Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews
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  • Post published:April 13, 2020

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews: Battling summers isn’t that easy if you don’t have the right equipment and appliances.

It’s true that a window AC is a cheaper solution in contrast to a split inverter AC, but how will you choose one when features are so much matching!

Better believe us, there are 12 small and big considerations before buying a window AC, and on more baffling fact is that around 73% out of top 100 window AC models out there have weak condensers, which clearly means low durability.

So, what’s the window AC 1.5 ton 5-star price? How much energy and a 5-star model save, and is it better to buy a 3-star model instead of in case it’s available at around 5 thousand less? After all, what’s more beneficial, 1 ton, or 1.5-ton model?

No worries, our experts have analyzed over 6000 customer reviews, spent 314 hours in testing, and now we’re up with 13 Window ACs which no one can beat!

We’ll make you save your electricity bills so much that you never expected!

Keep reading for conquering the upcoming summer!


Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews
Best Window AC in India Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star 9.2 Under 35,000
Best Window AC in India Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star 9.0 Under 25,000
Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 9.0 Under 30,000
LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi 8.7 Under 35,000
Blue Star 0.75 Ton 3 Star 8.6 Under 20,000
Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star 8.4 Under 25,000
Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star 8.3 Under 25,000
Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 8.1 Under 35,000
Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star 8.1 Under 30,000
Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star 8.0 Under 20,000
O General AC 1.5 ton window 5 star 8.0
Under 40,000
Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star 8.4 Under 25,000
Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 8.8 Under 30,000

After cherishing the best window AC price list, let’s reveal the reviews!


Best Window AC in India

1.) Carrier Window AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star Review – Best window AC in India 1.5 Ton

Finding a window ac, as perfect as the Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC, is challenging. For this Carrier model, you’ll have to shed a bit over 30K, but the Performance will leave your mouth open! You never get a chance to complain in regards to durability, or rapid cooling.

Besides that, 5-Star marks mean saving tons of energy. The warranty is 1 year on AC, 1 year on its condenser, and 5 years on compressor. Let’s cherish the big benefits now!

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 9.2

Why should You Buy?

  • 150sq ft is what the makers claim that this ACV is capable of cooling rapidly. In our testing, we tried carrier 1.5Ton model in a room measuring 170 sq. Ft. and we were entirely pleased with its rapid cooling Performance.
  • This AC arrives with the Copper Condenser Coil, which is considered the best for any modern-day AC, as it elevates the cooling efficiency of an AC, and also decreases the requirement of maintenance.
  • Here, R32 is the refrigerator gas, leading to zero harm to the ozone layer.
  • The operating noise of this 1.5-ton model is 55 dB (as per hour testing), which won’t lead to any disturbance to anybody.
  • When you’re sleeping, this AC increases the temperature gradually and slightly, leading to no disturbance in your sleep. Very few ACs bring such convenience at this price.
  • There’s an exhaust lever, and when you push that, the AC relieves you from troublesome smoke and odor.
  • No issues will be there due to intermittent power cuts. Fortunately, Smart Time Guard is there for ensuring minimum compressor off time for 3 minutes before turning on.

The Final Advice!

Other 1.5-ton ACs which give competition to this model at a similar energy-saving point and feature actually cost much more (roughly 5K-7K more) than this one. So, it’s the top ranker in our Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews because it’s truly the best value for money, and brings all convenience that you expect.

Undoubtedly, the Carrier has done an impressive job here. carrier window AC 1.5 ton price is pleasing, and this model is highly recommendable, and so is the Carrier window AC 1 ton model, costing around 23K.


Best Window AC in India

2.) Voltas 1.5 Ton Window AC 3 Star Review – Best window AC 1.5 ton under 25000

Near to Blue Star window AC 1.5 ton price, you get the Voltas 1.5 ton window AC (With 400+ Amazon reviews), which has brought great relief in summers to many. Here also you’re getting highly effective Copper Condenser Coil, and many users have appreciated its rapid cooling.

Not just that, the experts also concluded that, the Voltas model is sturdier and more durable. The Voltas window AC 1.5 ton price tag will surely attract you! Let’s see what’s more:

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 9.0

Why should You Buy?

  • When the temperature reaches unbearable levels outside, this AC proves to be a savior! Is it burning 25 degrees c outside/ No issues, as even if you turn your Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC on at intervals, your room will be cool.
  • Not just the heat, but this AC relieves you form humidity as well. Such humidity can bring you certain skin-related issues, but this Ac will save you in such a scene.
  • Here, the manufacturer’s warranty is the same as our previous window AC.
  • You need not worry about this 1.5 Ton model regarding power consumption, as you’re getting the Eco Mode. It certainly saves your electricity bills.
  • Sometimes, you’ve entered your home after fighting with deadly heat outside. Don’t you look for rapid relief? Thanks to the turbo cooling mode of this AC, which will restore life back in you in such a situation.
  • The AC cuts of excessive power consumption and excessive cooling in the sleep mode, ensure great comfort while sleeping.
  • Various allergens, odors, dust, and numerous harmful particles will be removed by this AC to let you breathe fresh air.

The Final Advice!

There was no that much competiton among ACs at this price. The only model which was looking capable enough to compete with this one was haier window AC. However, voltas window AC price for features business seems more beneficial, and the performance was also better.

Even after being so cheap, this second-best Window AC in India is very smart and also capable of checking all failures and abnormalities and resetting automatically. 3 Star Rating for electricity saving is another deal supporting aspect here. So, better, don’t hesitate! To know Voltas window AC 1.5 ton 3 star price, tap the button below.


Best Window AC in India

3.) Voltas 1.5 ton 5 star window AC Review

Now Voltas is saying that we also have a 1.5 Ton AC, with 5-star rating, costing close to the recent AC! Yeah, that’s true, and that’s why you see 1000+ Amazon customer reviews.

A Samsung model was giving tight competition to this Voltas model in our testing Samsung window AC 1.5 ton price was on a higher side. Besides that, one of the main testing ground was rapid cooling, where this Voltas model beat Hitachi 2 ton window AC, and that was shocking for us!

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 9.0

Why should You Buy?

  • You won’t believe, 1192.12 Kilowatt Hours is the annual energy consumption! Certainly, you never need to bother that your electricity bills will climb high.
  • You can fit this Ac anywhere, and installation is so easy. You enjoy a Rotary compressor and glow light buttons. The same goes on with Voltas 1 ton window AC.
  • We talked to several users, and all were happy with low energy consumption. One user told us that after using this AC for a month (6 hours a day), the electricity consumption was 144 units only.
  • Amazon is providing great support for installing by providing easy instruction on your phone.
  • Adjusting Voltas 5 star window AC as per your comfort is too easy. The remote sensor is very strong, and also works form a good range.
  • Cleaning the dust inside the AC proves to be a hassle, but Voltas window AC 1.5 ton 5 star model won’t trouble you here. An Anti-dust filter is present, helping you in clearing the dust inside this air conditioner.
  • Auto-restart, Timer, turbo mode, and sleep mode are present, bringing you high-level comfort.

