Best Inverter Battery For Home in 2021 Reviews

Best Inverter Battery For Home in 2021 Reviews
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Best Inverter Battery For Home in 2021 Reviews: Power cuts are really troublesome for everyone! You definitely don’t get notified before a power cut; it just happens unexpectedly. You can’t prepare for it but definitely can overcome it with the help of devices like electric generators, inverters, etc.

Well, electric generators are too noisy and cause much pollution also. So, going on with Inverter is a hundred times better idea!

While going on with the second option, a reliable inverter battery is the most important thing, and the tragedy is that most of the buyers fall wrong here. This is so because a battery is a battery, and one can’t check anything about it except reading the specs.

However, we hired professionals of these batteries, which deeply studied the most dominating inverter batteries out there, and picked 9 best for you. They covered all the considerations!

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The fact is, most of the batteries’ performance decreases after time, but the 9 batteries which we are recommended will work with equal efficiency even after years. Besides that, protection is ensured with all models.

After mentioning 9 best for you, there’s an informative guide down there in our Best Inverter battery for Home review. You’ll get golden tips regarding buying inverter batteries for home use!


Best Inverter Battery for Home in 2021: Expert Guide

The following batteries are tested on various grounds. Choosing the right inverter battery is too tough for any buyer, as it doesn’t offer you much for on-spot testing.

You bring it home, and after months, you face issues. So, if you are looking for reliable inverter batteries, trust our experts, and tap the Amazon button (our referring doesn’t increase the Amazon price. By the way, we bring the lowest price).

Here is the table providing a home inverter battery price idea! We’re sure that you’ll be cheered after cherishing the inverter battery price list, as we’ve picked only those batteries, which were the right value for money.

The advice is, buy inverter battery online. That will save you money!

Best Inverter Battery for Home: Expert Guide

Best Inverter Battery Luminous Zelio 1100 9.3
Under 20,000
Best Inverter Battery Luminous RC 18000 9.1 Under 10,000
Best Inverter Battery Amaron Inverter 150Ah 9.0 Under 15,000
Best Inverter Battery Exide 150Ah Insta Brite 8.8 Under 10,000
Microtek Sebz 1100 Va 8.8
Under 5,000
Luminous RC25000 200AH 8.6 Under 15,000
Exide 150Ah Btr.+Inverter 8.6 Under 15,000
V-Guard VT160 150 mAh 8.4 Under 15,000
Luminous EC18036 150Ah 8.1 Under 15,000


Best Inverter Battery

1.) Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc18000 Tubular Battery (150 Ah ) + Trolley Review – Best Inverter Battery for Home combo

If you buy inverter and battery separately, it definitely costs high. On the first spot, we’ve selected Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc18000 Tubular Battery (150 Ah), as it’s a very reasonable combo of a very worth invertor and highly reliable battery.

A high-quality luminous trolley is also included. Earning 90% = success and 200+ Amazon customer reviews, this inverter, and battery combo is the choice of many experts! This is the best inverter battery in India 2019 & 2020.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The inverter comes with a warranty of 24 months, while the battery brings 36 months warranty.
  • If your load average is around 500 watts, this battery is able to withstand for around 4 hours (On 150 ah 12 V single battery). The double battery will serve 8 hours.
  • The build is sturdy. There won’t be any spillover.
  • The installation is easy — the delivery boy charges around 200-300 rupees for the installation.
  • The trolley is also of top quality.
  • A luminous inverter battery price will highly cheer you!
  • The noise level of its fan while speed charging doesn’t make much noise.
  • The battery is very easy to maintain.

The Final Advice!

If you are looking for running one fan and one light, this inverter battery will serve you for 15 hours or so, which can be considered fantastic. Luminous provides amazing post-purchase service also. This combo is great value for money. It just works flawlessly, consistently, and its battery provides great backup.

