Best Bike Under 2 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

Best Bike Under 2 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

Man, 2 lakh is a decent amount, and we really need to eliminate every single chance of picking the wrong bike. After 700+ hours of research, we’ve selected all best bikes under 2 lakh available today, but it all depends upon taste, and on the basis of that, the choice should be made.

Undoubtedly, when you’re spending around 2 Lakh, it’s our responsibility to bring you the bikes, which definitely turn the heads when you’re riding on the road, and admire you!

Is going on with the class the only consideration? Well, how deeper have you researched these superbikes?

We are sure you haven’t researched as deeply as our professional testers and automobile experts!

Before forming the best bikes under 2 lakh in India 2019 & 2020, we listed down 23 major considerations, and we performed a streak of 14 tests on each out of our 27 selected bikes!

Every single bike in the list down there is truly the best in its department.

We promise that you’ll be amazed to know some hidden factors about these bikes!

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Best Bike Under 2 Lakh in India 2021 Reviews

KTM 200 Duke KTM 200 Duke 1.6 Lakhs 199.5cc
35 Kmpl
KTM 250 Duke KTM 250 Duke 1.79 Lakhs 248.8 cc 30.8 kmpl 13.4 L
Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X 1.64 Lakhs 346 cc 42 Kmpl 20 L
KTM RC 200 KTM RC 200 1.88 Lakh 199.5 cc 30 Kmpl 9.5L
Honda CBR250R Honda CBR250R 1.65 Lakhs 249.60 cc 30 kmpl 13 L
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals 1.64 Lakhs 346 cc 35 Kmpl 13.5 L
Bajaj Dominar 400 Bajaj Dominar 400 1.90 Lakhs 373.3 cc 27 Kmpl 13 L
Jawa Standard Jawa Standard 1.79 Lakhs 293 cc 37.5 kmpl 14 L
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 2.02 Lakhs 499 cc 30 Kmpl 499 cc
UM Renegade Mojave UM Renegade Mojave 1.83 Lakhs 279.5 cc 35 Kmpl 18 L


KTM 200 Duke Review

1.) KTM 200 Duke Review – Overall Best Best Bike Under 2 Lakh

No one will hesitate in keeping the KTM 200 ont he top of the best bike under 2 lakh list. The KTM 200 Duke began it for KTM India back in 2012. It was the KTM to be released in India, also in a sense, established the new as a maker of participating and sporty road bikes.

In 2020, the 200 Duke gets upgraded, not simply to satisfy the forthcoming Bharat Stage VI (BS6) emission regulations, but also from the decorative and design section, to provide it refreshing appeal. How different is that the KTM 200 Duke does it justify its superior tag together with all the styling, and attributes?

We spent a couple of laps in the test track in Chakan of Bajaj-KTM to find a feeling of the KTM 200 Duke BS6. The biggest change made to the KTM 200 Duke is how it looks.

The total styling was refreshed to bring it more in accord with the Duke family, with the likes of the KTM 390 Duke, in addition to the KTM 250 Duke, with all the styling that’s inspired by the big daddy, which is none other than the KTM 1290R Super Duke.

Therefore, now it has the exact same sharp and angular new headlight, along with the strip of LED daytime running light (DRL). Now, let’s know why is this KTM model the best sports bike under 2 Lakh!


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6 Gears
Mileage 35 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 199.5 cc
Power 25 PS @ 10,000 rpm Fuel Capacity 10.2 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed
135 kmph

Specs score: A++


The dimensions have altered, and the KTM 200 Duke is taller, wider, and longer. Height has improved from 818 mm to the BS6 version to 823 mm. There is a converter that is larger to make cleaner runs and match with the new emission regulations. However, the exhaust stays not the slung layout, and the kind, such as the one about KTM 390 Duke and the KTM 250 Duke.

However, the cat con has ground clearance, and this has gone down in the 175-millimeter ground clearance of the model’s price. And larger fuel-tank and with the new dimensions framework and converter, the 2020 KTM 200 Duke has put on some mass that is extra, totaling to 11 kg within the model, using a kg kerb weight.

The engine stays the same, as does the outcome, which can be a good thing, and outright performance hasn’t been compromised in an attempt to meet emission regulations. Its 199.5 cc single-cylinder, 4-valve, iquid-cooled, DOHC, l fuel-injected engine possesses the exact same amounts, setting out a maximum power of 24.7 bhp at 10,000 rpm, and 19.3 Nm of peak torque at 8,000 rpm.

In lieu of the single-channel ABS about the outgoing version, the new 200 Duke now gets regular dual-channel ABS. It’s the top end that’s somewhat lazy now, thanks to the extra burden, and anything forth of 120 kmph will need some property and patience. Still 10-20 Km/h more speed actually doesnt bother us, that’s why this one is still the best sports bike under 2 Lakh.

The engine runs smooth, and although performance isn’t precisely back-slapping, the 200 Duke is effective at hitting triple-digit speeds without a lot of effort, although the engine does have to be spun all of the ways to the redline as you speed through the gears to get it performing to its ability.


Features Score: 9.7

  • The gas tank is now bigger, with 13.5-liter capacity, and is steel, when compared with the fiber shell of this incoming KTM 200 Duke with 10.5-liter capacity. It looks sharper, and bigger than the previous generation 200 Duke.
  • The trellis frame is currently borrowed in 390 and the 250 as well and uses a subframe. A 43 mm upside-down fork from WP, Front suspension gets 2 mm more travel.
  • Braking is handled with a four-piston radial fixed caliper gripping a 300 mm disk on the front wheel, plus a single-piston floating caliper gripping a 230-millimeter disc on the back wheel.
  • The drive chain is kind compared to the O-ring type string on the model. The dimensions also have altered, and the KTM 200 Duke is taller, wider, and longer.
  • Height has improved from 818 mm to the BS6 version to 823 mm. There is a converter that is larger to make cleaner runs and match with the new emission regulations. The exhaust stays not the slung layout, and the kind, such as the one about KTM 390 Duke and the KTM 250 Duke.


