Best Bike Under 70000 in India in 2021 Reviews

Best Bike Under 70000 in India in 2021 Reviews

Today, we’re covering the segment of bikes for the middle class Indian, for whom purchasing a bike is a huge investment. Unfortunately, the automobile industry in India is flooding with so many models, that searching the best bikes under 70000 for a normal man is a daunting task.

Our automobile experts took the whole responsibility, and we’re happy that our 2+ Months long project of testing these bikes is over now!

We’ve ensured that the bikes that we recommend are fuel-efficient, without compromising with comfort level or ride quality.

Doesn’t it sound amazing, that we’re gonna recommend you bikes, which will be exceptionally cheap, still when you roll those on your nearby roads, they’re gonna explain a style statement?

Yes, some amazing eye-catching and sturdy bikes are waiting for you down there!Besides our Best Bike Under 70000 review, we’ve got many other price-based reviews, which you’ll find at the end.

Now, trouble your fingers to scroll down and cherish our top 10 chart first.


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Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India 2021 Reviews

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Bajaj Pulsar 125 Rs. 63,616 124.4cc
Aprilia SR125 Aprilia SR125 Rs. 69,960 149 cc 50 Kmpl 12.8L
Honda CB Shine SP Honda CB Shine SP Rs.66,043 124.73 cc 65 kmpl 10.5 L
Honda Activa 6G Honda Activa 6G Rs. 66,087 109.51 cc 45 Kmpl 5.3L
TVS Ntorq 125 TVS Ntorq 125 Rs.65,975 124.8 cc 35-40 Kmpl 124.8 cc
Honda Dio Honda Dio Rs. 64,828 109.19 cc 55 Kmpl 5.3L
Hero Super Splendor Hero Super Splendor Rs.60,700 124.7cc 75 kmpl 13L
TVS Jupiter Grande TVS Jupiter Grande Rs.61,499 109.7 cc 62 Kmpl 5L
Hero Glamour Hero Glamour Rs.60,000 125 cc 55 Kmpl 13.6L
Hero Passion Pro 110 Hero Passion Pro 110 Rs.57,100 113.2 cc 60 Kmpl 11L


Bajaj Pulsar 1251.) Bajaj Pulsar 125 Review – Overall best bike under 70000

There are lots of companies that provide you great bikes at this price, but especially Bajaj has made its own place in the market of bikes for many years. On top of that, people totally believe that Bajaj provides much better quality than many other bike companies.

Nowadays, this 125cc segment is getting serious attention in India. It must get serious attention, do you know why? Because this 125cc segment has become gravitating to sportiness. The best examples are RC 125 and KTM 125 Duke; These are at the utmost end of the spectrum. Besides that, Bajaj Auto has launched Pulsar 125. These Pulsars have always been into handling and likable performance.

It’s interesting to watch how Bajaj has made its smallest Pulsar yet and considering this is the segment of 125cc where a big and major chunk of customers are value and effectiveness conscious even today. This Pulsar is powered with single-cylinder, 124.5 cc, air-cooled Engine that offers 8,000 RPM at 12PS and 6,500RPM at 11Nm.

This Engine is basically a revision of our old known pulsar 150’s, which is a shorter stroke to reduce the displacement. The Pulsar 150 shares the same platform and most of the cycle parts with the 125cc model.

Prices technically begin at 64k in ex-showroom for the drum-break-equipped version, besides that the disc-equipped version we have on our hands at retails at 66k in ex-showroom in Delhi. This bike was a part of our Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews.


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 124.4 cc
Mileage 62 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 11.5L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box 5 Gear
ABS Single Channel Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Power 11.8 bhp at 8,500 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 63,616

Specs Score: A++


As we have talked about that Pulsar 125 is a derivative of the Pulsar 150, it is largely transformed to the same build quality and styling as we are used to watching on every Pulsars. The fuel tank design is very elegant as well, even though the capacity of the tank has been reduced to 11.5 to keep the perfect kerb weigh in the check.

The name pulsar on the tank is the same as in the pulsar 150, but it gets a black background here, which looks perfectly gorgeous and the blue design looks very classy, it is kind of same as Pulsar 150, but when you observe design in detail, you might find it unique and more beautiful.

The Pulsar boasts the biggest power output in the 125cc commuter segment, although its higher kerb which weight around 140kg, takes away few spices. Overall build quality is pretty awesome as the rest of the Pulsar models and also fit-finish levels are better too. Mirror views are pretty incredible too. Thumbs up to that, though!