We tested running 3 tube lights, 2 fans, and a TV, and the run time was 5:55 hours, and that’s enough for calling it the Best inverter battery for home. Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc18000 is highly recommendable! Tap the button to know the Luminous inverter price with battery and trolley.


Best Inverter Battery

2.) LUMINOUS RC 18000 Tall Tubular Battery (150 AH) Review

This Tubular battery is highly reliable and durable. Luminous has done a decent job here. Most importantly, this inverter battery comes with protections against the short circuit problems.

It comes with puncture-resistant dynamic USA separator, which highly decreases the chances of short circuits, decreasing your tension. 36 months is the warranty time! This battery perfectly fulfills all the needs of Indian homes and offices. The battery doesn’t need any maintenance.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • ue to the balanced plate design, it maintains the needed charge acceptance and deep discharge recovery.
  • The battery always remains well-protected against an issue like corrosion, and a major factor is the alloy composition. This highly improves its lifespan.
  • Fast charging is among the biggest advantages of this inverter battery. The battery attains a complete charge in much lesser time than competing batteries.
  • The run time of this inverter battery is better than the competitors.
  • Due to amazing internal structure, the battery is ensuring to deliver high-level, consistent performance, no matter you face long power cuts in your area.

The Final Advice!

The life of this inverter is over 1250 cycles at 80% DOD (depth of discharge), proving itself perfect for several circumstances. If you want your inverter battery to deliver when you are in deep need, then rather doing guesswork, buy luminous RC 18000 150 AH Tubular battery. Most of the users of this battery agree with the fact that it fulfills all desires of the user regarding performance.


Best Inverter Battery

3.) Amaron Inverter Tall Tubular Battery (150Ah) Review

Now, Amaron might not be that well-known company, but this Indian brand is highly reliable. This 150 AH tall tubular battery is a great creation of Amaron. If your area suffers frequent power cuts, and that too for long durations, then you can highly depend upon this battery.

It offers great compatibility with UPS of popular brands. Also, this inverter battery serves so well in cases of voltage fluctuations. Amaron inverter battery 220AH price didn’t satisfy our experts. So, this 1501AH model is what we’re recommending.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • This battery comes with high heat tolerance capacity.
  • There are hardly any chances of this battery losing water. As a result, it provides you ease regarding maintenance.
  • This Amaron inverter battery provides such high convenience in terms of charging. After all, no one invests in batteries that take too long to charge.
  • The most amazing thing about this battery is that it comes with the best reserve capacity at this price. That boosts both the battery backup as well as the overall performance.
  • The battery is capable of taking the load of 2 lights and 3 fans for around 8-9 hours (as per testing), which is very impressive.
  • As the performance of this battery is so high, you can rely upon it in cases of lengthy power cuts. Most of the inverter batteries fail there!
  • Its performance in a high-pressure condition is highly appreciable.

The Final Advice!

By buying Amaron Inverter Tall Tubular Battery (150Ah); you can ensure high comfort during power cuts. You’ll be able to complete your office work on time, you won’t miss any important TV program, mosquitoes won’t trouble you much, and the list of conveniences is much longer!

As per our experts’ expectations after testing it, this battery will last as long as 10 years, proving that Amaron Inverter 1500 AH battery is entirely worth purchase. To know Amaron inverter battery price, perform a click below.


Best Inverter Battery

4.) Exide Insta Brite Ups Battery (150Ah) Review – Best inverter battery in India 2019 for home under 5000

Costing below 10K rupees, Exide Insta Brite 1500 AH inverter battery is an amazing choice. However, Exide has come up with several kinds of inverter batteries, and many of them are successful and recommendable, but this 150 AH model proves to be the best among them.

