Best Car Battery Chargers in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Car Battery Chargers in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

A car battery charger can be a valuable asset if it can charge batteries in a wide variety of vehicles. The best car battery charger in India supports most lead-acid batteries and can be used to charge all types of vehicles.

With a few pointers in mind, you’ll be on your way to restoring the functionality of your battery! Listed below are some of the best car battery chargers available in India.

  1. REHTRAD Car Battery Charger
  2. TAGLab BML1220 Battery Charger
  3. Verilux® Car Battery Charger
  4. STHIRA® Car Battery Charger
  5. TAGLab C4 Battery Charger
  6. Bosch C3 Battery Charger
  7. Generic 12V 6A Car Charger

When recharging a car battery, you should check the instructions provided by the charger carefully to ensure that it is operating properly.

Some battery chargers allow overcharging, but you should be careful not to do this as it may cause permanent damage or explode.

To avoid this, some chargers automatically turn off after a certain time. Others keep charging the battery even after the battery has been fully drained.

When you buy a car battery charger, be sure to buy a high-quality one. A poor one can leave you stranded, and this can be costly.

Fortunately, many high-quality car battery chargers are available on the market, and they can save the day. We have evaluated 20+ of these to pick a few best ones for you. Here are the entire details on the top choices of car batteries:

Best Car Battery Chargers in India

1. REHTRAD Car Battery Charger

REHTRAD  Car Battery Charger

The Rehtrad polymer car battery lets you quickly charge gas and diesel engines. A battery charger with a 6-in-1 capability can also charge LED flashlights, a car vacuum cleaner, or even a tire inflator.

This charger has advanced protection against overcharge, short circuit, and reverse polarity. It has dual USB ports for fast charging and a handy carrying case. And because of its high-capacity battery, you can use it to charge your cell phone or other electronic gadgets.

2. TAGLab BML1220 Battery ChargerTAGLab BML1220 Battery Charger

The TAGLab BML1220 Car Battery Charger is the latest TAGLab rapid battery charger version. It is compatible with various lead-acid batteries, including those found in many different types of cars and trucks.

This device also has an advanced microprocessor that allows it to perform fully automatic 9-stage charging and maintenance while preventing reverse polarity and overcurrent.

This charger does not support 24V battery types. Charging the battery if it is dead or defective is not recommended. It supports charging 6V, 12V, and two-wheeler batteries but does not support 24V batteries.

Also, it has a one-button operation and memory functions but doesn’t support 24V batteries. It is also compatible with passenger cars and two-wheelers.

The BML1220 Car Battery Charger is suitable for home, office, and workshop use. It has a fully automatic 9-stage charging process, regulated by a programmable MCU, and provides trickle charging, power backup, and restore functions.

The charger also features an alternator test facility. Its durable metal housing and recessed control panel provide comfort and protection against dust. It can even be used as a mobile battery charging device when necessary.

3. Verilux® Car Battery Charger

Verilux® Car Battery Charger

If your battery runs low, you can use the Verilux® Car Battery Charger to keep it going. This charger comes with detailed instructions on how to use it. However, it is best to follow the universal use rules when using a battery charger. 

The Verilux® Car Battery Charger is an excellent choice for vehicles of all kinds. Its fast charging technology will recharge all types of 12V batteries quickly and will keep them maintained during long-term storage.

The chargers’ input voltage range is 100-240V AC. The output current is usually five to six amps. It has multiple protections, including built-in circuit protection for reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuits, and overheating.

Not all car battery chargers work with all types of batteries. Most cars use a wet cell battery, while some use an AGM, gel, or lithium-ion battery.

The Verilux® Car Battery Charger scored highest in this category, and this rating is based on its features. This charger’s long clamp cables, outlet cords, and interface make it easy to use. 

4. STHIRA® Car Battery Charger

STHIRA® Car Battery Charger

You can find a high-quality STHIRA® Car Battery Charger in the market for your vehicle. This device is made of high-quality materials and comes with many features. It features eleven preset battery charging profiles and one user-customizable setting.

It can charge all types of battery chemistries. The charger is lightweight and comes with an impressive shelf life. You can easily use it anywhere and anytime to keep your vehicle’s battery in good condition.