The bike planted is kept by the company ride quality, along with the wide handlebar allows very good leverage to handle a series of corners, and it’s’oh-so-stable’ when doing so, it is entertaining and addictive. The MRF tyres offer grip for you to feel secure and planted, whether leaned over around a twist or under hard braking.

Now, with 2-channel ABS, stopping thrust also is becoming more optimistic and certain. So, the new 200 Duke can be called an improvement in almost all aspects, aside from the weight, along with the price. Obviously, the absorption on the front fork also makes it that much better in terms of ride quality.

The KTM 200 Duke was an engaging and enjoyable bike and KTM 200 Duke; it will get the appeal. While it feels much more modern, with styling and dimensions similar to the KTM 250 Duke along with the KTM 390 Duke, in addition, it has dual-channel ABS today, and much more suspension travel around the front branch, in addition to a larger gas tank that can add to more variety.

We’ve chosen this one over the 250cc version, because this 200cc model is more confy on overall basis, specially concerning moving throw the crowdy streets, and also because of better fuel efficiency.


KTM 250 Duke Review

2.) KTM 250 Duke Review – Best in 250CC segment

You would be forgiven to confuse the 250 Duke, initially, for the bigger 390 Duke. The versions possess the 200 Duke framework and take the bodywork while the generation 390 and 200 Duke shared exactly the bodywork. There’s actually much that supports this Duke to be the best sports bike under 2 Lakh in 250cc segment.

The 250 Duke understands bodywork and the 390 Duke’s framework, minus the headlamp. It will get a unit using a halogen setup. Illumination may not be as excellent as an LED installation, but it does provide you with a broad and bright spread.

As you move back, your attention is grabbed by the divide trellis frame, as does the sharp tank in white. It comes in KTM orange. The tail segment incorporates a very clear lens LED tail lamp. It looks equally sharp as the all new 390 Duke however, has an air around it. The brand new 390 Duke looks brutish, the 250 Duke suave.

Although the changes have a 13kgs is gained by it over the 200 Duke, it also makes more power and torque. If you prefer riding a bike which is decent on highway, rshing city strets, and offroad also, then its the best bike under 2 lakh for that.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6 Gears
Mileage 30.8 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 248.8 cc
Power 30 PS @ 9000 rpm Fuel Capacity 13.4 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 142 kmph

Specs score: A++


The 250 Duke receives power from a 248.8cc, liquid-cooled, and fuel-injected engine that basically is a downsized engine block in the 390 Duke, making 30PS and 24Nm. That’s 5PS and 5Nm over the 200 Duke, which feels enough. And honestly, peak figures aren’t what the engine is about. This one impresses with its functionality and tractability.

It does make electricity higher up using its 30PS coming up in 9000rpm and 24Nm available at 7000rpm. It’s not a buzzy or eager motor but rather feels just like a Kawasaki engine, tapering off article 9500rpm and making good progress until thereon and 4000rpm beginning to properly wake up.

Power doesn’t arrive from a gush, instead of a flow with a midrange than the 200 Duke. Placing the 250 Duke throughout the VBox performance evaluation, we attained a 0-60kmph acceleration period of 3.53 minutes plus a 0-100kmph acceleration period of 8.49 minutes. These figures make it the fastest motorcycle.

Refinement is of order that is high with slight vibes using buzzing. Now lets see which all features supperted this bike to be in the best bike in India under 2 Lakh reviews.


Features Score: 9.4

  • You receive a slipper clutch, which makes riding angry on mountain streets appear as a calm and collected affair, with a jump from the rear wheel when downshifting tough.
  • We cannot count the Wind blast as an issue, but then you won’t be hitting off-speed with this. Quick turning front end makes this very lively, but it is also one which may catch off a novice rider.
  • Shifts themselves are precise and eloquent, and using a clutch actuation, makes it effortless to ride. Until the mark, it makes adequate progress on the street. Post that, it dosn’t need much time to reach its top speed. We managed 132kmph (true rate ) though we guess it ought to cross 140kmph specified time and a very long stretch of tarmac.
  • It is as effective as the 390 Results in a reactive KTM. Its 1357mm wheelbase is shorter compared to Duke held back by the MRF REVZ tyres it comes shod with. 200 Duke’s 1366mm, which makes it nearly as agile as the 390 Duke.
  • Another upgrade is the 43mm WP capsule forks and rear mono-shock with gas and oil chambers for cooling – picked up by your new 390 Duke.
  • The ride has improved, and the 250 Duke just blows off potholes and most poor road surfaces.
  • The rider is now insulated on the road surface, although It’s still installed on the side. Ridges and sharp edges are cared for without much of a bother. Pillion riders will rejoice at the comfort afforded by the wider & longer rear seat.


The 250 Duke sits at a spot from the KTM India lineup. Pricewise the 200 Duke sells at Rs 1.49 (ex-showroom, Delhi) while the 390 Duke prices Rs 2.39 lakh. The 250 Duke, in Rs 1.78 lakh, price only 29,000 over the 200 Duke. Therefore, in case you’re able to stretch your budget, the 250 Duke is the thing to do.

The 390 Duke sits at a section that is an entirely different gap, features, and additional power. We think, and the 250 Duke transactions the routines for refinement of the KTM, is all the better for this. It makes a compelling prospect in case you’re searching for a superior, comfortable, and lively runaround on funding under Rs 2 lakh.

