt, but she will never wear it. It will be kept in a box forever!

We took some expert help here and did a little survey sort of thing on 120 girls aging 12 to 20. We displayed selected jewelry and asked them which all they would have liked to receive as birthday gifts.

On the basis of their decisions, selections, and our self-experiments, we chose the following jewelry items, which are perfect to be called the best birthday gift for best friend girl.

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
Matushri Art Temple jewellery Under 500 9.3
Zaveri Pearls silver Antique Necklace Under 500 9.0
Sasitrend German Necklace Earring Set Under 1000 8.9
Swarovski Silver Crystal Bracelet Under 1500 8.9
Yellow Chimes Diamonds Bracelet  Under 500 8.6

1.) Matushri Art Temple Jewelry of God Laxmi

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewMatushri Art Temple Jewelry is a great option to gift! It looks pretty like antiques, and antiques are so expensive, but as this is a copy, the rate is very cheap. It will surely suit every type of dress, especially traditional and Punjabi dresses.

People will surely notice her no matter she wears it at birthday party, marriage or other places. The Laxmi figure looks so fantastic with a German silver plated necklace & earnings.

2.) Zaveri Pearls Silver Antique Choker Necklace

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewNow here comes another Silver Plated antique necklace with two earrings from Zaveri Pearls. The necklace’s polish is decent and will not dull even after prolonged usage.

The design & details of this necklace give it an antique look, and I’m pretty sure that from ten people, 9 will surely think that it’s real. It looks heavy but really isn’t. Also, the buyer reviews are pretty decent; even some of them have already gifted it to their friends and received good regards.

3.) Sasitrends German Oxidized Long Necklace

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewAnother combo of necklace with earrings comes decently carved, looks traditional, and shiny silver material is suitable for every type of dress, especially the traditional ones. Even the earrings’ carving& design looks decent.

Easy to wear, not high in weight, the polish will remain for a long time, and also, it suits in trend. Yes, I know thinking about the price of something near to 5000 is obvious, but no, it’s under 800 only :).

4.) Swarovski Yellow Chimes Crystals Silver Bracelet

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewThinking about gifting a bracelet is a good thing, but a simple one won’t do! We advise you buying silver plated crystal designed fancy bracelets, which will definitely be appreciated by your buddy. Swarovski Yellow Chimes Crystals Silver Bracelet is the one you’re looking for, so many designs and creativity in just one bracelet.

Also, there are almost more than 30 types & colors available to buy. So, no worries, choose the favorite color. Not heavyweight, beautiful looks, colorful crystals, silver design, and what else do you need? As a bracelet, this is the perfect one to gift, fitting in budget.

5.) Yellow Chimes A5 Grade White Diamond Bracelet

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewAnother bracelet with glimmering shiny crystals with a cute heart placed in mid, which gives a loyal look. It looks so decent that your friend will start wearing it regularly. The quality is great; the shine is never going to dull. Also, the crystals will never come out of the bracelet, and it looks spiky from outside, but it’s smooth from inside. No discomfort to wear at all. The bracelet is durable, not delicate.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 3 – TEDDY BEAR


Moving further with our birthday gift ideas for best friend girl, here come teddy bears! Well, who doesn’t like a teddy? I got my first close female friend in middle school by gifting a cool adorable teddy bear, and she is still close friend, after these many years.

Gifting a teddy means your bestie is equated with flowers, and also, it’s a gesture of kindness. Love, care, tenderness, humanity, philanthropy, and certain other feelings are symbolized by gifting a teddy. Now, as we are talking about the Best birthday gift for girl best friend, a small regular teddy is not the choice. 

Buying a bigger one will cost pretty high (some cost near 15000 also). So, now what to do? No worries! 5 Super cute teddies we have chosen for you, under 500, 1000, and 1500 rupees, which are durable, and don’t get dirty easily!

None will get damaged either, but if your girl best friend is in the habit of kickboxing with teddies, then we can’t be sure that our recommended teddies will last that long!

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
Click4deal Soft Teddy Bear Under 1000 8.8
Frantic Stuffed Teddy Bear   Under 1000 8.7
Frantic Huggable Teddy Bear  Under 1000 8.7
Click4deal Big Life Size Teddy Bear   Under 2000 8.5
GURUDEV Stuffed Teddy Bear  Under 2000 8.5

1.) Click4deal Soft Teddy Bear with Neck Bow

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes a cute soft teddy from Click4deal. Small, big, and large sizes are present to select in Amazon. The teddy looks so beautiful & lovely with a striped design neck bow on it, especially the cream & goldish colored one. The weight is so light, and after washing, the color will not get dull. The fluffiness is great, and it is stuffed of pure cotton. Two red roses with this teddy, and it will be a deadly cute combo to gift.

