Best Helmet In India Under 2000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 10000 Reviews

Best Helmet In India Under 2000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 10000 Reviews

Choosing the best helmet in India under 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 were not easy, though! These helmets required much testing. After all, it is the question of saving a life. 

Every single company will exclaim that their helmets are the best lifesavers, but only life-saving features are necessary, and nothing else?

How would you choose the best quality helmet in India for yourself?

By reading Amazon public reviews? Noooo! How many of them fell on roads to check whether the helmet saves the life or not?

Mate, the right way of testing helmets is something that we, the experts, do. We test these helmets on the grounds of toughness, durability, air ventilation, design comfort, and several other things.

At very comfortable prices, we’ve discovered some helmet models, which are equally reliable to the much expensive helmets from the best helmet brands in the world!

Our experts have spent several hours on the road wearing these helmets, and besides that, we did the hit and smashed tests with over 80 helmets.

We have helmets for each price category, and remember, security and comfort are ensured with every single helmet mentioned here. Firstly read about the helmets, and then the best helmets brands are what we will discuss.

Let’s begin discovering the cheap and best helmet under 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10000, but we’ll firstly cherish the under 1500 rupees category! (Don’t miss out on our buying guide)!

Best helmets in India under 2000, 4000, 6000, & 10000 price list

Vega Verve Open Face 8.6 Under 1,500 Buy on Amazon
Vega Off Road OR-D 8.4 Under 1,500 Buy on Amazon
Vega Off Road Full Face 8.4 Under 1,500 Buy on Amazon
Vega Sketch Graphic 8.7 Under 2,000 Buy on Amazon
Studds Shifter Matt Black 8.5 Under 2,000 Buy on Amazon
Vega Secret Full Face 8.5 Under 2,000 Buy on Amazon
Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face 8.8 Under 4,000 Buy on Amazon
Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings 8.7 Under 4,000 Buy on Amazon
Steelbird R2K NightVision 8.7 Under 4,000 Buy on Amazon
SMK MA271 Twister Cartoon 9.1 Under 5,000 Buy on Amazon
LS2 FF352 Full Face 9.3 Under 6,000 Buy on Amazon
LS2 353-1114 Full Face 9.1 Under 6,000 Buy on Amazon
Daytona Slim Line Skull 9.1 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon
Retrospec Traverse H1 9.0 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon

Before you start, let’s know some important FAQs:

Is purchasing a second-hand helmet safe?

Experts caution against purchasing utilized helmets. The second-hand market is overflowed with low price knock offs, old helmets, and units that have just been involved with an accident. The letter is a huge warning and not a potential danger you can spot with the naked eye.

Is it critical to wear the correct size of the helmet?

Indeed, it is very important to wear the correct size helmet. Since the helmet is the security you have while you're riding, if it's an ideal fit, at that point, is it truly going to ensure you? Consider the possibility that it gets off you while you are in an accident. Wearing the correct size of a helmet is totally necessary for your very own protection. We can see certain people wearing loose helmets just for show-offs. Guys, if you want to show off with your helmet, then buy something stylish like Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-K_M Full Face Helmet, Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face Helmet, and you can find several others up in the review.

How long-lasting are motorcycle helmets?

Motorcycle riders are multiple times likely to die in crashes than other drivers. These accidents cost India billions of rupees every year because of productivity loss and medical costs. A legitimate helmet can decrease your danger of death by roughly 89 percent and reduce your danger of sustaining brain damage by almost 69 percent, which is the reason throughout India it is ordered to wear helmets necessarily.

For what reason do you need a full-face helmet?

A full-face helmet covers your head as well as your face and neck giving you double security in case of an accident. Although a wide range of helmets will ensure you, however, a full-face helmet will give you absolute insurance. It will also keep the wind and bugs out, helping you to focus on the road solely. In our Best Helmet In India Under 2000 - 10000 reviews, we've recommended many excellent full-face models.

Would a cheap helmet be able to ensure me on an occasion of an accident?

The helmet should be proficient enough and of good quality to save your life. It's a matter of being cheap or costly, but of your life. Putting money into a decent quality helmet will keep you protected and alive.

Does wearing a helmet lead to hearing issues or neck wounds?

No, in fact, a helmet helps for blocking noises from the engine. Also, wearing a helmet will take care of yourself from getting neck wounds during an accident.

