Best Tyre For Bike in India in 2022 Reviews

Best Tyre For Bike in India in 2022 Reviews

We are here with the Best bike tyre in India review, in which we will discuss safety, comfort, and safety altogether.

Several companies are competing when we talk about bike tyres but have you got knowledge about some new companies, which are making bike tyres, which are giving healthy competition to the bike tyres of dominating companies such as Ceat, TVS, etc.?

Before composing this guide, we brought 80 best tyres to our testing lab, tested them on various grounds, and finally, 15 best bike tyres we picked under various price categories.

We considered rubber quality, durability, grip, temperature withstanding capability, and much more before we are recommending them to you.

Besides that, we took care of style, as style matters a lot when it comes to bikes, doesn’t it?

We’ve made 4 price categories for making it convenient for you to find your desired bike tyre as soon as possible. 

These tyres are dominating at their price levels, and rather than scrolling through hundreds of tyres on amazon and studies everything, trust as, as all those tyres we have already tested, and these bike tyres are the outcome of those tests only.

Here’s the 15 Best Tyre For Bike in India list with impressive grip

Bike Tyre Section Width Price Range Score Buy Now
Ceat Milaze 90/100-10 53J Tubeless 90 Millimetres Under 1,500 8.9 Buy on Amazon
TVS Jumbo GT 80/100-18 54P Tubeless 80 Millimetres Under 1,500 8.9 Buy on Amazon
Ceat Secura Zoom 80/ 100 18 47P 80 Millimetres Under 1,500 8.4 Buy on Amazon
Michelin Sirac Street 3.00-18 52P Tubeless 3 Inches Under 2,000 9.3 Buy on Amazon
Michelin Pilot Sporty 90\90 0-17 Tubeless 90 Millimetres Under 2,000 9.1 Buy on Amazon
Ceat Zoom XL 110\80-17 57P Tubeless 110 Millimetres Under 2,000 9.0 Buy on Amazon
Ceat Milaze 3.00-18 52P Tubeless 3 Inches Under 2,000 8.8 Buy on Amazon
Ceat Milaze 3.00-18 52P Tubeless 3 Inches Under 2,000 8.7 Buy on Amazon
Michelin Sirac Street 110/ 90-18 61P 110 Millimetres Under 3,000 8.8 Buy on Amazon
MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 120/80 R17 61P 120 Millimetres Under 3,000 8.8 Buy on Amazon
Michelin Pilot Street 150/60 R17 Tubeless 150 Millimetres Under 6,000 9.6 Buy on Amazon
Pirelli Angel C.T. 140/70 66S 140 Millimetres Under 4,000 9.3 Buy on Amazon
Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 150/ 60 R17 66H 150 Millimetres Under 6,000 9.2 Buy on Amazon
Michelin Pilot Street 110/70 R17 Front Tyre 110 Millimetres Under 5,000 9.0 Buy on Amazon
Ceat Zoom XL P 110/ 80-17 Tubeless 110 Millimetres Under 10,000 9.0 Buy on Amazon

Buying Guide

What would it be a good idea for me to search for in a tyre?

A definitive bike tyre would be very light, absolutely impervious to punctures, and madly fast. Shockingly that tyre doesn’t exist. Thus, you mostly need to manage with two out of these three qualities. The sort of riding is, at last, what should manage your tyre decision. 

Just for example, if much of your time is spent taking off on rock backroads or driving on unpleasant inner-city roads, you’ll be in an ideal situation with a tyre that is equipped with protection against puncture over speed and weight. 

In case you frequently ride on broad, smooth roads, dry and debris-free, at that point, some lightweight, indecent tyres can be an extraordinary decision. You can discover where most tyres sit in the weight/rolling resistance/puncture protection triangle by checking their bundling or the manufacturer’s site.

Types of tyres

Tyres for road bikes are generally of three styles: clincher, tubeless, and tubular.

Clincher tyres

Clincher tyres

Clinchers are the most well-known kind of tyres found on an on-road bike. They have an open casing that houses an inner tube separately and afterward hooks onto the wheel rim. 

The primary benefit of clinchers is that they make fixing a level simpler since all needed for getting at the tube that’s punctured is to pry off the tyre’s one side. This typically requires a tyre level or two; however, with certain tyres you can do it with simply your thumbs.

