Best ORIENT Cooler in India Reviews & Price Idea 2022

Best ORIENT Cooler in India Reviews & Price Idea 2022

Orient is a highly-trusted brand regarding air coolers. Beat the blazing heat by utilizing the effective Orient air coolers. As a purchaser, you’re entitled to buy the item at the best online cost.

Thus, you must verify the cost of this company’s air coolers in India before you intend to invest the cash.

The air coolers are available at different prices relying upon the cooler type, energy consumption rating, and capacity. The cost starts at about Rs 7,000, and it goes more than Rs 15,000.

According to your necessities, you can choose from the desert, room, personal, and window air coolers. The capacity varies between 20 Litres or above 70 Litres. Most importantly, Orient cooler parts are easily available.

The energy consumption determines the performance of the airflow of the air coolers. This company’s models basically come with over 100 Watts.

Here’s the price list of some of the amazing Orient air cooler models in India

Orient DX CP1601H 16L 9.1 Under 5,000 Buy on Amazon
Orient CD-6501H 65L 9.0 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Orient CD7001H 70l 8.8 Under 13,000 Buy on Amazon
Orient Dx CP2002H 20L 8.5 Under 7,000 Buy on Amazon
Orient CP3001H 30L 8.4 Under 7,000 Buy on Amazon
BMS Lifestyle TF-708 7.9 Under 5,000 Buy on Amazon

Orient cooler customer care number and post-purchase support

In case your air cooler is troubling you, just call their cooler customer care toll-free number, which is – 1800 103 7574. You’ll be served very well as Orient is too good at supporting the customers.

How to increase the efficiency of your cooler?

Two tips we wanna give here. Firstly, you need to look upon wiring and insulation at regular intervals. Checking electrical wiring as well as switches for loose connection or worn-out insulation is necessary. If damaged electrical wiring is near water, then you are inviting danger!

After that, you are maintaining water levels is also crucial. If the water level is low, then you can’t blame your cooler for bad performance.

You need to keep the water levels at least above 30% for get the full benefit of your air cooler. [/su_box]

Best ORIENT Cooler – Reviews

1) Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H

Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H

With sturdy construction and Densenest TM Honeycomb Pads comes the super cool Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H at a very affordable price. This cooler is the best one regarding water retention capability at its expense. It also ensures 25% more cooling than similarly priced ordinary air coolers. You’ve got a 1+2 year warranty on its anti-rust cooler metal body! It’s backside pads are changeable, and of course, you get the swing and power buttons.


  • Measuring 46 x 34 x 65 cm, the Smartcool-DX CP1601H model weighs only 8 Kg, which means shifting this cooler from a room to other is easy.
  • This electric air cooler is capable of cooling up to 14 sq. mts, meaning 150 square feet; however, the result was decent while in a 15 x 15 feet (225 square feet) room also while testing. That great coverage area at this price.
  • The full shockproof ABS plastic body is very sturdy, leading to fewer damage chances.
  • The design is perfect for stopping mosquitoes and dust particles and providing pure airflow always.

The Final Advice

The issues climb up high in summers, especially when there is a power cut! A power cut is common on summer days. It becomes tough to survive in such a situation, right? The good news is, this model runs on an inverter also, providing you uninterrupted cooling during power cuts, and that’s a major factor making DX CP1601H a worth buy air cooler. Once you fill full water in this cooling gadget, it serves you for 10 hours straight!

Notice – We have some other air cooler brand’s recommendations as well. You should cherish Symphony coolers variant, and you’ll get impressed by the #1 model from that company.

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2) Orient Cooler Desert Ultimo CD-6501H

Orient Cooler Desert Ultimo CD-6501H

By looks, Orient Electric Ultimo CD-6501H Desert Air Cooler definitely matches its price tag, and it doesn’t step back regarding features either. Perfection is added throughout the construction, and as a result, the convenience is higher here. Only high-grade materials are used. The price is good enough for such an amazing product, and one can’t say it’s expensive, as CD-6501H Desert Air Cooler is making actual payback of the money. In the Orient desert storm cooler price list, CD-6501H is the best value for money.