This well-planned, well-designed, and reliable battery ensures high performance even in the toughest conditions. However, we didn’t find Exide inverter battery 180AH price good for quality, so we’re recommending this 150AH model to you.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The very stable molded handles present on both sides of this battery ensure easy handling, and this battery is among the “easiest to carry” inverter batteries of similar weight/size out there.
  • It comes with a floating guide for indicating the electrolyte level. That maximizes the convenience level!
  • As it is a medium-sized battery, you can conveniently use it with a large variety of inverters.
  • The battery doesn’t ask for high maintenance. The ratio of money to working time is very high.
  • This battery makes great use of power, and charge itself pretty quickly. This becomes a great feature when you face frequent power cuts.
  • Exide inverter battery 150AH price will surely please you.
  • We tested this battery by running three fans and two lights, the run time was over 10 hours, and we were actually shocked by that!
  • For offering you protection and security, a vented lid is provided with this battery, with anti-splash guards. Due to this lid, leaks will never cause any issue for you.
  • The 36 months warranty proves to be enough! Just ring Exide customer care in case of this battery troubles you with any malfunction.

The Final Advice!

Buying Exide Insta Brite 1500 AH inverter battery means your daily routine won’t be disturbed in any way by long and frequent power cuts. The ventilation system of this battery is highly appreciable and actually better than batteries costing much higher. Exide Insta Brite 1500 AH inverter battery is a solid thing to buy! To know the Exide inverter battery price, tab the button below.


Best Inverter Battery

5.) Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter Review – Best Inverter Battery for Home budget choice

For tackling power cuts, and keep the office work running, spending high isn’t always needed. Here comes Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va, which is the cheapest battery in our Best Inverter Battery For Home Use 2021 Review.

The input voltage of this one is 110V – 300V. 760 is the output power, and the rated capacity is 950 VA (Combination of lights, fans, television, and computer).This battery is built using a microcontroller-based intelligent control design. It ensures a pure sinewave output.

Let’s go in detail!

Why should You Buy?

  • ue to the inductive load, the Microtek inverter battery doesn’t ever make a humming noise. Due to this, Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va is highly recommendable for home use.
  • Battery deep discharge/overcharge protection is there. The in-built electronic protection circuit perfectly protects the batteries from deep discharging or overcharging.
  • Of course, you’re getting an Overload/short circuit. In case UPS is highly overloaded in UPS mode or faces a short circuit, it’s going to go into protection mode.
  • This battery successfully supports an enormous range of batteries right from 100 ah to 180 ah.

The Final Advice!

Our expert recommends this battery as the best UPS for 2-3 BHK homes. It’s a highly reliable cheap solution. Undoubtedly, this battery is a very safe one. This model is providing longer backups. The design is also sturdy. After buying Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va, you’re surely saving much money!


Best Inverter Battery

6.) Luminous RC 25000 TUBULAR BATTERY (200AH) Review

What if we tell you that you can get a highly reliable 200 AH inverter battery at a pretty similar price to that of some 150 AH models that we recently discussed? Yeah, that’s true. It’s none other than Luminous RC 25000 Tubular battery, ensuring high convenience at low cost!

Installing this one roughly costs you 200-250 rupees, which definitely won’t hurt you! 36 months warranty you get here also. This one weighs 60 kg.We ran a 55 inches modern-day TV on this battery, and 8 hours 12 minutes was the run time!

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • his is the only battery in our Best inverter battery for home guide, which has attained 95% successfulness on Amazon.
  • Luminous is a highly reliable brand. If RC 25000 model brings any inconvenience, Luminous customer care highly supports you.
  • Running time and charging time, both are impressive at this cost.
  • Neither you need to bother about maintenance, nor you have to worry about protection! Safety features are all there!

The Final Advice!

Definitely, this is a very suitable battery for home, but if you are running an office, where the workload is high, and you highly suffer due to power cuts, then Luminous RC 25000 Tubular battery is a perfect choice for you. Your work won’t stop, and concentration won’t break, and you definitely won’t exceed the time limit.