If this was just two decades ago, you would be taking a look at the Honda CBR 250 R. Ths bikes does have its quirks, pretty much like a hard to read tool console, and sharp handling traits which may bother a novice rider, but when it comes to the best you can purchase in this price range, the KTM 250 Duke is available at the very top.


Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X Review

3.) Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X Review – Best Bike in 350cc Segment

Comparing the success of the Classic 350 Until recently, the concept of a ‘macho’ bike, the one based on the Thunderbird, the 350X takes inspiration from Thick, iron-laden bike. That moniker, now speaks to cruisers with blacked-out components and flashy paint jobs.

Even Harley-Davidson has taken that path. Now, Royal Enfield, following decades of offering motorcycles with traditional charm, has changed its game with the Thunderbird 350X. Thunderbird does not rake in amounts for the manufacturer.

Royal Custom bikes come up with a completely different appeal. The standard of parts onto the Thunderbird 350X is above average or even the very best, to get to the stage. The handlebar grips of this bike feel much better than those on the previous model. This one is the bike in terms of fuel efficiency, providing mileage of around 42 Kmpl. Now, let’s know more!


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5-Speed
Mileage 42 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 346 cc
Power 20.07 PS @ 5250 rpm Fuel Capacity 20 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) 2 Years
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 110 kmph

Specs score: A+


As with Royal Enfield bikes, the paint around the 350X is topnotch. The Thunderbird 350X will feel rested on the street while one would not have the ability to take his head and revel in the ride. Alter to it, and the gear seems at home cruising in the mark that is 80-100kmph.

This can be at also the bike along with 3500-4000rpm redlines at that’s the point where the vibrations kick again and reaches about 5000rpm. Vibrations and royal Enfield are synonymous with each other as they start of the 350X is different. The bike is the vibe at the moment when you press on the ignition button with vibes felt in the foot and handlebar pegs.

Starting off on the equipment hardly needs any effort. The five-speed gearbox is clunky, and neutrals are a part of the experience. The 350X receives power from a 349cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, engine. Though its 19.8bhp output may not seems like a whole lot, it’s more than to pull your signal. In our best bike in India under 2 Lakh reviews, we highly recommend you the 350x!


Features Score: 9.1

  • Besides the ideal number of contours and cushioning, the pillion has got a Side grab rails in the dealership for you. The seat is bliss to the backside.
  • The rider’s seat of Thunderbird could be a disadvantage to some, but most of the riders look upon it as a positive aspect, because of the Wide area too.
  • The bike rides nicely over undulations, and streets are cared for without much fuss. Most importantly, as you travel over bumpy roads, the suspension set acts like the buddy.
  • The attention to the smallest detail is appreciable; the triple bolts which hold the headlamp are finished in anodized silver to get a custom look. Even the LED projector headlamp with the LED DRL gets a reflector that also boosts its overall look.
  • The new seat gets an Alcantara-like material with white stitching at the seat has a nice, premium feels to its middle. With a weight of 195kgs, the Thunderbird 350X is anything but mild.
  • Nearly all of this texture comes from the handlebars that provide a relaxed yet upright riding position. Additionally, it makes filtering traffic easier, including points.


Rate isn’t the Thunderbird 350’s forte. It manages to perform some top-speed of 120kmph, however, this bike is a breeze in visitors due to it’s fantastic looks. The Thunderbird 350X is directed at the youth who need a little modernity in their Royal Enfield. It’s undoubtedly the best bike under 2 lakh in the Enfield series.

The bike ticks the boxes with its components, metal wheels, color alternatives that are loud and rim tapes, which lend the appearance of a custom made bike to it. Even as handling of the bike eased in traffic situations, the handlebar was shown to be more than just an attrative element.

The Thunderbird 350X draws attention and does look the part, instance, from Harley owners who believed it seemed like one of theirs. A more forgiving suspension setup brakes along with a vibe-free ride would make it a fun motorcycle on the highway in addition to in town.


KTM RC 200 Review

4.) KTM RC 200 Review – Best bike under 2 Lakh regarding looks

You all with satisfy with this bike in the top 5 of our best bike in India under 2 lakh reviews, right? Should you ride the KTM 390 Duke along with 200 Duke back at the racetrack – or come to consider it, on the road – you immediately realize that they might talk about the chassis and also have a visually similar motor. However, they have quite different flavors.

We’re pleased to state that the RC 390, along with the RC 200, has a flavor, although all those typical things. We didn’t have to ride the RC 200 on city roads on the racetrack but two hours, and at the hills around Himanchal Pradesh quickly showed what a lovely little bike the RC 200 is.

Along with the fact that if you decide to buy and ride the RC 200 instead of the RC 390 for any variety of reasons, you would still be riding a little sports bike that is terrific regarding handling and balancing.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6 Speed
Mileage 30 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 199.5 cc
Power 25 PS @ 10000 rpm Fuel Capacity 9.5L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 140 kmph

Specs score: A+


It is a familiar engine – because it is absolutely the exact same engine as the 200 Duke’s, so, torque and power figures are a smooth build-up of power. It is not all torque in the middle, and you will need to run the bike to greater speeds to extract its full functionality. It’s an engine feel like the 390s, and that makes catching speed with it a very pleasant endeavor.

In the hills above Himachal pradesh (where our expert team was proposed to test this bike), in mostly dry but some intermediate street conditions, we found the feel of the powertrain smooth and progress, whether languid or laser-fast, is easy to access. Regarding looks, undoubtedly, KTM RC200is the best bike under 2 lakh.

Trundling through the city, on the other hand, the RC 200 will hold something similar to 55-60kmph in top gear, something the RC 390 finds hard to do, with no hiccup or stumble. The RC 200 is a bike with a smaller motor, perhaps, but it is as much of a celebrity.