There are two kinds of clinchers: collapsing and non-collapsing. The thing that matters is in the material used to make the dab (the part which hooks onto the rim).

Collapsing clinchers generally use Kevlar, a tough material which — as the name recommends — enables you to fold the tyre. Non-collapsing clinchers utilize a bead that is made from steel wire dab, and you can’t fold them.

Collapsing clinchers are increasingly costly, but on the other hand, they’re lighter, and getting on and off a rim is simpler. The way that they fold isn’t generally significant to the extent riding is concerned, yet it implies they occupy less room when being you transport or store them.

Tubular tyres

Tubular tyres

Tubulars are what most genius riders use for racing and sports. Despite everything, they depend on an inner tube. However, rather than the casing being open, as, on a clincher, it’s sewn shut around the inner tube, with the goal that the blending takes on a tubular form — thus the name. 

On other grounds that a tubular tyre varies from a clincher is that it must be glued (or taped with the help of special double-sided tape) onto a rim explicitly made for tubular tyres.

Not at all like rims intended for clinchers. Tubular rims don’t come with bead hooks inside their sidewalls for a tyre to secure onto. Tubular tyres depend on tyre weight and glue for holding them on the rim. 

A few riders still love tubular tyres, asserting they offer an unrivaled ‘vibe.’ The enormous, substantial, preferred benefit with tubular is that they can at present be ridden when punctured as they won’t separate from the rim, in contrast to clinchers, which means a rider can keep riding until the punctured wheel can be changed — fundamental in races.

 There’s another advantage!

Tubulars are also said to be highly resistant to ‘squeeze flats, where the inner tube is squeezed between the rim and tyre, more often than not brought about by hitting a sharp-edged snag, for example, a pothole.

This is presumably increasingly a function of the tendency for running tubulars at higher pressures in contrast to their construction. 

The Negatives of tubular — one that is felt more acutely by regular bikers than the professionals — is that having a tyre that is glued to the rim makes repairing the puncture during a ride troublesome and difficult. 

Your two alternatives are using a CO2 inflator cartridge, which contains sealant, or detaches the punctured tubular and replace it with another, which clearly means riding with an extra.(All things considered fixing a punctured tubular, instead of essentially replacing it, implies breaking out the sewing kit.) 

You can cautiously ride home on an extra tubular extended over a rim, so before your next ride yet you need to stick to this new tubular setup.

Now, ticking a tubular isn’t easy either, and the wrong setting can bring about the tyre rolling off the rim and a difficult accident. 

Tubeless tyres

Tubeless tyres have been a backbone in the mountain biking world for quite a while, and they’ve presently come to road biking because they’re an extremely long route from dominating.

As the name proposes, tubeless tyres don’t utilize an inner tube. They’re successfully clinchers. Aside from that, the tyre and rim seal together for winding up the tyre airtight and making the tyre stay inflated, much the same as the modern-day car tyres.

Such a water/airproof seal can’t be accomplished with any old rim and tyre. However, a tubeless set-up requires tubeless-explicit tyres and rims as well as an uncommon valve, thick liquid sealant, and also good quality rim tape.

Without the inner tube, you can conveniently run lower tyre pressure without the dread of a pinch flat. It means a fully comfortable ride with a higher grip. Further, if anything sharp punctures the tyre, the fluid sealant inside will rapidly fill any gaps, so the air remains in your tyre.

Suppose the gap can’t be mended via sealant alone. Despite everything, you have the alternative of fitting an inner tube, or there are ‘tyre worm’ repairing kits.

Certainly, we can’t say that tubeless tyres are perfect. Their casings are normally heavier and thicker than clincher tyres, and they’re progressively hard to fit, in some cases requiring an air blower or a special flash pump for properly seating the tyre bead.

What do the numbers mean of tyre size?

What do the numbers mean of tyre size

In this section, we’ll explain what do the numbers mean, like 700x23mm or 700x25mm?

The primary number (700, or 700c, that is a throwback to the old standard) means the width of the wheel with a tyre mounted, which is roughly 700mm for road bikes. The subsequent number (23/25mm) alludes to the width of the tyre casing once you’ve inflated it.

Practically all road bike tyres will be 700c, yet you can pick the width depending on your inclinations. The present pattern for road tyre width is 25mm in light of the fact that it’s regularly more agreeable and quicker in comparison to the traditional 21 or 23mm choices.