Features Score: 9.5

  • It is probably heavier around 15 kg than its closest rival, which is the Honda CB Shine-SP, which has a good kerb 123 kgs, but on an optimistic note, the additional weight provides more planted ride as we compare to other 125 cc bikes which feels pretty much flightier in comparison.
  • On the important note, the fact that Engine is the derivative of the previous Pulsar 150s means this Pulsar 125 feels the same to its immediate sibling in the term of acceleration.
  • Pulsar 125 is best for engaging to ride because it provides enough power on the tap for overtaking. Engine’s rev-happy nature also adds with engaging feel; it tends to give buzzy above 7,000 RPM.
  • Telescopic front forks and the twin downpipe cradle chassis provides decent feedback when you are riding enthusiastically.
  • Well, it provides a very accurate and elegant digital speedometer. The Pulsar can also get past 100 Kmph, which gives you a faster and smoother ride.
  • The five-speed gearbox gives you precise shifts with butter-smooth feels, which makes gear changing very easy. Gear ratios are pretty well spaced and also work well wherever you ride with this awesome bike.


In fact, the Pulsar 125 has a pretty advantage over other regular 125s in the department of handling because it uses hardware belonging to our successful Pulsar 150. Priced at 66k at ex-showroom for the disk-break version, This Pulsar 125 sits very well right in the between the Pulsar 150 and Bajaj Discover 125.

Besides that, Pulsar 125 sits below the fully-fledged Honda CB Shine-SP, which retails 69k at ex-showroom, which we know is a very promising package by itself. Our experts are pretty much sure that this bike totally deserves to be on the road because it will give you a very butter-smooth ride.

Full marks to handling and ride quality, and the mileage of 62 kmpl has truly won hearts! Being the Best Bike Under 70000, Bajaj Pulsar is most recommendable bike to you.


Aprilia SR125

2.) Aprilia SR125 Review – Best bike under 70000 regarding style

Here comes our second Best Bike Under 70000, which is unbeatable regarding looks! Especially in the last 5 years, several brands are launching attractive looking high mileage scooters, and also, the Indian public is showing great interest in this department. Whenever you say “Aprilia,” heavy and expensive sports bikes come to the mind.

However, SR125 is a great offering by Aprilia, and besides a fine sense of adding attractive looks, Aprilia has highly concentrated on making this scooter highly fuel-efficient, smooth at handling, sturdy, and most importantly, affordable!

Aprilia SR150 was a booming success, and it seems as if this 125cc machine is a replica in terms of chassis and build quality. However, the engine is small, but the power is enough to make you feel all the pleasure while measuring the city roads with this scooter.


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 125CC NA
Mileage 40Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless
Fuel Capacity 6.8L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box NA
ABS Single Channel Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Power 9.92 PS @ 7700 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 69,960

Specs Score: A+


One of the most appealing things about this Aprilia model is the appeal itself. It sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Well, at this price, several other brands had marked their presence and attained success much before Aprilia entered the scene. So, those brands had a better sense. However, this 125cc machine’s appeal proved to go heavy on 8-9 other similar sort model (110-125cc barrier).

The seat is long and wide, which means you can add two of your buddies behind, and handling is also so nice, and no matter you’ve got thin hands, you’ll be able to control the ride properly with two heavy buddies.

Considering the power, let’s show you some numbers. The SR150 made 10.20PS at 6,750 rpm, while this 125cc model makes 9.85PS at 7,250 rpm. So, all in all, half a horse is what you’ve lost here. Besides that, the torques difference is also no that much.


Features Score: 9.4

  • Most of the scooters start shivering a bit after they go anything over 70 Km/h, but this Aprilia model shocked us there! Even after being so lightweight, there was minimal shivering. That’s because of the sleek design, maybe!
  • The scooter has the ability to run at top speed for a much longer duration than the competitors. The engine doesn’t get stressed that easily!
  • This scooter stands neck to neck with Activa 6G, considering continuous long drives.
  • The acceleration after 60 Km/h speed is amazing. It takes 55% less time to climb to higher speeds after 60km/h than the closest competitor!
  • If we talk about the wheel size war, then Aprilia 125CC is still the king, with 14″ alloy wheels. Yes, these are the same wheels you find in Aprilia’s 150CC variant.
  • This scooter’s design highly helps you in staying stable while rolling over the corners. The narrow footboard area permits you to wedge your boots and knees perfectly and lock in the position.


Overall, Aprilia 155cc is a complete package; and doesn’t let you complain. The only drawback that we came across was the suspension. It is somewhat stiff. When you are riding in a flow, and bump arrives, you’ll feel that bump more than you would have felt with Activa 6G or Honda Dio. No issue, as 10 fine points are standing tall in front of this one little drawback.

Investing in Aprilia 125CC is a cool idea. You’re enjoying all punches of the 150CC model, at a lesser price, and you feel you’ve invested too right when you see several heads turning on the road.

If you’re in college, this 125CC model is super perfect for you. The paint scheme, stickers, shape, etc. everything adds to the swag. However, for a middle-class family man, we’d recommend something sober, such as Active 6G, about which we’ve narrated down there!


Honda CB Shine SP

3.) Honda CB Shine SP Review – Best among the Honda bikes under 70000

When we discuss 125cc bikes, the first name that hits everyone’s mind is none other than the Honda CB Shine. Having sold more than 43 lakh units since its launching took place, it’s the unbeatable king in the 125cc two-wheeler segment with a market share of more than 45%, both impressive stats to exclaim the least.