Between the smoothness of nature, the energy, and chassis that is amazing, the RC 200 makes a case for itself as a bike for someone who prefers style, and comfort, altogether. Originally this is a surprise, there are two things, which make this possible. First, also the energy spread is simpler in texture, and also, since there is power, you ride simpler, and that seems great.

The 200 feels easier to ride, although you may have some difficulty keeping up if you are riding with a buddy who’s on a 390 regarding speed. The 200 is diminished even though the torque and power shortage signify.


Features Score: 9.0

  • The 200 is 9.5kg lighter compared to 390, making its behavior more reliable at the corners. It has the exact same type of fast and flickability reflexes like the 390, but cornering’s flavor is sweeter since there is less weight.
  • This was commented about by our experts, several rides, and a number of journalists that the feel of this RC 200 is better than its sibling.
  • We expected that the MRFs to feel bad about the Metzelers about the bike – that we all know are more costly, erased, and grippier. However, the MRFs are tyres that are exceptional, and the chassis can extract performance.This implies in the world is if the corners became wet and wet during our journey, that not one of us backed off.
  • As you probably already know, such as the RC 390, the RC 200 also has the exact same chassis upgrades – the kicked new subframe, tighter steering angle, and owing to not as a trail, the latter and a wheelbase that is 27mm.
  • On streets, the RC 200 felt more confident to corner quickly than the 390.


To be absolutely honest, we weren’t expecting the RC 200 to glow after we rode the RC 390, but it does. The RC 390 resembles a spotlight that is bright, but the RC 200 has its own subtle sort of glow. The 390 is a terrific sports bike with the promise of a sharp price lots of energy and handling that’ll keep you smiling for ages, as we said in our tales on the RC 390 in this review.

Well, I’m wondering if I only spend that amount of cash within an RC 200 we can predict all my own and need to overlook partnering up. You owe it to yourself to take the bike out and research its performance envelope, should you buy one, As we said using all the RC 390.

We started out believing that this adorable sportsbike thing was only a marketing gimmick. However, the bikes has pleased in so many departments, that no expert can resist recommending it.


Honda CBR250R Review

5.) Honda CBR250R Review

The Honda CBR250R doesn’t have any stunning looks but definitely makes some people turn around on the road. The headlights are among the very best, and whenever you are on the streets, definitely you feel stylish. It can be counted among the top 3 best sports bike under 2 lakh for sure.

The high beam array is much better than some of the automobiles. The riding position is comfortable, and the front seat that is enormous will let us select for a position for town rides or even an upright seating position onto a highway. The build utilizing quality plastics can definitely improve quality by a bit, but that’s not that worth of complaining.

The Honda CBR250R has above all vibe-free and an engine. If we are slowing down, the gear change is slick, but occasionally, we will need to change down two gears for pickup. There’s much worth noticing and appreciating about Honda CBR250R, which we’ll read down there.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 6 Speed
Mileage 30 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 249.60 cc
Power 26.5 PS @ 8500 rpm Fuel Capacity 13 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 135 kmph

Specs score: A+


Our tester hit on a top speed of 155 km/hr with some juice left to be squeezed around the Bangalore street. This motor, in the same way as any other engine, will get put depending on the rider’s style. Then you’re wasting the possible of CBR250R, In case 100 km/hr is the rate you’d reach.

The Honda CBR250R isn’t certianly a table topper in almost any department, but we’ve placed it in our best bike under 2 lakh list, as it is a jack of all trades.

A proven security feature that most of us take for granted at our cars, ABS has been standard equipment on new passenger vehicles for decades, and we believe it has even greater lifesaving potential for two-wheelers with its ability to prevent brake lockup and a skid that may lead to a crash.

It acts the very best in highways when touring, it may adapt to stop-start city rides and may also have a little bit of off-roading. our tester covered a total of 1900 km in 4 days and moved from Munnar to Chennai. That he stopped every 4 — 5 hours that the engine does not get so heated up although it can cruise at 120 km/hr for the day. He gave good reports for this bike regarding long rides.

Handling wise, it is adequate, and the ride is not tiresome. The CBR ensured a mileage measuring 41.6 km/hr on the highways and about 25 km/l on New Delhi roads. Around the city, it provides an average of 29 km/l though many of my friends have told me it provides better mileage. In total tank (approximately around 13-liters), the CBR250R will cover a distance of 360 km.


Features Score: 8.9

  • Great concerning rider relaxation, though it is an adjustment moving upward out of a 125 framework. Handles do exceptionally well under unfavorable conditions.
  • Highly effective engine acceleration and control make it easy to keep under control.
  • The engine is very responsive; even second equipment is enough to hit 40 to 50 Brakes function perfectly, coupled with engine braking there are no issues.
  • Acceleration is ludicrous compared to the 125 I composed from. Gear position is a bit near the body, which many bikers will appreciate.
  • The price of this bike, and most importantly, its chassis is quite easy and comfortable.
  • ABS offered here are similar to the late 1980s ABS on BMW motorcycles that were expensive.
  • The CBR250R is a blast. Well balanced and lightweight in 357 pounds, the little Honda isn’t hard to maneuver around pleasure and city in turns.
  • Without feeling intimidating, with its search engine, the CBR accelerates and it brakes with great and A clutch feel also help.


We test drive the CBR250R and were quite pleased. The ABS armed CBR250R marks easy availability. Throughout the ride, our tester felt confident with the wheels in both moist and dry conditions, although we felt friend traction than the inventory for that the Dunlop tyres Continental tyres. we recommend you to read – Best Tyre for bike reviews, where we’ve mentioned the best tyre for this bike.

