Best Room Heater in India 2021 Reviews

Best Room Heater in India 2021 Reviews
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Best Room Heater in India 2021 Reviews: Room heaters prove to be great saviors when it comes to bearing ruthless winters. For battling against summers, you need huge appliances such as ACs, Air Coolers, which cost damn high!

Here, buying a good quality room heater doesn’t make you shed much money. Well, which all room heaters are worth money?

Actually, 73% of the topmost heaters failed in our testing. The durability of the motor came up as the biggest issue. Most of these had a weak heating element, and also most of their heating elements failed to heat the room to a certain temperature at a certain time, exclaimed by the manufacturers!

Besides that, there are huge diversities in types of room heaters, which can baffle any buyer!

Fortunately, we’ve pulled out 10 best room heaters at various price points. We can guarantee high durability and fast heating with all our recommended heater models.

So, rather searching the best room heater on Quora, FB, here and there, just read this bulky case study.

Let’s now cherish the best radiant and convection heater models now, and after that, do read the safety guide, considerable features, types of heaters, etc.


Best Room Heater in India 2021 Reviews

Following is the room heater price list.

Best Drill Machine in India 2021 Reviews?
Best Room Heater in India Havells 2000W Comforter 9.1 Under4000
Best Room Heater in India Morphy Richards Aristo 2000W PTC 9.1 Under4500
Bajaj Flashy 1000W Radiant 8.8 Under 1000
Orpat OEH-1220 2000W 8.7 Under 1000
Amazon Brand Solimo 2000W 8.5 Under 1000
Usha 423 N 2000W Heat Convector 8.3 Under 3000
Bajaj Blow Hot 2000W 8.3 Under 2000
Usha FH 3628 PTC Fan Heater 8.2 Under 3500
Nova NH 1257 Room Heater 8.0 Under 1500
Orpat OEH1260 2000W 7.9 Under 1500


Best Room Heater in India

1.) Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000W Comforter Review – Overall best room heater blower in India

Here comes the room heater of best quality. This heater is nothing less than a boon at such a reasonable price. It warmed the room in our testing so rapidly that we were all stunned! 230V is the input here.

The design also seems very attractive, and the build is promising. 1 m – 8 m is the cord length, which is enough. Certainly, Internal-cord-storage is also there. The seller is demanding around 4K for this heater, but is it really worth it? is it really the Best Room Heater in India? Let’s see:

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Many heaters become the cause of the child-related disaster, but this model form Havells comes with impressive safety features. The body is cool-touch.
  • The thermostat is controllable, and this heater is pretty accurate in this department.
  • The makers claim this heater to be good enough for a room measuring 150sq. Ft. but in our testing, it heated 190 sq.ft. Room exceptionally well. So, we can even recommend this heater for 200 190 sq.ft. Room!
  • Overheat protection is there, which directly adds on to this heater’s lifespan.
  • You can adjust its vent angle for the air delivery in the needed direction.
  • There are 2 heat settings, which are 1400 W and 2000 W, making this heater a versatile one.

The Final Advice!

No other room heater proves itself better than Havells GHRFHAGW200 in terms of spot heating. The cool fan function works pretty well. The non-heating coating is very durable, and your hands won’t burn whenever you touch it. The carrying handle is also perfect. Talking about user-satisfaction, then this heater is the best one on Amazon regarding this! This 2.53Kg little beast is entirely worth purchase. To check the best room heater price in India, tap the button below.


Best Room Heater in India

2.) Morphy Richards Aristo 2000W PTC Room Heater Review – Best heater for baby room

Here comes another uniquely designed portable room heater, that undoubtedly is on the expensive side, but makes enough payback with supreme performance.It’s the best room heater for baby in India!

This 2000 Watts PTC Room heater has got all the features that you need to pass out ruthless winters without getting yourself ill! the quality, whether you talk about its cord, 3 pin power socket plug, out body coating, or the inner components. Let’s know why is this the Best Room Heater in India for the baby room.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The adjustable thermostat of this heater lets you customize the heat settings as per needs. So, you can use this heater right from the point where pink winter starts, to the topmost chilling period in the winters.
  • There is an indicator light ensuring ease of operation.
  • Due to enough safety features and consistency, it serves as the best heater for your baby’s room.
  • The carry handle is sturdy and lets you move the heater to whichever room you want.
  • 2 years warranty with a room heater is rare! That reflects the maker’s confidence with this heater.
  • The auto cut-off feature is there, which means you need not bother about the overheating issue damaging the heater’s components.

The Final Advice!

Morphy Richards Aristo 2000W PTC Room Heater came into the market in 2017, and since then, this heater is doing amazing. Due to this, Amazon customer reviews are positive mostly. Surely you’re spending a bit more than what you generally spend on a room heater, but the benefit is that you can use this heater in bigger rooms up to 180 sq.ft.

Besides that, durability isn’t an issue. So, yes, Morphy Richards Aristos 2000W model is the second Best Room Heater in India and entirely worth investing.


Best Room Heater in India

3.) Bajaj Flashy 1000W Radiant Room Heater Review – Best room heater for winter at 1000W range

Now, the price point has dropped, but not the level of convenience! This radiant heater from Bajaj has done exceptionally well, and besides that, its durability and consistency are worth praising.

This heater comes with a flexible stand at its bottom for strong support. Bajaj room heater price list is impressive, and this heater stands the tallest considering value for money in whole Bajaj range of heaters. It heavily defeated expensive V Guard room heater in our testing!