By the way, the Honda CB Shine is currently the best selling bike for the Japanese two-wheeler giant brand on a global scale. That’s so impressive! Despite all these benchmark and accolades sales figures, Honda thinks certainly there is space for more.

It senses that there’s a demand for a premium quality 125cc offering with some aspirational value attached to it, and exactly that’s how the Honda Shine SP came in being. You know what, it’s the Best Bike Under 70000 regarding fuel economy in this list, and if fuel economy is your biggest priority.

Certainly, it isn’t the first time that Honda is playing the top card game as a few months back, it launched the Honda Livo, which was brought to us as a premium commuter bike. Our experts put the new Honda CB Shine SP to the long testing session to find out whether it’s better purchase in the segment yardstick or not.


Emission Type BS4 Engine Displ. 124.73 cc
Mileage 65 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 10.5 L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box 5 Gears
ABS Single Channel Standard Warranty (Years) 2 years
Power 10.3 PS @ 7500 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs.66,043

Specs Score: A+


The images make them look more appealing. The gas tank gets light shapes. The grab handle was coated in a PVC substance making it more comfortable to hold. Style highlights about the Honda CB Shine SP comprise a two-piece stubby muffler with a heat protector that is chrome the alloy wheels that look great in the flesh, and the rear suspension springs piled in a reddish shade.

The instrument console has been fully overhauled on the CB Shine SP, as noticed on the bike, and it currently gets a part-digital instrument cluster instead of the all-analog device. The speedometer remains analog. However, the trip meter, odometer, and also its gas gauge enjoy a digital display.

The cluster is perfectly laid out, and certainly, it is easily readable on the move. Switch equipment remains unchanged, which is a bit disappointing for a premium offering as they feel a generation of location. Fit and finish are of the first sequence with tight panel gaps and a paint finish.

The gear is very helpful on the highways, and you can cruise the bike around 80kmph without much effort as worried as it’s about the bike at higher rates, and the motor does not feel.


Features Score: 9.2

  • The styling of this Honda Shine SP is not radically different from your standard motorcycle as the simple shape for the bikes is certainly the same. But look closely, and the design distinction gradually sinks in.
  • The headlamp is aggressive and raked out, very akin to what we’ve seen on the Honda Livo, while the windscreen is bigger too.
  • The center panel gets a finish that does a good job of balancing out the bike’s total design. The tail segment remains a very simple affair with a conventional lamp unit below, which sits the lens indicators.
  • The new Honda CB Shine SP comes with a 125cc air-cooled, single-cylinder motor rated to make 10.6PS at 7,500 RPM and 10.3Nm right at 5,500 RPM. The engine remains unchanged mechanically but for the inclusion of the new 5-speed gearbox.
  • Acceleration of this motorcycle is impressive because of its size, and the Honda CB Shine SP keeps on chugging till the 80kmph mark.


This bike is like an alternative of a frugal, comfy and trendy workhorse. Which should draw in the youth towards the CB Shine household Creates the Honda CB Shine SP feel much more serene in rates that are greater while Rs than the version.

Does the premium get justified by this? The solution is yes; at the Shape, a form addition of new attributes and the improvements Adding into the motorcycle’s functionality component. Nevertheless, the new Additions usually come at a price, and that’s the cost, which is Rs 4,400 more than the version. The update has made a huge difference.

The 5-speed gearbox As a well thought out product, SP will emerge. It’s the appeal Styling of this bike that was normal was geared towards older buyers. Apart from the styling improvements along with new attributes, the Option of a 125cc workhorse that is comfy, stylish, and frugal. That makes the Honda CB Shine SP feel much more composed at greater speeds.


Honda Activa 6G

4.) Honda Activa 6G Review – Best Bike Under 70000 for family

Here comes the fourth best bike under 70000 in India, and you all know this name very well. If there is a true conqueror of Indian scooters’ market, then it’s none other than Active. It’s new models keep on arriving, and keep on shattering previous records.

The 6G version has also won hearts, but here, you see it on the fourth position in our reviews. That’s all because of increased competition; still, on an overall basis, the Aprilia SR150 is the only model that’s able to dominate this new Activa machine.

Activa has been considered as the second name of reliability, and the 6G model carries the legacy further. You won’t find any major upgrades, but more power is added to the engine and thrust is better now. Let’s know why we’ve chosen active 6G as the Best Bike Under 70000 for family.


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 109.51 cc
Mileage 45 Kmpl Wheels Type Sheet Metal
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 5.3L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box NA
ABS NA Standard Warranty (Years) 6 Years
Power 7.79 PS @ 8000 rpm
Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 66,087

Specs Score: A+


The heavily updated 109.51cc engine really wins your heart. There are no gears in this scooter, but when you ride it, you get a similar thrust. The power delivery is much better now, and the engine now gets fuel injection. With this new model, you enjoy 10% better fuel efficiency, and that’s something all of us will appreciate.