2.) Frantic Premium Quality Huggable Stuffed Teddy Bear

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHugging a soft cuddly bear gives great satisfaction, and Frantic has made it perfect for doing so. Premium quality material usage has made it fluffy and soft. It comes with various colors like pink, red, light pink, fruity orange.

Not only hugging, but it will also be good at decorating her bedroom as well. It has a pair of shiny plastic eyes. It can be a wash, no worries, the color will not get dull. 3ft. & 4ft. Are available sizes to select.

3.) Frantic Premium Quality Huggable Teddy Bear

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewThis fur bodied teddy is extremely cuddly. It comes with an adorable nose, cute ears, and colorful bows. This soft teddy in her bedroom will give her endless hours of fun while reading books on it, hugging it, and playing with it.

Frantic has made it with premium quality material as usual. This vigorous teddy will protect her from getting bad dreams when she sleeps with it. Various types of colors are present to select, and it is simple to hand-wash. It also can be placed in order to decorate her room.

4.) Click4deal Life-Size Cotton Stuffed Teddy Bear

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes another large teddy from Click4deal. This pretty teddy comes in a light pink color and a brown neck bow. Other colors can also be selected on Amazon. Easily-washable as always, so soft & fluffy with a cute pair of eyes.

Sleeping with it will give her a great feeling. It can be decor with a red heart pillow with it and believe me. It will look so attractive. A cute teddy has a magical charm. She will surely love it.

5.) GURUDEV RT Stuffed Teddy Bear

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewGiant teddy with soft & fluffy fur is a great choice! The name of this bear that GURUDEV gives it is Pinku. Pink is made of toxic-free & top banded material. The size can be select between 2ft. to 6ft. Choose the color that you want for her; various colors are present.

It’s a life-size tubby, which can become a cool sleeping companion of your friend, and most importantly, it is skin-friendly. Trust me; she won’t feel alone!

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 4 – SHOES


As girls’ dresses vary, their footwear also varies. She needs different foot ware for different purposes, and I am sure something is missing in your best friend’s “footwear collection.” Just find out, and grab the opportunity to gift her suitable pair of shoes.

If she prefers stylish dressing most of the time, then she will have sandals and all, but does she have cool sports shoes? The meaning of saying is that gifting the right shoes is always suitable. Just make sure the size is correct.

Some philosophy says that gifting shoes are unlucky, and the person walks away from you. Well, let’s get more practical. Gifting shoes indirectly shows that you are down to earth.

If your best friend really prefers shoes, then trust me, nothing can be a better gift than a nice pair of shoes.

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
Krafter Women’s Canvas Boots Under 500 9.0
Denill Fashionable Sneaker Shoes Under 500 8.8
Asian shoes LR-23.jpg Asian LR-23 Shoes Under 500 8.6
Adidas Adiray Running shoes Under 2000 8.5
Feel it Comfortable shoes Under 500 8.5

1.) KRAFTER Women’s Canvas Boots

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewIs your friend interested in boots? Then KRAFTER Women’s Canvas boots will be great as a gift. They have provided a large variety of colors like snowy white with leather blue, black with white flower design, pink and red flower combination, etc.

All color types are present at the same price range. The boots are soft from inside and look decent from outside. The material used in it is durable as well as comfortable.

2.) Denill Comfortable & Fashionable Sneaker Shoes

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere come th4e ultimate bright white sneaker shoes from Denill. The color is so bright, and the star design with it is a deadly combo. Most girls are so happy with it, comfort is high, weight is like a feather, and it’s easily washable.

Other colors are also present, but in my opinion, white with golden stars is the best. No issue with the sole, the rubber of sole is soft to wear, which will keep her feet happy.

3.) Asian LR-23 Navy Blue Pink Canvas Women Shoes

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewLooking at people’s clothes, you know their style, but looking at their shoes, you know their class. Asians managed to make it as comfortable as possible. Light in weight comes with a combo of Navy blue and pink colors.

These shoes will give her a loyal look and will keep her feet happy always. Material is washable & durable. Your friend can likewise utilize it in sports exercises. Her running speed will surely fasten up with it.

4.) Adidas Women’s Adiray 1.0 W Running Shoes

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewAdidas is one of the best sportswear companies in the world. Just the name of Adidas shoes feels good. They made it all-rounder shoes as usual. These light in weight running shoes come in the new upper design, which is made low to ground along with faster three Stripes execution, which will help its overall appeal along with great fit.

The combination of Mesh underlay & Synthetic overlays ensures breathability as well as durability. Full Rubber outsole provides great durability. Red, blue, and purple colors are present to select. If your friend is a sporty girl, you should surely gift it to her.

5.) Leatherite Wedges Footwear for Girls

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHigh heel sandals add on to attraction at various places, at a party, marriage, any function, etc. and she can wear it casually as well. Pink leather looks fancy and so soft from inside. It will give her a modern style looks.