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • This 1000 Watts heater provides instant heating during winters, and due to this, you achieve instant relief when you come to the home after fighting with freezing winds.
  • Generally, radiant room heaters take time to cool down, but this heater consumes just 2 minutes for cooling down.
  • Certainly, at a low price also, you’re enjoying an adjustable thermostat, which means you can adjust the heat as per the demand of weather conditions.
  • Generally, at this much low cost, heater doesn’t come with many safety features. Fortunately, with this heater, you get the cotton braided cord, bringing peace of mind, and in addition to that, Chromium Plated mesh grid ensures consistent and effective heating.
  • The stainless steel corrugated reflecting surface of this heater ensures transferring the heat evenly all across the room.
  • 2 years warranty is there. Reading customer reviews took us to the fact that the customer service is always hearing the users well and solving issues.

The Final Advice!

The biting winter truly bring challenges, and you should feel glad that you need just around 1500 rupees to overcome that! Most importantly, this heater is not a “one-winter” thing. Durability is on the positive side. 2500 W is the top wattage, and it’s undeoubtedly a powerful choice. No negative point is big enough to spoil this deal. To check the room heater best price, tap the button below.


Best Room Heater in India

4.) Orpat OEH-1220 2000W Fan Heater Review – Best room heater with low power consumption

You’ve just entered the room, shivering badly, and are in deep need of quick heat! Well, in such a case, if you have Orpat OEH-1220 2000Watt room heater fan, then you can make yourself fully comfortable within the next 10 minutes.

Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? The condition is, your room shouldn’t be bigger than 10 x 15 feet, and if in case it is, then also no worries, it will take just a few more minutes. 180 sq. Ft. is the max room size recommendation here.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Many times it happens that you feel burning smell when you are sitting close to a room heater. Fortunately, Orpat OEH-1220 2000Watt Fan Heater produces no smell or noise while operating.
  • You can read this heater’s customer reviews, where users are exclaiming this heater to run efficiently after 2-3 years of purchase also, meaning durability is good.
  • While testing, we were calculating the operational cost of all the heaters. Impressively, this heater costs 7.6 rupees per hour of usage (as per our testing). That’s very impressive, as most of the time, this per hour usage cost rolls on around 10-12 rupees with this type of room heaters at this price.
  • This heater lets you enjoy winters tension free by marking the presence of safety features. Heat can never harm its high-quality cotton braided cord.
  • You can see stainless steel reflectors in this heater. their presence leads to more powerful heating without additional power consumption, and you achieve even heating throughout the room as well.

The Final Advice!

This heater is a perfect quick heat solution for smaller rooms, and for medium size rooms also this heater is recommendable. Most importantly, it is inexpensive, and simultaneously, no important feature is missing. Orpat room heater price is a big positive here.

The heater’s design matches with those room heater that you find in the old hotel rooms in the hill station, but permit us to mention; it’s more powerful than certain expensive heaters. Efficient heating is what you need, right? Grab Orpat OEH-1220 2000Watt Fan Heater then! Want this room heater for low price? Tap the following button!


Best Room Heater in India

5.) Amazon Brand Solimo 2000W Heater Review

Now hardly anyone can expect that this little cute room heater can be this much advantageous! At the stroke of a thousand rupees, this attractive heater from Amazon Brand has received high appreciations from the experts and users regarding both the build quality and capabilities.

With a 2000 watt capacity, this heater efficiently heats up space quickly. The 1-year limited warranty is there. The heater weighs just 1.5 Kg and measures 23 x 11.5 x 24 cm. You can store it anywhere! Its compact design provides more flexibility to you because you can use it in places where there is a deficiency of space.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motors present, ensuring rapid heating, regardless of whether you’re using it vertically or horizontally.
  • The heater comes with a cool-touch plastic body. However, the quality can’t be exclaimed to be the best. Still, we insist you; it’s pretty durable for that money.
  • This heater comes with multiple safety features such as thermal cut off for ensuring that the heater is cut off from electric supply at the point of time the desired temperature is reached.
  • We count this heater among the safe ones for continuous long uses. many cheap heater collapse before time due to lack of abilities to tackle a continuous long use, but Amazon Brand Solimo 2000w model is victorious here.

The Final Advice!

the rapid 2400 RPM copper winded motor of this heater ensures efficient heating without making noise. As you can use this heater both vertically and horizontally, this heater covers a bigger area. The complaint percentage is pretty low.

Over 1000 Amazon reviews are there. We’ve got nothing negative to mention about specs and features. Yes, Amazon Brand Solimo 200W heater is entirely worth purchase. To grab this room heater online, click the following button.


Best Room Heater in India

6.) Usha Room Heater 423 N 2000W Review – Best room heater blower in India under 3000

If you want an exceptional room heater at affordable price range, without compromising with build quality and features, then Usha 423N 2000W heater is the right choice. When it comes to room heater, Usha has set a bench regarding of quality and performance.

Coming to this blower room heater, Usha 423 model uses convection technology for warming up the room. It has the capacity of perfectly heating up a room measuring up to 150Sqft. Talking about the cost of room heater, don’t worry here!

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The heated air will be circulated by this heater into the room through a fan. The electricity consumption is up to 2000Watts depending on the heat level.
  • A safety thermal cut feature is there in this room heater blower to prevent any potential risks regarding overheating. Besides that, grills are present on the sides permitting proper air circulation. Additionally, it avoids any overheat buildup.
  • Night light indicator is there on the heater for ensuring visibility of the heater even in dim lighting conditioning or we say, during nights.
  • there are 3 heat levels, which you can certainly adjust according to your needs. Besides that, it has a twin turbo design comprising 2 different fan speed option, leading to better heating of the room.