One big reason is the weight cut-off of the body also. It’s just 107 Kg now. The way this scooter calmly glides on the road, you can’t resist form appreciating that. Activa 6G isn’t just built for straight and good quality roads. Just try it on bumpy and under-construction streets, and you’ll feel that great margin of performance between this model and the competing scooters.

Its 3-step pre-load adjustable shocks do a tremendous job. That highly elevates the overall riding quality. There have always been a few complaints regarding handling, and we are glad that the makers have not just considered that, but made handling better than ever.


Features Score: 9.1

  • You’ve got the same 18L storage below the seat, which permits you to store much stuff after shopping.
  • We’ve thoroughly studied the mechanism, and we can ensure that this scooter will hold its fuel efficiency for very long, like the previous models.
  • The makers have updated the multi functional ignition key, providing you seat opener and a new external petrol filler.
  • This scooter has got the ACG starter, bringing one-touch silent start feature, and in addition to that, an engine kill switch is there.
  • There’s an archaic-looking instrument console that comes with the Eco mode indicator and Engine malfunction light.
  • You’ll notice that in contrast to the Active 5G, the numbers are much bigger and convenient to read.
  • at either ends, the scooter gets reliable 130mm drum brakes with Combi-braking system , and this whole braking system is remarkable.


The Activa 6G seems as a non-complain package, as all the good things are retained, and besides that, highly-needed values are added. Honda has closely looked upon the deficiencies in the previous model and has been successful in covering almost all of them. This version is available around 65K (base price), and we were actually expecting it to be a bit expensive than that.

Activa 6G is a sort of scooter that every single person in the family can ride. its huge seat allows you to carry your folks comfortably; you’ve got space to store and keep stuff after shopping, its great mileage doesn’t let you bother about spending on refilling fuel no matter you measure of a lot of roads every day with it.


TVS Ntorq 125 5.) TVS Ntorq 125 Review

Talking about the fuel, the Ntorq is a quick number, but you will discover yourselves getting friendly with your attendant if you aren’t booked with your hand. We maintained speeds between 50 and 80kph in our testing and concluded it pays about 40km per day to the scooter.

At with throttle openings to swiftly overtake anything that comes its way, and this rate, over 35kpl, has always been returned by the Ntorq, the users say so. Obviously, if you lazily flow with the visitors and ride at slower speeds, the scooter becomes efficient.

Keeping with the theme, the electronic gas gauge of the Ntorq is precise, and two pubs are always dropped by it of filling up inside 15km. This isn’t the scooter for those who love to squeeze every possible bit out of the fuel tank, but undoubtedly, on an overall basis, it’s a great scooter.

It’s one of the sportiest scooters available in India. It received a TVS Ntorq 125 is the scooter at the lineup and of the brand Despite being kinder to mother earth, upgrade where Managed to maintain its electricity output. The TVS Ntorq 125 BS6 is costing exact Rs 65,975 (ex-showroom).


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 124.8 cc
Mileage 35-40 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 5.8 L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box CVT
ABS NA Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Power 9.38 PS @ 7000 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs.65,975

Specs Score: A+


While the peak torque Ntorq 125 BS6 comes with a larger 5.8-liter fuel tank. Suspension hardware is identical to before, and a disk brake is an option that arrives at the same 5500rpm. The cc Underpinnings of the Ntorq 125 have also been carried forward, but the 500rpm sooner (at 7000rpm), while CBS is standard.

TVS scooter that is new is practically 2kg heavier than its predecessor. Additionally, the Single-cylinder engine generates 9.38PS and 10.5Nm. Forward the layout, as seen on the Race along with the scooter Edition, includes a sticker price of Rs 72,455. All prices are Edition includes an LED headlight, hazard lights, and Race Edition.

The bottom version retails for Rs 65,975, while the Ntorq 125 BS6 is available in three different versions: disk brake, drum brake, and its own snazzy. The BS6 Ntorq conveys the font disk brake variant that carries a premium of Rs 400. The top-spec Hurry is among the reasons for the popularity of this Ntorq 125.


Features Score: 8.9

  • No change is also seen by the attribute list compared to this version, which is nice as the Ntorq is currently one of the scooters on sale in India. You can use your smartphone to monitor the parameters of the scooter, and it gets a multifunction LCD instrument audience.
  • Other noteworthy features in the scooters incorporate navigation, 22-L under-seat storage along with USB charging port as well as boot light, LED tail lamp, external fuel filler cap, engine-kill switch, and function.
  • Talking about the best scooter for long-distance rides, Ntorq 125 BS6 is a supreme choice which will undoubtedly never let you down concerning performance.
  • Most of the scooters bring problems of starting. However, the Ntorq 125 race edition makes a start pretty easily, and the engine of this scooter makes less noise even at higher speeds.


We must remind you that each of the Ntorq’s plus points stays undamaged throughout our review. Comfort, functionality, and ease are segment-leading and pleasurable. One of our experts is almost 1 year down the street with the Ntorq along with also the commute is still. He exclaims that he and his daughter both have a great experience.

If anyone is considering to purchase a bike in that specific price bracket, we would suggest to certainly take a test ride of TVS NTORQ, most importantly if you ride inside the city mostly.