The Final Advice!

While testing, it’s active dehumidifier pleased us deeply. Actually, we tested all our AC’s in 150 sq ft. Bathroom, and regarding dealing with humidity, Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC was our experts’ top pick. The design is no fancy, but the list of features is long enough to attract you to buy this AC.

Not just for the summers, but this Ac is a great monsoon solution also! Besides that, it’s accurate in showing temperature also. This Window AC is a happy recommendation from us, and to know Voltas window AC 1.5 ton 5 star price, click the button below.


Best Window AC in India

4.) LG Window AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star wi-fi Inverter Review – Best Window AC in India for looks & features

Just look at this AC! Yes, again, this one is a 1.5 ton model with a 5-star energy saving rating, but the price is a bit high in comparison to average window AC price in India as you’re enjoying some modern features. The complaint percentage is very low.

Is this LG model durable? Certainly, it is, and in our testing, our experts claimed the same. Gone are those days when using an AC used to elevate your electricity bills to insane levels. Buying this AC means annual energy consumption of nothing more than 1106.26 units.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.7

Why should You Buy?

  • On the AC, a 1-year warranty is what you enjoy, but there is a huge 10-year warranty on the compressor and gas charging.
  • LG ThinQ & wi-fi features allow you to monitor as well as control your DUAL window inverter AC anytime and from anywhere.
  • Timely notifications help to maintain a clean and healthy filter.
  • Anti-corrosive Ocean Black Protection is there for expanding durability, and it’s specially designed for Indian ACs. The same goes on with LG 1 ton window AC.
  • Wider airflow and Top discharge outlet help in rapid and uniform cooling throughout the space.
  • The AC clearly displays CH 38 for timely maintenance and refilling in case LG 1.5 ton window AC finds that the gas levels are low.

The Final Advice!

If you want a window AC at lowest price, then it might not your choice, but if you are ready to shed a bit of more money, you’re getting much! This design doesn’t just look attractive but is highly functional and beneficial also. The operation is ultra silent! Tons of modern-day features are there to enjoy, and that’s why we say, the makers aren’t asking you for big money.

We happily recommend LG window inverter AC if your room is not over 180 sq. Ft. Just grab this AC, and feel the freshness all around you! To know lg window AC 1.5 ton price, tap the button below.


Best Window AC in India

5.) Blue Star Window AC 0.75 Ton 3 Star Review – Best Window AC in India for smaal room

This Ac provides you with everything you look for, after shedding equal to its price tag. This one year warranted AC brings a 5-year warranty for its compressor.

Customer reviews are amazing. R410A gas is the refrigerant gas here, which has no ozone depletion potential. Besides being Eco-friendly and pocket-friendly, this AC has much to offer you. It defeated Onida window AC in our testing, which costed higher.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.6

Why should You Buy?

  • 650 units are the per year energy consumption of this 1.5 ton AC and discussing ACs it’s pretty low energy consumption! You’re damn beneficial here!
  • The anti-corrosive flue fins maximize heat transfer and facilitate max heat transfer.
  • There’s a dedicated dry mode for you, which rapidly decreases the humidity levels in your room, bringing high relief, especially in the rainy season.
  • T copper condenser coil is there. Hence, cooling takes place much rapidly than you expect. Low maintenance is another benefit.
  • There’s a Comfort Sleep feature for sensing a variation in indoor temperatures intelligently. It further adjusts the temperature in accordance to make you feel comfy throughout the night.

The Final Advice!

It’s sure that you won’t get the world’s best air conditioner at around 17K, but certainly, Blue Star 0.75 Ton 3 Star Window AC brings the max convenience at this price. We need to mentioned this, Blue Star has been too generous. Amazon reviews are flooding joy, and surely, this window AC is not a” let go” thing. To know Blue Star window AC price, tap the following button.


Best Window AC in India

6.) Hitachi Window AC 1 Ton 5 Star Review – Best window AC 1 ton

Talking about ACs, and Hitachi doesn’t mark its presence, that’s simply not possible. Again it’s a 5-star energy saver Window AC, costing around 25K, that has earned great user reviews. This brand has highly impressed us no matter what model and what product it is. We tested all models in the top window AC 1 ton 5 star price list, and this model impressed the most.

Now talking about this easily installable and highly convenient AC, firstly its 58dB silent operation wins our hearts, and besides that, it’s powerful cooling Is also there to appreciate. Surely, Hitachi 1 ton window AC price will attract you.

From Hitachi, this is the only model in our list. The very popular Hitachi 1.5 ton window AC 3 star model is something that didn’t please us in our testing, so we’ve not included that one here.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.4

Why should You Buy?

  • Its Pre-coated aluminum fins ensure this 1 ton window AC 5 star model’s longevity. The aluminum coating doesn’t let rusting or corrosion to hit the fins.
  • The Koukin filter will keep the cool circulated-air healthy, not allowing bacteria do not amalgamate in this AC, as being antibacterial, it ensures that your family’s overall health is maintained.
  • Powerful mode helps to cool your room much faster as the fan’s speed hits the max in this mode. This further allows you to enjoy a super cool temperature in no time.
  • Hitachi window AC price is appreciated by everyone. On that basis, this model dominated over all other AC models in our testing. Considering price and efficiency, only LG window AC 1 ton price was somewhat close. Still, this Hitachi model is a much better deal.
  • If you believe in judicious usage of electricity, then you’ve got the Kaimin feature here, ensuring no wastage of electricity. AC’s temperature will automatically increase, and it will set the temperature one degree up per hour for maintaining the comfort level.
  • Auto Climate Technology lets the AC recognize humidity and temperature in your city. Thus, the AC unit adjusts the fan speed and temperature as per your requirements.
  • The Automatic fan speed feature enables the AC to adjust the fan speed automatically for comfort, depending on the device’s running stat. Now, once the set temperature is hit, the fan speed slows down to a lower level.

The Final Advice!

If you are getting features like Filter Clean, Indicator, Auto Mode, Cool Mode, On/Off Timer possessing Advanced Start-Up, Precoated, Aluminium Fins, Auto Fan Speed, Dry Mode, Kaimin Function, 43 Quality Tests, Auto Power Save Mode, Wireless LCD, Remocon, Low Derating (10% better Performance in extreme Summer), etc. then you aren’t left desired! You’re getting more than the price!

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC is a highly recommendable one! To know Hitachi window AC 1.5 ton price, click the button below.


Best Window AC in India

7.) Carrier Window AC 1.5 Ton 3 Star Review

Here’s a wonderful cheap cheap window AC from Carrier, which has pleased many. Generally, when the plan of buying an AC pops in your mind, then two things come us as big bothering. One is expense, and the other is electricity consumption.It defeated Godrej window AC in our testing.