Two more colors are there, which are black &beige. The overall quality is great. It pretty much looks like high heel, but don’t stress; it doesn’t need any practice to walk with it. Especially, high heel height is 3.5 inches, which will make her taller.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 5 – BAGS


Here comes the fifth category of our birthday gift ideas for girl best friend ideas. Bags are versatile gifts, and also a gift that, most importantly, will be used. A bag won’t last for life, but it directly shows that you do care for her. 

The important thing is that the bag which you are buying for your best friend should be very comfortable, and should fit the needs. The bag is a sign of responsibility in life. Gifting a bag indirectly means that you trust your best friend that she is responsible for. If the bag that you purchased matches her personality, then what to say!

The bag needs to be good quality and long-lasting for sure. Besides that, it should be attractive.

There is no need to buy expensive leather bags. We’ll suggest “in budget” and long-lasting bags, and from the five bags mentioned below, at least one is going to match her personality.

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
Bizarre Vogue Cat Backpack Under 500 8.7
POLESTAR Noble Blue Casual bagpack POLESTAR Noble Blue Bagpack Under 600 8.6
TYPIFY PU Leather Bag Under 500 8.6
POLESTAR Hero 32 Lt bag Under 500 8.4
INKDICE Women's handbag INKDICE Women’s Office Handbag Under 800 8.4

1.) Bizarre Vogue Cute Small Cat Style Backpack

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere’s a cute bag with a cute cat smiling face with it. This pink, &cream colored backpack is perfect for teen girls. High-quality material is used by Bizarre as well as soft and light-weight is ensured for easy carrying.

The design of the bag is trendy and looks attractive. Hence, it will be perfect for a girl when she goes to school, picnic, and other such places. The bag is convenient to carry, buckles can be fitted as per desire, and the inner design of the bag is unique.

2.) POLESTAR”Noble Blue Casual bagpack (32L )

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewThis casual backpack from POLESTAR for the person who enjoys carrying her items with her on the trip. Made from durable grade polyester. The internal pocket is there for putting files & important documents, for there protection in rainy situations. This backpack has great functionality. She can adjust the padded shoulder straps as per requirement, which will help in carrying heavyweight items.

It looks decent in Navy blue and black color, a side pocket is there for putting water bottle. POLESTAR has provided 12 months of warranty and it measures 45 cm x 31 cm x 22 cm. If your friend likes to travel, then the perfect gift for her is POLESTAR”Noble Blue Casual bagpack.

3.) TYPIFY® PU Leather Teddy Keychain Backpack

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewNow, here’s a grey colored backpack with a cute teddy keychain on it. This bag is crafted using a unique material named PU fabric, which is pretty like artificial leather to make it look elegant and attractive. The same material is used in several expensive bags.

It comes with a unique design on the front, along with easy functionality. The back looks small from outside, but she can easily fit many items in it, space is large from inside. Durability is great, easily washable besides that; it hasnon-slip, sturdy, and comfortable top loop handle with adjustable straps.

4.) POLE STAR “HERO” Pink Black Casual Backpack (32 Lt)

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes a fashionable& party type backpack from POLE STAR. Dark pink with zed black color, This quality casual backpack gives a fashionable and modern look. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, and it is ideal for casual travel, day trips, school, and picnics.

Water-resistant material is used, which will save her essentials from getting wet. It has 2 spacious main zipper compartments, where she can simply keep her books in a comfortable way. A separate pocket is available for a water bottle. Overall, it is a decent backpack.

5.) INKDICE Women’s Office Handbag 

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewLooking for something that looks loyal and expensive? Well, INKDICE Women’s Handbag is made of PU leather which is of premium quality. The design is highly appreciable, and the handbag is perfectly suitable while going to shopping mall, cinema, restaurant, etc. It’ll give her a loyal look, and people will surely notice it.

It’s perfect for keeping the phone, cosmetics, documents, etc. The metal buckles and holders are durable and can be fitted as the desired size. It will reflect her modern and stylish personality. It will be a long-lasting companion of her. Check our Best American Tourister bag review for more supremem options.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 6 – SPA GIFT SET


Thinking about gifts for best friend girl birthday India, what about considering something like a spa gift set? Cool idea, yeah?

Now, a spa gift set is something that nobody is going to gift. It’s truly a unique gift. Again, not the long-lasting one, but she’ll use it, that’s more important. You’ll hardly get this idea either. However, before buying a spa set, make sure that she prefers using cosmetics and all.

If she loves bubble bath, or get body pampered by these cosmetics and relieve stress, then she’ll highly appreciate this gift.

The spa sets which we are recommending contain creams, lotions, face washes, scrubs, etc. which are tested skin-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals. We have trusted spa gift sets that look very attractive, expensive, and do good to the skin. Won’t you like that your cute friend always looks charming, young, and glossy?