The Final Advice!

Spot heating of its surroundings is a big attraction with this heater. It’s capable of covering 150-160 sq.ft. area, which is enough for the price. This heater also has ISI mark, screaming that it’s an entirely safe heater. No overheating issues at all! the deign is also impressive, and so is the durability. What else are you looking for? To check Usha room heater price in India, tap the button below.


Best Room Heater in India

7.) Bajaj Blow Hot Room Heater 2000W Review – Best room heater under 2000

Now, this was the best room heater in India 2018 regarding sales. With most of the features matching with the Orpat OEH-1250, whether you say compact design, dual heat settings, and ease of mobility, the Bajaj Blow Hot room heater is certainly one among the best room heaters for home use.

It measures 33 x 35 x 13 cm and weighs 3.74Kg. This Bajaj model heavily dominated over Warmex room heater (which was even expensive) in our testing. This model has several qualities to be called the Best Room Heater in India under 2000 rupees.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • This heater is approved by BIS, confirming that it’s built to Indian standards. It has a thermal cutoff for safety.
  • It is rectangular in shape, adding to the compactness of the heater.
  • The presence of a blower in this heater forces the air out perfectly, ensuring good circulation.
  • This heater provides Neat & Clean Operation as there isn’t any requirement for refrigerant or oxygen.
  • This heater is a popular one, and we state that by putting bulk on the fact that over 1000 users of this heater have written reviews on Amazon!
  • It arrives with two heater settings, implying that you can set this heater at either 1000 or 2000 watts depending on the requirement of heating.

The Final Advice!

The heater arrives with a warranty of two years, ensuring that your money is perfectly invested at least for that much period. If your budget mark is below 2000, then Bajaj Blow Hot is certainly the best heater under 2000. Now, why to let winters trouble when you can acquire such tremendous and long-lasting room heater by shedding just one “pink note” form your pocket?


Best Room Heater in India

8.) Usha FH 3628 PTC Fan Heater Review

It is an excellent room heater for use in the winter season for maintaining the room temperature and feeling cozy. It’s easily movable and usable. This heater operates in absolutely zero noise, and that’s cool! It’s suitable for small-medium size rooms.

A few users were using it since 2014 and found no problem. The 3628 PTC model looks attractive, which provides extra beauty to your home. It comes with 1 year company warranty. It has a couple of tubes for heating the room which consume approx 800 W energy( as per written in user manual).

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Generally, low-cost fan heaters are known for producing uneven smell, but fortunately, Usha FH 3628 doesn’t trouble you that way at all.
  • There is the convenience of 2 heating positions. Besides that, the thermal cut-out feature is there.
  • Although blower heaters make noise mostly in contrast to other types of heaters,Usha FH 3628 PTC is silent enough and recommendable for bedroom/workplace usage.
  • These are very safe, so even if your toddler comes near it, considering it a toy, you don’t need to bother!

The Final Advice!

Due to its durability and handy to use, you can purchase one more for my family, it’s that much cheap. We’re happy to recommend all of to purchase it. This black color cooler is , we bet, more attractive and expensive looking than most heaters around its price.

Keeping looks aside, even its productivity is something more than what you are paying for! get this room heater for lowest price by tapping the button below.


Best Room Heater in India

9.) Nova NH 1257 Room Heater Review

When you look at this heater’s pic above, you’ll feel that you’ve seen Nova NH 1257 Room Heater somewhere. Well, do you remember the Amazon Brand Solimo 2000 Watt model that we recently discussed? Yes, this heater seems like a bit higher version of the Amazon’s model.

This one can be used vertically/horizontally, the same you. However, there is an incline of around 400 rupees (which might change with the time) this time. We highly recommend this Nova model over Oreva room heater, which is of almost the same design, and also costs almost the same.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • If your room is medium-large, Nova NH 1257 Room Heater is powerful enough to raise the room’s temperature faster than certain other heaters, and bring you relief.
  • With this heater, you get well-narrated manual and 1-year warranty convenience.
  • It’s a new model that arrives with new technology and a promise of lasting long.
  • The adjustable temperature control feature is sweet, making it a suitable heater not just for the winters but also for the rainy season.
  • For checking the sturdiness of all the heaters, we performed a drop-down test. We were impressed by this heater’s sturdiness.
  • The operation noise is very low, and the cool-touch other body is easily cleanable.

The Final Advice!

You won’t find many reviews of Nova NH 1257 Room Heater on Amazon as it’s a fresh release. Power isn’t everything that we should look for! Durability and consistency also high matter. When you pull out your heater the next winter, there should be no ups/downs with the operation! Undoubtedly.

Buying Nova NH 1257 Room Heater will make you feel cozy for several winters to come. Both inner and outer build are very promising, and the amount isn’t large either.


Best Room Heater in India

10.) Orpat Room Heater OEH1260 2000W Review

Now this room heater is a bit controversial, and you find mixed customer reviews on Amazon. However, sales are also pretty high. So, we looked upon fully testing Orpat OEH1260 2000W Fan Heater to figure out whether it’s worth recommendation or not. Fortunately, this heaters performed amazingly in our tests!

It heavily dominated over the Maharaja room heater in our testing before writing the Best Room Heater in India review. Talking about the room heater cost, please don’t bother!