With this AC, you go bother free in all three departments – energy efficiency, cost, and features. Previourly, window AC 1 ton 5 star price pleased you! Now, does the price and features of this one impress? Let’s dive deeper:

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.3

Why should You Buy?

  • Even in such cheap AC, you’re getting a Copper condenser coil, increasing the capabilities of this 1.5 Ton model, and lifespan also.
  • If you want a highly featured energy-saving AC, it will cost high, and if you reverse that, then the AC sucks much energy, increasing your concern.
  • The compressor is a very crucial element in any AC, and you can also call it the center point of complaints. Fortunately, the compressors in Carrier AC models are very dependable, and this 1.5 Ton AC stands in the same queue.
  • The dust filters of this 3 Star AC work very well, making cleaning easy for you.
  • The fan motor provides you three speeds, so it’s all upon you whether you want instant cooling, slow, or average cooling. That makes this AC favorable for all conditions.
  • Carrier window AC price has pleased everyone!
  • The operation noise of this Carrier AC is 56dB, and most of the much expensive ACs operate at the same noise level. Most importantly, with time, certain heap ACs start making higher noise while operating, but this Carrier AC won’t trouble you that way.
  • You can use its energy saver mode for saving power by shutting the fan when its compressor is switched off.

The Final Advice!

We were entirely pleased with Carrier 1.5 Ton AC’s testing results. We have to accept that the makers have done a tremendous job. Besides that, Carrier always listens to its customers after the purchase.

NB water leaking or high noise issue, and the quality of remote is also impressive. Undoubtedly, Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC is a sturdy and dependable AC, entirely worth the money! To know the cost of window AC, tap the button below.


Best Window AC in India

8.) Voltas Window AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star Copper Review

This is another 1.5Ton 5 star AC from Voltas. The warranty is also the same. Here, 1111.97 units are the annual energy consumption of this AC. Didn’t that bring relief to you? Regarding features, nothing is missing. It’s powerful and rapid cooling has won many hearts, and its consistency is another thing worth praising.

Besides this one, Voltas window AC 1 ton price was also low enough to make us recommend that model as well. this brand is really doing amazing, especially in the field on electricity saving. Besides this 1.5 Ton, the Voltas 2 ton window AC is also very impressive on the same grounds.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.1

Why should You Buy?

  • This AC operates at 54dB, and while our testing, we ran it on turbo mode, where it was making no noise more than 52 dB. That’s why it’s a sweet AC for your bedroom and Office.
  • The remote is big enough in size, and so are the buttons, which means at night. Also, you won’t face difficulty in making various settings—also, the buttons of its remote glow.
  • This AC is capable of working in a wide range of 100-290 V, and that saves AC against voltage fluctuations.
  • The indoor humidity sensing ability of this AC is appreciable. If your room’s air is moist, you don’t need o worry, as this AC will balance that very well.
  • This 1.5 Ton AC automatically detects in case any failures or abnormalities are there. Certainly, that’s smart!
  • The Steady Cool Compressor of this AC ensures steady cooling as well as steady savings.

The Final Advice!

In short, this Window AC has everything to bring you all comfort. Besides bringing great relief in summers, this AC will highly please you in monsoons also. The antibacterial filters maintain your room’s air freshness.

While testing, we kept this AC at 26 degrees for straight 7 hours, and you’ll be amazed to know, only 3 units were what is consumed during that time. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5-Star Window AC is entirely worth purchase.


Best Window AC in India

9.) Lloyd Window AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star Review

Firstly, besides low Lloyd window AC price, there are certain other advantages. By specifications, this Lloyd window AC looks pretty much like the other ACs we discussed here. However, there were certain qualities, due to which we added it here in the list, and we can call it an entirely dependable AC.

However, Whirlpool window AC is also highly recommendable one, still, this Lloyd model is much more promising. Users are happy with their durability.

If we have to pick the best motor out of all the window ACs that we mentioned, we’ll go with the one inside this AC. Well, what’s so fascinating about this motor? Let’s explain:

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.1

Why should You Buy?

  • The BLDC motor in this AC provides you a power-packed performance and never lets you complain. Besides being dependable, it consumes 30% less power. In contrast to the conventional motors, this BLDC motor is almost 30% more effective.
  • The self-cleaning feature of this AC automatically cleans the evaporator coil for preventing fungus, bacteria, and dust. The same feature you find in the Lloyd window AC 1 ton model.
  • Humidity is such a killing thing, and especially if your city is located in the coastal region, then bearing summers becomes so hard. This AC comes with a wonderful dehumidifier feature, bringing you high-level relief in such hot and moist conditions.
  • You get the self-cleaning feature in this window AC, which does the job of automatic cleaning for preventing fungus, dust, and bacteria.
  • The copper coil of this AC helps in increasing the refrigerant’s flow. So, the heat transfer rate is faster in contrast to conventional aluminum coils. Also, high pressure withstanding capabilities are high.

The Final Advice!

This is a sort of AC, which ensures a very low maintenance cost. Besides that, again, energy consumption is low. Most importantly, all the functions of this AC are consistent and work the exact way explained by the manufacturers.

Does it cool rapidly? Yes, it does! Regarding value for money, we just wanna say, you won’t be left with complaints or regret after buying it. To know Lloyd window AC 1.5 ton price, tap the button below.


Best Window AC in India

10.) Blue Star Window AC 1 Ton 3 Star Review

Now, here is the AC for smaller rooms! Yes, if your room or office measures anyway below 120 sq. Ft. Then we advise, better don’t go with any 30-35K ACs, as this 23K rupees thing will please you to the deepest. This Window consumes just 897.96 units in one year.

Concerning warranty, 5 years’ support is there for the compressor, while the AC itself comes with the 1-year warranty support. Undoubtedly, Bluestar 1.5 ton window AC is also amazing, but here, let’s discuss the more successful and more impressive 1 ton model.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.0

Why should You Buy?

  • Operating at 53dB, this AC never lets anyone complain regarding high operating noise. Even after years of purchase, its operating noise level won’t rise.
  • Blue Star AC’s outdoor units are 100% copper, which are precisely designed for ensuring maximum efficiency of the cooling system.
  • This AC Intelligently senses variation in your room temperatures and further adjusts the same automatically, hence, bringing you comfort and relief.
  • You get a Specially Designed in-built ‘PCB Metal enclosure’ to protect the PCB circuit’s electrical components from heat damage.
  • The anti-freeze thermostat on this AC’s indoor coil is a great safety feature. It stops the compressor while the AC is set at a pretty low temperature and runs in cool mode. That prevents frost formation on the heat exchanger. That way, it protects the unit.

The Final Advice!

This window AC is truly smart and amazing. It’s programmed with the ‘Self-diagnosis’ feature for alerting you of a fault in operation immediately. Certainly, Error codes make troubleshooting issues easy and you can have this AC up and running immediately.