Honda Dio

6.) Honda Dio Review

Whenever you hear “Honda,” You will probably think about Honda bikes you’ve ridden on. Honda Company is in the tough competition against many other companies like Hero, Yamaha, Bajaj, and more, That’s why Honda has launched this full-fledge Unisex Dio with 109.19 cc engine, drum brakes and new DC LED headlamp.

Honda Dio is a great bike because it comes with great features like the dashboard, looks, and superb mileage. Besides that, this model is unisex and comes with many colors which can be suitable to your taste. Undoubtedly, Honda Dio will definitely attract you with its dashing style and looks.

3 weeks ago, one of our testers rode this bike on a long drive, covering around 150 Km, and he exclaimed that he became a fan of its dynamics and agility. The rider feels comfortable and surprised because mileage and pickup are far greater than expected. As our experts suggest this bike is best for daily commute in the city roads, and on-highway also, it gives more pleasure than the competitors.

From several users, we came across many pleasant reviews about this beautiful beast. You should be wondering this kind of extraordinary features are how could be coming in the below 70K priced bikes but guess what, this bike is costing below 60k actually. Shouldn’t we go into more detail?


Emission Type BS4 Engine Displ. 109.19 cc
Mileage 55 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 5.3L
Fuel Type Petrol
Gear Box No
Standard Warranty (Years) 6 Years
Power 7.92 PS @ 7000 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 64,828

Specs Score: A


The pickup of this bike is much better, and it can reach 60 Km/h in just 6 seconds. It is best compared to another 110 cc bikes. If you ride this bike between 30 Kmph to 50 Kmph, you can get an average mileage of 45 Kmpl to 50 Kmpl, which is totally great under 70K.

Dio has been adorned with a split grab rail at the rear and funkier graphics. Honda Dio also added features such as side-engine inhibitor, besides that, ACG silent starter, dual-function switch integrating seat, external fuel filler cap, fuel lid opener. Lastly, the front pocket which could be used for many purposes.

Apart from a BS-IV Compliant engine, Dio gets new paint schemes to upgrade its visual appeal and a slew cosmetic updates.
Honda has done a stunning job on the basis of style and looks with eye-catching graphics and DC LED lights.


Features Score: 8.8

  • Of course, Honda company releases great models every single time but this bike contains many great features that make this bike unique and extremely attractable!
  • The feature called service-due indicator gives you an indication that this bike needs a service which is technically great feature.
  • A wider and soft seat makes any rider and the pillion much comfortable. Besides that, a mobile charging point under the seat which improves convenience.
  • The Honda dio contains a 109.19cc air-cooled engine, which provides maximum 7000 RPM and the peak torque of 8.91 NewtonM at 5500 RPM through a CVT transmission.
  • This beasty bike comes with Digital Speedometer, Digital Odometer, and Lastly, Digital Tripmeter. It is totally upgraded with newer technologies.
  • This 10-inch wheels of this dio are shod with high-quality tubeless tires. The drum brakes at the rear and the front are offered with proprietary combination braking system.


Talking about competition, this bike competes with many other bikes like TVS scooty Zest, The Suzuki Let’s, and Lastly, The Yamaha Ray ZR. It beats most of its competitor bikes on the basis of cost and performance.

The Price of this bike is around ₹60k to ₹70k, The Honda Dio is great for any kind of person who works, studies, or for any lady because it’s not just good looking and stylish, but it also has great features which you won’t find in any other bikes at this Price.

Everything about the performance and looks are flawless, and I am pretty much sure this bike won’t ever let you down.
This bike technically and specifically fulfill your almost every need from looks to performance. We suggest you go for this because we’re sure you will be amazed by its performance.


Hero Super Splendor

7.) Hero Super Splendor Review – Best bike under 70000 regrading mileage

Now, this one is the Best among the Hero bikes under 70000. The hero has contributed an update to its bike range, and the Hero Super Splendor was a bike that received attractive upgrades. Do you know these? Read to learn more—powerful version introduced sometime back. The Splendor brand has been the very best.

A look that is spruced up is now got by the Super Splendor. The side panels have been redesigned, and body graphics are got by it. The seat has also cushioning since it’s a little firmer than the earlier version and is a new one. The blacked-out handle, exhaust, wheels, and grab-rail, engine give this bike an understated yet classy demeanor.

Slotting under is much better equipped Glamour, and it shares the dependable 124.7-cc, the same one like its older version, but we repeat, it’s more dependable. The Super Splendor lacks the bells/whistles( well, that’s actually good) of its more expensive cousin, however, comes across as a reliable commuter.


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 124.7cc
Mileage 75 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 13L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box 5-Gear
ABS Single Channel Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Power 10.8 PS @ 7000 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs.60,700

Specs Score: A


Hero claims that this is the bike in its class. The power is up by 27%. It’s a top speed of 94 km/h. The engine runs and feels the best between 50-80kms. It doesn’t make much noise on the run and is very silent on idle. The speeds also build up quickly. The Super Splendor now includes i3S technology.