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Element malfunctioning is a huge issue with room heaters, especially when you pull it out to use after several months. This heater comes with a non-sagging, stitching type, and prolonged life heating element, which is highly dependable.
  • The looks highly impress. Furthermore, you get 3 color choices in hardly any price difference.
  • The cut-off safety feature is there. Besides that, you enjoy the auto-revolving heater feature.
  • Two heat settings are 1000 watts and 2000 watts, meaning that you can use this heater on several occasions.
  • The heater comes with a cord-winding facility, for helping you in keeping the heater organized.
  • The knobs are easy to hold and smooth to move. The outer body of this heater is of hard plastic, which isn’t just easy to clean, but also sturdy enough to survive an accidental drop.

The Final Advice!

2000+ Amazon customer reviews are there. The cost is so low; additionally, the presence of sweet features has pleased a vast percentage of buyers. This 1.3kg appliance is easy to move and store. You know what, this is a 2-in-1 appliance! Yes, you can use Orpat OEH1260 2000W Fan Heater as a fan also.

You can likewise switch on the fan option without the heating function and you’ll find this heater will function as a normal table fan. Isn’t that amazing? is still that price tag bothering you?

Best Room Heater in India 2021 Reviews: Buying guide

With regards to purchasing an electric room heater, major inquiries — like will this heater sufficiently heat my space? What’s more, what amount will it cost to work? — overshadow various extra features included with the unit. To find a workable pace of these inquiries and discover which type of room heater is best for you, we should analyze the main 5 things to search for in a space heater.


1. Heater Type

The primary factor in deciding before choosing a space heater is the thing that kind of heater you need. While there are various heater styles, there are basically three heating advancements under which each electric heater falls: convection, radiant, and fan-forced.

Convection heaters regularly give even, entire room heating; radiant heaters convey rapid, spot heating in little spaces; fan-forced heater models utilize an inside fan that blows over a heating element; and micathermic heaters offer quick, boundless heat while saving space. Choosing the proper kind of heater for your application is the ideal approach to guarantee compelling performance.

You likewise might need to think about a wall heater. A few models have basically held tight a wall with sections, and others, as QMark heaters, are really recessed into your wall. These are ordinarily utilized in bathrooms, lodgings, and rooms with pretty lesser space. Regularly hard-wired into new constructions , they’re powerful and sturdy and calm heating choices that Sylvane clients rave about.


2. Security Features

If not observed appropriately, portable room heaters can, without much of a stretch, become fire perils. In this way, it is basic to think about security. To essentially diminish the danger of flames, numerous manufacturers outfit their electric heaters with cool-touch surfaces and other safety features ensuing secure operation.

Some space heaters feature an inward switch that naturally closes off the power in case the heater is incidentally knocked down or tipped. Overheat assurance, another significant safety feature, is likewise what you find with most space heater units. This switch fills in as a sensor that naturally shut-offs the heater if the interior parts arrive at an unsafe temperature.


3. Energy-Efficiency

In case you are worried about rationing energy and need to keep up low heating costs, it is a smart thought to look at productivity before picking a space heater.

Albeit portable electric heaters likewise come up short on a standard degree of efficiency like the EER appraisals (ratings) found on compact AC systems, heater working expenses are somewhat difficult to compute utilizing a straightforward equation. To save your electric bills from soaring, it is important to pick the correct energy proficient space heater for your condition and the size of your space.

Moreover, extraordinary features, for example, energy sparing modes, customizable indoor regulators, low wattage, and programmable clocks, help limit power utilization and add to the monetary activity. Peruse our article Best room heaters in India and we guarantee, none of the heaters that we’ve recommended will raise your electricity bill insanely.


4. Heating Capacity

When searching for an individual space heater, one of the most significant things to search for in a space heater is the size of the room the heater will cover. The heater wattage rating controls this. For the most part, a room heater utilizes 10 watts of heating capacity to heat each square foot of your space.

20 square feet 250W 100 square feet 1250W 180 square feet 2250W
40 square feet 500W 120 square feet 1500W 200 square feet 2500W
60 square feet 750W 140 square feet 1750W 220 square feet 2750W
80 square feet 1000W 160 square feet 2000W 240 square feet 3000W

So an ordinary 1,500-watt heater will cover normally measured rooms as enormous as 150 square feet when utilized as a supplementary heat source. This rule, nonetheless, is a dependable general guideline that doesn’t make a difference to every single model. Contingent upon the heating technology, one’s indoor condition, as well as the application, some convenient heaters cover more space.

Check the room size and heater capacity table for giving you an idea of which size/ power heater will serve you the best. [/su_box]


5. Noise Level

Like most electrical apparatuses, numerous convenient heaters discharge some noise during poeration. A few models, work more silent than others. Consider non-fan-constrained units, for example, a baseboard heater or an oil-filled radiator for quiet activity in calm situations like your bedroom or office.

Honeywell baseboard heaters, for instance, exceed expectations at entire room heating with little noise interference. certainly, radiant space heaters function admirably as quiet space heaters for workplaces and bedrooms.

In Summary

The most significant noticeable points when purchasing a space heater are the size of the space you need to heat and the heater type, for example, convection, fan-forced heating, radiant, and micathermic heating types. Different contemplation include security and convenience features.