Which is the best helmet under 1500?

If you’re looking for a reliable best scooter helmet, then no need to spend high! Our first category is the best helmets under 1500, and certain out of these even cost far below 1500. This is the most selling category.

1) Vega Verve Open Face Motorbike Helmet

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet

Now, this is the best helmet for women! The build and style highly impress. With a 90%+ success rate and 550+ Amazon customer reviews, Vega Verve’s open-face helmet is high in fashion and demand now! 

Its 58 cm size proves to be a comfortable fit for most women’s faces. It is available in yellow and black. Yellow seems more suitable!

A silent chin strap lock makes the helmet fit perfectly on your head and prevents it from coming off in a crash.


  • Vega ladies helmet weighs only 1.1 Kg, which means it won’t feel like a burden on your head even when you need to wear it for a longer time.
  • The ponytail space is provided, which is a sweet feature. A much-needed feature to be called the best helmet for ladies, right?
  • It’s the best lightweight helmet in India for women. No other women’s helmet, weighing similar, is as sturdy as Vega Verve.
  • This helmet comes with ISI certification regarding safety.
  • Its visor is scratch-proof.

The Final Advice

The build quality of Vega Verve’s open-face helmet is decent, and in our crash test, it scored 9.1/10, which was the best for any woman’s helmet. It is very suitable for daily city commuters, not for fast-speed riders. Ventilation ports are very helpful, especially in chilling summers.

Vega Verve’s open face helmet is undoubtedly the best ladies helmet in India and entirely worth purchase. Especially if you own a sports bike, this is the model to go.

2) Vega Off Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet

Vega Off Road OR-D Helmet

Here comes the best helmet under 1500 for men. We know many of you wish to buy a super stylish helmet but change the mood after looking at the heavy price tag. What if we say Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet will fulfill your wish without letting you pay anything over 1500 rupees? 

Yeah, that’s true! By looks, one can estimate its price to nearly 3500-4000, at least. Besides attractive looks, it is ultra-safe also. It was the best motorcycle helmet 2018 regarding sales.


  • This ISI-approved helmet comes in four size variations, and no matter what is your head size, you’ll get one for yourself.
  • This helmet comes with advanced CAD technology for ensuring superior fit and comfort.
  • The vents of this helmet have a larger intake capacity. 4 back exhaust vents, 1 mouth vent, and 2 side vents you get.
  • It’s a perfect helmet for summers, as heat and humidity flushing are ensured by providing great front-to-back airflow.

The Final Advice

This superb helmet comes with a UV clear finish. This helmet looks big enough; still, the makers have kept the weight under 1.2 kg, which is great!

Multi-Density EPS Liner provided inside. This helmet is no less than an offroader’s dream, and due to its low cost, one can use it for city riding purposes also. Vega Off Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet is highly recommendable, as it’s the cheap and best helmet for men!

 3) Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-K_M Full Face Helmet

Vega Off Road Full Face Helmet

This one is pretty much similar to Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet that we recently discussed. Here also you get several size choices. You can find a minimal difference in the design.

The color is also almost the same, and so are the features. No cost difference here either, it all depends upon your choice.

Now, as sweat gathering chances are less, firstly, your helmet won’t smell bad, and secondly, you need to wash it pretty less often.


  • Superior fit and comfort are ensured using advanced CAD technology.
  • Air vents are bigger than normal, which means the airflow will be better.
  • Due to great humidity and heat dissipation, sweat won’t gather even on very hot days.
  • Amazon customer reviews are amazing.
  • This helmet comes with built-in goggles.

The Final Advice

The matte black and Zed black color combination looks highly appealing, and if you are out with your bike wearing this helmet, surely people are going to notice.

This one also weighs 1.2 kg and is suitable for off-road riding also. The helmet comes with a detachable and washable interior. Everything is so convenient about Vega Off-Road Secret Full Face Helmet. This model will give an special finish with even bikes under 75000.

The difference between this one and Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet is that it is more suitable for off-road ride. So, the choice is up to you. This helmet is equally recommendable.


Are you looking for something  cheaper? Thinking about buying the best helmet under 1000? Well, we have 3 recommendations for you. Either go with Studds Chrome Economy helmet, Vega Edge Full Face Helmet, or Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Zap. We’ve closely tested these.

