Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

Undoubtedly, we cannot live without a vehicle now, and this is also a bitter truth that in India, a huge percentage of the public isn’t able to afford a car. What if we say that we’ll add to your style and luxury through our best bikes under 1 Lakh in India reviews?

We, at Top 10 Products India, invested the max time we ever did with any other products testing and performed numerous tests with over 60 bikes!

It’s true that a bike is something that you are not gonna buy every month! It’s a big investment, undoubtedly. So, you need to be too keen on every single specification and feature of the one you are gonna buy.

Our experts have truly done a super-tremendous job in searching for metal beasts of various price ranges, and we’re sure that your eyes are going to sparkle once you see our selected bikes and read their amazing features!

Most importantly, no matter you wanna set the highway on fire with fast speed or want a vehicle for dealing with the everyday rush on-road and glide through smoothly, you’ll find everything down there!

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Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India 2021 Reviews

Hero Xtreme 200S

Hero Xtreme 200S

Rs. 99,000 199.6 cc 54 Kmpl 12.5L
TVS Apache RTR 200 TVS Apache RTR 200 Rs. 97,688 197.75cc 38 Kmpl 12L
Suzuki Intruder 150 Suzuki Intruder 150 Rs. 1,01,362 155cc 50 Kmpl 11L
TVS Apache RTR 180 TVS Apache RTR 180 Rs. 93,541 177.4 cc 45 Kmpl 16L
Honda CB Hornet 160R Honda CB Hornet 160R Rs. 93,042
177.4 cc 45 Kmpl 16L
Yamaha FZ-S Fi 3.0 Yamaha FZ-S Fi 3.0 Rs. 98,680 162.71 cc 42 Kmpl 12L
Aprilia SR125 Aprilia SR125 Rs. 69,960 125 cc 50 Kmpl 12.8L
Honda Activa 6G Honda Activa 6G Rs. 66,087 109.51 cc 45 Kmpl 5.3L
Honda Dio Honda Dio Rs. 64,828 109.19 cc 55 Kmpl 5.3L
Bajaj Pulsar 125 Bajaj Pulsar 125 Rs. 63,616 124.4 cc 62 Kmpl 11.5L

Reading that table won’t bring you close to a decision. You need to read thoroughly! Now, let’s begin our search for the best bikes below 1 Lakh for you!


Hero Xtreme 200S Review

1.) Hero Xtreme 200S Review – Overall best bike in India under 1 Lakh

When we rode the Hero Xtreme 200R first time at the Buddh International Circuit around 8 months back, we were pleasantly surprised by this bike’s agility and riding dynamics, and besides that, specifications also attract to for sure.

And now, a month later, we felt as history kind of repeated itself while riding the new Hero Xtreme 200S! Truly, it’s the fully-faired version of the Xtreme 200R. As per our experts’ advice, it looks awesome! We rode the Xtreme 200S briefly, and our very first impression of the bike is a pleasant one!

It’s been a long since Hero MotoCorp launched a bike with a full-fairing. We liked the retro-looking fairing with a pretty slim full-LED headlamp, with the overall color, getting a black surround which gels and the black-tinted windscreen. Most importantly, the fairing itself doesn’t look overdone and is proportionate and.

Besides that, the blacked-out engine, as well as the belly pan, further increase the sporty flair of this bike. Talking about the profile, the fairing smoothly integrates into its fuel tank and keeps things neat and edgy! Why is this one the best bike in India under 1 Lakh? Shouldn’t we go deeper?


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5-Speed
Mileage 54 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 199.6 cc
Power 18.4 PS @ 8000 rpm Fuel Capacity 12.5L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 99,000

Specs score: A++


The slightly rear-set footpegs seem as if they are borrowed from the 200R. It’s going to be comfy even for long daily commutes. Our experts believe this to be among the sportiest designs from Hero this time, who always had a warm focus on the commuter bike side of things.

But according to Hero, even mass-market buyers are now searching for stylish options, and undoubtedly this one will sit well with the 150 cc – 200 cc bikes buyer segment.