The cause a more extensive tyre can be quicker, as per our tests, is that it decreases a tyre’s rolling resistance by dropping the energy vanished to casing deformation.

Certainly, wide tyres offer a more extensive yet shorter contact patch. With every other factor —, for example, tyre pressure and road surface — being the equivalent, this shorter contact patch implies the tyre’s sidewalls bulge less that results in less rolling resistance.

Further, a 25mm-wide tyre will have a 5 percent lower rolling resistance than the equivalent 23mm tyre (as per our experiments). Increasingly imperative to the majority of us, more extensive tyres (25mm or more) can also be kept running at lower pressure to give a smoother ride.

While just two mm may not appear much, the distinction in ride feel is important because of a little weight penalty. Primary concern: except if you are racing a period trial, go with a 25mm or more wide choice. Tyre width is extremely just constrained by what your casing and brakes can deal with.

Credit: Mechanical Tech India

Anatomy of a tyre

  • Bead: Now, this is the thing that holds tubeless tyres and clincher on the wheel rim. The air pressure within tyre drives the bead out and makes them hook onto the rim.
  • Casing: Now, this is a cloth fabric, which is ‘woven’ around the dabs, which makes the primary body of the tyre. While by far most use nylon texture, higher-end tyres may utilize cotton or silk. The casing majorly affects ride quality because of the threads per inch (TPI) esteem. Tyres with a low TPI will definitely have thicker strings. It causes more prominent rolling resistance yet makes the tyre increasingly resistant to punctures. In the meantime, tyres with a high TPI utilize better strings for comparatively less rolling resistance and lower weight; however, they will be increasingly susceptible to punctures.
  • Sidewall: Rubber is connected to the side of the casing right between the bead and the tread for shaping the sidewall. Certainly, ach tyre will have diverse rubber mixes and thickness, relying upon its expected reason.
  • Sub-tread: You’ll see, some tyres will have a sub-tread layer to battle off punctures. Less expensive tyres may simply have an extra rubber layer underneath the tread. On the other hand, those costing high come with extraordinarily designed fabric strips.
  • Tread: Now, this is the rubber that comes into contact with the road. Normally, it’s thicker than the sidewall and features a three-dimensional pattern. Talking the truth, a tread example is a fervently discussed issue, with many asserting that road bike tyres actually have no requirement for the tread. As the surface of any road fluctuates, some tread examples give a quantifiable mechanical adhesion to the ground. Let us add that the rubber mixes utilized for various tyres are a firmly monitored mystery. For the most part, softer compounds will offer prevalent traction yet will wear rapidly. On the other side, the harder mixes will face more abuse; however, they won’t have a similar grip. 

When should I replace my tyres?

There’s no rigid guideline for choosing when to supplant a tyre. Some come with wear indicators — normally a groove or dot in the tread that will erode over the tyre’s life. These markers offer a good indication of how much life stays in your tyres, yet they’re not perfect.

For tyres that don’t come with these markers, look out for cuts and gashes in the tread and sidewalls, ‘set things straight’ tread or a level segment in the tyre, or any odd bumps or bulging. 

If gashes and cuts are deeper to the point that the casing fabric underneath is visible, or you’re over and over suffering tyre flats, it’s the ideal opportunity for replacing your tyre. The best tyre brand for bikes in India is providing amazing, highly durable bike tyres, about which you read up there!

Credit: Smartdrive

Which tyres are the best for bike under 1500 rupees?

We know a few of you might be looking for bike tyres under 1000 rupees. We did test certain of those, but none of the tyre under 1000 was able to qualify for our testing. So, sorry, we can’t recommend anything that doesn’t bring convenience. You might find some for under 1000 with good public reviews, but I repeat, at some point, they’ll cause inconvenience.

My advice is to willingly spend 300-400 rupees extra and get tyres that passed the testing standards, and we can guarantee that they’ll run for long.

Here come the best bike tyres under 1500!

Best Tyre For Bike in India – Reviews

1) Ceat Milaze 90/100-10 53J

Ceat Milaze 90/100-10 53J

If you want a wheel for your Hero Ez, Honda Activa, Honda Dio, Hero Maestro, Hero Pleasure, Piaggio Vespa, Yamaha Alpha, Yamaha Fascino, Suzuki Access, Suzuki Swish, or Yamaha Ray, then there is no need to spend big money. At a very comfortable price, Ceat Milaze 90/100-10 53J comes your home, and even after being cheap, this tyre is capable of handling the wear and tear of the streets. It has more rubber to wear.