Also, if your office is huge, where you are running numerous LEDs and computers, you can buy a couple of these inverter batteries, and relax! It’s a sweet deal undoubtedly, and if you need an inverter also, then with this one, you can buy Luminous Zelolo plus 1100 Pure Sinewave UPS inverter, and the combo costs below 20000 rupees!


Best Inverter Battery

7.) Exide Battery with Zelio 11 Inverter (150 ah) Review

Here comes an excellent combo of the inverter with battery for home, bringing high convenience at a low price. It provides a grid-like supply when there are power failures.You get a Special Hybrid Alloy System, which leads to low water loss.

In cities, where the daily routine needs to be carried on, Exide Battery with Zelio 11 Inverter proves to be an outstanding back-up solution! The noise level of this model’s fan is minimal, and that’s cool!

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Modern advanced hybrid technology is used, which makes this combo tackle high temperatures. There is thick plate construction with reliable paste formulation.
  • The Dual Plate Separation (Pe+Gm) doesn’t let premature failure s happen. That’s durability boosting feature.
  • 0-12 Hrs Protection is there, equipped with overload, short-circuit, and deep discharge reverse polarity.
  • The float guide is present for indicating your electrolyte level.
  • The handles ensure that handling and moving this inverter battery doesn’t prove that difficult for you.
  • You get top ventilation lid having anti-splash guards that are fitted with the coin flush. That’s a great safety feature.
  • There won’t be any leaks of fluids and odors.
  • The power is enough for letting you run variety of appliances such as LEDs , TV, fans, computers, etc. for several hours!

The Final Advice!

By buying Exide Battery with Zelio 11 Inverter, you can ensure that there is no power shortage in your office or home. The full battery recharge time was 10 hours, 53 minutes in our testing. That’s pretty good! Both the inverter and battery are highly durable. Buying this combo will never make you feel regret, our experts say so! To know home inverter with battery price, tab the button below.


Best Inverter Battery

8.) V-Guard VT160 Inverter Tall Battery (150 mAh) Review

The V-Guard VT160 Inverter Tall Battery is a fresh entry here. Soon after entering the market, this 150mAh battery has highly impressed and earned success on Amazon. It has much to offer. It’s a hot favorite due to high dependency and high safety. Experts are also estimating high durability.

In testing it took some minutes over 14 hours to attain a full charge. Besides that, in testing, the VT160 model high dominated over Livguard inverter battery costing much more.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • This inverter is a decent choice for higher power shortage area as well as deep cyclic application.
  • This battery perfectly works with numerous other UPS of big brands. This increases the user’s convenience.
  • This battery offers great back-up for its price.
  • The pressure withstanding limit of this battery is 100 bars, and that’s amazing.
  • Maintenance isn’t an issue here. This is due to this battery’s strong internal design.
  • 4 hours to 54 hours is the back up time you get from this battery, depending upon the load suction. This battery is highly praised, and the big factor behind that is amazing back up time.
  • This battery is highly suitable for dealing with long power cuts. It can serve you whole night!

The Final Advice!

Talking about inverter batteries, V Guard is leading the market! Their batteries’ build quality is awesome, leading to much lesser user complains than the competitors. The performance is also very pleasing, and so is the customer service.

Talking about the recent launches of inverter batteries, V-Guard VT160 Inverter Tubular Tall Battery is the most dependable one at its price. Besides that, it’s demanding low maintenance. You can fearlessly invest in V-Guard VT160!


Best Inverter Battery

9.) Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 Tall Battery (150Ah) Review

Regarding manufacturing highly reliable inverter batteries, Luminous has earned really big name. Their batteries are long-lasting and ensure consistent performance. Luminous are so successful with their inverter batteries because they very well know what an Indian home demands!

Here in India, we frequently face power cuts, and that’s the reason we want only highly reliable inverter batteries, and Luminous prove to be the helping hand! It measures 23 x 32 x 52 cm and carries a 36-month warranty!