Its intelligent cooling is worth praising, and all those good qualities make Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC a very suitable purchase. To know the blue star window AC 1 ton price, tap the button below.


Best Window AC in India

11.) O General window AC 1.5 ton 3 Star Review

This is the third last model in Best Window AC in India review, and there was a tight competition between an LG model and O General’s model. However, LG window AC price was on the higher side, and regarding built quality also, our experts were more confident with the O General’s model.

We’ve actually kept it on the 11th spot in this review just because of a bit high priced, but it’s also the truth that O General window AC 1.5 ton specifications highly impress you, and so does the build quality.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews Score: 8.0

Why should You Buy?

Let’s go in details

  • This model is a huge energy saver, due to which many users appreciate it, and the O General window AC 1 ton model also carries the same quality.
  • This Ac brings many features and high-level convenience.
  • The presence of sleep mode and dry mode add on to your convenience. These are special modes for night time and a humid atmosphere.
  • O General window AC price seems a bit high, but you can read customer reviews mentioning that the AC is super sturdy, makes very low operating noise, and delivers great performance.
  • The auto swing and auto start are other very impressive modern features that prove your investment right.
  • The AC comes with a special exhaust command feature, and in addition to that, you get a smart time guard also.

The Final Advice!

Talking about convenience, there’s nothing to mention under negatives, and the customer reviews also push you towards buying this AC. After complete 13-step testing, our expert concluded that investing in this AC is the right thing to do. We also tested O General window AC 2 ton, and that was also a recommendable thing.

However, considering value for money, then it’s better to go with this 1.5 Ton model, but if your requirement is for a larger room, then definitely go with the 2 ton Model. Wanna know O General window AC 1.5 ton price? Just tap the button below.


Best Window AC in India

12.) Hitachi RAW511KUD 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC Review – Best window AC in India

The Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC is such an economical choice, and also it’s pretty easy to install. The coverage area is equal to our previously discussed AC, and cooling capabilities are also matching. This one is 5-star rated as well, and the same is the warranty.

This AC is costing around equal to our previous AC model, but are the basic qualities are matching? Yes, definitely! Internal components quality, and durability are reliable. The durability of this AC is expected a bit more than our previous model by the experts. Also, this one is of 1 ton, while that cool model costing really reasonable.

Let’s go in Details!

What's there in the package?
  • AC Unit
  • User manual
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card
Why should You Buy?
  • The remote control range of this AC is very impressive and works form a good range.
  • Operating noise is always a concerning factor when you buy a cheap AC. Those are mostly loud, but not Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC. It operates at 50dB only.
  • This is an 1030 Watts AC, and it saves much energy.
  • This AC provides outstanding cooling and can work even if it is 52 degrees Celsius outside.
  • For ensuring that this AC is fully functional and highly efficient, this model goes through 43 quality checks in total!
  • Intelligent technology is used for ensuring better air circulation. 300 CFM is the speed. 300 cubic feet per minute is the rate at which air gets circulated in the room. That means you attain instant cooling.
The Final Advice!

Louver movement and auto-swing ensure wide-angle airflow, which further brings quick and uniform cooling. The self-evaporating system helps in maintaining high efficiency. You’ve got all luxuries that an expensive high-quality AC provides, just the coverage area is smaller in comparison to those expensive ACs. If your room/office is small, then buy Hitachi RAW511KUD 1 Ton Window AC (3 Star) and save money! It’s truly the Best Inverter AC in India considering energy efficiency at this price.


Best Window AC in India

13.) Voltas 1.5 Ton Window AC (5 Star) Review

Surely not the best air conditioner in the world, but at this price, Voltas 1.5 Ton Window AC (5 Star) is the best window AC for you to buy. With 1.5 ton capacity, it carries 5-star energy saving ratings. The warranty is Compressor = 5 years and AC = 1 Year.

The AC is perfect enough for providing you instant relief by 50 degrees C heat. It was the best air conditioner in India 2016 regarding sales! Most importantly, the AC is very accurate as per the temperature it shows.

Let’s go in Details!

What's there in the package?
  • AC Unit
  • User manual
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card
Why should You Buy?
  • It comes with the ability to sense the indoor humidity and controls it pretty well when it’s high.
  • The Copper condenser coil of this AC is very durable and continuously delivers efficient cooling. In case of high heat, you can use its Turbo mode, which will make the fan work faster and bring instant relief.
  • It perfectly removes dust, odors, allergens, and other various harmful particles from air for providing you cool and fresh air.
  • This AC is smart enough to detect abnormalities and failures and further reset automatically.
  • You enjoy multiple modes for controlling temperature, and also there are almost all control keys present on AC. The installation is no hassle.
The Final Advice!

The cooling is very effective, and there are no post-sales hassles. As it carries 5-star energy saving ratings, it’s understandable that it is saving higher money than most of the other ACs. Most importantly, AC operates silently. It’s a sweet bedroom AC, that will undoubtedly serve for long. Voltas 5 Star 1.5 Ton Window AC ensures the true return of your money! It’s the best air conditioner 1.5 ton for the mid-level budget.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews: Buying Guide

it’s necessary for you to know how a Split Inverter AC is different from a window AC, and what suits better for you. Besides that, don’t yu think you need do deeply cherish the buying considerations, as it’s a big investment? So, in our Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews, we’ve added a splendid buying guide, which solves every singly buying-related doubt in your mind.

Benefits of Window AC

Let’s know the benefits of having a Window AC:


Low Cost

For most of the buyers, window AC rate is the biggest consideration. The first major benefit that window air conditioners have is their reasonable price. Not only they’re fairly reasonable to buy, but also, they are entirely affordable for working on a monthly basis.

For helping you with narrowing down how much a window air conditioner is going to cost, you first have to figure out the area of your room that you want to cool as well as the BTU’s required for that size space.

The bigger the room, the more BTU’s are required for efficiently cooling that space. The higher the BTU capacity a window air conditioner unit has, the more expensive it tends to be. all models in our Best Window AC in India review are true value for money.


Extremely Energy Efficient

This is the essential advantage you will get from the window air conditioner. In case you need to remain cool without going through a ton of cash, at that point, a window AC unit may simply be the ideal system for you.

Mostly, window air conditioners have an extraordinary energy efficiency ratio (EER) that gives you a superior comprehension of the amount they cool compared with how much energy they need to run. For truly maximizing your energy savings, we suggest you go for a window unit with a high EER rating.


Can be installed easily

Another advantage of a window air conditioner is the simple installation process. While the procedure may differ slightly, relying upon the model you get, it’s a fairly straightforward procedure and something that can be effortlessly accomplished, even by those who believe themselves handy.

All the parts and instructions for installing the window unit will be included with it upon buy. From that point onward, it’s just a matter of following the step-by-step instructions. For installing this type of air conditioner, we suggest you take help from another individual. It’s not necessary, but certainly helpful.

Furthermore, installing a window air conditioner all alone is another way to save cash, as there’s no need for hiring a handyman or HVAC expert for doing the work.