  • It comes with higher NSD with connected blocks.
  • It ensures excellent handling and long life.
  • This tyre provides a decent grip in the rain also, as the wider grooves ensure better water evacuation.
  • You can carry heavy loads on your scooter by which I mean that even if 3 people are riding on your scooter, then also, the tyre will cope up with the press.

The Final Advice

No other tyre serves you better than Ceat Milaze 53J at this price when it comes to a scooter. These tyres are built for a specific reason, which is running efficiently on rough and crowded Indian streets, where you frequently need to apply the brakes. Other tyres of this price quit much before! Ceat Milaze 53J stands the tallest in our recommendations regarding scooter tyre. To know this Ceat bike tyres price, tap the button below!

2) TVS Tyres REINF. JUMBO GT 80/100-18 54P

TVS Tyres REINF. JUMBO GT 80/100-18 54P

This tyre proves to be the cheap and best for Honda Dream Yuga / CB Shine/ Dream Neo/ CD 100 Dream and Yamaha Saluto. Besides that, it goes on perfectly with several other bikes. The balance which this tyre provides makes you a fan! It will definitely elevate your riding experience (which is naturally not that good with cheaper bikes and regular quality tyres). The packaging also impresses.


  • A bold, rugged block-type pattern proves to be perfect for all segments, whether you talk about the crowded streets or smooth highways!
  • This tyre provides an excellent grip on the smooth road as well as offline rough terrains.
  • Grooved channels ensure perfect drainage and high safety.
  • Rounded shoulder profile-ensure superior cornering.

The Final Advice

Not just for the city, but also If you are living in the village area, then no other tyre than TVS tyres Reine Jumbo 54P can serve you better. You can conveniently ride through rough terrains and fields and catch good speed when you come to a smooth road. This tyre impressively handles abuse, which no other tyre at this price can! This perfectly Nylon reinforced tyre is definitely worth the purchase.

3) Ceat Secura Zoom 80/100-18 47P

Ceat Secura Zoom 80/100-18 47P

Just have a look at the Ceat Secura Zoom 47P tyre! Does it feel that it is below 1500 rupees tyre? Definitely not! It looks pretty expensive, and most importantly, the performance is also better in contrast to the price tag. It is perfectly compatible with Honda Dream Neo, Hero Splendor, Hero I Smart, Honda Dream Yuga, and additionally, suitable for various other bikes of similar kinds.


  • This one ensures better rolling and better water channeling than most of the cheap bike tyres.
  • Wider grooves ensure better water evacuation, which means we can call this tyre “monsoon-friendly.”
  • The grip is perfect with both smooth and debris-full paths.
  • Better protection against slipping than other cheap bike tyres on very sharp turns.

The Final Advice

We were actually surprised to see the price difference between the local shops and Amazon (that is a part of our research). As a result, we highly recommend buying the Ceat Secura Zoom 47P tyre from Amazon for your bikes as it is amazingly cheap there. The rubber quality and texture, both scream “it’s worth money!”

Which tyres are the best fro bike under 2000 rupees?

Under 2000 was the most crowded category, and max tyres of this price category came to our lab. The competition was fierce, and choosing the best tubeless tyres for bikes made us sweat! We selected many decent-quality bike tyres from this category, and at last, we did final testing.

4 bike tyres came up, and they were truly impressed. These come with unbelievable longevity! Cheap and best puncture-proof bike tyres are waiting for you! You’ll find some decent yet cheap and best off-road bike tyres here!

1) Michelin Sirac Street 3.00-18 52P

Michelin Sirac Street 3.00-18 52P

In our under 2000 rupees category, the only department in which Michelin Sirac Street 52P wasn’t able to beat the competitors was “looks.” Keeping that aside, whether you talk about the grip, performance, comfort, durability, and safety, no other bike tyre was able to complete this one ( in under rupees 2000 category)! Also, safety comes before show-off when it comes to a bike tyre. As a result, it is our first choice under 2000 rupees.