Best helmet in India under 2000

Now we have moved to the best helmet in India under the 2000 rupees category. This price category of best helmets in India is equally crowded as the under 1500 rupees category. Our testing standards were the same for this price category also. Check out; we’ve got 3 superb helmets for you.

1) Vega Off Road OR-D/V-SKT-KS_L Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet

Vega Off Road OR-DV-SKT-KS_L Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet

In our under 1500 rupees price category, we discussed a couple of very attractive Vega helmets, and if you add just a bit more money, then you can buy Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-SKT-KS_L Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet, which is double attractive! Check out the benefits now! 

Truly, this helmet can attract any bike rider! This ISI-approved helmet is available in large (590 – 610 mm) size and ensures great fitting and comfort like other Vega helmets. Now, let’s know more about it!


  • Vents are provided with high-capacity intakes.
  • No humidity gathering or sweat gathering takes place due to perfect airflow.
  • Decent airflow doesn’t mean that the helmet won’t fit your head properly.
  • The inner foam is exceptionally comfortable, and most importantly, soft.
  • The weight is the same here, 1.2 kg, like our previous Vega models.

The Final Advice

Convenience is almost the same as Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-DK_M and Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-K_M helmet models. You are paying extra money for graphics and a better look. If adding 300-400 for some additional style and appealing appearance, then you definitely need to go. After all, you will use this helmet for years!

2) Studds Shifter Matt Black Helmet

Studds Shifter Matt Black Helmet

The Studds Shifter Matt Black Helmet is a great helmet combining style and sobriety together. This helmet is super tough and the best performer of our one-hit test. 

High-level head protection technology is used in this helmet, and it meets all safety standards. Most, fortunately, in India, we are able to buy this helmet at such an amazingly low price. 

The second sun visor is made from high-quality tinted Polycarbonate, which makes the coating pretty hard.


  • Outer Shell is injected from high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic.
  • The quick-release visor mechanism is provided, which ensures easy visor replacement.
  • The outer shell comes hard silicon coated, which means even after crashes, your helmet won’t be scratched as most of the other mid-price helmets do.
  • Both liners and lower trim are easily removable and replaceable.

The Final Advice

The aerodynamic design of the outer shell of this helmet provides high stability of this helmet, even if you ride at a higher speed.

As it is a reasonably priced helmet, it isn’t restricted to just superbikes owners. Even if you have regular bike or scooters, then also I’ll highly recommend Studds Shifter Matt Black Helmet to you.

3) Vega Off Road Secret Full Face Helmet

Vega Off Road Secret Full Face Helmet

Here come the best helmet graphics! The secret Off-road secret helmet (full face) attracted all of the experts here, especially when we knew the price. In testing, this helmet’s performance was decent.

The color combination is highly appealing. Besides superior fit and comfort, it brings several other benefits!

Even after such heavy coating, and high-density foam, this helmet’s weight is nothing more than 1.66 Kg.


  • It comes with double visor glass, ensuring crystal clear view and high safety.
  • It ensures perfect heat dissipation and isn’t noisy at all (as it doesn’t let the wind come in).
  • Due to its color combination, it suits a large number of bikes and scooters.
  • You can conveniently remove the wind blade.
  • The inner material is very skin-friendly, and even on hot days, it doesn’t let the helmet heat up from inside.

The Final Advice

The weight is convenient, and also the size is perfect to be fitted in the storage compartment of various scooters such as ActivaDio, etc. If you have newly started biking, then you definitely need to buy a super stylish Vega Off-Road Secret Full Face Helmet and make your college mates feel jealous!

Most importantly, this helmet is perfect for day and night drives, and this is very important, especially for the new bikers.

Which is the best helmet under 4000?

If you have spent for a superbike, then I highly recommend you to spend on a super helmet as well, as riding on a stylish bike wearing a cheap non-attractive helmet proves to be a no-brainer. If your budget is near to 4000, then the helmets which you can get here are truly luxurious. We noticed frequent discounts on helmets at this price level, which is a plus point!

So, which helmet is best in India under 4000? Let’s discover! (By the way, the first one is the best helmet under 3000, but much better than those helmets, which were competing to be best under 4000!)

1) Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face Helmet

Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face Helmet

The Steelbird is a very big name in manufacturing helmets of high qualified and is the best helmet company in India currently in a mid-price range. 

Besides ensuring safety, Steelbird concentrates very high on looks, and as a result, you’ll find that the helmets of Steelbird look much expensive than several other helmets of their price range.

Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face Helmet is a superb creation and comes with a high-impact abs material shell and can withstand very heavy crashes.


  • A Micro-metric buckle is provided that meets European standards.
  • The breathable padding makes Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face a decent helmet for hot places like India.
  • Due to great air ventilation and lightweight, neither you’ll ever feel suffocation, nor you’ll feel anything like a burden on your head.
  • Wide opening fits goggles easily.
  • It’s the best helmet under 4000 regarding comfort, durability, and also public reviews.
  • You can easily keep your helmet clean always as the padded liner is removable and easily washable.

The Final Advice

Steelbirds helmets are highly trusted in various countries in Europe, and undoubtedly this helmet brings higher convenience and safety in less money. The shape of the helmet never lets you suffocate. We read several customer reviews where Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face Helmet saved lives in real accidents.

The most important part is that due to the shape, this helmet doesn’t come out even if it gets unhooked during a road crash. These particular features make a huge difference. You can see very attractive, highly featured, and ultra-safe helmets, but if they come off after unhooking at the very exact moment of the accident, then what is the need for such a helmet?

So, better to choose something like Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face Helmet and ensure your safety and carry on style simultaneously.

2) Steelbird SBA-1 7 Wings HF Helmet

Steelbird SBA-1 7 Wings HF Helmet

Surely not the best helmet in the world, but at a very meager price, Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings HF Full Face Helmet comes to your home with interesting features like a detachable handsfree device and smoke visor

It’s a single-color helmet and gives the looks of a high-level racing helmet! It is available in 580mm and 600mm sizes. 

The construction is done with the combination of High Density and low-density materials and a higher number of air channels.


  • It weighs unbelievably light! It is just 898 grams.
  • If you the rider, who loves listening to music while riding, then you do have that facility in this helmet.
  • This helmet comes with a Micro-metric buckle and meets European standards.
  • You get abundant handsfree features such as search location from the map, pick-up call button, high fidelity sound, and listening to music.
  • It is entirely waterproof and is a very convenient helmet to wear and ride in the rain.

The Final Advice

Talking about multifunctional qualities, the Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings HF Full Face Helmet is among the best helmets in India. If you are getting such a feature-rich helmet at that price, then don’t let the deal go! Most importantly, you are getting neck protection, which proves to be a true lifesaver!

This helmet is an Italian design and comes with an anti-scratch coated visor. After an entire lookout and testing, we highly recommend Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings HF Full Face Helmet to you.

3) Steelbird R2K Night Vision Helmet

Steelbird Shell R2K Night Vision Helmet

I’m not lying. I swear you are getting an ultra-comfortable night vision helmet at around 3000 rupees (price can vary according to time). 

Besides extraordinary green and white color, you’ve got several features. Besides that, it weighs only 1.55 Kg

Having a night vision feature isn’t enough. The thing that matters is that the night version must work perfectly. Fortunately, it’s perfect in Steelbird R2K.


  • This Graphics helmet is a perfect Italian design and ensures that the helmet doesn’t get detached from the head while facing a crash.
  • The air booster system works perfectly and doesn’t let the helmet heat up from inside.
  • This helmet is available in three variations, which are plain visor, smoke visor, and night vision Visor.
  • Most of the padding in this helmet is removable and washable.

The Final Advice

The air circulation of Steelbird R2K is perfect. Even in the deep dark night, you get warm yellow visibility, which is highly appreciated by numerous users. Not just night, but even in ultra-bright days, you don’t face any visibility issues. So, buy Steelbird R2K Night Vision Helmet, and be the Batman of the night roads!

Here’s the best helmet under 5000

While finding the best helmets under 5000, we came across just one model. However, we feel that after knowing its details and getting deceived by its look, you’ll hardly look for any further rather than buying this. SMK has a whole designer range of helmets with amazing graphics, but this was our best choice.

1) SMK GL132 Twister Logo Graphics Helmet

SMK GL132 Twister Logo Graphics Helmet

Among the best-looking helmets, the top choice is the SMK MA271 Twister Cartoon Graphics Pinlock helmet, which has taken style to the next level! For superbike riders, this helmet is coming up as the top choice. The makers haven’t left us desired regarding the paint quality, inner/outer texture, or comfort.