Doesn’t Take Up Floor Space

Since they are specially made to fit inside a window, this type of air conditioner doesn’t take up any area in your home. This a big advantage in case you live in a small house or need to cool a little room. Portable air conditioners, (… … fans… ..), and other cooling alternatives can take up your important floor space.

The window air conditioner sits on the outskirts of your room, so it goes unnoticed and doesn’t meddle with the activities in the room. This little impression will absolutely interest numerous individuals and should definitely be considered when looking for an air conditioner.


Great for Supplemental Cooling

Supplemental cooling is a well-known strategy, which homeowners use for saving money on their energy bills while keeping a solitary room at their desired temperature.

The point of view behind this procedure is why use a central air conditioner for cooling your whole home, including rooms, which no one is using, when you can use a supplemental air conditioner for cooling the room, which you’re currently using, for example, a bedroom at night, office or playroom during the day. All models in our Best Window AC in India reviews provide powerful cooling.


Window Air Conditioners are an ideal fit for this!

In case you’re a homeowner who is looking for slashing off the energy bills, at that point, you might need to think about after this system. The amount of cash you will save on your energy bills will quickly pay for the low cost of the Air conditioner unit, and afterward, keep on saving cash for a long time to come.

This cooling system can also increase the overall life of your central air conditioner as you’re not using it as much as you commonly would.


Multi-Functional for Year-Round Use

Numerous window air conditioners accomplish something other than providing cool air. There are numerous window units available, which can give both heating and cooling to your home. This double function makes it an extraordinary unit for all year use.

At the point when combined with the supplemental methodology referenced above, you currently have a viable way of cutting your energy bills throughout the entire year. Regardless of whether you’re in the height of summer heat or the depths of a winter freeze, you will always be able to control the temperature in your home without spending too much.

There are also some window air conditioners, which serve as an air purifier. These units regularly come with anti-microbial or HEPA filters for helping reduce odors, allergens, and other airborne particles, which can negatively affect your indoor air quality.

These units allow you to remain cool, yet also breathe pure, clean air. This can go far in preventing the spread of germs and different illnesses, particularly for those who suffer from elegies.



Portability is another advantage you can get from a window air conditioner, as it is not difficult to move your window unit from room to room. Also, we’ve tested numerous window ACs, and they all were easily portable and can be shift easily since they are easy to install.

However, window air conditioners are ideal for non-permanent residences, for example, apartments or dorms, since they can be reinstalled anyplace there is a window. Unlike central air conditioning, this can positively be an advantage for anyone who might be moving to another home or loft, as you can easily take the unit with you.

This benefit makes the purchase of a window air conditioner even more cost-effective since you won’t need to buy another unit when you move.


Can Be Used in Many Places

The window AC unit can be used in a wide range of places. Here is a quick list of places in which they are normally found.

Apartments & Sublets: Temporary or non-permanent housing is an extraordinary place for using a window air conditioner. You’re able to appreciate it and can take it with you to reinstall in another area when you move.

Dorm rooms: It’s normal to see a window air conditioner in a dorm room. They work incredible for students for keeping their room at their desired temperature, and also the college doesn’t need to install & maintain a central air conditioner. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Bedrooms: Everybody needs to be comfortable while sleeping. In fact, it’s an important component for getting a good night of sleep. Following the supplemental cooling strategy, it’s normal for homeowners to use the window air conditioner unit in their room. This allows them to remain cool as well as getting a restful night.

Offices & Small Businesses: Depending on the office condition you work in, it’s maybe in every case too hot or too cold or never quite comfortable enough. It tends to be hard to find the correct temperature to make an office full of individuals happy.

However, this becomes even more complicated in case you have a small business, which has customers keep coming and going. A window air conditioner is a simple & cheap solution to help to keep everybody comfortable.

Window ACs Buying Guide: Major consideration

Window air conditioners are intended to cool one or numerous rooms that don’t approach satisfactory cooling. There’re numerous factors to consider when buying a window air conditioner, similar to maintenance and size. For learning more, here are five major points when looking for a window AC:


Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity must be your first consideration before purchasing a window AC. let’s tell you, cooling power is estimated in British Thermal Units, or BTUs, every hour–the essential proportion of warm energy. For the best effectiveness and efficiency, stay with a unit that has a BTU level intended to accommodate your space.

A window air conditioner having too little BTU force will run continuously to attempt to cool a huge space and, in the process, will eat up much of your energy budget. A window AC that is too huge for your space won’t cool and dehumidify your space equally, leaving your room air susceptible to uncomfortable cold and hot pockets.

For a more detailed measurement, keep in mind these factors, as well:

  • Ceiling Height — The measurements above expect traditional 8 feet ceiling heights. You might need to build your BTU level if your ceilings are higher than 8 feet.
  • Sunlight — Is your room sunny during the day? Assuming this is the case, increment your BTU power by 10 percent.
  • Number of People — Will multiple individuals normally consume the room? For every extra individual, you’ll need a minimum of 600 BTUs of cooling capacity.
  • Kitchen — Will you install your window AC in a kitchen? If so, increment the capacity by 4,000 BTUs.


Most window AC models are intended to fit inside standard double-hung windows. In any case, numerous models can also be installed inside a uniquely made wall space with exceptional mounting hardware. This is a helpful other option if your window’s measurements are excessively little or excessively huge or in case you don’t have vertical band windows.

Estimate the measurements inside the window outline exactly, giving unique consideration to the width. At that point, search for the base and most extreme window width measurements recorded in the AC’s determinations. Don’t take stress if your model doesn’t extend to fit your window frame perfectly.

All window air conditioners accompany installation kits, which incorporate side curtains for sealing off the additional room left on every side of the wall opening or window.

At the point when totally installed–whether in the window or through the wall window air conditioner can sit level inside the opening, with the warm air exhaust system facing outside and the cooling system facing inside.

Also, numerous window air conditioners feature a slide-out chassis as well as a rough mounting sleeve that secures and stabilize the unit while giving you simple access to it for upkeep. All window air conditioners accompany detailed, simple-to-follow guidelines for installation.


Electrical Requirements

Since window air conditioners are more powerful when compared with other basic household appliances, ensure your current electrical system meets the requirements of a unit’s electrical necessities. Most room air conditioners work on 115-, 125-or 220-volt circuits.

Air conditioners with cooling capacities underneath 15,000 BTUs, for the most part, run on standard residential (115-125-volt) circuits. Window air conditioners with cooling capacities over 15,000 BTUs, for the most part, run on 220-volt circuits. Having these models, you will require to install special electrical wiring or search out an electrician to help you.


Energy Efficiency

Generally, the ideal window air conditioners are a more affordable decision than central air conditioners. They cost less to buy and–if sized correctly–are less expensive to work over the long haul. To check a unit’s energy efficiency, search for two things in the item’s determinations: Energy Star rating or EER number.