Best Room Heater in India Reviews: Sorts of room heaters

Room heaters are a fundamental electronic APPLIANCES for the individuals who live in the colder pieces of the world and furthermore for other people, who experience nippy winters. In addition to the fact that heaters keep homes and rooms warm is the comparison table. For further details, you an continue reading:

Sorts of room heaters
Children safety ? ? ?
Work well in large space ? ? ?
Low price ? ? ?
Energy efficient ? ? ?
Low noise operation ? ? ?
Less time to heat ? ? ?
Doesn’t alter oxgen & humidty levels ? ? ?
Our Top Recommndation Havells 2000W Comforter Bajaj Flashy 1000W Usha 3811 F

In case you’re somebody who is searching for a room heater, at that point, you may be spoilt for a decision since there is no shortage of the sorts, costs, hues, and assortments of room heaters accessible. The accompanying given list puts light around the primary kinds of room heaters that you can browse dependent on your preference and requirement:


1. Oil Filled Radiator (OFR) Heater

Oil Filled room heaters are a moderately new idea in Indian markets. Oil heaters are respected the best and the most adaptable sort. They are for all purposes and intents quiet and perfect for enormous heating spaces.

Obviously, these heaters are likewise the costliest sort as well. Since, no warm air blows of these, they don’t cause dryness noticeable all around. The room humidity level is very well maintained. You ought to never utilize oil heaters in wet or moist spots like bathrooms.

Talking about the best oil filled room heater in India, our top recommendation is Usha 3811 F 2300W Oil Filled Radiator. We chose it as the best oil room heater India considering its impressive features, comfortable price, and amazing long-lasting performance.

How Does Oil Heater work?

You may not know how oil heater work and the job of oil in them. All things considered, OFR heaters take a shot at the standard of heat radiation. The oil that’s present in them heats up. You would see models with a certain number of ‘fins’ in OFR heaters. further, the heated oil courses inside these empty blades and move heat to the environment.

The higher the fins’ number, the better it is. Since more blades help spread the heat through the room quicker. What’s more, no, you never need to supplant the oil ever. The oil isn’t singed for it to get expended or consumed. Due to a high boiling point, oil is simply heated.

Do Oil Heaters Consume Time To Give Heat?

Truly, yet very little. Normally, doesn’t oil in your fry pan consume some time to heat up? The same way these heaters set aside some time to disseminate heat. Furthermore, when the ideal temperature is accomplished, there’s no thinking back.

OFR heaters are the most secure of all other sorts of heaters. They can be worked for long lengths at a stretch. Your kids are safe around these OFR heaters.

More Fins More Heat

The expense of an oil heater differs straightforwardly with the quantity of blades in a model. A higher number of blades additionally extend the heater long. Against prevalent thinking, the wattage isn’t identified with the quantity of fins. Most present-day oil heaters heat the oil by means of the more secure artistic PTC components.

What a PTC component is you’ll discover ahead soon. By and large, oil heaters are stacked with numerous other security features. Oil heaters are bulky. You can say they are truly loaded. Fortunately, all oil heaters accompany castor wheels for ease mobility.

Oil Heaters: Positives and Negatives

Oil Heaters are the most adaptable room heaters. A significant number of the Best Room Heater in India has a place with this classification.

  • Steady Heat – An oil heater, as a rule, takes around 15 minutes to arrive in form. An oil heater begins conveying a relentless heat stream after the oil heats up. A fumes fan keeps up the inward temperature of the heater inside cutoff points.
  • Absence of Exposed Heating Element makes them more secure than fan and loop/bar heaters.
  • Noiseless activity is a major in addition to point. Contrast this and uproarious fan heaters., oil heaters are quiet.
  • Heat Retention – The oil once heated holds heat for a long time. This means the heater is giving out heat considerably after it’s switched off.
  • Sluggish Initialization – An oil heater takes anyplace near 15-20 minutes to go to its own. This makes them unsatisfactory where the instant help against cold is looked for.
  • Size – and massiveness can be a major obstruction is any of the castor wheels goes loose.
  • The cost is the greatest negative of oil heaters. They’re perfect for heating huge rooms, yet not every person can bear the cost of them effectively.
  • Child Safety – The blades of an oil heater are what get sufficiently hot to cause burning injuries to your little ones.


2. PTC Fan Heaters

PTC represents a Positive Temperature Coefficient. Let’s not plunge deep into what it implies, as in any case, boring Physics will enter here. Essentially, PTC heaters utilize a ceramic heating component. This is an improvement over the normal opposition coil-based heaters.

Attributable to the PTC element, its likewise conceivable to all the more likely control the temperature of the heater. Fan Heaters, whether with PTC heating element or we say, non-PTC component, cause an dramatic decrease in room’s humidity. One can utilize a humidifier for adjusting this negative effect of fan heaters. DeLonghi Safe Heat Tower is the best ceramic room heater in India.

How PTC Room Heater Works?

As expressed above, PTC heaters utilize an ceramic heating element with the positive temperature coefficient. This certainly makes them equipped for controlling their own temperature. Because of this property, PTC heaters wipe out the danger of overheating.

No need for any outside sensor to screen and later controls the temperature. Consequently, safety is natural in PTC heaters as sensors can’t fail in case they are absent.

Are PTC Heaters Energy-Efficient?

Truly, PTC heaters spare more energy contrasted with resistive loop/bar based heaters. At first, they attract the full capacity to heat up and arrive at a set temperature. With time the PTC component accomplishes the limit temperature for which the component is designed is accomplished, power usage certainly decreases. Well-spread and uniform heating are a USP of PTC heaters.

PYC Fan Heaters: Positives and Negatives

  • No Overheating – Certainly, PTC heaters don’t encounter overheating inherently and furthermore chill off rapidly.
  • Lower Inner Temperature – Certainly, the temperature inside any PTC heater is route less (around 80% not exactly) a curl/bar based heater. This property is itself a major security upgrade.
  • Fast heating is another bit of positive.
  • Water Proof – PTC heating components are water-proof, making them appropriate for use in bathrooms.
  • Air Dryness – Skin or eye dryness is a typical complaint from clients.
  • The intensity of the heating fan is additionally low.