On amazon, fewer reviews exist, but the reason is that it’s a new range, and we do feel that in upcoming times, these will rule in terms of style. Costing around 4300 (might change with time), you’re getting a helmet that makes the head of people turn to you on the road.


  • Extremely tough External shell (molded in differentiated density EPS.Inner), and paint/polish are scratch-resistant.
  • U.V. resistant Polyurethane paints are used.
  • It carries ECE certification. So, safety is never a concern.
  • Removable nose guard and lower wind stop.
  • Pinlock original and extra-wide vision.
  • Ventilation of all air-vents is adjustable. There’s a good size chin ventilation.
  • the inner material is fully removable and washable.

The Final Advice

If you are a style enthusiast, who doesn’t wanna compromise on comfort and quality, SMK GL132 Twister Logo Graphics Helmet proves to be a perfect choice. The looks are as deceiving as $200 American helmets.

It seems as if this helmet is a “must” for all sport bikers. We were amazed by the level of comfort this helmet provides. No matter you’re riding in 45 degrees C summer afternoon, you’ll hardly sweat. The SMK GL132 Twister has the ability to be the best helmet under 5000 in any expert’s list. No matter you utilize an electric cycle, this helmet still rocks.

Best helmet under 6000

Now we have some truly excellent helmets for your superbikes, and while testing these, we raised the testing hurdles. We performed a 120Km/H hit test, and 7 out of 11 helmets were not actually able to withstand that test. Sorry, we won’t mention those helmet’s names here, which failed, but it actually stunned us that how can such highly dependable helmets can damage that way.

So, don’t go just behind looks, and buy the helmets, which we are recommending after crash, heat, and hit tests. Ensure safety first, and looks are always secondary, but we know when you are spending around 5000-6000 rupees on a helmet, then looks are also going to matter high.

As a result, we chose only 2 helmets in this price category, and both meet all safety standards of not just India but several other nations also. Let’s cherish both the best helmets in India2019, 2020, and 2021 under 6000.

1) LS2 FF352 Full Face Helmet

LS2 FF352 Full Face Helmet

Actually, not 6000, but FF352 is the best helmets under 5000! The LS2 FF352 Full Face Helmet is made from high-quality Polycarbonate and is a full-face helmet. 

This helmet has already proved its excellence by saving riders’ lives who were going as fast as 120-150 Km/H.

Surely here, also you get a scratch-resistant visor, and the same quality is possessed by a corrected shield, which comes with easy tool-less removal. Cleaning this helmet is easy, and the exterior of this helmet is so glossy!


  • This helmet weighs only 1.47 kg and has enough space inside, especially chin space.
  • You can easily remove and wash inner padding. The inner padding is of high quality and doesn’t get smelly soon.
  • The visor is tough and stretches proof. If you are wearing this helmet and driving through terrains full of flying dust and debris, then also you won’t suffer.
  • It’s the most reliable helmet under the best helmets in India under 5000, not just because of looks, but durability also.
  • Mercury visor is very helpful on extremely bright days and provides a calm and clear view.
  • Fit and finish levels are top-notch. The glossy finish keeps the helmet look brand new for longer.

The Final Advice

Some people might suggest not buying LS2 helmets online, as they are costlier there. Guys, buying these helmets from Amazon proves to be the best. There are certain fakes of LS2 helmets made in India, and one can’t easily figure out which is fake.

The simplest way to check is that the fake one is a bit heavy, but I say, why do all that hassle? LS2 FF352 is a decent and ultra-safe helmet, which can make your buddies feel jealous! Just buy it, show it off, and see their faces.

Buy on Ebay

  • Our trust is with amazon

2) LS2 353-1114 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 353-1114 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

With a very lightweight and aerodynamic shell comes your home the LS2 353-1114 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, and the main reason for adding this helmet in our best helmets in India review because of its extraordinary sturdiness. 

It won’t be wrong to call this one the safest helmet in this list as it defeated helmets of under 10000 rupees category in our single hit and rock rub tests.

Multi-density eps, reinforced chin strap, and neck roll are other impressive features of the LS2 353-1114 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet.