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
BodyHerbals Orange Soap Spa Set BodyHerbals Orange Soap Spa Set Under 700 9.0
BodyHerbals Luxury Bath & Body Spa Under 1500 8.9
Khadi Natural Luxury Spa Kit Under 1500 8.7
BodyHerbals Rose Essentials Gift Set Under 1500 8.7
TRESemme Hair Nourish Set Under 500 8.4

1.) BodyHerbals Orange Soap Spa Set

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes the BodyHerbals Orange Soap Spa Set for girls, which is a great gift for her in all occasions like Birthday, Christmas, Diwali, New Year, etc. The Orange & Neroli Bathing Bar contains the ayurvedic blend of Neroli & Orange with other herbs that’s a luxurious cleanser for a perfect experience of bath. Face Terry Towel is made of super soft cotton fabric, it absorbs water rapidly.

Aroma Big Diffuser is there, which is is ideal for creating an exotic ambiance. The high quality Bath Puff is very soft and can softly remove tan & dead skin. Orange Potpourri provide a complete spa ambiance, she will feel fresh all day. Most importantly, all above mentioned products are made with 100% natural ingredients, no synthetic materials are used.

2.) Bodyherbals Luxury Bath & Body Hamper Skin Care Spa Set

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewIt’s a great Spa set with heart-shaped cover and includes various different cosmetics. 200ml of the strawberry shower is included. Besides that, smoothing skin conditioner comes with it.

Strawberry natural moisturizer lotion is provided, which is made of great coconut, soybean, sunflower, and almond. Cold presses Rose geranium massage oil is present, which will make her tension free and refreshing after she massages it to her body.

A high-quality Bath Puff is also there, which is decent to remove dead and tan skin. A top-quality aroma diffuser is great for creating an exotic ambiance, which is included in this Spa set. A great spa set, though!

3.) Khadi Natural Luxury Spa Kit

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewKhadi brings you the luxury Spa kit, which is a complete skincare set. It will not only remove the dead or tan skin but also will glow her skin. After using it, the skin will start developing fine lines, and besides that, it will fix her blemishes, dark spots in skin, wrinkles, etc. The Spa kit provides a bottle of Khadi Jasmine Massage Oil (210ml), a bottle of Khadi Papaya &Rose Face Scrub(50gms).

Besides that, a bottle of Khadi Tulsi & Neem Face and Body Wash (210ml) is included. A Khadi Lemon Soap (125gms) and Khadi Sandalwood Soap (125gms) are present in this set. These all are made of natural ingredients, which will fully repair her skin in a gentle way. Still, the cost is low!

4.) BodyHerbals Rose Essentials Gift Set

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes a full Body herbals Rose gift set from BodyHerbals. It will glow your best friend’s skin in a natural way and will provide her a rose fragrance all day. Rose shower gel (200ml) is provided, which is infused with soothing skin conditioners & pure essential oils, which helps her to brighten the complexion.

The Rose geranium bathing bar is of 100mgs, which is hand-made with a natural loofah and will remove her dead or tan skin. Rose’s facial mist (100ml) is present, which will brighten her skin and give a youthful look. Bath puff, geranium & rose body massage oil is provided, which has natural moisturizing and hydrating while geranium will help her skin to reduce cellulite through massage.

5.) TRESemme Nourish & Replenish Combo Pack

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewTRESemme is a well-known and top-rated brand in cosmetics, and they are providing this combo pack. A Shampoo bottle of 580ml and a Conditioner bottle of 180ml is provided. This combo of shampoo & conditioner is formulated with a botanical blend of camellia oil and olive oil, which nourishes and replenishes hair for a healthy, lustrous shine.

After every time she washes hair with it, it gently cleanses & nourishes hair.No parabens, no dyes, it is safe for color-treated hair. You’re also getting the Phillips hair dryer with this exclusive pack, which is highly durable and will dry your hair like a flash.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 7 – COFFEE MUG


Well, a coffee mug isn’t just a coffee mug. If there is a picture on it or a quote written on it, then it can play the role of a mood swinger. She’ll use it happily and regularly.

A coffee mug can be used for enjoying tea, hot milk, hot chocolate, making a mug candle, or even as a planter. A coffee mug lasts long (if the quality is good). There is a huge range of coffee mugs that you can gift, but the ones we have selected will make just give a 24 Carat smile to you after unwrapping.

We considered over 40 coffee mugs and chose 5 most appealing out of them.

If you are a little middle school kid, looking for buying a birthday gift for girl best friend under 100, then adding just a bit extra, you can get an amazing coffee mug with sweet messages written on them!

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
Camera Lens Coffee Mug Under 500 86
iKraft Unicorn Coffee Mug Under 500 85
BonZeaL Pokemon Coffee Mug Under 1000 83
Zokasa Sister Coffee Mug Under 500 81
BonZeal Hello Kitty Coffee Mug Under 1000 81

1.) Camera Lens 350ml Plastic Coffee Mug with Lid

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes the camera lens designed food-grade molded plastic coffee mug, which is highly trending due to its unique style. The mug is (35ml) and black in color. The design looks like a real camera lens. Its modern and uncommon design and you certainly will not find such type of mug in your nearby shops.