The CBR250R felt great, though we must deflate the tyres a bit if riding at the beach sand. We believe that the ABS is well worth it and is a fantastic alternative for riders of the money since it will save your life in these moments that are essential. One of the testers exclaimed that he will finish 1 year together with his Honda CBR250R, and he had no regrets about purchasing this system.

This is the bike that provides largely everything that you need in a quarter-liter bike and offers value for money. A Ninja 250 using an Rs. Two lakh cost would have altered the game. The CBR250R may be utilized as a tourer, a sports bike , and a commuter. It gives the very best of everything. If anyone comes to me and asks if I suggest this bike, it’ll be a BIG YES. Do It.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals Review

6.) Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals Review

Here comes the second model from the Enfield in our best bike under 2 Lakh list. Royal Enfield has done what we have been waiting for- released ABS. But, there’s more to the motorcycle than only ABS. Royal Enfield was promoting ABS-equipped Markets for quite some time now.

But for the home country motorcycles complying with international safety norms in foreign Bikemaker has begun to provide ABS only now, in the shape of the recently launched Classic 350 Signals. In reality, the cult bikemaker remains the biggest provider of bikes for the Indian Army. Coming back into the bike , it comes in 2 brand new color schemes:

Airborne Blue and Stormrider Sand. The body panels have been painted in such colors, though other elements like the framework, powertrain, rear exhaust, and suspension are finished in black.

The 19-inch front and 18-inch talked wheels now Acquire black Finished rims but keep to wear 90-section front and 110-section back. Royal Enfield hasn’t made any changes with the Classic’s core, aside from draping it. Let’s see what the Royal Enfield is all about.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 35 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 346 cc
Power 20.07 PS @ 5250 rpm Fuel Capacity 13.5 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 130 kmph

Specs score: A


The instrument cluster can be more functional today, as a result of the addition of a low-fuel mild and ABS lighting set of the ammeter. The most important console stays the same, however, with readouts such as speedometer, trip meter, and odometer together with other tell-tale lights.

The chair includes a superior dark tan cover, and Royal Enfield supplies a range of over 40 authentic motorcycle accessories, which has a two-year warranty also, the same as the bike itself. To get exclusivity, the stenciled amount on the gas tank is unique for every bike. Additionally, it has a superior Royal Enfield badge and distinctive insignia. There is a subtle ABS decal on front fork too

Some of them comprise water-resistant military-style panniers, steel engine guards, and seat covers with 3D mesh technologies that Royal Enfield claims to be comfortable. RE can also be currently offering windshield kit, throw aluminum wheels, and solo rear racks.


Features Score: 8.7

  • This is Actually the Royal Enfield motorcycle to get ABS as standard. And the even better news is that the 500 cc range along with the Himalayan too is set to get ABS within the next month.
  • It gets a disc brake at the front and at the rear for greater braking. For Steering, it uses a 280mm front and also a 240mm rear disk (like the one from the Gunmetal Grey color ), with dual-channel ABS. The ABS isn’t switchable, however.
  • Aside from that, everything, directly from the single downtube frame together with the 35mm front Forks and double gas-charged back shock absorbers, stays unchanged, which is very good.
  • You still receive the Same 346cc single-cylinder triple-spark air-cooled motor that is fantastic for 20PS of power at 5250rpm and 28Nm of peak torque at 4000rpm, and that’s actually so impressive.
  • Transmission responsibilities continue to be dealt with from the 5-speed unit, Vintage Signals 350 range. These include fitments such as panniers, steel Engine guards, touring chairs with a 3D net, windshield kit, aluminum Brakes, and a lot more.
  • Out on the highway, this bike feels planted at high speed and through long sweeping corners.


Certainly, The Classic 350 is meant to support relaxed riding and doesn’t like being hustled. Overall, there are bikes that run well and cosset the rider better than the Classic 350. Nevertheless, the Classic 350 has an undeniable charm. Its mechanical simplicity, exceptional riding position, and that old-school motor collectively come together to provide you fleeting moments of bliss after riding.

Another bike , even the brand new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, can not appear to match. It is these moments that help it enjoy a cult following and endear the Classic 350. If you are searching for old-school motorcycling having a touch of flair, tap the Classic 350. Go for the versions, if you’re looking for the performance.


Bajaj Dominar 400 Review

7.) Bajaj Dominar 400 Review – Best Sports Bike

Gone are those days when a bike obtained even fewer ones and just a few cosmetic adjustments in the title of a midlife update. And also, the 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 bears testimony to this.

We came back with the impression that while the Dominar 400 does look and feel good on paper, it might have been wholesome, when we rode it back in December 2016. Bajaj Auto claims to have done that with the version. We have just spent a couple of hours in its saddle, along with the findings, are intriguing.

Getting such a thrustful bike at this price is awesome, but shouldn’t something be said about the stylish, design, and looks of this bike? Do you feel that KTMs and Bullets have beaten this bike somewhere regarding style? Well, keep reading!


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6 Speed
Mileage 27 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 373.3 cc
Power 40 PS @ 8650 rpm Fuel Capacity 13 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 148 kmph

Specs score: A


The Dominar 400 has upgraded its engine. It is the exact same 373.2cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor, but the engine currently offers 40PS (made at 8,650rpm) instead of 35PS (made at 8,000rpm) that is a considerable increment in my novels.

Shifting instead of the SOHC installation on the version, together with a couple of other alterations to a DOHC installment, has made possible this improvement in performance. The note has shifted to a distinctive and more throaty tone by virtue of the brand new, which wears a finish and looks bigger. Another change is the movement.

These are basically the exact same pair of cartridge-type forks seen on the present KTM 390 Duke, although the external look differs. Bajaj Auto has traded the view mirrors using stalks which are wider to offer you a perspective, to get brand new ones. The version that was non-ABS was stopped, which means now you can purchase the Dominar 400.