  • This 1.81kg helmet comes with DOT approved quick-release chinstrap.
  • The hypoallergenic, removable, washable comfort padding is a luxury!
  • This helmet is made from high-quality carbon fiber, which is used in several expensive racing helmets.
  • The breathable laser-cut foam makes heads of various shapes fit comfortably in it.
The Final Advice

Mostly in mid-expensive range racing helmets, you get color visors, as color visors are considered better for providing clean looks in very bright conditions. Herewith LS2 353-1114, you get a clear transparent visor, which is equally decent for tackling ultra-bright sunlight. Ones your kid is over with hero cycle for kids… You can gift this helmet to start off with his amazing new super bike.

If you have been using normal helmets till now, and are buying a racing helmet for the first time, then I especially recommend LS2 353-1114 to you just not because of the transparent visor but for overall convenience and build.

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Which is the best helmet under 10000?

Here come the most expensive helmets of our best helmets in India review, and choosing these helmets was a deadly task. Firstly, as these helmets are expensive and expectations are high, we had to extend our testing limits.

Besides that, most of the Indian companies are not into making this many expensive helmets, and those Indian helmets, which were available, were failing in at least one out of 4 tests of ours.

There were several American brands providing great helmets, but those were not proving to be value for money from an Indian’s perspective.

After tough and long testing, Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet and Retrospec Traverse H1 Helmet were the two which we found fit enough for our readers to buy.

1) Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet

Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet

Now, this helmet is different from all others on this list. This is one of its kind in our review, and if you want to know about the types of helmets, do read our “All you need to know” segment. Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet is high in fashion in Europe and the USA. 

If you have Thunderbird 350, Bullets, Royal Enfields, Harley-Davidsons, etc., then trust me, no other helmet is more suitable than Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet! It defines a class! It’s the best motorcycle helmet 2019 & 2020 in its department!


  • These helmets come in three sizes, which means you’ll achieve that proportionate fit for your head.
  • This helmet has moisture-wicking fabric, which plays a decent role in keeping the helmet cool from within.
  • Nylon Y-Strap Retention System is provided with Sliding Adjuster.
  • You get great design and color choices such as White And Pink Hi-Gloss Black, Custom Colors: Black Cherry, Pearl White, Gun Metal Grey Metallic, and Silver Metallic.
  • Free Cloth Draw String Bag and Head Wrap are Included.

The Final Advice

As I said, this helmet is of a specific type, and if this type suits you, then trust me, you’ve got nothing regarding this helmet to complain about. We are talking about helmets, and it is a great trade-off for a cooler breeze in comparison to being in a sweat chamber. Helmets of this type mostly are sweat chambers, but not this one.

The strap mechanism is also perfect, and what to tell how tough is the building material. Yes, yes, you can call it the PUBG helmet also, as it appears the same. Undoubtedly, buying Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet is a beneficial deal, man!

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2) Retrospec Traverse H1 Helmet

Retrospec Traverse H1 Helmet

To give Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet a tough competition, here comes Retrospec Traverse H1 Helmet, which is the first three in one helmet in our Best helmets in India review. You can use it for Ski and snowboarding also besides a classy bike helmet. 

This one is also trending pretty high in the US. It’s the best open-face helmet in India. Top-of-the-line protection and quality are provided to you Certified ABS exterior and breathable EPS Foam interior.


  • It Includes a goggle clip for keeping eyewear attached. Besides that, you get removable plush earmuffs for protection and warmth.
  • CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203, is the safety certification for Bicycle Helmets EN 1077:2007 is for Ski Helmets. That means it’s a well-tested, well-qualified, and highly safe helmet.
  • You can get this helmet easily customized fit. For tightening and loosening the framework, you just need to twist the ErgoKnob Adjustable Dial (which is a simple one-hand twist dial) as per convenience.
  • 10 vents are provided for ultimate temperature regulation.

The Final Advice

The firm, shock-absorbent EPS interior and unyielding ABS shell exterior are what this helmet provides you. Would you believe it weighs only 544 grams? It’s the lightest helmet in our Best Helmets in India review. Retrospec Traverse H1 Helmet is the best of its type. This helmet is a truly worth purchase, especially if you prefer enjoying skiing on winter vacations!

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Buying Guide!