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • At this price, this inverter battery doesn’t let you complain, as the performance is consistent.
  • Alloy composition is used for designing the Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 battery, which ensures there isn’t any corrosion-related issue. Also, it’s made for having a uniform ventilation grain structure system.
  • Due to this sturdy and reliable structure, this inverter battery won’t leave your hand even during very lengthy power cuts.
  • Among the most impressive factors about ExtraCharge EC18036 is the balanced plate design which highly improves charge acceptance, great deep recharge and also recovery.
  • There is an inter partition connection (which you find only in expensive inverter batteries) which ensures least internal resistance and further, enhances charge acceptance.
  • Due to sturdy and perfect design, this battery will live over 1250 cycles at around 80% depth of discharge (DOD). This quality makes ExtraCharge EC18036 a suitable choices for those who face frequent power cuts.
  • Even if the voltage is exceptionally high, while most of the inverter batteries aren’t able to perform properly, can also catch corrosion, this battery works perfectly, and still, the lead part of this battery stays safe against corrosion.

The Final Advice!

It’s sure that after buying Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery, you won’t be disappointed! Hence, customer reviews are too good! This battery is compatible with a large number of inverters. Also, whenever you call Luminous Customer care regarding asking solution for any battery related issue, they’ll serve you well, and we actually experimented with this.

Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 Tall Tubular 150 Ah battery is highly recommendable to everyone.

Best Inverter Battery for Home Use: Buying Guide

You already know which battery is best for the home inverter. Now, comes the buying guide.

Do you intend to purchase another inverter or upgrade your old one? Whatever possibly the explanation, it is essential to comprehend what is the correct inverter battery for your home. The power consumption at your home can be not the same as your neighbor’s home.

So don’t aimlessly install a similar inverter with the same battery, the power requirement also matters in your home. Before purchasing an inverter battery, do a little work, and understand the essentials. In this buying guide, you’ll know every single essential point regarding inverter batteries for home.

Firstly, Understand That How Much Power is Required


Among the big factors you should know before purchasing an inverter is your Power requirements. In straightforward words-what every electrical machine (like TV, fan, tube lights, CFL, etc.) you need to keep running at the time of power cut-offs. The power necessity is the expansion of the power consumed by different electrical appliances.

For example, you need 3 Fans, 1 CFL,3 Tube lights, and 1 TV to work at the time of power failure. The following is the power consumption by these electronics:

Fan 70 Watts
CFL 25 watts
Tube light 60 watts
Television 120 watts

Accordingly your overall power necessity is around = 535 watts.


Discover the VA rating of the inverter you need

It represents the Volt ampere rating. It’s the voltage and current provided by the inverter to the types of appliance. If an inverter works with 100% efficiency, at that point, the power necessity of the electrical appliances and Power provided by the inverter is the same.

But everybody knows that 100% or perfect conditions don’t exist in reality. Most inverters have productivity extend from 60%-80%. This efficiency is likewise called the power factor of an inverter and is just the proportion of Power required by the machines to Power provided by an inverter. The power factor of most inverters ranges from 0.6-0.8.

  • Consequently, Power provided (or VA rating of the inverter) = Power necessity (Power consumed by applaince in watts)/Power factor(efficiency).
  • The normal estimation of power factor or efficiency is considered for example 0.7
  • Inverter’s power (VA) = 535/0.7 = 765 VA
  • In today’s market, 800 VA inverters are accessible. So an inverter with 800 VA will be the correct decision for your home.

Know the battery your inverter needs

The battery is the main part of an inverter system. The performance and life of an inverter highly depend upon the battery’s quality. The essential forward question is, “what amount back up will an inverter give?” or for “how long it can run your all electrical appliances?”

This is what is known as the battery capacity. It is the battery capacity that chooses the backup hours. It is communicated in Ah (Ampere Hours). In the market, batteries with a capacity of 100 Ah,150 Ah, 180 Ah, etc. are accessible. So how to choose which one do you need? For finding this out, let’s do a quick reverse calculation. Think about what you need a battery that gives you back up for 3 hours.