Equally are revised, although the instrument cluster continues to utilize two screens. The screen incorporates two trip meters, a clock, and a gear position indicator. Obviously, the largest change, the accession of this green color, is here confirmed by picture up there. We need to acknowledge the 400 looks in this color, although it has been likened by many to Kawasaki’s Ninja green.

If you hit a speed breaker or bump at speed, the rear mono-shock was created more pliant. Shock absorption abilities at both ends have been greater, which should make for lesser fatigue on long rides.

Talking about touring, the tachometer displayed 120kmph was indicated by 6,500 rpm at a speedometer, with hardly any vibration — from the tank the footpegs, seat or handlebars — that means the Dominar will be a more accomplished tourer.


Features Score: 8.5

  • The screen offers advice to fuel performance and lets you know when the motor kill switch is’on’ or if the side stand is down.
  • There are a few other modifications, too, though the basic layouts will be exactly the same such as the internals for the headlamp and tail lamp components that make them better looking.
  • There is a factory-fitted tank pad as well and an’ emblem on the pillion seat. And to add to the bike ‘s touring credentials, it includes factory-fitted nylon loops beneath the pillion seat to create strapping your luggage easier.
  • The very first thing we noticed was refinement and enhanced engine performance. The engine seems more aggressive, the bike pulls harder — especially in the mid-century — and acceleration is brisker.
  • The good news is that the electricity delivery is linear, regardless of the motor providing thrust. Throttle response is direct and crisp while gears slot in nicely, which makes for a fantastic feeling when accelerating beating and hard through the gears.
  • The vibration is damped well, and our test bike had very small vibration. What’s more, the newest Dominar 400 feels better at hiding its heft — the changes have increased weight into 184 kilos — but the bike’s handling doesn’t let you feel the weight. Therefore the Dominar 400 doesn’t threaten to throw you off its seat.


The 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 smoothens out a great deal of rough edges on the first, and that is exactly what the Dominar has to have been. The upgrades make it a much package since it seems more sporty and more enjoyable to ride while feeling more comfortable.

The upgrades though will command a premium — upside-down forks and a DOHC mind are rather pricey additions, and we anticipate that the upgraded Dominar 400 to retail at around Rs 1.80 lakh ex-showroom. That is an increase of about Rs 17,000 Awarded the outgoing version’s Cost of Rs 1.63 lakh, but for the money, you get a bike that ticks more Boxes now and is more appealing.

Interestingly, if priced around the Rs. 1.80 lakh indicate, the Dominar 400 will still undercut most 300-400cc bikes In the country such as the TVS Apache RR 310, Honda CB300R, KTM 250 Duke and 390 Duke as also the BMW G 310 R. That should make for an interesting comparison test!


Jawa Standard Review

8.) Jawa Standard Review

Here comes the 8th choice in our best bike in India under 2 Lakh reviews, which looks double awesome. Two-stroke Jawa from the 1960s, that was the rage in India, up 2018, a company, Classic Legends Private Limited, has resurrected the Mahindra Group. We spent some time riding the new Jawa motorcycle in Delhi to find out exactly what this modern classic provides.

Under ownership, the Jawa became the Yezdi From the -’70s, Kyvacka, had its origins in the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia). Manufactured by then Mysore-based Ideal Jawa (India) Limited. And today in The Jawa brand. And it Before the 1970s. The 250 cc Jawa Type 353 also is back! Plus, it has a design that is a fitting tribute to the original. It is a looker, for sure!

The plan is a clear nod to the Kyvacka, and lovers of the first Jawa will surely appreciate how similar the new layout is. In the signature headlight nacelle, the chrome and also component painted gas tank together with the Jawa emblem, fat fenders, side panels, along with also the distinctive tapering twin exhausts, the layout has remained true to the Jawa Sort 353.

Fit and finish are good, as well as the crankcase covers have exactly the identical shape as the first. The head has a wonderful silver finish to the heating fins in a different tribute to the first, although the new engine is liquid-cooled.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6 Speed
Mileage 37.5 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 293 cc
Power 27.3 PS Fuel Capacity 14 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 135 kmph

Specs score: A


The needle on the speedometer is a nod to the time Smiths’ speedometer design seen on classic bikes and comes with a little fuel gauge needle. The wire-spoke wheels come shod using MRF NyloGrip rubber, using an 18-inch front and 17-inch rear mix, which has a front disc and rear drum combination, with standard single-channel ABS.

The low 765-millimeter seat height gives the rider an upright and comfortable riding position, and the handlebar looks the part of the first, but is wider, and will be easily accessible to riders of all types of height. Along with the 28-degree rake angle, this makes for a handsome shape, and there is no mistaking that the motorcycle’s design origins.

However, there is no abandoned hand-side kick-starter equipment level combo such as the first Jawa; instead, you purchase a starter switch just. Also, the left side lever is simply for shifting gears onto the transmission that is submersible. Thumb the starter, and there is a recognizable four-stroke sound, rather unlike the two-stroke”ding-ding” of this Jawa Sort 353.

Technology and consideration have gone into creating the note as simple to mimic the sound. The exhausts include a baffle that could be corrected using a’ growler’ noise, which purists will appreciate, in four degrees.

The gears slot with accuracy right into position, and acceleration is quite likable and eloquent. Only would you experience any vibes creeping to handlebars and the footpegs, but these are to have some complaints.