Energy Star-rated room air conditioners utilized roughly 10 percent less energy when compared with similar models and set aside your cash on working expenses. These efficient ACs also have features, which give you better authority over energy output and operation.

These incorporate programmable timers, advanced thermostats, and various cooling speeds. Most states also offer discounts for clients who buy the Energy Star model. An EER (or Energy Efficiency Ratio) estimation tells you what number of BTUs the unit utilizes for each watt of intensity.

Use this as a general guideline: the higher the EER, the more efficient the air conditioner. You should search for a room air conditioner, which has an EER of minimum 10.0 for the best energy-and cost-savings.



Window air conditioners need periodic maintenance for keeping them in top condition. They can be defenseless against outside dirt & debris, which can accumulate inside or on the back. Also, residue and particles will develop on the AC’s air filter over time. Whenever left untreated, these things will, in the end, consolidate to decrease the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

To guarantee a long-sting operation, clean it all together at least ones every year. A window AC with a slide-out chassis makes this advantageous in light of the fact that you should easily slide the unit out to access it. Most air filters are launderable with mild soap & water. For particular maintenance tips for your model, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Types of Air Conditioners

However, in our Best Window AC in India reviews, we have targeted a specific type, but it’s important for you to know about various AC types.There are 5 types of Air conditioners accessible as of now, read the beneath section for knowing how would they work:


1. Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are independent units that are regularly placed in a window. They can also be installed by making a gap in an outside wall of a room, anyway, we suggest against adding at the DIY opening to your home. Window air conditioners are generally helpful for apartments and single-level homes.

They come in a wide range of sizes and builds for fitting a variety of window types. The larger the unit, the cooler air will be generated. Notwithstanding, the cooling capacities of window air conditioning units are limited because of their little size and static area.

Window air conditioners are normally the most cost-effective AC system to buy. However, their air output can be limited. To get around this confinement, numerous individuals use various window units in their homes. In case you place one on each side of your home and use fans to flow the air, you can cobble together a reproduced central air system.

However, this wouldn’t be the most reasonable system from an energy efficiency standpoint because this would consume a large amount of energy. Window units are also relatively little and can be moved to your new home in case you move.


2. Air Source Heat Pumps

The air source heat pumps are an energy-efficient and low maintenance cooling solution for homes, which have ductwork. The installation cost of the air source heat pumps can be high; however, the running and maintenance costs are low.

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps use electricity to move warm as well as cold air around a home, as opposed to consuming fuel to do as such. Throughout the mid-year, a heat pump system focuses the warm air inside your home and dumps it outside. Throughout the winter, a heat pump brings thought warm air from outside and conveys it into your home.

Commonly, perhaps the best advantage of a heat pump system is they’re more energy-efficient than other air conditioning systems. Nonetheless, heat pump systems are best in mild atmospheres.

Obviously, hot summers and freezing winters are definitely not gentle. Yet, fortunately a heat pump can be used in tandem with the center HVAC system for increasing efficiency.


3. Central Air Conditioners

With regards to air conditioning systems, central air units are considered the most extravagant as they can cool each room in your home at the same time and do so discreetly. They are comprised of two units: the condensing unit, which is situated outside the home and the evaporative unit, which is situated next to the furnace.

Both units are associated with each other through refrigerant tubing. The consolidating unit is responsible for producing the cool air that is impelled into the evaporative unit. The evaporative unit at that point pushes the cool air all through your home using the furnace duct system.


4. Ductless Air Conditioners

No ventilation work in your home? Don’t worry about it! Ductless air conditioners, otherwise called a split system or smaller than usual split systems, are a typical cooling solution for apartment dwellers/homeowners with no ventilation work in their homes, who are searching for a more permanent cooling arrangement than window air conditioners.

Ductless air conditioners are included two little air molding units that can be installed on the inside walls of your home. Refrigerant tubing associates both systems by passing through the walls, which separate them. One terminal is situated on the outside of the residence.

This terminal fills in as the air generator by gathering cold air and sending it into the home through the refrigerant tubing. On the interior of the residence, mounted high on a wall, is the other terminal that fills in as the circulation center for the cool air. This terminal features the fan, which blows the air all through the residence.

As a rule, split or ductless systems are incredible alternatives for small or old homes, which don’t have an existing system of conduits installed, or if the home has heating ducts, which can’t be accessed by an air molding unit. They’re traditionally used to cool one room; however, new systems are being created that can cool different rooms.


5. Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is a solitary independent unit that can be wheeled into a room and situated on the floor. Hot air is released by a hose vent through an outside wall or window. Portable air conditioners will, in general, be noisy; however, they’re a decent temporary cooling solution.


Remember the following size measurement before buying a Window AC

The correct air conditioner helps you by cooling a room efficiently. An underestimate unit won’t cool adequately, while one that is too huge would not remove enough moistness, leaving the air feeling damp. To find the best possible air conditioner, decide the area of your room that you need to cool by increasing the room length by its width.

You also need to realize the air conditioner’s BTU (British warm unit) rating, which shows the measure of heat it can remove from a room. A higher number implies all the more cooling power for a bigger room. Contrast your room size with the BTU rating:

  • 150-350 square Feet: Search for a 5,000-8,000-BTU unit
  • 350-550 square Feet: Search for an 8,000-12,000-BTU unit
  • 550-1,050 square Feet: Search for a 12,000-18,500-BTU unit
  • 1,050-1,600 square Feet: Search for a 18,500-25,000-BTU unit

Consider conditions that may diminish the cooling need — the room is constantly shaded, for example, those that may expand it — the room gets a ton of direct daylight or normally has in excess of a few occupants. Remember that as the BTU rating increases, the weight and size of the air conditioner do too.


Additional features of Window AC

  • A programmable timer lets you set the unit to turn on and off at specific occasions, helping you lessen energy usage by working the air conditioner just when it’s required.
  • Mechanical controls let you change fan speed, and cooling levels and are easy to work. Electronic controls give you greater flexibility, allowing you to set a particular temperature for the air conditioner to maintain.
  • A sleep setting expands the specified temperature incrementally over some undefined time frame before coming back to the first setting a few hours after the fact. This feature protects the air conditioner from maintaining an unnecessarily cool temperature in the room where the occupants are sleeping. It also diminishes noise since the unit is running less frequently.
  • An electronic ionizer helps the air conditioner all the more effectively remove impurities, for example, dust from the air.
  • Venting alternatives let you pick between recirculating room air, pulling outside air into the room, and exhausting room air to the outside.
  • Air conditioners remove mugginess from the air as they cool it. Various models have different dehumidification capabilities.
  • Look for a rating estimated in ounces and pints of moisture removed every hour.
  • Remote control adds comfort. You can alter settings and turn the air conditioner on and off from across the room.
  • Some remotes can function as temperature sensors, activating the air conditioner when the air around the remote is hotter than the temperature indicated in the settings.
  • A filter alert tells you when the air filter needs cleaning.
  • An extra-long cord helps you in reaching a power outlet.