3. Halogen Quartz Heater

Certainly, Halogen room heater or Quartz heaters prove to be better than radiant rod heaters. However you don’t have a huge choice of dependable heater falling under this category, still few are truly amazing.

If you have to heat up a pretty large room, then buying multiple fan heaters, it’s better to spend on one powerful halogen quartz heater for sure.

How Halogen Heater Works?

Now, Halogen heaters use halogen gases, for example, argon and neon. These idle gases delay the life of the nichrome element. Melded quartz rather than glass builds the transmitting productivity of the bulbs. Further, a reflective surface behind the incandescent lamps mirrors the heat radiation towards the front.

Halogen gases likewise prevent the bulbs’ darkening. There is no fan; thus, they don’t heat up the air. A halogen heater is valuable in particular as it runs consistently. The heat created is straightforwardly relative to the size of the halogen heater. Along these lines, if the heating prerequisite for a room is more, bring a bigger heater.

Halogen heaters are useful for spot heating. To put it plainly, an individual sitting near the heater would feel great. The heat force can be controlled against bar heaters. Quartz heaters don’t create any smoke or side-effect, so these heaters are condition inviting also.

Halogen Heaters: Positives and Negatives

  • Radiate Heat – Halogen heaters certainly heat up a little region much rapidly through radiation. Other heaters certainly depend on the air to act as a medium for transporting heat to near or further corners of the room. Furthermore, halogen heaters do not deliver heat through convection but radiation.
  • Portable – The versatility and lightweight make these heater great choices for open-air heating.
  • Safe – Almost all halogen lamps accompany Tip-over insurance. When the heater topples or falls, its capacity supply is cut. There is an electrical switch press button at the base which is discharged from its squeezed position when this heater topples.
  • Quick – They transmit rapid heat and even chill off rapidly. There is no holding uptime. A few heaters accompany timers as well.
  • Some heaters join the benefit of halogen with a fan. They are greater at room heating in contrast to the halogen-lamp-only heaters.
  • Zero Noise while operation makes them so perfect for bedrooms.
  • Life – Halogen lights toward the day’s end are quartz tubes loaded up with an inactive halogen gas with a heating component. Much the same as light with fiber, these halogen lights wear out some time or another and need substitution. Nonetheless, that someday’ would come in several years.
  • Not extremely proficient if rooms have numerous glass windows or doors.
  • Heat Close By – Not perfect to be utilized for heating a total room. The infrared radiation heats up objects just in the closeness of the heater and that too, which are in front as it were.


4. Fan Heaters Or Blowers

Certainly Fan heaters are the second most normal sort following radiant rod heaters. Blowers don’t depend on convection and have a fan to spread heat. In spite of the fact that convection, at last, come into the image.

Now, these form the common type, and you’ve got abundant choices. In our Best room heater in India reviews also, most of our recommended ones fall under this category.

Now, you’ll find less benefits in contrast to negatives.

Fan Heater: Positives and Negatives

  • Affordable – Fan heaters are accessible at low costs, which any regular family unit can manage.
  • Fast Action – Blowers convey a fast float of warm air. You can change the stature for focused activity in certain models.
  • Sparking – You may see starts inside the obscurity of the fan heater on events. This normally occurs on running the heater blower constantly for long.
  • Dust gathering– The heater draws in air from a punctured mesh. This makes them vulnerable to turn into a dump of residue and rottenness. Obviously, bacterial development is a typical danger.
  • Reduce Humidity – The warm air extinguished of the heater enormously lessen the air’s humidity levels as it were, a blower demonstrations like a Dehumidifier.
  • Very Noisy – The fan makes a ton of noise, particularly at higher fan speed.
  • Burnt Smell – Many clients gripe of a smell of consumed plastic, which never stops to exist.
  • Skin and Eye Dryness are usually the complaints by clients.

You surely see many negatives there, but we designed that chart considering all the heaters in our testing. However, some fan heaters serve amazingly for years, and certain of them hardly cause noise issue either! Those heater recommended in our Best room heater for room in India 2021 reviews all ensure issue-less operation.


5. Radiant Rod Heaters

These are the absolute first heaters that twenty to thirty-year-olds would have seen. Loop/Rod based heaters are the customary heaters that give moment reprieve from cold to those sitting pretty close to them. The metal surface behind the pole is raised molded to bring together the heat. The intensely hot shining rod produces infrared radiation liberally. This accompanies a lot of danger and hazard.

Protected with a grille or not, these heaters are actually a fireball in your room. Any lack of regard can demonstrate expensively. No inquiry of letting little children get close to them and return safely. L

ittle misses, for instance, neglecting to move your furniture away from the uniting heat of the bars, can bring huge issues (regarding your safety as well as the heater’s durability). In any case, they are still superior to keeping up an open chimney. These heaters are certainly the best room heater in India considering ease.

radiant heater are undoubtedly on the cheaper side, but with most of these models, several negatives are associated.

Radiant Rod Heaters: Positives and Negatives

  • Affordable – Rod or obstruction loop heaters are accessible at a low value extend.
  • Quick Heating – Great for quick delight against cold.
  • Inefficiency – These are power guzzlers and expend the total appraised wattage constant. In case you neglect to turn it off and adventure out, be ready to pay for a base 2 units for each hour in bills. Except if you are fortunate, and there was a force blackout.
  • Radiant pole heaters are not cold-to-contact. The heater body gets very hot as it is obligatorily of metal.
  • Unsafe – Hardly any safety components are conceivably separated from metal flame broils.
  • Not reasonable for utilizing for a long length in one go.