That can be Hero’s own engineering, and the organization is currently offering it on versions. This technology helps conserve petrol. While at idle, the engine cuts of after a number of moments and restarts on depressing the clutch. This system can be overridden with the help of a switch located on the side switchgear.

The Super Splendor includes a fantastic seat. The suspension is tender; it rides on rough roads. As a motorcycle that is pragmatic, it does its job. Braking is the place. We anticipated this bike to have a disk brake as an alternative. To get a motorcycle, we believe that it is imperative. The Super Splendor includes its traditional virtues of practicality and utility.

It’s available in 5 color options, hence increasing options for the buyers. The engine provides better performance as well as the i3S technology gives it an edge over competitors. With the updates, It is now a better bicycle than ever before. This bike’s mileage hasn’t yet been announced. We quote it to reunite around 50 km/l.


Features Score: 8.5

  • The comfortable on longer rides factor helps the rider and pillion. The chair is pretty wide hence increases the comfort too. The bike appears different from the trunk too.
  • A brand new LED taillamp is which arrives from the update. It does add some flair to this jane looking bike. The Super Splendor also gets a black therapy exhaust, engine, and the alloy wheels are back colored. This will make it seem premium.
  • The gas tank has a capacity of 13 liters giving a variety that is fantastic. Additionally, it receives a utility box. This is helpful for storing things like additional stuff or files. There’s also storage. The Splendor has been famous for its practicality and its usefulness value. That made it a best seller. These virtues are carried by the Super Splendor.
  • Hero MotoCorp has developed this motor. This 125cc 11Nm of torque. The motor comes mated to some mesh Engine does duty from the Glamour. It generates 11.4 bhp of power, and The change which the Super Splendor has is a brand new engine. Gearbox, using a changing pattern.


It rivals with Honda CB Shine, and though it does not feel as attributes like i3S, refined, do give a border to it, apart from its brand equity. With the type of consumer awareness, this bike is a great offer for you.

After spending half a day with this bike in Delhi’s traffic and performing some other tests, we came to the conclusion that this brand has successfully designed a no-nonsense, dependable commuter for those on a budget who just require to get from a point to other within the city.

That’s the ideology behind the popular original Splendor all certain years back, and the Super Splendor surely proves to be a perfectly fitting evolution of this great brand. In the list of the best motorbikes under 70000 rupees, undoubtedly, Hero Super Splendor deserves a mark.


TVS Jupiter Grande

8.) TVS Jupiter Grande Review – Best bike under 70000 for family

Jupiter was able to offer a perfect balance between design, affordability And the scooter did wonder for TVS for this suggestion. Itself battling to the number two spot with the Suzuki Access.

The Popularity continued to see a spike so much so that the next million Land for quite a very long time now until very recently in India when it discovered TVS Jupiter discovered 1 million homes in 30 weeks of its own and its launch 18 months came in following.

Despite placing the sales charts on fire, why the need for the Grande? TVS Jupiter’s prime rival Honda Activa entered with some brand new features under its sleeve that made the TVS’ seller look slightly obsolete last year to its fifth generation.

The movement challenges the Activa 5G and to remain competitive is what resulted in the arrival of the TVS Jupiter Grande. Are additional features good enough to make your life easier?

Nearly Rs 7,500 longer when you can opt for an already impressive bundle Exactly what changes the version has to offer and why should you spend Is this a case of’style over substance’ or the In a price tag? These questions answered in this review.


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 109.7 cc
Mileage 62 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 5L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box NA
ABS Single Channel Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Power 7.99 PS @ 7500 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs.61,499

Specs Score: A


The TVS Jupiter Grande’s design stays unchanged when compared with the standard model. In favor of a visual appeal that is better, the scooter gets a more superior looking paint scheme, which the organization calls the only one, Starlight Blue available for this version. Apart from that, the scooter gets some changes for aesthetics but also for convenience.

Upfront, the new TVS Jupiter Grande understands an all-LED headlamp that doesn’t dim under low engine rotational requirements and sure offers better illumination in the dark. What’s more, the instrument cluster that is updated looks modern, being a digital-analog unit.

More information is served by the new audience, and a few highlights include twin trip meters, a clock, support reminder, and there is a small helmet indicator that lets you wear one once you get onto the scooter. Nice! Look appealing but are in the section, the Jupiter Grande is the double tone diamond cut on alloy wheels.

The motor’s sweet spot is 45 to 60 mph, after which things start to find vibey. We were able to achieve a top speed of 89 km/h on the Grande that is good enough to get a family scooter. Speaking of fuel efficiency, the TVS Jupiter Grande delivered.