5. TAGLab C4 Battery Charger

TAGLab C4 Battery Charger

TAGLab offers the C4 Car Battery Charger, which is compatible with many lead-acid batteries. This charger can recharge batteries in various types of vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, and cars.

The TAGLab C4 has a manual fuse and clamps to ensure you can charge your battery correctly. It also features a voltmeter, which shows the battery’s charge level.

This car battery charger is splash-water and dustproof. It supports three charging modes and features an LED display that illuminates green while charging. Other features of this charger include reverse polarity protection and a 40-ampere engine start.

It has a durable, long-lasting build and can be used by any car. The TAGLab C4 Car Battery Charger has an extended warranty for added peace of mind.

6. Bosch C3 Battery Charger

Bosch C3 Battery Charger

The compact design of the Bosch C3 Car Battery Charger makes it easy to use anywhere, whether you’re at home or on the road. The intelligent charger monitors battery conditions and automatically adjusts power.

The C3 features two charging modes-one for car batteries and the other for two-wheeler batteries. The smart charger also monitors charging for optimum performance of AGM and EFB batteries.

You can adjust the charging cycle per your requirements, from 0.8A to 3.8A to 120A.

The Bosch C3 is one of the safest car battery chargers on the market. It features a built-in maintenance charge function and a pulse function that ensures that your batteries receive high-quality charging for a long time.

Moreover, the C3’s safety concept protects the battery from potential hazards such as reverse polarity, spark, and overheating. The C3’s four-stage charging cycle prevents self-discharge and is certified to Australian electrical standards.

The Bosch C3 car battery charger features a safety isolating transformer and circuit-breaker protection. The circuit-breaker protects against reverse polarity and short-circuiting the charging terminals.

A memory function is included to prevent accidental activation. The charger also comes with a two-part cable and a mounting hook. The C3 battery charger is ideal for winter when low temperatures strain starter batteries.

The Bosch C3 Car Battery Charger is an excellent choice for people who need a high-quality charger for their car. Its efficient charging capabilities are unparalleled, and it is safe to use, too.

It can be purchased from your local automotive store or through the internet through Amazon

The BBB-certified battery charger is also the safest one available. When you’re on the road, your battery will stay charged, and your car will continue to run smoothly.

7. Generic 12V 6A Car Charger

Generic 12V 6A Car Charger

If you are searching for a reliable car battery charger, you can choose one made by a reputed brand like Generic. These chargers are made to meet the needs of car batteries, and many of them come with LCDs.

The Generic 12V 6A charger is also an excellent option for purchasing. These chargers are renowned for their fast charging abilities, large display, and ease of use.

The price range of this product is very competitive, especially since renowned brands manufacture them. However, if you want something inexpensive but reliable, you can opt for a generic model.

These chargers can be found in the online markets, as well. A good charger will give you the information you need to know about your battery’s performance. If you are in the market for an automatic charger, you should look for a charger with these features.

This device can charge all kinds of car batteries and is perfect for all types of batteries. It uses 9-stage charging technology and is controlled by an in-built Micro Computer Unit. Also, it features extra insulation, overcurrent and short circuit protection.

It is also splashproof and dustproof. No worries about storing your charger in your garage or shed. You can also use this charger to recharge a motorcycle or scooter battery.

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Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing an auto battery charger, it is important to be aware of certain aspects to ensure you buy the perfect charger.

A home-based car charger must be easy to use and have excellent performance. Here are the things to be aware of when shopping for a car charger. So, without further delay, we’ll take a look!


The first thing you need to consider is the value of the charging battery. If you purchase an automobile charger, make sure it’s not overly expensive.

You can find a good car charger at a low cost. Remember that you don’t have to spend much money buying an auto charger.

Find the Battery Cell

The second thing you should examine is the cell type. There are generally two types of car batteries. One is a lead-acid battery, and the second type is called a lithium-ion type.

Therefore, before purchasing batteries, be sure that it’s able to charge the type of battery your vehicle is equipped with. In case it isn’t, the battery will not be useful to you.

Choose a Known Brand

Be aware that the charger for your car is a thing you cannot make a mistake on. This is why we suggest that you purchase only the best brands available on the market.