The durability is great of this mug, and from inside of it, stainless steel is used. A sturdy mug cap is there to simply open & close so that the coffee will stay warm. It will help her to put it in traveling, no chance of dropping coffee. Besides that, it’s 100% safe and BPA-free.

2.) Ceramic Unicorn Coffee Mug White (330ml)

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewThis cute white coffee mug is specially designed as a classy taste. It’s made with higher-quality ceramic, which will last long. The material is microwave and dishwater safe. The color is bright white, and the cute unicorn design is digitally printed, which will last long. The design is present on both sides of the mug.

The handle is comfortable to hold, besides that, “you’re amazing just the way you are” is written on it, which will show your feelings towards her. Gifting this mug will make her memorize you in the morning when she grabs it for the first sip! It’s truly a great birthday gift for a girl’s best friend under 200!

3.) BonZeaLPokemon Mug

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewA Pikachu is what every girl loves, and if the Pikachu design is present on a coffee mug, then it will increase the overall feel. This yellow & black Pikachu mug looks so attractive, especially the handle. It looks like Pikachu’s tail and is comfortable to hold.

She can show off her favorite Pokemon character mug to her friends, and her friends will feel jealous of her. The mug is durable, and it’s made of ceramic with a high gloss glaze.

4.) Zokasa She Is My Sister Coffee Mug

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewZokasa has made this mug with top-quality long-lasting ceramic, which is very durable. The quality of the print is great and will give a smooth, shiny finish after many washes. It has 300ml of liquid capacity and comes with a “C” shaped handle for a better grip on it.

This is a fully safe mug in all circumstances, no matter its Microwave, Refrigerator, Oven, Freezer, or Dishwasher. “Best friend? Nahh she’s my sister” is printed with two girls, it will show her that she is more than a friend, as a sister for you.

5.) BonZeal Hello Kitty Tumbler Glass Mug

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes one more mug from BonZeal. Hello, Kitty cartoon figure is printed on this pink colored mug, which is a famous cartoon, and it has so many fans. It’s suitable for a little girl mostly, but who knows your grown-up friend also loves toons?

The mug quality is decent in every sort. It has a large capacity of 920ml. Its color is pink, which suits every girl. A mug neck is there, which means she can carry it with her anywhere. Its inside body is made of stainless steel, which will keep warm her coffee for up to 8 hours. The print quality is superb, and this mug is modern in today’s world.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 8 – HEADPHONES


Moving further in our birthday gift for girl best friend India Reviews, we’ve reached our eighth category, which is “headphones!” I bet she loves music, and if she listens on earphones, then it’s a decent chance for you to gift her a stylish headphone! This is a thing to be used almost daily.

Most of the time, every single gift category has its own drawbacks, but gifting a headphone hardly has any drawbacks or any diverse impact.

However, as you are buying a headphone for a girl, make sure it isn’t too heavy. If she is a gamer, then a gaming headphone is a decent gift, but how many girls are serious gamers? Pretty less!

We’ve chosen attractive headphones, having impressive sound quality, and amazing looks. Even if you go with our wireless choice, it won’t go out of your budget.

Al of the following headphones will suit a girl’s personality!

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
iClever Hello Kitty Headphones Under 1500 9.1
Sony MDR-ZX110 Stereo Headphones Sony MDR-ZX110 Stereo Headphones Under 900 9.0
OneOdio Over Headphones Under 2000 9.0
Boat BassHeads 900 Headphones Under1000 8.7
Philips SHP 1900 Headphones Under 600 8.5

1.) iClever 2019 Hello Kitty Headphones

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewiClever BoostCare has specially built these headphones for hello kitty lovers. This headphone is trending nowadays, because of its unique style. This headphone is pink in color and has 2 cat ears on it, which are so attractive.

The sound quality is perfect. It will not damage her hearing. The retractable arms can be adjusted; the soft foam will take good care of her ears. The joining cable quality is great, and it delivers a clean & pure voice. The food-grade silicone material is used in it. It’s super cute, and it truly can be the best gift for the best friend girl on her birthday!

2.) Sony MDR-ZX110 Stereo Headphones (Black)

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewSony is a top-rated brand, and they are providing MDR-ZX110 On-Ear Stereo headphones, which is completely superb. Its user-friendly design and zed black color gives a look of headphone pricing 4-5k rupees. It comes with a responsive diaphragm, which helps it to deliver high, precise, and clear voice.

The cushioned earpads are so comfortable to hear songs for a long time without any issue. It can be compact to fit and can be bigger to set. The design is flexible. The frequency of this headphone is 12Hz to 22kHz, which is very powerful. A majority of people loved it after buying it on Amazon at a cheap rate.