So, that was all under the sorts of room heaters, and their positives/negatives. A few amazing tips are waiting for you ahead.

3 hints for utilizing the room heater successfully

Room heaters and blowers are a lifeline during the chilling winter months. Similarly as each solace accompanies a cost, utilizing room heaters can be an exorbitant issue. Room heaters and blowers devour a ton of power, and this shoots your power bill high during winter months.

The measure of heat transmitted by a room heater relies on its wattage. In case the wattage is less, the measure of heat discharged by the room heater is less and the other way around. In any case, if the wattage builds, the power utilization likewise increases. This certainly means the more heat you require; the greater power consumption will take place.

Here are some bunch of approaches to utilize room heaters adequately in order to keep your month to month power charge lower:


Go for flexible wattage room heater

Many room heaters accompany a flexible wattage handle utilizing which the you can balance the wattage as per the requirement. In case your room size is little, set the handle of your room heater at a lower wattage. Keep the correct protection in your room with the goal that the room heats up rapidly.

Despite the fact that lower wattage will discharge less heat; however, the correct protection will keep the heat inside the room. Additionally, lower wattage implies less power utilization. Along these lines, you can not just keep your room warm for a huge time yet, but also let down your power bill.


Go for room heaters with the indoor thermometer

Room heaters with the indoor thermometer set up are a shrewd approach to lessen power utilization. The indoor thermometer certainly keeps the temperature of the room at an ideal level by cutting off force supply once the it has reached the ideal temperature of the room.

The indoor thermometer continues checking the temperature of the room and switch-on the power supply once the temperature inside the room drops. Certainly, the indoor thermometer ensures that the room warming takes place till the set temperature. Thus, the heater isn’t ON constantly, and the power utilization lessens.


Go for fan heaters/blowers and set it at a lower temperature

A fan heater is a decent alternative during winters. Sight-seeing from the fan heater streams and connect with a bigger region in a room. So as to heat up your room and decrease power consumtion simultaneously, set your fan heater at a lower temperature, and protect your room.

The fan will ensure that the warm air reaches over your room, and certainly lower temperatures will ensure that the power consumption is going to be less. Whichever alternative you decide to remain warm, simply ensure that heater/blower is perfect and in great working condition. Likewise, ensure that the distance between the blowers / heaters and person utilizing is safe.

The electric heaters can be as risky as they are helpful whenever utilized inappropriately. thus it is essential to avoid potential risks while utilizing them.

Let’s stay safe while using room heaters

So as to keep yourself and your family warm and safe, kindly follow the accompanying rules:

  1. To forestall any fire or serious consumption, keep all things that can burst into flames like inflammable material, paper, bedding, covers, furniture at any rate 2-3 feet from the electric heater.
  2. Before utilizing your electric heater, investigate it completely to check if the heater is perfect and in great condition. In case you discover any issue, at that point, ensure fixing it properly.
  3. Place the electric heater out of high-traffic regions. Likewise, keep it on a hard, non-combustible surface and not on floor coverings, wood/plastic furnishings.
  4. Use the room heaters to give supplemental heating and not too drying garments or cooking purpose (Some of us Indians have used it as a toaster, haven’t we?).
  5. Never permit pets or youngsters go close to the electric heater to maintain a strategic distance from any burning or electrical disaster.
  6. Do not over-burden the socket where you’ve attached your electric heater. Ensure that the unit isn’t connected to a similar power socket with any other electrical appliance
  7. Most critically, never leave the electric heater unattended. Dodge carbon mono-oxide harming by damaging the heater and unplug it before leaving the room or heading to sleep. The Carbon mono-oxide harming can be extremely hazardous. Indications of carbon-monoxide exposure include wooziness, stomach pan, headache,distress, spewing, sickness, and weakness.
  8. Certainly. be extravagant for family safety. So if your heater is old, don’t hesitate in buying a safer one from our Best room heater in India reviews’ recommendations!

Room heater not blowing hot air properly: Causes and Fixes

Room heaters, as a rule, work easily all through the winter season and may not show any issues whenever kept all around kept up. Anyway, from period to period, you may notice a few or the other issue springing up, and one among them is heater not blowing sight-seeing. Well there could be numerous explanations and fixes for some most common heater-related issues. So, once you buy room heater, do read the following portion, it’s crucial!

1. Blown circuit or resistor

CAUSE: The most widely recognized reason for the heater not blowing hot air could be a blown circuit or resistor.


For this, you may need to open the case and begin testing the circuit by utilizing a voltage controller. Check whether there are any breaks in an electrical way/wire. You should know about the way that the voltages will change between the circuits, which are separated by resistors. In case there is damage in the circuit, you can either supplant it yourself or have an expert carry out the responsibility for you.

2. Broken heater loop

CAUSE: Another regular purpose behind room heater not blowing hot air is a broken heater loop.


Check whether there are any sort of breaks in the line subsequent to opening up the case. The wires together work as a total circuit, and in the event that any of the snaps from the steady heating and afterward cooling, then the circuit may get damaged and may quit giving heat.

In case the heater loop is, in fact, broken, at that point, all things considered, you can take a soldering gun for heating up the contacts and removing it. You would then be able to easily replace them with suitable parts which must satisfy voltage guidelines.