How does a Window AC work?

This is important to know, how actually does a Window AC work, as after knowing it, you’ll be easily able to point out where the malfunction or defect has taken place, and the repairers won’t be able to charge you extra! Also this knowledge will somewhat help you in making a suitable purchase.


The Room Air Cycle: The general purpose of a window air conditioner is to get the air going. The air inside the room, out in the front of an air conditioner where the cooling coil is, that is the thing that we call “room air.” Once a window air conditioner kicks in, its blower starts up, followed by the compressor.

The cooling coil (or evaporating coil) begins to drop in temperature when its compressor starts. The blower pulls in room air – hot, and full of dust particles – and then, moves it through the air filter and separating out the undesirable particles.

Next, the air passes your cooling coil; two things occur here. In the first place, given that the coil’s temperature is a lot slower than the room air, the coil absorbs the heat; this helps the room’s ambient to drop, “cooling” the air.

Second, the temperature of the cooling coil is lower than the room’s dew point, causing (you got it) dew to form on the surface of the cooling coil. This removes dampness out of the air, dropping its relative humidity values.

This low-temperature, low-moistness air is sucked in by the AC’s blower, and “exhaled” at high speed, going through a metal duct, and blown out through the AC’s front board. This drives air into the room and chills it, keeping temperature and moistness levels low.

Obviously, it doesn’t remain as such; the room’s air has higher dampness and temperature levels than the chilled air, moving those properties to the new air. This implies that it gets sucked in again by the blower, and the entire cycle repeats.


The Hot Air Cycle and condenser

Another main part of seeing how does a window AC units work is the hot air cycle. This cycle focuses essentially around the outer, or “atmospheric” air used to cool the condenser. So, what’s condenser?

The condenser is the piece of the AC that is outside the room. It’s presented to your outside climate, and the condenser’s propeller fan sucks in the high-temperature environment and blows that air directly over the condenser.

The condenser itself contains moderate, yet it’s at a high temperature; it should be cooled before it gives cooling. The “atmospheric” air already similarly hot; after absorbing the heat of the condenser, the temperature rises significantly higher.

Stand behind the window AC some time and see with your own eyes; it’s hot back there! This hot air is the manner by which the cycle gets its name. When it’s cooled, the moderate first goes into the expansion valve, and afterward, the evaporator – or cooling coil.

The hot air mixes with the climate, and the fresh air gets retained and pushed over the condenser – along these lines continuing with the cycle of hot air.


What does the Thermostat Do?

This is another key factor in seeing how does a window AC work. Each air conditioner has a thermostat. Inexpensive items cut costs by utilizing a rotary dial, while the moderate to more costly models incorporate digital controls.

Regardless of how you set it, you enter an ideal temperature equilibrium for the room; when the Thermostat recognizes that you’ve reached your ideal temperature, it stops the compressor, and the cycles stop.

In any case, when the room’s surrounding temperature rises again, the Thermostat removes its hold, getting the compressor back going, and getting the cycle moving. In light of that, setting your Thermostat lower won’t cool things any quicker, it’s only a setting, which tells the unit when it’s an ideal opportunity to close.


AirSpeed Adjusting

The blower fan, on the other side, has a speed that you can set. There’s nothing too extravagant. It’s basically a fan. Setting it quicker implies that air will cycle through the room all the more rapidly, which can speed up the cooling procedure. It’s also pleasant to stand before in case you’re roasting in a hot room.


The Function of Air Filters

Previously, we mentioned how the blower pulls in room air and alongside it comes dust particles. Luckily, window AC units accompany an air filter catches all of that. It’s essential to clean these each week or so. Avoid this part, and the filter gets clogged. Clogged filters imply that dirt begins getting into your evaporator coil, choking it.

When this happens, the window AC unit will quit functioning, and you’ll either require to pay for the evaporator coil for getting it cleaned by an expert or replace the whole unit with another one. Cleaning the air filter just takes a couple of minutes of work, and it’s worth each second. Keep up it routinely, and your window air conditioner will give joyful cooling for years to come.

Window AC vs split AC: Which is better?

Window AC: These are all mounted and are well-suited for a little room with a window space. They are very pocket-friendly, and the maintenance cost is additionally low. They ordinarily arrive in a solitary unit, where one face is installed inside, and the other is installed outside the window.

Split AC: Split ACs are also mounted on the wall and are commonly used for huge rooms as their cooling capacity is very high. They don’t require windows for installing and accompanies a compressor and a condenser. The blower is placed in the open-air unit while the evaporator is situated in the indoor unit, which cools the room.

With the little introduction about the difference between window AC and split AC above, presently, we should look at both these ACs and uncover which one will be a superior decision for the individuals who are planning to purchase one for facing the hot burning summer days.



Split AC basically comes in different patterns and colors that can change the whole look of your room. Window AC, on the other hand, is constrained to one color that is commonly white. Installing a split AC consistently requires the help of an expert and furthermore requires additional installation charges.

Also, in case you are living in an apartment, it is consistently not a smart thought to install a split AC, and they are also not compact. Window ACs can be easily installed and don’t require any additional charges. In addition, they are compact, which makes them simple to move to start with one place then onto the next.

Cooling Power

We recently discussed window vs split AC design measurement, presently how about we move towards the cooling power. Split AC is regularly intended for bigger rooms as they keep the possibility to cool a room quicker. Window ACs look compact and are most appropriate for little rooms.

Which AC is better window or split regarding power consumption?

The power consumption relies much upon the star rating. A small window AC will consume less power always, that’s not true! Higher the star rating, the more proficient your AC is. A 5-star AC will utilize less energy, practically 10% not as much as that of 4-star AC. There prevails a 10% distinction in energy consumption with increment in one star.

In this way, in case you’re purchasing an AC for a little room and basically use, a 3-star 1.5-ton window AC must be your optimal decision. Although, if you’re purchasing an AC for a bigger space, which should work for 15 hours every day, then hit for a 5-star split AC for saving more energy.


Window AC is a regular low maintenance electronic gadget which is very basic in term of service as all parts are compactly designed. Split AC on the opposite side requires a servicing maintaining a legitimate time interval with the assistance of some professionals or experts. Also, with regards to investigating, split AC is far more basic than a window AC.


With regards to noise, split ACs produce next to zero noise at all during the window ACs a bit noise. As window ACs work against the window, they produce a bit of noise. Hence, for office space or even to complement your modern home style, split AC is the ideal decision.


After knowing power consumption, cooling power, design measurement, noise level, and the difference between split AC and window AC, it’ll be simple for you to make a decision.

Difference between 1 ton and 1.5 ton air conditioner

Well, when you roughly look at this comparison, the very first difference that will come to your mind will be window AC 1 ton price and window AC 1.5 ton price difference. However, there are certain other differences about which you need to read before buying.