Battery capacity = Power necessity (in watts) * Back up hours in hrs and Battery Voltage in volts:

  • Battery Capacity = (535 * 3)/12 = 133 Ah
  • ** Value of Battery voltage is taken 12V
  • Hence a battery with a capacity of 130 Ah will work for you.

So if you need to run 3 fans, 1 TV, 1 CFL, and 3 tube lights for 3 hours during any power failure, you would require 800VA inverter and 130 Ah battery.

By understanding this straightforward calculation, you do not just save yourself from the miss information shared by inverter sellers, but you should help yourself in making the right choice.

Types of Inverter Battery

The performance of inverter highly rely upon the battery, and the following are the primary five types of inverter battery:

  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Maintenance Free batteries
  • Tubular Batteries
  • Level plate battery
  • Local Batteries

This is box title

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are the most commonly used inverter batteries. These are battery-powered in nature and produce enormous current. They are light in weight and generally economical. They normally keep going for 3 to 4 years, but they also require maintenance regularly. The electrolyte level check needs to be done regularly. They additionally release hurtful gases during charging. Along these lines, These batteries should be installed at a well-ventilated spot in your home.

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Maintenance Free Batteries

Maintenance-free batteries are the sealed lead-acid batteries, which do not need electrolyte level checks and fixing up. They are more secure contrasted with basic lead-acid batteries. However, they are expensive, contrasted with ordinary lead-acid batteries, and have a shorter life.

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Tubular Batteries

Today, the most efficient and popular inverter batteries are Tubular batteries . They come with a complex design, incredible efficiency, longer operational lifetime, and needs low maintenance. Due to these benefits, these batteries are a bit costly.

This is box title

Flat plate battery

These are the generation inverter batteries, and in reality, most utilized batteries also. It’s a kind of lead-acid battery. There are two electrodes, in which one is of type lead, and the other is lead dioxide, whereas electrodes utilized is sulfuric acid. Level plate batteries are light in weight and most economical as well.

The cost of Flat plate batteries is around Rs. 9,000-Rs. 15,000 relying upon the capacity of the battery. Beside from maintenance, flat plate batteries have short battery life and are a bit unsafe; they normally emanate harmful gases while charging and releasing.

So you have to put it away from inside of the home while charging and also you must have proper ventilation. Due to these reasons, Flat plate batteries are getting outdated gradually being replaced by the tubular inverter batteries. These days hardly any brands make these level plate batteries or will have a few models.

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Local batteries

There are also local batteries accessible in the market. They have numerous drawbacks like low safety, poor efficiency, poor operational lifetime, and needs high maintenance. By utilizing these kinds of less efficient batteries may harm your inverter.

Select long battery guarantee

Warranty and guarantee are normally given to all types of home appliances; however, for inverter batteries, it’s different as the inverter batteries will generally get damaged easily. Due to this, you may run over the circumstances where the two batteries with the same specifications have different costing dependent on the warranty. A longer warranty is every time better even you have to shed hardly any more bucks.

Battery guarantee always helps you in freely replacing the battery if it gets damaged in the specified duration, while the warranty refers in the duration in which free fix or repair will be done. If an inverter battery warranty is two years and guarantee is three years, that means if the battery gets damaged, at that point, it’s replaced in two years and can be fixed & repaired freely for three years for malfunctioning.

Please see carefully; a few manufacturers refer the guarantee term as the warranty replacement. Luminous specify in a similar way. A few manufacturers only say as warranty and clearly indicate the replacement is up to the locale of the company. You must read about the replacement very carefully in the terms & conditions of the warranty.

Top brands and after-sales support

As we have referenced above, it’s in every case great to take from trusted and well-known brands or manufactures. Top well-known brands in India for inverter batteries are Exide, Luminous, v-guard, Amaron. After-sales support is an unquestionable requirement and is fantastic for surprising situations like battery fixes or repairs.