  • Silent operation is a big advantage with this desert cooler. Powerful air coolers do generate high noise, but fortunately, CD-6501H Desert Air Cooler doesn’t. It makes it a decent cooler to be placed in the bedroom, kid’s room, and offices, as noise trouble won’t be there.
  • The fan blades come with Aerofan technology, which is inspired by highly successful Orient Aero Series Fans, ensuring optimum air circulation without being noisy.
  • Denseness technology honeycomb cooling pads ensure that the water that you poured in this cooler always remains cool for further cool air delivery. The gap between the cooling filaments is lesser, leading to 45% more water retention, and further, 25% better cooling.
  • Generally, most of the inverter compatible coolers suck more power than non-compatible ones. Here, the case is different. Being inverter compatible, it sucks less energy than small-sized and less powerful coolers!
  • Water tanks of the coolers always prove to be breeding heaven for the mosquitoes. Thus, regular cleaning is needed to avoid infections. That’s the scene with other air coolers, not with this Cooler. It is perfectly packed and stops mosquitoes from entering the tank.

The Final Advice

Some people find this model CD6501H expensive. Convenience comes at a price, and the CD-6501H Desert Air Cooler is bringing higher convenience than the price. Even at high prices, the market is full of air coolers which are crap, and quit providing cool airflow after a couple of summers! This is a kind of air cooler that one can use anywhere, office, bedroom, hall, office, etc. 45 feet air throw capacity and 4200 m2/hr air delivery are both superb. Autofill is also decreasing your hassle. Then why not buy this Desert cooler model?

3) Orient Electric Ocean CD7001H 70L Desert Air Cooler

Orient Electric Ocean CD7001H 70L

Orient cooler desert storm price was pleasing, and so is Electric Ocean CD7001H 70l model’s price. Now, this is the cooler with the largest water holding capacity in our listing. 70L water is going to last for more than a night for you. This cooler runs on 190W. The design is unique. Generally, the taller air coolers have a smaller air-throwing mouth — however, this 70 ltr. Model throws air in a bigger area, which leads to the fast cooling of your room. You get a 1-year warranty.


  • The air throw distance of this cooler is 25 feet, which means it’s perfect for large halls.
  • Yes, when 70L water is filled inside, moving a cooler is difficult. Thanks to the very smooth 5 castor wheels, which make mobility very easy.
  • No matter you own an expensive air cooler, but when the electricity goes off, you find yourself helpless, just sweating around! Most air coolers aren’t inverter compatible. Fortunately, you can easily connect this model to your inverter!
  • Most of the coolers start with a jerk, but this cooler starts pretty smoothly and catches its speed.
  • Its noise level is mid-low level. As a result, this cooler is perfect for the bedroom.

The Final Advice

The cooler is undoubtedly justifying its price, We were amazed by its air throwing potential in testing, and regardless of what’s the outside temperature, it will cool your room in no time. Motor jamming chances are exceptionally low. Yes, this 70 L model is a healthy purchase. It’s better than the Airtek cooler, actually.

Notice – If you wanna cherish cheap yet powerful models, Voltas is the best in terms of providing that variant.  

4) Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20L Cooler

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20L

If we talk about a perfectly built air cooler, then we surely can’t skip the Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20L model. You see expertise in this cooler in its performance. 1300 m3/hr air delivery is impressive at this price. It ensures 4-way cooling, leading to a rapid drop down in the room’s temperature. If there’s cross-ventilation in your room, then you won’t have to wait any longer after turning this cooler On to get your room fresh and cool.


  • It arrives with a 3-speed motor. You’ll get consistent airflow on each mode, whether it’s low, mid, or high.
  • Denseness Honeycomb pads of this cooler ensure 45% more water retention and 25% more cooling.
  • The high gloss abs body is entirely rustproof, ensuring high longevity.
  • Dust filtration of this air cooler is truly amazing. It perfectly filters dust and pollen and brings freshness to the air.
  • This cooler is inverter compatible, meaning no interruption during power cuts.
  • Oscillating vertical louvers and Adjustable horizontal louvers prove to be very useful.
  • 4 castor wheels are useful. Moving this cooler is never an issue.