Features Score: 8.4

  • The Jawa is powered by a cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that puts out 28 bhp of power at 27 Nm of peak torque at approximately 5,000 rpm, and approximately 6500 revs. That’s a powerful and dependable engine.
  • The engine is based on the dependable Mahindra Mojo’s 299 cc motor, sharing the bore and stroke, however, the technology and workings are different, including the valve travel.
  • Unlike the Mojo’s motor, the engine of the Jawa has double ports such as the headers, which creates an intrinsic part of the performance and character of the engine. And the engine is BS-VI prepared, so it’s ready to meet with the emission regulations that are most recent.
  • Ride, Handling, and Braking are quite possibly the most appreciable part about the Jawa.
  • Its telescopic front forks provide 135 mm of the hydraulic shocks and travel come with 100 mm travel, and offer you 5-step preload adjustability. Even though the hard flat seat takes some time getting used to, ride quality is tight, without being stiff.
  • However, show even some gravel roads, potholes and it a few broken tarmac, the Jawa provides straight-line stability and remains planted. The preload delivers a degree of flexibility based on the rider’s weight, as well as the occasional pillion’s.
  • The edged frame with intersections engineered and was designed to create the Jawa nimble around extend stability and corners. And it does not disappoint.
  • To get a 300 cc classic, the excellent street manners of the Jawa makes it a fun ride around a twisty mountain road. Even the 170 kg kerb weight makes it feel nimble and more light.
  • 165-millimeter ground clearance using an engine party plate makes it effortless to select the bike over rough terrain.


Well-built and simple to ride option to the traditional Indian section that is modern. The longer you ride, the more you start to enjoy the qualities of of this bike. Even though it’s not a performance-oriented motorcycle, it looks great, and is built and has handling and brilliant ride, Simplicity. Easy-going temperament of this engine start to grow on you.

Backed by the performance, it’s a modern classic, and mane of you might find it the best one of its kind in the best bikes in India under 2 lakh list. What’s more, Jawa simply added one more The Jawa ticks all the boxes that are right in the looks department. At Rupees 1.65 lakhs (ex-showroom), the Jawa is actually the expensive version; the Jawa Forty 2 is priced at $ 1.55 lakh (ex-showroom).

Nonetheless, it’s still inexpensive, and pricing is in keeping with the rivalry like the Royal Enfield. The Jawa might not have functionality that is back-slapping, but it endears itself to you, the longer you ride it. that was a prominent factor behind choosing this bike in our best bike in India under 2 lakh reviews.

You seem cool with all the timeless layout lines, and in case you are not in a rush, and you wish to take in the sights and sounds on a twisty mountain road or even on the street, and you would like to enjoy motorcycling in its purest, and also relaxed finest, the Jawa surely makes for a fun companion.


Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Review

9.) Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Review – Best in terms power

The Royal Enfield Bullet/ Classic series of motorcycles is their bestselling model lineup in India, and that’s because, despite being available for a couple of decades, their desirability has not waned.

If you have seen the absolute variety of these motorcycles in and about Ladakh, it’ll provide you a fair idea of how hard they can be when it comes to tackling harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain.

That platform has spawned a new genre of motorcycles that’s set to introduce Royal Enfielders and people new to a different kind of driving experience, to the new. They are called the Bullet Trials 350 along with the Bullet Trials 500.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 30 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 499 cc
Power 27.57 PS @ 5250 rpm Fuel Capacity 13.5 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) 2 Years
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed
110 kmph

Specs score: B+


It’s, let us say, for riding off-road, a Bullet/Classic 350/500 has been optimized. The Trials’ engine, chassis, and suspension are equal to the Classic’s. Even the seats and the riding position will be the same. However, in order to generate the Trials suited for off-road riding, they have wheels in the front and an 18-inch spoked wheel in the rear, shod with dual-purpose tyres.

The barbell is chosen from the Bullet to make it easier to ride whilst standing on the pegs. The exhaust is also upswept, and that meant chopping off the remain for pillion footpegs. Royal Enfield has attached a luggage rack to carry possessions or whatever the rider deems necessary. Regardless, it’s functional and focussed, and it is something that we like about the motorcycle.

The seating position is comfortable and upright, and it is intended to for spending hours in the saddle. It had been easy to just sit and ride while riding off-road. However, while riding over soft mud and stones, it became imperative to stand up and ride.

The thing is that the footpegs are so forwards placed that you wind up grabbing the gas tank its broadest point. Is that gonna pose a problem for tall riders? no, we don’t think so!

The metallic celebration we would advise that you put in the metallic party plate to guarantee the oil sump and handlebar brace pad and plate. Headlamp shield are aftermarket fitments is not vulnerable to crack open if a stray rock strikes it.


Features Score: 8.1

  • The handlebars are not set high, leading to a position, making the handling of the bike easier for the riders of various heights. A tank grip/ rubber pad would provide a point that is much secure to lock on your knees.
  • It seems to have one of the slickest gearboxes motorcycling in all –and it is a rather than a four-speed. The cogs only slide together in harmony, that is, well-oiled that is effortless.
  • There’s an electric starter, and the bike fires up instantly, utilizing the choke, and settles down into a smooth, throaty idle.
  • The bike has a compression release and a Kickstarter. The drum brakes are…decent. Lots good for the speeds achieved, but a bit hard stop (deer!) As you approach the target Requires a squeeze.
  • Steering becomes gyro-stable and intuitive. In dynamics and handling, it rider-friendly, with sensible cornering clearance and suspension compliance to the dispatch-courier style of riding this bike promotes.
  • Position and the riding saddle are extremely comfortable, vertical with footpegs placed nicely, forward for comfort that was good.
  • The Bullet 500 uses double gas-charged shock absorbers and telescopic fork front suspension in the rear. The 500 is a thick feeling and stable bike ridden in a right line, and always feels planted, even if riding with two full-size adults on board.


All in all, the surprising thing about this bike is how normal it is. It has antiquarian charm insight, simplicity, and sound; however, it makes no demands on riding strategy or your patience. The running equipment, switches, controls, clutch, etc. all have a modern sense, and the engine idles well.