There is no need to try different brands each time since you shouldn’t ever try experimenting with a car battery.

Common Mistakes That People Make When Purchasing a Car Battery Charger?

Everybody makes errors when buying car battery chargers and eventually regret these mistakes and wish to avoid them in the future.

If you’re also looking to avoid making the same mistakes buyers make when buying batteries for their cars, then you should first learn about the mistakes people make.

Here are some of the most frequent mistakes individuals make when buying a battery charger for their car. Check them out!

Jump Start Facility

We also refer to it as boost mode. It assists in starting the vehicle even after the battery is dead. Jump-start is a feature that provides 20-250 amperes to start your car.

These are the typical mistakes consumers make when purchasing an auto battery charger.

If you plan to keep a battery charger, it is important to be aware of these errors and make an effort to stay clear of them whenever you can, as these errors may seem simple, but they could ruin the battery in your car.

Therefore, be cautious about the battery in your car and scam businesses!

Voltage Count

Another thing people do not consider is checking their charger’s power. Certain chargers on the market come with 7v, 12v or 24v capacities; some have more, while others are lower. You must choose by your car’s requirements.

Type of Battery

The biggest mistake consumers make is not to match the charger’s battery with the vehicle and then end up anxious about the purchase.

Before purchasing the car charger, make sure you inquire with the shopkeeper whether the charger you’re planning to purchase is a lead-acid battery or one made of lithium. The shopkeeper will help you through the process.

Security Features

If you are buying an auto battery charger, be sure that the charger you purchase comes with safety features such as reverse-polarity connections. If the charger for your car battery does not have safety features, it could cause harm to your vehicle.


What is the most efficient car battery charger?

The TAGLab C8 battery charger with the display is the top car battery charger.

Can revving up the engine helps charge the battery?

Of course, it is possible to boost the battery’s charge faster while jumping.

How long can an auto battery last without charging?

It is entirely dependent on the battery’s usage. If you switch the headlights on while you’re not in the car, the battery will be drained more quickly. However, the average car battery can hold its charge for up to 141 days.

What can you tell when the automobile battery is charged to its full capacity?

Certain chargers for batteries have an LCD, informing us when the battery has been fully charged.

How do I pick the best charger for the battery in my vehicle?

When choosing the right car charger, look up the type of battery and the capacity for charging. Remember to mind the battery in your car when purchasing this battery charger.

Can you charge a dead car battery?

Of course, you can! But, you need to verify the capacity of the charger to determine if it’s capable of charging dead batteries or not.

Does a trickle charger work for batteries?

Of course, it’s true! It’s an ideal choice for optimal maintenance of your battery.

How long will the car battery need to be charged using the help of a charger?

It can take 3-4 hours to charge the battery using the car charger you have at home.

Can you leave a charger that is only a trickle on at all times?

A trickle charge is only when the battery in your car has been fully charged. When the car battery is fully charged, it is time to turn off the power.

Can you start a vehicle with an electric battery?

If you own a trickle charger, you shouldn’t start your car without the charger plugged in. However, if the charger has crossed, you can start the car using the charger hooked up.

How long can I drive my car after the jump start?

You must drive 20 minutes at a time on the highway or for 40 minutes at low speed following an initial jump.

What is the process by which the car battery charger functions?

A battery charger is equipped with an inverter and rectifier that allows the current to flow. It permits the supplier to provide an electric charge at a certain amount based on the battery’s state.

How do I charge my car’s battery when I am driving?

If you can keep your car’s engine at a constant RPM, you can recharge your car’s battery using the alternator in your car. When you travel on the highway, it will recharge the battery of your car in less than 30 minutes.

Does the battery charge when you idle?

The alternator in the battery allows you to charge the battery in your car even while it is idle.

How can you tell if my 12v battery is fully charged?

A few chargers on the market show how much battery charge remains on the LCD. However, if you wish to verify the charge using a meter, you must join the positive and negative clips first and then connect the negative clip.

This way, you can test the level of charge. If the reading is below 12.6 Volts, your battery has not been fully charged.

How far should I be able to travel to recharge the battery in my vehicle?

It’s not exact, but around 10 miles will suffice to recharge the car battery.


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