5 Drinks to Build Healthy Muscles and Joints

5 Drinks to Build Healthy Muscles and Joints

Experts say that we all often feel an unpleasant tingling sensation in joints once in our life. It is caused by different reasons like a workout, sitting for a long time, intense exercise, heavy weight lifting, etc.

Such a sensation can get nasty and leave you frustrated. When a person experiences joint pain, it affects daily activities and does not allow excess movement. Researchers say that it is not easy to deal with joint pain as it cannot let you do any work.

People often avoid medicines and look for home remedies. Why?

Well, the natural ways have no side effects, but you may encounter many side effects of medicines. Hot and cold compress is also a popular technique that helps in relieving pain.

Do you know that a drink can also help you treat joint and muscle issues?

Here, we have come with the best drink list that can let you live a life with healthy joints and muscles.

Top Beverages to Develop Muscles and Joints

Drink Plain Water

Drink Plain Water

From physical health to your skin, drinking water can deal with all the issues. Experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Joints stiffness can give you a tough time, but drinking water can reduce the stiffness and overcome the pain. Studies reveal that cartilage that surrounds the bone end, made up of water.

So, it clears the fact that water promotes the synovial fluid and allows you to move without any pain and effort.

Once I watched an interview with one of the best bone specialist doctors in Karachi, where she shared that when the cartilage is weak, it causes pain in joints.

The moment you start drinking 8 glasses of water each day, it will minimize joint problems. People often share their worries about how they can start drinking that much water; here are few tips that may help you:

  • Juicy Fruits: Fruits that are high water content are the best source to fulfill water requirements in your body. Such fruits are watermelon, oranges, grapes, and blueberries. 
  • Constant Supply of Water: When you have a water bottle near you, It will make it easy to drink water after a while. 
  • Add Herbs: If you do not like plain water that much, add some herbs, like mint leaves or lemon slices.

Green Tea – Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Green Tea

Most of us love to enjoy tea, and it’s looked upon as the main gesture drink in so many countries. But all teas aren’t the same. A few bring diverse effects to your health, while some strive to bring you health-related benefits.

Green tea is one of them. Most of us have heard about it, but it’s also a bitter truth that it’s most of the time neglected due to its “not that pleasant” taste.

This tea is a home remedy that can help you deal with many health issues and give you a fresh skin look. Studies have shown that green tea contains polyphenols that provide anti-inflammation effects.

When there is stiffness and pain around your joints and muscles, you need to drink green tea as it will help to protect cartilage and your bone. A natural element in green tea that is known as theanine provides relaxation to your body. 

Caffeine is also present in green tea that gives a relaxing effect on your body and boosts your mood.

Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice

Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for the muscles and joints. It has antioxidants properties that deal with inflammation properties. Tomato juice is rich in vitamin c and also reduces joints and muscle inflammation.

Exerts say that Vitamin C provides additional support to the bones and muscles. If you ever encounter a bone injury, you need to get health support with tomato juice.



I always prefer homemade smoothies because they are nutrient-packed and a great source of nutrients for joints and muscle health. Avocado, spinach, bananas, ginger, and blueberries are cool. These fruits contain omega-3 acids that act as anti-inflammatory properties.

Ensure that you’re not adding any unhealthy foods, juices, or syrups to it, especially sweetening agents, just for taste.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Last but not least, pomegranate juice is the best drink you may have for your joints and muscles healthy as it contains every type of antioxidant.

It also protects us from cancer and overcomes the risks of heart diseases. If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection UTI, pomegranate juice can reduce the symptoms and make urine uncomfortable conditions.


A master tip for you!

You might have heard that protein build muscles, but do you know that it can’t actually do the job alone. There are a lot of nutrients that can, directly and indirectly, support the process.

Now the issue is that most of such essential nutrients actually get destroyed when you extract juice out of juicers due to the high speed and temperature of the juicers.

There’s just one sort of juicer which can extract juice with full nutrient retention, and yes, it’s a bit expensive. But honestly saying, it’s great value for money.

Guys, it’s a cold press juicer.

These sort of juicers cost you from 10-11k to 25k but bring unmatched health benefits. You can extract hundreds of types of juices and also make your own recipes.

Just for an example, just look at Hestia Nutri-max cold press juicer. This fellow is capable of providing you with over 300 sorts of juice recipes.



Black coffee and tea can develop many joints and muscle problems. It also affects the absorption of nutrients that can develop many physical health issues.

Not just that, all of know the big disadvantages of Caffeine, which is present in great amount in both those drinks.

on the flip side, fizzy drinks also do the same to your body.They destroy the strength of your bones, and we’re sure you don’t want to get bent before getting 4o.

In short, you need to avoid such beverages that will give you nothing but a chronic joints issue. You can also learn about other lifestyle changes and proven ways to deal with arthritis, according to the CDC.


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