You read about the best helmet brands in India with a price idea. Now it’s the time to reveal all helmet-related knowledge. You already know why we use a helmet, but right from fitting to purchasing to replacing, best helmet brands in India 2019 & 2020, and furthermore, there is much to know! You’ll find some important helmet FAQs down there, answered by an expert.

Helmet Care

A well-made helmet looks cool and protects from a few brain wounds in an accident. But, it doesn’t mean we can heedlessly deal with it. Indeed, even a helmet should be handled properly with directions. Helmet care is essential to utilize for quite a while.

Credit: Helmets nepal

Remember – Even the best quality helmet needs proper handling

You should always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, particularly if you own a polycarbonate helmet. The polycarbonate helmet is intense and solid. But, continuous exposure to daylight, close to any excessive heat, exhaust, liquids, fuel, and solid cleaning liquids, can hurt the helmet and its defensive worth. 

It will exceptionally affect its integrity and materials. That sort of harm will be hard to take note of. In this way, it will be great to utilize mild soap to clean your helmet’s body and face shield. Furthermore, always keep your helmet in a protected spot where there is no direct exposure to daylight.

The helmet’s external structure (likewise passes by the name of the shell) should be of a hard, however lightweight material such a polycarbonate or thermoplastic. So, the helmet will support the effect of the accident, and wearing the helmet won’t overload you. It should be agreeable to wear, and the external frame will prevent the penetration of the pointed items in the accident.

Medical cost

In case you decide not to wear a helmet and end up in a bad accident, you are going to pay for it. You will pay a lot more in medical costs and have a lot higher chance of permanent damage than riders who wear a helmet.


You’ll not face any dirt, bugs, wind, and rain issues in a car, but in the motorcycle, that will always hit you in the face. It will reduce your visibility, which is pretty dangerous. A helmet with a face cover will avoid this, and the best motorcycle helmets you’ve gone through in this review have cool designs that are trendy and has great protection, which will not let down your visibility while riding.

Insurance rates

Insurance companies survive by figuring the expense cost-to-risk investigation of various driving circumstances. Since helmetless riders are more likely to meet an accident, most of the insurance companies drag themselves back when it comes to providing the accident fund. 

You can read the same and more than 85% of the insurances’ terms & conditions. In short, if you meet an accident, you’ll have to pay for repairing your vehicle all by your pocket in 85%+ cases.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Following are kinds of motorcycle helmets:

Full-Face Helmets

These are by a wide margin the best motorcycle helmets accessible as far as protecting your head, face, jawline, and neck from impact. They come in design varieties to suit riders of different types.

For example, motorcycle helmets proprietors can select a more aerodynamic design that will protect their head from springing up at high speeds, while helmets’ designs for cruisers are also focused on optimizing visibility. If you ride in the city mostly, then these are the best bikers helmet regarding safety.

Open-Face Helmets

Famous among bike companies, these helmets spread seventy-five percent of the head, leaving the face and jawline unprotected. They will, in general, be less lumbering than full-face and flip-up helmets. However, the trade-off is a more serious danger of damage. In case you’re thinking about purchasing one of these helmets, it may be ideal to avoid highways and other high-speed conditions.

Flip-Up Helmets

The distinctive feature between a flip-up (or secluded) and the full-face helmet is that the jawline bar and shield are a different piece flip-up via a hinge. This is incredible for putting on and removing the helmet effortlessly or having a fast chat with your friends at a red light. The drawback is that the hinge can break on effect, leaving your face and neck exposed to the pavement.

Half Helmets

These helmets are like bike helmets and just give insurance to the top of the head. A few models spread the back of the neck and ears, however generally, everything underneath your brow is uncovered. They are the lightest road helmet accessible and have incredible wind currents. These helmets don’t have any kind of shield, so riders should wear glasses for eye cover.

Dirt bike Helmets

Specially designed for rough terrain riding, these are the best full motorcycle helmets with regards to sturdiness. They are specifically designed to retain big effect while keeping the rider’s head stable. Think about using this helmet if you plan on hitting the trails.

Some Other Tips Worth Knowing

When is it a good idea for me to replace my motorcycle helmet?

After an accident or every five years, the foam coating found inside a motorcycle helmet is successful at decreasing the blow of an impact. But, to slow these extreme forces, the material needs to compress. This foam is classed as a one-utilized material as it won’t be as powerful at decreasing accident forces in subsequent impacts.