  • The tube is shipped with the tyre. That means no extra money spending is needed.
  • More tread rubber is provided for ensuring excellent tyre mileage. This applies to both on and off-road conditions.
  • A proper wet grip is ensured by an optimized groove-rubber ratio.
  • This tyre is built with a big block pattern that ensures a firm, dry grip, and vehicle handling becomes easy.
  • Deeper grooves ensure high safety by supporting quick brakes.

The Final Advice

Talking about cheap bike tyres, speed always decreases the lifespan. This is so because these tyres are made especially for bikes, which are not that speedy. Michelin Sirac 52P tyre is something which you can also use in your’re a bit higher speed bike as you won’t feel jerks at high speed, and this quality you find inexpensive tyres. If this tyre is providing comfort with reliable braking and high-speed riding at such a meager price, then the Michelin Sirac 52P tyre is entirely recommendable.

2) Michelin Pilot Sporty 90/90-17

Michelin Pilot Sporty 90/90-17

A semi-slick tread pattern is something that you find inexpensive tyres. This pattern is adopted by the makers of Michelin Pilot Sporty 17, which means you will feel high comfort and reliability as you do with expensive tyres. This 5Kg tyre has a section width of 90 Millimeters and a Rim diameter of 17 inches, and this one is a decent front wheel.


  • Excellent Dry grip increases good braking efficiency, which further decreases the chances of an accident when someone( animal, vehicle, or careless humans) suddenly comes in your path.
  • A Semi-Slick tread pattern makes sure that there is less tread rubber shuffling. Hence, it provides excellent tyre mileage.
  • It looks expensive and ensures curve road stability. The shape of the tyre is playing an important role here.
  • No need to bother about riding your bike on a wet surface, as this tyre works outstandingly in that department.

The Final Advice

Besides a comfortable price, the other benefit of Michelin Pilot Sporty 17 is that it is so versatile, and you can use it with a number of bikes of the lower and mid-price range. Undoubtedly this tyre will serve you long, and it also reduces the chances of accidents (it’s all about texture, shape, and grip). Also, it is the most recommendable front tyre for Yamaha R15 at this price.

3) Ceat Zoom XL 110/80-17 57P

Ceat Zoom XL 110/80-17 57P

Ceat is the topmost of the best bike tyre brands in India! Enjoy your journey of exploration without any hesitation by using Ceat Zoom XL 110/80-17 57P tyre. I said so because when we talk about exploring, rough terrains are the first thing that comes to mind. You can utilize it even on wet roads, muddy roads, or, you say, heavily crowded streets, as its superior grip is excellent for handling your bike on all occasions. The lightning design and perfect shape will give your bike overall decent looks. It is capable of withstanding high-speed and sharp curves.


  • Wider grooves are there for better water evacuation, and hence, riding on wet (or even slightly water-filled) roads is never an issue.
  • The big size of this tyre ensures good braking as well as excellent grip (tyre’s pattern is grip supportive).
  • It is soft and highly durable. You will be surprised with its longevity even after riding regularly on bumpy surfaces.
  • This tyre is very suitable for thin street riders also.

The Final Advice

Even after the tyre is superior in so many departments, it comes to your home at much lesser than your expected price. Amazon is continuously providing a high discount, which is sweet, and before the price rises, it is better to grab the chance, as there is truly no department in which this tyre from Ceat lets you down or feel pity after paying for it.

Buy on Tireplex

  • Our trust is with Amazon

4) Ceat Milaze 3.00-18 52P Tubeless Bike Tyre

Ceat Milaze 3.00-18 52P

Here comes another Ceat tyre, and the specialty of this one is that it provides instant brakes and saves you from certain accidents that occur while people or animals come your way from nowhere! Ones your kid is over hero cycle for kids, this 52P tubeless tyre can asisst his new ride regarding brake supportiveness. Talking about vehicle compatibility, then you can use it for Mahindra Centuro, Mahindra Pantero, Hero Glamour-125, Hero Passion, Suzuki Hayate, TVS Star City, TVS Star Sport, Suzuki Slingshot, and Yamaha YBR especially.


  • It comes with higher NSD with connected blocks.
  • It’s the best bike tyre regarding safety at this price point.
  • It is built with a great combination of Continuous center grooves, deeper shoulder grooves, ensuring max grip on all occasions.
  • The lifespan is very long, and it provides tremendous balance for your bike.