No classic riding strategy is dread shutting the search motor for a moment, lest it begins again on your lifetime, or required, where you prevent stoplights and traffic. Get on and go. In case you’re a serious off-roader, you might need to opt for the Himalayan or shed a little more money on a bike that’s a little more hardcore.

Undoubtedly, it’s not among the best sports bike under 2 lakh, but it is all about class, and this sort of class is mising int he sport bikes. this bike is something that we call the “macho man” thing. Just grab it if it suits your style!


UM Renegade Mojave Review

10.) UM Renegade Mojave Review

This is the tenth bike in our best bikes in india under 2 lakh list. The Mojave is your 2nd most expensive bike in UM’s Renegade Commando selection and sits beneath the Classic. It seems like the normal Commando, save for the matte-finished sand brownish paint job. Additionally, it has a leg protector to provide protection.

So far as accessories are concerned, it will get just a small pouch on the gas tank on the ideal hand side, although the left-hand side saddlebag is going to be marketed as an optional extra, for a single bag as regular and files.

The design is inspired by the iconic, Final generation Harley-Davidson Particularly front end, together with the round headlamp mounted on A square plate on each side along with three ridges.

The paint job is Inspired in the Mojave Desert gets a Sticker on the side to inform it apart. Contrary to the UM Renegade Commando Classic, the Mojave understands a matte-black treatment for its spoked wheels and the exhaust.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 6 Gears
Mileage 35 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS No Engine Displ. 279.5 cc
Power 25.15 PS @8500 rpm Fuel Capacity 18 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 125 kmph

Specs score: B+


The certain thing is that the levels of fit & finish have improved so much over the pre-production models that we had seen earlier. One and the only area which could have been gone through a little improvement is its tank-mounted speedometer, which is a bit tough to read on the go, all because of its positioning.

However, UM states that it will make it a bit more easy to read and that the bikes that will go on sale will possess bigger digits. There’s also a digital screen inside the analog speedometer, which has a fuel gauge, a gear index, and an odometer. You see the he blue circumference on its speedometer which does look fairly out of place on the Mojave.

UM has an unmistakably American cruiser motif, but of the two versions we have here, the Mojave includes a minimalist, more design that is rocky. It’s got a paint scheme with matte black wheel rims. It’s designed with the Mojave Desert in your mind, and its own desert sand-colored paint scheme surely speaks for itself.

The Classic, as the name foretells, is made along the lines of classic cruisers; it’s got swathes along with paint schemes of chrome, which give a somewhat classy look to it. It also receives a front windscreen that completes its own highway cruiser image.

Both bikes look great; however, the show is simply stolen by the Vintage. You’d be forgiven in case you judged it as a larger-displacement cruiser; it has.


Features Score: 8.0

  • Paint caliber and amounts are good and are definitely a huge improvement over the models we analyzed over a year ago.
  • This bike get a nice bucket seat for the rider that lifts up into a pillion seat that is separate; there is also a massive backrest for your pillion.
  • The riding position there is not much of a stretch of tension. the seats are well cushioned, so the reach for the handlebars allows for the shoulders to be in a relaxed posture, and is a one. Certainly, this position could work really well for riders of different heights.
  • They also get a 16-inch wheel in the front plus a one. However, they handle a ground clearance of 200mm.
  • The engine sets out a peak ability of 24.8hp at a marginally high 8,500 rpm, however its peak torque of exact 23Nm kicks in at 7,000 rpm. Therefore, though this engine does feel elegant, you’ll need to rev high for riding.
  • The framework is really a one, and the rear gets shocks, while suspension includes telescopic forks. However, this is 1 place that UM has a spot on.
  • The ride quality is pretty impeccable, and the suspension does not crash, except on the sharpest and the greatest of lumps. In terms of tackling, the Renegades withdrew no surprises our way.
  • The bikes handled corners with confidence and stability, while the TVS ATT tyres supplied good levels of traction. If it comes to braking, the bikes ‘ 280mm disk and rear drum can shed speed.


UM has done a tremendous job regadring improving these bikes from what we experienced over the other two versions. Mojave and the Renegade Commando Classic have got the cruiser look right. They might truly be great companions for munching some highway miles up and have good ride quality.

They capable as they are, when a couple of areas are the bikes could be improved, for now. The only aspect that’s left to be viewed is reliability; can those bikes walk the highway munching on a talk? With price tags measuring 1.80 lakh rupees for the Mojave, & 1.89 lakh rupees for its Vintage (both costs ex-showroom, Delhi), the bikes are priced competitively and autumn rush into Royal Enfield land.

While they do miss out on large feel, the torquey, and also the brand recognition that RE has, the bikes in their own right. People searching for cheap cruisers should fall down to some UM dealership and determine if your bill is matched by both of these bikes. that wsa the last bike in our best bike in india under 2 lakh reviews, and hope you’ve made a choice till now!

Let’s Conclude Best Bikes Under 2 Lakh in India in 2020 Reviews

We know that you are all pumped up now, and your heartbeats are high. Those bikes were tremendous, and now, the mystery is all solved.

Best bikes in india under 2 lakh on overall basis isKTM 200 Duke, and if you are Ok with a bit lesser mileage, then you can kiss KTM 250 Duke. In our best bikes in india under 2 lakh list, if you are looking todards class and mileage at the same time, then buy Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X. Regarding looks, we’ve chosen KTM RC 200 as the top choice.

If you wanna own the most powerful beast without exceeding the price limit, go with the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. If you want a classy thing like Bullet, but actually not a bullet, then Jawa Standard is a sweet choice. At last, for miitary lovers, UM Renegade Mojave is ou top recommendation.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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