3.) OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewOneOdio headphones come with powerful bass sound quality. There are two ports for pairing with various devices, one is (3.5mm), and the second is (6.35mm). Its shiny metallic pink color gives a DJ style looks. The sound quality is fabulous, and 90° swiveling earcups are present for easy moving & fitting with soft foam.

The headphones look large, but it’s so lightweight. It’s completely unbreakable with supreme comfortably. The 50-millimeter speaker is there, which delivers the finest bass-boosted sound with a clear voice. It’s a rich & loyal headphone with multiple features.

4.) Boat BassHeads 900 Wired Headphone

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes BassHeads headphone with supreme sound quality and highest comfortableness. This headphone comes in black color, and she will be deeply impressed with its performance. She will experience high-bass, powerful, and crystal clear sound with it.

Its design is compact and lightweight with loyal looks. Easy to adjust, and a mic is present, which is a decent feature at this price range. Boat BassHeads headphone is overall fabulous.

5.) Philips SHP1900/10 Headphones

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewDo you have a small budget? Gift her Philips SHP1900/10 Headphone for a better music experience at a pocket-friendly price. It’s a full-sized headphone to block outside noise. Enjoy the high-quality bass sound with comfortable foam coverings.

It looks better than several 3000 rupees’ headphones. Not only cool looks, but it’s also fabulous in durability & sound quality as well. It comes with 3.5mm jack. The frequency response of this headphone is 20-20000Hz. It will be a perfect choice as there is no other headphone with these many advantages at this price range.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 9 – GOGGLES


Oh yeah, now that’s a stylish gift. The biggest advantage is that hardly anyone won’t like goggles as a gift (until and unless you don’t choose something too fancy or weird).

Even if she has some goggles kept in her drawer, she will appreciate yours one, if it matches perfectly with any of her dresses. A good set of goggles will make her look more stylish.

It’s not important that you have to buy Ray-Ban only. There are several other highly attractive goggles to gift.

Unlike clothing, you can’t offend your best friend by buying the wrong size. A survey says, buying goggles for men is challenging, but for girls, it’s is as the chances are pretty high that they will like it.

Gift any of the following 5 goggles and make your friend look even more charming.

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
SojoS Fashion Mirrored Goggles Under 1500 9.0
SJ1030 Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses Under 1500 8.8
RazMaz Cateye Mirrored Women's Sunglasses RazMaz Cateye Women’s Sunglasses Under 600 8.8
La Victorie Aviator Goggles Under 700 8.6
Sheomy Womens Sunglasses Sheomy Womens Sunglasses Combo  Under 300 8.3

1.) SojoS Fashion Polarized Sunglasses

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewThese sunglasses from SojoS Fashion are absolutely fantastic. It comes with 4 different colors and two sizes (51mm) and (60mm). It has UV 400 protection for her eyes, and it will block from 100% of damage from harmful UVA & UVB rays. The glasses have HD polarized lenses, which will filter the sunlight rays fully.

Its frame will give her a loyal look with colorful flash mirrored reflective lenses. Stainless steel is used in it, and it’s completely unbreakable. The silicone nose pads are there, which are so smooth to wear. These glasses are trendy, and these will suit her style as well.

2.) Women Man Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere come the stylish & cool looking sunglasses with awesome design. These will keep her eyes healthy and will protect from direct sunlight rays. It’s built design will give her a heroic style looks with comfortable wearing. The overall built quality is awesome; the top-quality metal frame is used with soft nose pads.

She can also wear these in outdoor sports like cycling, traveling, shopping, hiking, etc. You can likewise switch the color if you want. Blue, pink, silver, and grey are the available colors, which all have great looks itself.

3.) RazMaz Cateye Mirrored Women’s Sunglasses

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewThese sunglasses are specially built to protect her eyes with a cooler looks. Its attractive pink cat-eye metal frame suits perfectly with its pink shade glasses. This combo will give her deadly cute looks.

It will fully cover her eyes from damageable UV rays, and Dual Anti- Reflection Layer is provided. Premium-quality unbreakable metal & glass are used in it and besides that, a majority of colors are there to select from.

4.) La Victorie Aviator Unisex Green Sunglasses

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere come the top-branded Aviator sunglasses. These are the most durable, and UV protection is great. These come with Zade color and golden frame, which is very rear to find. This color is different from all others; it will give her unique looks, which people will surely notice.

These unique sunglasses will suit every type of dress. The company is providing a hard & sturdy case with it. People are amazed after purchasing it, and they have written several good reviews with 5-star ratings in Amazon on it as it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

5.) Sheomy Womens Sunglasses Combo 

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewYou’ll love to know, this deadly combo of 2 great sunglasses are available at the cheapest price of 200, without any compensation with looks, comfort, and protection. Besides rich color and attractive shape, the most eye0-catching thing in these goggles are the unique frame design. The arms are attached with the lenses through “8” sort of silver shape, that’s amazing!