At the point when you look at 1 ton versus 1.5-ton model, the decision between these two variations of AC relies completely upon your air molding needs. With regards to 1-ton Ac versus 1.5-ton AC, in case you have a huge house and no specific stresses overpaying electricity bills, at that point, you must consider buying a 1.5-ton air conditioner.

Let us consider the 1 ton versus 1.5-ton AC power usage. Although the power usage of such a machine is higher, it yields fantastic coolness and can chill off your space in no time. In case you are living in exceptionally humid areas, at that point, you must also think about purchasing an AC with 1.5-ton of capacity, as it will have more prominent cooling effects.

However, in case you’re somebody who has a little to medium budget and is not exactly excited about spending a lot on power charges, the best air conditioner which you can get is the 1-ton AC. 1-ton ACs can provide only a sufficient bit of cooling while not going so much heavy with the electricity bill.

While you think about 1-ton versus 1.5-ton AC, the dependable guideline is that in case you have a room which is in excess of 200 square meters, then you must pick an AC with a 1.5-ton capacity.

Cooling time difference

The cooling time of ACs differs and rely upon various things, for example, its efficiency and power consumption. However, the ton capacity of an AC assumes a vital role in choosing to what extent an air conditioner will take in cooling a room.

A 1-ton AC minimum takes around 1 hour to cool a room ( Panasonic window AC 1 Ton Model consumed around 80 minutes in out testing!), though an AC with a 1.5-ton capacity can take anyplace around 35-45 minutes to cool a similar room.

The top air conditioner brands in India with regards to popularity are Voltas, Daikin, LG, Whirlpool, Blue Star, Carrier, and Hitachi. A big portion of the ACs presented by these companies is known for advanced EER, snappy cooling, quiet functioning, and longevity of condenser and compressor.

Best Window AC Brands in India 2020


The air conditioners manufactured by Daikin are of Japanese technology, and the company is working in India for quite a long time. Daikin has become a trusted brand and gained popularity because of its moderate costs and the most recent functions that are given in the air conditioners.

These efficient ACs are a definitive answer to keep the heatwave under control, and you would not need to shed a sweat once you have installed them in your home or office.

The Brand’sbrand’s popularity has expanded manifold since the time it began working in India. The Brand owes its popularity to its top-quality products. Daikin’s prices range ACs are Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 50,000.

For what reason to choose Daikin?

  • A large portion of the Air Conditioners have a place with this AC Brand are Budget-Friendly
  • They give the best after-deals support
  • Daikin has the best-in-class range of window and Split ACs
  • Their Products Requires Less Maintenance

Carrier is the Brand Name that isn’t a lot of well-known yet as a general rule, and it is one of the Key, Global Leaders in the Indian Market. A great many people don’t have a clue about that Carrier produces World Class ACs. Bearer air conditioners help you in sparing a decent measure of Electricity.

What’s more, it is most popular for its quickest cooling. According to our research, we’ve discovered that Carrier ACs have any longer life when contrasted with the ACs delivered by other AC brands. Furthermore, it is well-known for creating the first AC on the planet. In our Best Window AC in India, 2 Carrier models are there.

For what reason to choose Carrier?

  • The bigger part of the AC Products of this AC Brand has Fastest Cooling feature
  • Quality of Product as well as Service offered via Carrier is very High
  • Offers Best Products in the most Reasonable Price Range
  • Their ACs consumes less power, having more Efficiency

Blue Star

This AC Brand was established in the year 1943 and is one of the most well-known names at whatever point we talk about air conditioners. At first, they produce reconditioning refrigerators as well as air conditioners. With that, Blue Star offers you with the best help quality. In our Best Window AC in India review, there are 2 Blue Star models.

Moreover, Blue star is one of India’s leading AC brands and is additionally popular for fulfilling their client needs. Precision cooling, brushless motor, dual rotary are a portion of the technologies, which are adopted by blue star and this thing improves their general item quality as well as help them in expanding their deals.

For what reason to choose Bluestar?

  • They utilize the most Extensive Technology for improving their Quality and Performance
  • Their Service Quality is additionally high
  • Their products are reliable and Long Lasting
  • Blue star offers Air Conditioners of Premium Quality


Certainly, Hitachi is suggested as a standout amongst other AC brands in India. This Brand was built up by the Japanese in 1910. This AC Brand is one of the main Air Conditioning brands in the Asian Market. Its popularity is the result of the durability and high performance that they give in their air conditioners.

The greater part of the Air conditioners manufactured by Hitachi is of the reasonable price range. What’s more, they never bargain with their quality. With that, This Japanese ac brand is considered as a standout amongst other ac brands on the planet.

For what reason to choose Hitachi?

  • Product Quality offered by Hitachi is Excellent
  • Provides you with Effective Cooling
  • They mostly use the most advance and updated technology for getting better performance
  • Most of the products offered by Hitachi are Powerful, Long, Lasting, and Energy-Efficient.


Undoubtedly, Voltas is an Indian AC brand and has become one of the best air conditioner brands in India. According to our expert team research, we’ve discovered that Voltas overwhelms 23% of the Indian Market, which is a very high rate when contrasted with that of other mainstream AC brands like Bluestar and LG.

Probably the main motivation for Voltas’ development in the Indian market is that they truly recognize what their customers actually need. That is the reason Voltas has become a clear answer to the question of which is the best ac brand in India. Furthermore, Voltas has a wide range of low to high budget ACs.

All Voltas window inverter AC have great ISEER ratings, which they give you at a much reasonable rate. What’s more, it is one of the most believed AC brands in India. This brand decreased the sales of Samsung a lot. Samsung window AC price in India used to be a bit high, but Voltas turned the tables!

For what reason to choose Voltas?

  • This Brand gives you the best service quality in the most Affordable Price Range
  • Their Service Centers are accessible in pretty much all parts of India
  • Their Products Consumes less energy, helping you in saving Electricity
  • Customer service provided by Voltas is Excellent.

Best Window AC in India 2021 Reviews: The Conclusion

So, our lengthy review is on the verge of conclusion, but we won’t conclude before a quick recap.

If you talk about the overall best window AC, then nothing can beat Carrier Window AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star model. We included all value for money ACs in our list, but if really your budget is no way exceeding over 25000, then buy Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star model.

if a brilliant looking feature-rich window AC is what you want, then buy LG Window AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star wi-fi model. want something smaller? Don’t worry about the 0.75 ton window AC price, as you can buy Blue Star 3WAE081YDF at the verge of 16000 rupees.

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star is the best 1Ton choice here, and if your room measures within 130 sq. ft or so, then blindly buy that one. If that price tag seem bothering, then another sweet one ton choice is Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star. In case your requirement is big, then we recommend you LG 2 ton window AC 5 star model.

We will not point out one specific AC for the best power saving, as every single window AC in our Best Window AC in India review is saving enough energy for the money they’re asking. You can conveniently pick any!

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