Many top brands even give distill water top-up facility too. It means the executive brand visit your home and top up or refill your battery distill water level. All the top brands’ customer care numbers are given beneath:


AMARON 1800 4254848
LUMINOUS 18001033039
EXIDE CARE 18001035454
LIVFAST 18001025551
V-GUARD 18001031300

Difference between Auto batteries & Inverter batteries

Now here, we’ll distinguish between auto and inverter batteries and help you know which battery type suits you better.


Auto Batteries: Batteries utilized for vehicles, transports, and trucks are Auto Batteries. These batteries are specially designed and work to give a huge amount of current for an extremely short period for starting the vehicle’s engine. When the vehicle’s motor starts running, the alternator in the vehicle deals with all of the vehicles and rapidly charges your battery of the vehicle to its full potential.

Inverter batteries: Inverter batteries are specially designed to give a small quantity of current reliably for longer terms of time. All the backup power solutions, UPS and Inverters work by converting over the current of D.C. into the current of A.C. as the majority of electric appliances keep running on A.C. power. UPS and Inverter batteries are called deep cycle batteries as they discharged over a very long time when compared with Auto batteries.

These Batteries’ Design is Different: The automotive batteries consist of an enormous number of slender plates. This gives a huge surface area of plates for reacting with the electrolyte for producing a higher amount of current rapidly. The Inverter Batteries consist of a lower amount of plates, which are a lot more slender when compared with auto batteries.

Inverter batteries’ electrolyte volume is more so the reaction of the chemical takes much time for producing current. This makes Inverter Batteries to give a consistent amount of current to extend periods.

How Fast Will a Power Inverter Drain Battery?

If you’re considering to purchase a power inverter, in which one of the primary questions that you may have as to how long it will take to drain the battery. Answering to this major question will guarantee that you buy the right size inverter for your requirements, and that’s going to know what you can keep running from your power inverter, and for how much time.

Various things can impact the capacity of the battery to power up appliances and gadgets, and the power inverter’s features is among them. We would need the battery life of our gadgets to be reached out as long as we could. In this section, we’ll guide you more on the most proficient method to benefit as much as possible from your battery life, and how quick power inverters will drain them.

The Characteristics of Power Inverter that Affects the Battery Life

So how quickly will a power inverter drain the battery?

A better method to ask this question would be to how much longer would you need your load to run. By asking this question, you’re ready to make specific calculations that can help in deciding the perfect size of your battery bank.

The measure of time that your appliances will work will also rely upon its power utilization that is normally estimated in watts & battery capacity.

It’s also essential to note that inverter improper wiring and inefficiency of the battery during the installation can greatly reduce the appliances’ running time, so ensure you are taking master guidance when installing.

Units to measure the Electricity Features

One great method for knowing the watt estimation is by increasing volts by amps. Your battery’s capacity can be communicated by the quantity of amps and how long your battery will last. This is referred to as the A.H. capacity or Amp-Hour.

Every 100 watts of the 12-volt inverter system needs a minimum of 10 D.C. amps from the battery. Meanwhile, a 24-volt inverter system needs minimum 10D.C. Amps from the battery for every 200 watts. These figures are essential to keep in mind as these are the place where your the efficiency of your battery relies upon.

You can calculate how long will the inverter battery will last if you calculated the load’s overall watts. Also, take a look at the appliances’ input electrical nameplate and then include its overall requirements. This indicates of how much power your appliance will take.

However, there are some loads that are not consistent, which is the reason it is essential for them to get calculations. For just an example, a fridge that is powered by a good 750-watt compressor. If fridge functions 1/3 of the time, at that point, it will run something near to 250 watts for every hour.

The size of the battery bank would then be able to be determined once the running time and load are accurately calculated. To do this, you first need to isolate its watts load by 10. This is if the appliance is kept running on a 12-volt system. If it keeps running on a 24-volt system, at that point, divide it by 20.