3. Check the indoor regulator

CAUSE: Another reason for room heater not blowing hot air could be an issue with the indoor regulator. It might either not be set up at the correct temperature or could be flawed.


So, inspect the setting at which your indoor regulator is fixed. In case it is at a colder setting, at that point, ensure you turn it and set it accurately. Anyway, likewise, check whether it is moving appropriately in case it turns out to be free and consequently defective. Supplant it in case it isn’t working appropriately.

4. Messy air channel

CAUSE: Sometimes, because of consistent utilization, the air channels of the room heaters become dirty, leading to the heater not blowing hot air.


If this is the situation, then you should clean the channels with the goal that the heating can be appropriate once more. For this, first, clean up the outer body the heater and expel free residue with a dry microfiber cloth. Ensure the heater is switch-off now.

After that, unscrew the heater’s cover and further, spray the inside compartment with an air duster. Utilize a damp sponge for additional cleaning. In case the need is, replace the heater’s filters and check if the heating is better now.

5. Blown breakers

CAUSE: The most well-known reason for the electric heater not working is blown wires.

  • To check this, first, unplug your heater and check the wire box of the house for tripped circuit breakers blown fuses as well as.
  • In case its tripped or fused, at that point, what you can do is that you can supplant the wire or reset the circuit breakers whenever required.
  • Now plug the heater back in and turn it on.
  • See if you’ve overcome the issue. If not, the accompanying given tips may help you.

6. Auto safety shut off

CAUSE: Another explanation behind electric heater not working could be because of the auto safety shut off feature. You certainly find this feature in a few heaters nowadays. When heaters get excessively hot, at that point, this feature stops the heater for the purposes of safety. Maybe a result of this feature, your heater may not be working.


So what you can do is that you can reset the feature by moving the power switch to its off position in case the heater doesn’t turn back on. Unplug your heater and let it chill off for around 10-15 minutes. Fitting it back again and further, turn the switch on.

7. Check the indoor regulator

CAUSE: In many instances of an electric heater not working, the issue turns out to be with the indoor regulator. It could either be trapped, gone free, or may have gotten broken.

  • Check the indoor regulator and see which level you’ve set it. In case it is at an off position or a low temperature, at that point, turn it on the higher level. Check whether it begins working at this point.
  • However, watch out for it to see that it doesn’t quit working because of auto security shut off feature.
  • Also, now and again, the indoor regulator dial will, in general, stall out or carries some damage. Due to this explanation too, the electric heater may not work or not give enough heat.
  • Check the indoor regulator, and if need be, call an expert for repairing it.

8. The issue with the electric cord

CAUSE: Another reason for the electric heater not working could be an issue with your electric cord. An electric cord can go broken and may quit working, which thusly impacts the working of the heater.


So, ensure you check your for any breaks. Certainly, there must be some tear in the middle. looking for the damage is the only thing to do, and in any case if you find that your cord isn’t all perfect, simply replace it.

9. The issue with the heating element

CAUSE: Another conceivable reason for the electric heater not working is heating element turned sour!


To check this issue, one needs test the continuity of the heater’s heating element. This should be possible by following the given advances:

  • Unplug and turn off your heater from the power switch and the main supply.
  • Disassemble the electric heater to get to the heating element and further, set the multimeter to resistance times 1. or RX1.
  • Now touch the multimeter’s probes to each end of your heater’s heating element.
  • If the meter is indicating high opposition, then this implies the heating component is fine. In case the perusing is resistance , at that point, this implies there is an issue with the element, and there’s surely some damage.
  • In case it is defective, you have to replace it, however, ensure you get a similar size, shape, power rating, make, and resistance.

10. Check the force

CAUSE: The most stupid reason for the electric heater not working or turning on is an issue with the power supply.


You have to ensure that power is certainly accessible from the main power switch. in case it’s OK, at that point, check whether your power switch is working appropriately or not. This should be possible by interfacing another power appliance to the same switch and checking whether it is working or not. In that’s not, at that point, there is an issue with your power switch, and you should fix it.

Best Room heater brands in India

Talking about electronics, considering brand is a big thing. We included numerous heaters from 14 brands, and then formed the list for you. We’d love to share our experience with various brands.

Philips is a reputed electronics brand. However, you didn’t see a single heater from this brand in our list. Why so? Well, we fully checked the whole Philips room heater price list and tested 7 top heaters, but none were as high value for money as the other models in this list. undoubtedly, features were amazing, but the negative was “customer reviews” portion, and a bit high prices.

Pretty much similar happened with Havells room heater price list. However, this is also true that the top model, Havells 2000W Comforter proved to be better than any other heater in this list. No other model from Havells impressed us besides this. Talking about overall reliability, Bajaj and Usha are providing the best room heaters for home.

Discussing the best room heater in India, no single brand is dominating. You just concentrate on which sort you need, and for how much space, and you can then pick anything from our recommendations up there.

Best Room Heater in India 2021 Reviews: The Conclusion

So, we’re on the verge of packing up. Before doing that, some amazing room heaters are what we will recall now, shall we?

Havells 2000W Comforter is the overall best choice. Morphy Richards Aristo 2000W is our top recommendation for the baby room due to tremendous safety features and high convenience. We’ve got the best radiator choice for you, which costs below 1000! it’s none other than Orpat OEH-1220 2000W model. also, it’s our budget choice.

Usha Room Heater 423 N 2000W is the best choice under 3000, while under 2000, Bajaj Blow Hot Room Heater 2000W is the most recommendable one. Usha 3811 F 2300W Oil Filled Radiator is the top oil room heater in this list.

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