The Final Advice

This is an excellent 4Kg tyre with 18 inches rim diameter. Generally, it becomes too hard to achieve instant brake when three adults are riding on the same bike. For that, the tyres need to of perfect shape and grooves. Fortunately, we’ve got Ceat Milaze 3.00-18 52P tyre, which proves to be a real-life savior, at an outstandingly low price.

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5) MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.00-18 52N

Mrf Black Motorcycle Tyre For Hero Glamour-125

MRF knows how to make the best bike tyres for Indian roads! We selected MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.00-18 52N in our Best Tyre for the bike in India review because it performed the best on rocky off-road sections during our testing. The grip is exceptionally superior. As we know, we are finding perfect smooth roads and streets in tough in India. Some streets are no less than rocky off-road terrains (please visit Old Delhi to understand and experience what I’m talking about J).

In such a situation, we need bike tyres with great grip and must support instant brakes. Besides that, the performance of this tyre was sweet on a wet surface. The build quality of MRF Nylogrip says it’s a tyre for the long run.


  • These are slim and sleek tyres that look excellent with numerous bikes.
  • This tyre passed our quick brake test with a healthy score of 9.7! So, yes, it can be a life savior for you!
  • The extended shoulder and rounded profile provide it a perfect shape. In testing, we found that while riding in rainy and slippery conditions on sharp turns, the chances of slipping are very low with such tyres.
  • Wet traction is also positive here.
  • It’s rated for 120 km/h max. Hence, it’s a sweet choice for riding in the city and highway also.

The Final Advice

If you have Hero glamour-125, passion, Mahindra centuro, Mahindra pantero, Suzuki Slingshot, Suzuki Hayate, TVs star city, TVs star sport, Yamaha YBR,or any similar sort of bike, then I would highly recommend MRF Nylogrip 52N to you, as your safety is the first thing for experts like me to concern. To know the MRF bike tyre price, click the button below!

Which tyres are the best for bike under 3000 rupees?

Under this category, most of the tyres disappointed. Some performed even lower than the 1600-1700 rupees bike tyres. As a result, only 2 bike tyres are what we were able to select. Make a choice freely, as both the tyres are a true value for money! Let’s go into detail about which tyre is best for a bike under 3000 rupees.

1) Michelin Sirac Street 110/90-18 61P

Michelin Sirac Street 110/90-18 61P

The Michelin Sirac Street, 110/90-18 61P, doesn’t leave any chance to impress you. Whether you talk about the design, shape, build quality, or reliability. Everything is so perfect about this bike tyre. It has achieved over 85% success rate on Amazon, and many users agree that this tyre serves for more than one can expect. It is compatible with Royal Enfield Classic 500, Classic 350 / Ducati Scrambler, Xtreme Sports, and Scrambler Sixty2 / Hero Xtreme especially.


  • Perfect grips are provided, which is a necessity when we talk about heavier bikes. So, no issue will come while turning the bike on curves.
  • High-density rubber ensures high durability, and it tackles bumps efficiently.
  • Impressive tread design adds to the attraction of your bike.
  • At its price, it’s the best tyre for Royal Enfield Thunderbird and Bullet Electra 350 (gained max marks while testing with these two bikes during our experiments).
  • Its performance on curvy roads is so pleasing.

The Final Advice

The compatible bikes which I mentioned above are all heavy bikes. Riding such bikes on curvy roads becomes pretty difficult and risky if you are going on with regular quality bike tyres. Besides that, these bikes are expensive. You won’t like to slip on curvy roads, right? So, buy Michelin Sirac Street 61P as it won’t just provide decent grip but also last pretty long. I highly recommend it, as it serves better than certain expensive bike tyres out there.

2) MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 28169440

MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 28169440

Here comes the tyre, which has earned an almost 95% success rate on Amazon, which means hardly any factor is there that will make you feel that you spent on the wrong tyre. Triumph Speed, Yamaha Fazer, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Benelli TNT 300, Yamaha YZF R1, Ducati Monster, Bajaj Pulsar 220F, Kawasaki Ninja H2, Kawasaki Ninja, Bajaj Pulsar 180 are the suitable bikes for this tyre. So, there is a humongous range of bikes with which this tyre impresses.


  • The Aggressive block design makes the bike look even more attractive.
  • Superior wet braking makes it a perfect all-weather tyre.
  • It provides excellent traction and grip even on very tough terrains.
  • Due to thread depth, it cuts into the water for better grip, making it a very reliable tyre for monsoon season, and especially if you ride on curvy mountain roads, then this tyre is highly recommendable.