The Final Advice

Do you needing instant relief from the heat? Just put some ice in its ice chamber, and add a few half-cut lemons in the water, and see the magic! Due to amazing air throw and low noise, this 20 L model is recommendable for Study Room, Living room, Bedroom, Dining area, Shop, Classroom, and Office.

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5) Orient Electric Supercool CP3001H Cooler

Orient Electric Supercool CP3001H

Undoubtedly, orient is a pretty genial air cooler manufacturer, as they provide a higher level of convenience at comfortable rates. The very same thing they have done with Supercool CP3001H Air Cooler. Experiencing its air thrust, it’s tough to figure out that below 7000 is what it costs! The motor of this air cooler works tremendously, and running it for several hours together also doesn’t lead to the motor overheating easily.


  • Regarding energy consumption, air coolers are far better than ACs. Still, running air coolers for a long time can bring significant electricity bill hikes. Supercool CP3001H Air Cooler consumes less electricity (140 W), bringing no electricity bills issues.
  • Rustproof High Gloss ABS body ensures high durability.
  • The Autofill feature of this Orient room cooler ensures cooling without any interruptions. 30 Liters is the water capacity, which brings the same convenience – uninterrupted cooling.
  • 25 feet is the max air throw distance, making it a suitable air cooler for a medium-size hall, especially rectangular halls.
  • The motorized vertical & horizontal louvers ensure overall and even cooling throughout the room.

The Final Advice

The perfectly designed fans and blowers of this water cooler highly impress, and the unique angle leads to maximum airflow. The DenseNestTM featured honeycomb that ensures rapid cooling, which everyone prefers but expects less from such a low price air cooler. Energy saving is another supportive thing. This cooling gadget carries more features than money and is cent percent worth purchase!

Notice – In terms of durability, Kenstar models served the best! Look at their range of coolers if you wanna ensure long-term usage with issues.

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Extra suggestion

Here is an amazing air cooler from another reputed brand. This one highly impressed us!

6) BMS Lifestyle TF-708 Tower Fan

BMS Lifestyle TF-708 Tower Fan

The BMS Lifestyle TF-708 Tower Fan truly comes at an unbelievable price! Costing near to 2300 rupees, it offers much than you expect! Consumer very minimal power, it generates great airflow, and you definitely can’t expect that much force of air, knowing that its weight is only 2 Kg, that’s true!


  • Can you believe the motor speed of this air cooler is as fast as 5000 RPM! That’s enough to produce a great air throw!
  • The design is sleek and elegant. It complements the home and office interior perfectly. Also, during the offseason, storing it doesn’t eat much space.
  • The science used in this air cooler ensures that the cool air stays at your room’s lower level.

The Final Advice

This air cooler is a boon for those, who don’t have enough money for an air cooler, and with a heavy heart, decide to go across summers only on ceiling fans! Guys, it is cheaper than certain ceiling fans! A bit of vibration will be there because of low weight, but does that hurt at this price? Definitely not! Most importantly, even a kid can pick it and adjust it as per convenience. Place it near your bed, and undoubtedly you’ll go into a deeper sleep faster than normal!

Notice – Do you wanna cool big halls/rooms? You should read Bajaj’s high capacity variant.

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The conclusion

Need some help in understanding air cooler features and buying a good one? Cherish our Best Air Cooler: Buying Guide.

Now, talking about the overall best cooler model, it’s none other than Smartcool-DX CP1601H 16L. If you compromise with water capacity, then this cooler has everything to impress you and prove your 5K investment right.

For larger capacity and more power, you buy Electric Ultimo 65L CD-6501H. It’s truly amazing! Another similar sort of model is the Ocean CD7001H 70L Desert model, which has even powerful air throwing capacity.

For rapid cooling of smaller rooms, the Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20L model is suitable. Considering less power consumption and consistency in cooling, Electric Supercool CP3001H 30L model is our recommendation for medium rooms, and this cooler does a tremendous job in relieving you from high humidity.

The cheapest reliable air cooler on our list is not actually from Orient. It is BMS Lifestyle TF-708 Tower Fan, which is perfect for spot cooling.


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