You should replace your helmet after you have been involved in an accident. Also, you should replace your helmet regularly every five years to guarantee the latest technology is ensuring you. Warmth and moistness can also gradually degrade the structural integrity of your helmet, warping the defensive materials and decreasing your helmet’s capacity to ensure you in an accident.

Talking further, the replacement time depends upon the helmet quality also. If you are buying a helmet below rupees 1000, then please don’t expect much from it after 2 years. After that, if you are buying something like Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet, LS2 FF352 Full Face Helmet, Retrospec Traverse H1 Helmet, or other such expensive high-quality helmets, then there are high chances that they run much longer for you than 5 years.

How would I know whether a helmet will fit me?

Finding the right shape to match your head is crucial for both security and comfort. The supposed “best” helmet in the world is useless if it doesn’t fit, and sometimes a more affordable helmet will fit superior to anything, a helmet costing a few hundred rupees. Various helmets are made to fit various head shapes. Most main companies have graphs, which show where their helmet models lie on the oval to adjust range.

If you already have a model in your mind list, googling it will rapidly reveal to you the head shape it was built for. With a measuring tape around the top of your head, around 1 inch over your eyebrows. This will give you an exact estimation of the circumstances of the biggest part of your head. Check your head estimation against a helmet sizing chart and select the size nearest to your head’s circumference.

Keep in mind that a helmet will never precisely match your head’s size. We would like to inform you, first time trying a helmet might seem a bit tight to you, but it actually is not. Finding the right shape to match your head is crucial for both security and comfort. The supposed “best” helmet in the world is useless if it doesn’t fit, and sometimes a more affordable helmet will fit superior to anything, a helmet costing a few hundred rupees. Various helmets are made to fit various head shapes. Most main companies have graphs, which show where their helmet models lie on the oval to adjust range.

If you already have a model in your mind list, googling it will rapidly reveal to you the head shape it was built for. With a measuring tape around the top of your head, around 1 inch over your eyebrows. This will give you an exact estimation of the circumstances of the biggest part of your head. Check your head estimation against a helmet sizing chart and select the size nearest to your head’s circumference.

Keep in mind that a helmet will never precisely match your head’s size. We would like to inform you, first time trying a helmet might seem a bit tight to you, but it actually is not. Every helmet loosens a bit after the first few uses. So, if a helmet is fitting just a bit tight to you, don’t reject it. However, if you feel it’s too tight, then you surely can.

What is DOT confirmation?

The “Dot” emblem is an indication that a specific motorcycle helmet meets the Department of Transportation security standards implemented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In our Best Helmet In India Under 2000 – 10000 reviews, all models are up to the mark. Nonetheless, the expert does not test the helmet itself; rather, companies undertake their very own accident testing and self-ensure their units.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at that point, gains random examples of a company’s item and conducts its own testing to confirm compliance with security standards. Companies discovered misleading customers are hugely penalized. Luckily, the brands listed above have flawless track records of manufacturing solid and safe motorcycle helmets.

The Conclusion

The helmets recommended above were all fantastic. They are still, confused about which helmet is the best for you? Well, cherish the revision table below!

Looking for a cheap and reliable helmet? Buy none other than the Vega Off-Road OR-D model. For the ladies, the best helmet is the Vega Verve Open Face model. You’ve got ponytail space in this helmet’s back part! Hey, do you love riding at night? Visibility is very important then! So, a night helmet is what you should buy.

Steelbird R2K NightVision helmet is the one. If you equally prefer style and safety, then buy the LS2 FF352 Full Face helmet! It’s genuinely a show-off thing! For the Enfield and Bullet riders, the most dependable and stylish pick is the Daytona Slim Line Skull helmet! It’s a class!

At last, the thumb rule is, “never say a NO to the helmet!”

Bonus info


I hope you enjoyed our Best Helmet In India Under 2000 – 10000 reviews. Similarly, like high-quality helmets, high-quality tires are also a big requirement. These also save your life like helmets only. A good quality bike tyre can prevent accidents and protect you and your vehicle. 

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So, you’ll know the deepest facts about these bikes there, as our reviews are 100% honest, and we haven’t hesitated in exposing the negatives!


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