The Final Advice

While tracking this price on Amazon, we found that earlier, there were many customer reviews, then it got discontinued, and now again, it is available. This tyre is so impressive that it rapidly goes out of stock on Amazon. AS the advice is, don’t let the opportunity go!

Buy on Bestbuyzone

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Which is the best superbike tyres in India?

I know all those who are reading this section of my Review are owning expensive bikes! Now, when you have already spent so high on the bike, then I ask, don’t you think spending 1500-2000 rupees on the tyre will be a smart decision?

After all, it will protect your bike from getting damaged (man, let me repeat, you have an expensive bike) by cutting off the chances of slipping and other road accidents. Remember, your safety is also important, as I know you haven’t bought the expensive bike for riding it at 40-50km/h, right?

Now when you are reaching a top speed of something near to 100km/h, or even higher, then as a thumb rule, chances of accidents increases. What if I say spending 1500-2000 rupees on good quality and reliable bike tyre will save your life? That’s true, and you also know that!

We tested some expensive bike tyres and chose the five overall best bike tyres in India, out of which none costs above 10,000 rupees. I request you, please don’t fall for the wrong tyres as you are spending high. It is better to trust our expert team, who have already tested 20+ higher range tyres before selecting these (and experts know better than you!).

1) Michelin Pilot Street 150/60 R17

Michelin Pilot Street 150/60 R17

Now, when you are already spending around 6000 (the price might rise and fall with time and discounts), then you do expect a fully comfortable tyre, right? Who will know it better than Michelin? They have provided the Pilot Street 150/60 R17 bike tyre, which is highly durable, perfectly shaped, and very stylish. This one is a very high-selling tyre, so you might have seen it with several superbikes.


  • Uneven wear is minimized by perfect design and build.
  • When you have spent so high on a good-looking bike, then you definitely need a stylish tyre, right? With Pilot Street 150/60 R17, you don’t need to bother about style!
  • It’s the overall best tyre for Honda CBR 250. So if you have one, then don’t waste time in finding alternatives, as you won’t get an equally safe, reliable, and stylish tyre at this price. It’s also the best one for Duke200/ Duke 390.
  • The rubber quality is highly impressive, which means that rough paths are never going to be a concern.

The Final Advice

On Amazon, the success rate is 90%+! That means Pilot Street 150/60 R17 is standing high on expectations, and puncturing this much sturdy tyre is pretty tough. Besides that, if you are planning for a longer ride to Laddakh on your Bullet/Enfield/Ducati or any other such bike, then most of the experts will suggest Pilot Street 150/60 R17 only because of high reliability and high performance in testing.

2) Pirelli Angel C.T. 140/70 66S Tubeless Tyre

Pirelli Angel C.T. 140/70 66S

With almost the same success rate and performance arrives Pirelli Angel C.T. 140/70 66S bike tyre, and there is a quarrel over whether this one is better or Pilot Street 150/60 R17. This is so because features, material, and build quality are pretty much similar. We can’t step back from saying that this tyre is a suitable cheap alternative to our previously discussed one. Its highly suitable for bikes like Honda CBR 250, FZ, Yamaha Fazer, and Yamaha FZ S.


  • It provides a superior grip and also brings a better balance. If you are new to biking, then Pirelli Angel C.T. 140/70 66S is highly recommendable to you.
  • Due to the gypsy tyre, there is hardly any path on which this tyre failed to perform.
  • The price tag of this tyre supprises you. If you know about the bike tyres, then you’ll know their properties are almost the same as certain much expensive bike tyres.
  • Full marks to the appearance.

The Final Advice

Very few users have settled with a 3 or below star rating on Amazon. However, durability is a thing that can only be estimated, and no one can guarantee it. So, only time will come whether this tyre is as durable as Pilot Street 150/60 R17 or not. At its price, it’s a super deal, and actually, unbelievable deal, as even our experts were expecting it at least a thousand rupees costlier.

3) Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 150/60 R17 M/CTL 66H

Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 150/60 R17 M/CTL 66H

Now, this tyre looks so thick and heavy, but in reality, it weighs only 4 Kg and is lighter than most of the successful superbike tyres around. Great technology! This tyre is competing for high competition with tyres of popular companies, and it has made a nice image. The makers have used various technologies to make your ride the most comfortable ever. As a result, it’s selling so high on Amazon!