Features Score: 8.4

  • It has cross-stitched pattern Mobile charging supply, etc. are carried forward on the new Mirrors, which steps up the style quotient.
  • Another highlight of the TVS is that it’s comfier even compared to the standard version. Noteworthy features from the Jupiter like mobile charging provision, bag hooks, etc. have been carried forward on the new Grande.
  • One area where the TVS Jupiter has been a star performer is your motor. The engine of 109.7cc feels stress-free and has a decent mid and low-range, which makes city riding simple.
  • There’s not any change in the engine, and therefore, the torque and power outputs remain identical at eight bhp and 8.4 Nm, respectively. A high degree of refinement is what the engine has, which guarantees a riding experience that is wealthy.
  • Similar to the standard model, TVS Jupiter Grande arrives equipped with telescopic forks up front that soaks up the bumps easily and texture apt for town riding conditions.
  • The suspension setting is on the side, and larger potholes were handled without the scooter losing composure of a sudden all.
  • The TVS Jupiter Grande is simple to maneuver in traffic as well as taking U-turns are equally hassle-free.
  • Going through a corner over 60 km/h since the scooter showed signs of losing its composure, didn’t seem a fantastic idea, but this scooter can do that task at around 50Km/h. But this is thus, is not aimed at doing things that are such and a household scooter.


TVS Jupiter is now available on s sale in India in a starting price of Rs 52,293 for the bottom version, and the top-of-the-line Grande edition could be yours for a price of Rs 59,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi). That said, the Grande needs a premium of Rs 7,607 on the base trim, which is warranted considering the additional features available.

The Jupiter had all of the components the Grande edition just makes the recipe even more flavorful, as well as that you would expect from a normal household scooter. One of the big reasons behind the TVS Jupiter’s achievement is its capacity to deliver on locations yet being a high value for money product.


Hero Glamour Review

9.) Hero Glamour Review

The Hero Glamour is among the commuter bikes from Hero MotoCorp and has existed since 2005. The all-new 2017 Hero Glamour gets a brand new motor, a layout that is upgraded, and a new chassis. Does it get better than the Glamour?

We spend time together with the 125 cc Hero Glamour – together with carburetted and versions that are fuel-injected. The 2017 Hero Glamour appears premium. Yes, it still has the proportions of commuter motorcycle, but it looks similar to a bike from a section above, with a rounded & sculpted fuel tank, also with superior finishes and design.

With a part analog, a part digital instrument panel that is quite laid out, the Glamour gets a large angular headlamp right upfront. The version gets an instantaneous fuel consumption studying, while the carburetted version receives a trip meter at its own location.


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 125 cc
Mileage 55 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 13.6L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box 4-Gear
ABS Single Chanel Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Power 10.87 PS @ 7500 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs.60,000

Specs Score: B+


The new Hero Glamour has powered by the all-new, 124.7 cc, engine, single-cylinder. Hero Glamour makes the power of 11.4 bhp at 7500 rpm & 11 Nm of peak torque at 6500 rpm. Both of the engines and the carburetted have exactly the identical output on paper, but in the real world, they’re slightly different.

The fuel injection, however, is future-ready, after emission regulations at the Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) age make carburetted engines redundant. Most of the parts, the new Glamour has got an elegant and smooth engine, and equipment changes are slick and exact. The gear ratios are well sorted, but we wish there was a fifth gear.

The framework on the new Glamour uses a semi-double-cradle chassis, and is new too; the bike stays steady whilst negotiating traffic and composed, and managing is decent. And needless to say, it gets a fuel petcock which the fuel-injected variant doesn’t have.

Even the carburetted version also gets the i3S system – that the idle beginning stop method, which starts the bike with only a pull of the clutch lever, in or particularly useful in circumstances in urban traffic stoplights. The i3S though continues to be awarded the miss on the fuel-injected edition keeping the cost variable because the FI itself adds much to the price.


Features Score: 8.2

  • The fuel tank has integrated side panels that flow easily into the section, as well as well-designed extensions, and that is where the updated layout’s best part of the new Glamour is – the LED taillight, which complements the tail segment that is sharp.
  • Throttle response is linear, and that’s power delivery. Concerning Best Bike Under 70000, its power is truly appreciable.
  • The split metal wheel layout is all-new too like we experienced throughout our test ride and the back wheel gets a tyre hugger that ups the style quotient, but are helpful keeping mud spray away.
  • The Glamour supplies that extra zing, that little punch which makes it the more enjoyable motorcycle to ride, and feels more eager.
  • Ride quality is lavish, along with also the well-cushioned seat complements the softly sprung suspension makes it comfortable, handling the like, speed bumps and urban road undulations.
  • There’s a likable feel to its handling, especially thanks to this bike’s lightweight and also the engine’s response to throttle inputs.


Hero MotoCorp has upped the match with the recently released Hero Glamour. Yes, there are niggles regarding the fueling in the FI version, making it feel sluggish when compared with the version. We guess the fuelling about the FI system is up there yet, and it is something we are certain.

Hero MotoCorp’s strength also lies in a brand that has considerable clout in the commuter motorcycle segment, and a great after service and sales network. Hero Maintains fuel economy figures of over 80 kmpl and in 100-110 cc motorcycle, or even for First-time buyers at the 125 cc space. Delhi) and boasts marginally better fuel consumption.