This style is used by all age groups. These goggles are made in such a way that for a round face, it shows a slim effect, making a face look longer. Besides that, these glasses are perfect for oval-shaped faces also. Composite blended nylon is used in the construction of lenses, which is 5 times more impact-resistant in contrast to plastic.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: Idea no. 10 – CREATIVE GIFTS


This is the last category of gifts for best friend girl birthday India!

Now comes the part of the gifts, where you can show that she is a special one for you by gifting something that definitely none has gifted. If you haven’t yet figured out the best gift for a girl best friend on her birthday, this part can help you out!

Many people prefer gifting handmade stuff, and that is highly appreciated also, but if you are stuck badly in a tight schedule and don’t have enough time, then we have some gift ideas for you, which prove to be equally appreciable.

We are here to make you stand out of the crowd of other friends, and give her a sense that it’s none other than you, who is her best friend. These gift ideas are full of creativity, and the chances are extremely high that she would love it. It will highly consolidate your friendship bond, an surely she will praise your smartness regarding choosing gifts!

Best birthday gift for girl best friend
Kavi The Poetry Art Project Under 1000  8.8
ITOS365 Jewellery Box Under 500 8.6
Sehaz Artworks Photo Album Under 500 8.4
Revo Lity Best Friends Necklace Under 2500 8.4
Anshika International Leather Diary Under 500 8.2

1.) Kavi The Poetry-Art Project

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere comes the Kavi birthday wishing bottle with a wooden base. This wonderful creation bottle amp with birthday wishes will deeply impress her. It will be great in home decoration, especially the bedroom.

The wooden base is there with a fitted holder, in which she can attach a bright white milky bulb in the bottle, which will glow it up. Its blue color lighting is so attractive, and the wires are 2.5 yards long. Gift it to your best friend, turn off the lights, and enjoy telling ghost stories! Boooo!

2.) ITOS365 Jewellery Box

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewITOS365 Jewellery box is perfectly hand-made with high-quality shiny wood. The size is 8-inch, and the width is 4-inch. It has two different compartments with a beautiful red base, in which she can keep her jewelry safe &well set.

It’s easy to open and close, weighing just 470 grams. The carved design on the top of this box looks antique & unique, which you generally find in jewelry boxes above 5000 rupees, but as it is a copy, you will get it at a cheaper price, although it looks pretty much original.

3.) Sehaz Artworks ‘HappyEveryday’ Photo Album

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewHere we have the “Happy Everyday” heart-shaped carved wooden photo album from Sehaz. It measures(22cm x16cm x4cm). The heart-shaped design on this album is very fancy & stylish with a red heart placed in the center of it. High-quality 30 black paper pages are there, in which she can decorate her photos. 

It will keep all her memorable and lovely clicks safe, which she doesn’t want to forget in life. The high-graded metal binding rings will keep all pages save, which will last long. It can truly be the best gift for a girl best friend on her birthday!

4.) Revo Lity Friendship Necklace

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewWant to gift something to her together with your other friend, which you want to last long and will be memorable for her. Revo Lity Friendship Necklace comes in three different silver plated necklaces, and if you join them together, then it shows “best friends forever” written on them. The material is durable, very shiny & attractive. It looks like original silver with one shiny diamond on each necklace.

It’s easy to join and lightweight to wear. This necklace is a unique &trendy. It will show your friendship that will last forever. If you have a friendship trio, then this necklace brings a strong hidden message that you three are incomplete without each other!

5.) Anshika International Leather Diary

Best Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend ReviewThis diary from Anshika International is made from super-quality original leather, which gives it a vintage &rich looks . It’s perfectly crafted from Rajasthan artists with premium quality materials that are durable & sturdy. It has a total of 100 premium-quality pages, in which she can simply write, sketch, calligraph, personal memories, etc. 

It’s totally hand-stitched, glue is not used, it will ensure that the pages will stay firmly in place. No acid is used, the leather is hand-made with natural oils. The open & close buckle looks so decent & antique. It will be truly a wonderful gift. It’s truly a very suitable gift for best friend girl on her birthday!

Best birthday gift for girl best friend: Things to consider

Start producing ideas. Get out a bit of paper and start working out ideas for the gift. Consider what actually your friend prefers in her hobbies and interests. Narrow the list to what kind of books, films, or music she likes.

Think about what kind of gift further you need to purchase for your best friend: an entertaining gift, a wistful gift, and so on. Keep these ideas at the top of your list as you keep on creating more ideas and narrow down your choices.

Gift something that blends with her personality


Pick a gift that blends with her personality. Utilizing the mental list of data that you noted, consider gifts that speak who they are as a person.