Then, the measure of time that you utilize your power inverter to run the appliances will rely upon the power capacity of your battery.

Follow this formula for knowing how long does your battery of the power inverter will last


(10 x [Battery Capacity]/[Load])/2

If you want to know the appliances wattage and the reserve capacity of your battery before you can include the figures in the formula. In this way, for example, if your battery has a 100 amp-hour capacity and you’re going to utilize it on your laptop, which uses just 45 watts, at that point, you will get working time of around 11 hours from your battery.

That formula will become like this:

(10 x [100 AH]/[45 Watts])/2 = 11.11 hour

However, you should be careful when managing your inverter regardless of whether you definitely know the figures. This is because that you going to, suppose, power a 45-watt load to keep running for 11 hours period in a 100 AH battery; there’s a big probability that there won’t be sufficient power left for beefing up the starter motor

This also implies that appliances with greater loads, for example, personal computers, TVs, and different electronics will drain your battery quicker.

Working Example

In order to understand the car batteries’ capacities properly and how these inverters will, without a doubt, impact its life, at that point, how about, we have a real-life case study, which focusses on the majority of this by-the-numbers.

For this examination, let’s concentrate at the time for a normal car engine start battery, which has a 60 Ah, or the Ampere-hour rating will have the option to run a TV with a normal rating of 100 Watts. The motor battery also has a rating of PW150.

This implies that the load falls inside the most extreme power of the PRO watt inverter. Due to this, the inverter won’t be a limiting factor for the running time of the television. Placing the numbers into thought, we have ten, multiplied by 60 Ah, and multiplied by 100W.

This means the television can keep running for a limit of 6 hours before the battery gets discharged fully, and for more viewing comfort, minimum three hours of run-time to the midpoint of the battery. Obviously, you would not need your vehicle battery to be a drain, lest it would not continue running.

A few Tips Worth Keeping in Mind


Starter batteries for the vehicle engines should not have a discharge rate below 90% of the remaining, and for marine batteries, which are deep cycle, it should not be below 50 percent. This is because any rates below these would make the life of your battery be shortened, and this is also claimed by many battery manufacturers.

In the case of the PROwatt250, it accompanies a lighter plug that allows you to load connection easily, particularly between littler ones. A direct connectionis required if you need to load for 100W or more to battery terminals. This will decrease the measure of voltage that loses with long and thin battery wires — lesser burning of voltage through at last means a shorter time to run the entire system.

If you need to utilize power devices for purposes other than home use, or for loads of 200W for applications better than 60 minutes, an auxiliary battery might be needed to offer power to the inverter.

Moreover, it should be the deep cycle one and can work dependent on the running time expectations, with the engine turned off. A lot of deep cycles batteries are mostly available in 27, 4d, and 8D, that are having ratings for 90, 150, and 220 Ah, separately.

In the last, the alternator must be attached to the auxiliary battery through an isolator module, as doing so will make the inverter discharge the battery of engine start when it’s turned off, which may lead you to wastage of much electricity needlessly.

Best Inverter Battery for Home in 2021: The Conclusion

Those batteries were truly tremendous! No confusions or hesitations regarding picking the suitable inverter battery, as these 9 batteries were selected after 114 hours long testing. You’ll be able to deal well with the frequent power cuts. In your offices, your employees will carry on work for completing targets, no matter power cuts occur.

Power cuts during summer are so blood-sucking! Now, no need to curse anyone! Just turn on your AC/ cooler, and don’t worry about power cuts! you won’t sweat, and your kids will also comfortably complete their homework on time.

Before finishing Inverter battery reviews, we’ll make some final recommendations. Luminous Zelio 1100 is the best combo. Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va is the best budget pic. Regarding dependence, our experts named Amaron Inverter 150Ah as the Best Inverter Battery for Home.

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