In all, the 58,896 (ex-showroom Delhi) for its carburetted version, the Hero Welcomed from the quint important commuter rider searching to upgrade from an Individual. At prices starting at the bucks mentioned below, New Hero Glamour is a well-rounded package motorcycle.

The fuel-injected version costs Rs. 69,548 (ex-showroom The world; the bike should return around 60 kmpl based on Glamour is competitively priced and provides a value-for-money commuter.

Hero Passion Pro 110

10. Hero Passion Pro 110 Review

we’ve reached the tenth road fighter in our Best Bike Under 70000 review now, and it’s the Passion pro. Powering the Passion Pro is a fresh new 113.2cc single cylinder, fuel injected engine that is shared with the Splender iSmart BS6. The motor makes 9.15PS and 9.79Nm in the most relevant avatar.

Hero exclaims that the motor is currently 5 percent more fuel efficient, and there are handful of mechanical upgrades to enhance the riding experience. It has 109.15cc engine providing 0.37PS more energy. Rs 6,790 and Rs 6,290 within the BS4 version that is outgoing, and Rs 67,190 (both prices, ex-showroom Delhi), controlling a premium for 2021 .

The motorcycle now gets a BS6-compliant engine together with an Arrive at two variations — drum and disk. These are priced at 64,990 rupees and 67,190Rupees (both prices are of ex-showroom Delhi), commanding a premium of 6,790 & 6,290 rupees over the outgoing BS4 model. Let’s know why we chose Hero Passion Pro 110 in our Best Bike Under 70000 review.


Emission Type BS6 Engine Displ. 113.2 cc
Mileage 60 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless Fuel Capacity 11L
Fuel Type Petrol Gear Box 5-Gear
ABS Single Channel Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Power 9.14 PS @ 7500 rpm Cost (Ex-Showroom) Rs.57,100

Specs Score: B+


The fuel tank gets mild outlines on it. However, the new graphics certainly make them look much more appealing. The center panel comes with a dual-tone finish, and that does a good job of balancing out the bike’s overall design. The tail section remains all simple affair with a regular tail lamp unit right below, which sits the cool, clear lens indicators.

There are changes to the underpinnings of The new Passion Pro BS6. The wheelbase has gone up to 1270mm, a bump up. The new Passion Pro gets the exact same Auto Sail technologies, as found on the recently established Hero Glamor 125 BS6. It gets a semi-digital info cluster with a mileage index along with Hero’s signature i3S stop-start tech.

Suspension travel on the front telescopic fork was increased by 25mm. Ground clearance is upward by 15mm, now standing in 180mm. Also, 15mm, currently rated at 120mm.


Features Score: 8.1

  • The new Passion Pro gets the identical Auto Sail technology, as you see on the freshly launched Hero Glamor 125 BS6. Besides that, it also possesses Hero’s signature i3S stop-start tech as well as a semi-digital info cluster with the perfect real-time mileage indicator.
  • The Passion Pro barely has no vibration, even close to its top rev range. Its performance is adequate, and besides that, the gear ratios are spaced perfectly to not call for continuous gear changes.
  • Its 109cc engine is the smoothest as far as we concern 110cc commuters.
  • The suspension setup of this bike feels good to tackle diverse roads while also increases confidence when we talk about making quick directional changes in heavy traffic.
  • The Passion Pro comes with the front disc brake option, and its 240mm disc provides a progressive feel that inexperienced riders enjoy a lot.
  • we’ve included Passion pro in our Best Bike Under 70000 Reviews because of its great consistency also.


In this segment, the Passion Pro 110 is a very good bike. One of our experts has already completed 19400 KM in this bike, without facing and a big problem, and most importantly, it is still running with the same smoothness.

In the beginning, mileage was more than 60, and the happy fact is that even after crossing 19 thousand kilometers, the mileage has not dropped the way it happens with most of the other best Best Bike Under 70000 modes. Talking about the Passion Pro 110 bike’s build quality, yes, you can expect pleasures rides for years. In our Best Bike Under 70000 review, we highly recommend the Passion Pro 110 to you.

Let’s Conclude Best Bike Under 70000 in India in 2021 Reviews

Aren’t you feeling relaxed now, regrading purchasing a bike? Haven’t things gone simpler for you? It’s true that all 10 bikes up there are the outcome of vast research, but still, you need buying support, then do read our Best bikes under 1 Lakh Reviews, where we’ve added a special segment, describing 10 biggest considerations before buying a bike.

Just heading to a quick recap, we state that the best two wheels under 70k are Bajaj Pulsar 125. Regarding style, Aprilia SR125 is the best choice, and we’re sure that it’s none other than Aprilia SR125, which is going to attract the college dudes the most.

If you trust Honda over any other brand, then CB Shine SP is the top choice. Now, if you are the one who covers a lot of distance every day, then you should choose something like Hero Super Splendor, which gives the best mileage at this price.

In the end, we know that for families with one two-wheeler, space is always a big issue, and we’ve got TVS Jupiter Grande is the top recommendation, as this bike doesn’t let you squeal regarding space.


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