  • The Bi-Compound rear tyre combines long-lasting mileage with an amazing grip.
  • Riding on this tyre at a higher speed doesn’t make an as loud sound as several other similar quality tyres do.
  • Pirelli Enhanced Patch Technology is used for the optimization of the contact patch for better grip.
  • Functional Groove Design issued for optimizing wet behavior.

The Final Advice
Undoubtedly, Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 66H ensures quieter and safer ride, most importantly in all seasons, and due to this quality, I highly recommend it for longer rides, or curvy rides while enjoying the rain! You want unleash the full potential of your superbike? Then you definitely need to buy Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 66H.

Buy on Tireplex

  • Our trust is with Amazon

4) Michelin Pilot Street 110/70 R17

Michelin Pilot Street 110/70 R17

The Michelin Pilot Street 110/70 R17 performed so high in our puncture test. Besides that, on several other grounds also, the performance of these tyres was appreciable. It is perfectly compatible with Yamaha FZ/ Honda CBR 250 / Fazer / Kawasaki Ninja 250 / KTM Duke. High-speed stability is better than many higher price range tyres.


  • The braking performance is very impressive.
  • It provides an insane amount of grip on dry as well as wet roads.
  • These tyres are pretty curved supportive. You can feel more confident around the corners.
  • These tyres will increase your braking capability, and you’ll be able to brake harder with higher trust.
  • Both sides of the tyre are made with softer compounds of rubber, which is considered the best design when we talk about superbike tyres.

The Final Advice

It is recommendable for both tracking and touring. You’ll see that the ride quality has dramatically changed after putting these tyres on. If u love curves, then don’t think just buy them! Most importantly, the tyre is exactly what the makers promised. It is designed for minimizing uneven wear, and surely you’re getting more comfort from this tyre than the price you’re paying.

Buy on Michelin

  • Our trust is with Amazon

5) Ceat Zoom XL P110/80-17 Tubeless Bike Tyre

Ceat Zoom XL P110/80-17

Here comes Ceat Zoom XL 17 Tubeless Bike tyre, which is high on sales and too successful on Amazon, with an 85%+ success rate. You can use these tyres for such a large range of superbikes as CB Trigger, CBR 250R, Honda CB Unicorn 160, NXR160 / Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 / TVS Apache RTR 160 / Kawasaki Ninja, Z250 / Hero Impulse Hyosung GT. When we did a survey of bikers (who were owing superbikes for a long), most of them agreed that Ceat Zoom XL 17 Tubeless Bike tyre is the best one under 10,000 rupees. Once again, it’s proved that Ceat is the best bike tyre brand in India!


  • Our experts entirely tested the building material and estimated that among all the high-cost tyres in this review, this is the most durable one.
  • Superior grip brings excellent stability at high speed, and that’s what you need with your superbikes, right?
  • It is a supportive break tyres, which makes riding your superbike on roads with heavy traffic easy.
  • There is a major price difference from offline to Amazon!

The Final Advice

This tyre is trusted by many of those who are riding superbikes for years and have tried several tyres. If so many riders are settling on with this choice, then surely it must be awesome, shouldn’t it? Most importantly, it’s a true value for money and protects against punctures pretty well. Due to perfect design and high longevity, I happily recommend Ceat Zoom XL 17 Tubeless Bike tyre to you.

Buy on Desert Cart

  • Our trust is with Amazon

The Conclusion

In our whole list of tyres, Ceat Milaze 90/100-10 53J was the cheap and best one. At a similar cost, TVS Jumbo GT 80/100-18 54P is the second-best tyre to buy. Moving a bit ahead, Michelin Sirac Street 3.00-18 52P is the best “under 2000” rupees tyre, and is compatible with numerous bikes.

At a lower price range, Ceat Zoom XL 110/80-17 57P provides the best grip, which makes it the best bike tyre for slim and crowded Indian streets. Michelin Sirac Street 110/90-18 61P works the best in rainy conditions. Pirelli Angel C.T. 140/70 66S is the best for our buddies having KTM, Bullet, Enfield, or R15! At last, Ceat Zoom XL P110/80-17 seems to offer maximum durability!

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