  • Buy your music-obsessed friend a nice album or a shirt from their preferred band’s product.
  • Get art or craft gifts for an artistic person. Consider art projects to complete they’d like to achieve, or about work that they haven’t finished yet.
  • Look for uncommon or particular group memorabilia for a sporty friend. Look for different games, things that others are probably not going to have.
  • Buy toys for her pets. Pets are always important to their owners. Once in a while, a gift for a pet can mean as much as a gift for their owner!
  • Continue to think something outside of the box. Keep in mind that regardless of what your friend’s interests are, your gift should to be thoughtful and interesting for sure.

Consolidate your friendship with a hearty letter

Compose a letter about how much you value a decent friend. At times, a meaningful message or letter can be more mindful if gifted with a physical item. Pair your letter with your gift, and you’ll unquestionably establish a connection. Try not to make it too long-winded, however!

  • Remember, less is something more, and if you make your letter excessively long, it might begin to appear to be sappy or untrustworthy.
  • If you are battling with length, consider what you esteem the most about your friend. You could even concentrate on a specific moment, similar to when they helped you in need.
  • With a hand-written letter, you can think about any of the DIY birthday gifts for girl best friends. It can truly do magic!

Figure out her requirement

Give them something they really need. Some of the time, in gift-giving, we go overboard considering how to give absolute the ideal gift. In any case, it’s progressively important to consider how the gift will affect your girl best friend, and whether it is something really valuable and meaningful to them.

  • For example, just because your friend truly likes cats does not imply that they’ll really need that set of cat magnets for their fridge.

Investigating on Social media

Keep in mind personal preferences. Consider things that they like or discussion about, regardless of whether it’s music, art, movies, or craft or sports. Consider any talent, hobbies, or pastimes they may have. Attempt to recollect that anything they’ve referenced needing in the previous weeks, or anything they’ve had their eye on.


  • Dig more if you realize that they like painting, attempt to see whether they have a preference: acrylic, gouache, oil, or watercolor.
  • Look at their social media profiles such as Fb, Insta, etc. They may have posted certain things that they have their eye on or devices that they believe are cool. Social media profiles can likewise give a superior idea of their interests.
  • Take a glance at their social media posts. If they post much of Star Wars, Avengers, or Harry Potter images, at that point, it’s simple to state that they like all these.
  • Tune in to check whether they notice anything they need. You may catch them discussing things they’d like to have while they’re around friends or coworkers. Observe the things they post on social media, as well.
  • For example, if your friend posts a picture of a particular cosmetics pack, and notices how she wished she had that pack, consider getting it for her!

How close are you?


Consider how close you are with the receiver of the gift. Check out how long you’ve known them, how enormous a piece of your life they are, and that they are so important to your future.

Best friends are meriting extremely meaningful, personal gifts that mirror your long periods of friendship.

Try not to give the person you have recently met or don’t know too well overly personal or costly gifts. Costly gifts may give them that you’re simply trying to impress them, while excessively personal gifts may appear to be extravagant.

Gift Wrapping

Find a great gift cover. Gift covers are exceptionally effective. You can utilize a gift in front of hearts if you are gifting her for their marriage, but doing that on the occasion of birthday won’t make a proper sense.

If it is her on birthday, you can utilize a gift wrap of balloons design or bell designed gift wrap. Or on the other hand, if it is your personal event, you can likewise make a gift wrap with yours and her pictures — just you and her.

Birthday Gift For Girl Best Friend: The Conclusion

We hope that now, your mind isn’t empty regarding gift ideas for the ocassion of your besty’s birthday! Let’s do a quick rivision of gifts. If her wrist is empty, then gift her Swisstone Analogue Pink Dial watch. If you think that gifting her jewellery will increase her beauty, then gift her Matushri Art Temple Jewelry Set.

A teddy has always been an adorable gift, so gift her Click4Deal Soft Teddy Bear, and she’ll hug this teddy, imaginating you, when you’re not with her. Gifting shoes is going to smart, but your choice should be perfect. We recommend you Krafter Women’s Canvas Boots.

If the last 4 gift choices didn’t please you, then what about gifting an attractiv bag? Grab Bizarre Vogue Cute Bagpack, and gift it to her! Now, this comes to very less people’s minds that a good quality spa gift set can highly please most of the girls on their birthday. BodyHerbals Orange Soap Spa Set can be an amazing gift here.

Now, do you want her to memorize you right in the morning? Gift her super attractive Camera Lens Plastic Coffee Mug then. Everyone loves music, and a good quality headphone  can definitely upscale th experience. iClever 2019 Upgrade Boost care headphone will be a super cute gift. Gifting SojoS Fashion Polarized sunglasses will explain her style statement.

Our biggest recommendation in the “creative gifts” choice is Kavi The Poetry-Art Project bottle lamp. Now, still if you have not selected a gift for her, then better God save you!

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