Total score 9.8

  • Yes! It’s based on the popular Hero Xtreme 200R, but there are certainly a few differences between the features of the two. The cool-looking LED headlamp of this bike is split in two, one each for low and high beams.
  • The Xtreme 200S also gets a similar LCD digital display, most importantly, with Bluetooth connectivity and, besides that, turn-by-turn navigation, as you find on the XPulse twins. Lastly, the Xtreme 200S possesses a single-channel ABS that works only on this bike’s front wheel.
  • The engine of this bike churns out 18 brake horsepower right at 8,000 rpm and calculating the peak torque of 17.1 Newton M at 6,500 RPM.
  • This bike comes with a slick 5-speed gearbox at the job, which transfers power to the rear wheel.
  • Quick direction changes are easy with this bike, and when you tip the bike into one corner, it certainly stays stable and allows you conveniently throttle out on the exit with its MRF Nylogrip Zapper tyres providing a good grip.



Costing around ₹ 99K (ex-showroom, Delhi), undoubtedly, the Hero Xtreme 200S makes a great case for itself. Not only is it an elegant and good-looking bike, but it is also stacked with features. Talking about this bike’s performance, it’s decent, and the bike should serve as a cool and attractive fully-faired commuter bike within the city.

Certainly, Hero MotoCorp has done extremely well to use the Xtreme 200R platform, and all our experts agreed that the 200S model carries all positives, and some additional pleasure is also there for the riders.
Talking bout the value for money quotient, it’s the max with the 200S, and you enjoy an excellent after-market service network as well as easy availability of spares too.


TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Review

2.) TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Review – best bike to buy under 1 Lakh regarding speed

First launched in 2016 and rocking since then, the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V has a ben successful model for TVS. Over the last 4 years, this bike has seen little revisions, and now, we picked up TVS Apache RTR 200 4V to test and spend some time on the local Delhi roads’ test track in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Talking about the design updates first, the BS6 compliant model of popular RTR 200 gets amazing new graphics on its fuel tank and its body, and we liked the carbon-fiber finish with perfect red borders.

Our test bike’s gloss black color and the blacked-out bits were giving it a sinister look. Hence, it ended up getting a big thumbs up from our experts. Let’s know the specs now!


Emission Type SI, 4-stroke Oil-cooled BS-V Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 38 Kmpl Wheels Type Cast
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 197.75cc
Power 20.5 PS @ 8500 rpm Fuel Capacity 12L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 97,688

Specs score: A+


Like the 160 4V, the most significant design update to this model is to the front end! Its headlamp is entirely new, and it’s a full-LED unit. The claw-shaped daytime running lights definitely add to the premium quotient are. They look so, so, so very cool!

Another neat touch is its bronzed-out chain, in place of the regular black one. It appears really premium on the bike. A few months back, TVS updated the digital instrument console on their RTR 200 4V with the motorbike now getting race telemetry, lean angle mode, turn-by-turn navigation besides its crash alert, and so on.

Regarding design, that’s about it! However, the big update lies in the bike’s heart. Its engine is now BS6 compliant and, in addition to that, features revisions to the internal components. Its fuel injection system(another big thing that attracted us) is race-tuned, and its exhaust system, along with the powerful induction system, has gone through full update too.


Total Score: 9.6

  • The good news here is – its power output stays all the same at 20.2 bhp arriving at 8,500 RPM. Peak torque output drops a bit from 18.1 Nm to 16.8 Nm right at 7,500 RPM. Certainly, it hardly reflected in the short ride that we had with the bike, and we’re sure that during long rides also, you won’t face any issue.
  • We noticed a marked improvement regarding refinement. The fuel-injected engine of this bike feels pretty much more refined as well as its power band now grows wider too.
  • At its rev range’s upper end, you enjoy more juice, and most importantly, it doesn’t run out of steam no matter what you want to overtake at over 100 kph speeds.
  • The bite from its brakes, most importantly, the front disc brake, could are pretty sharp, and it sees a significant improvement from the previous model.


The RTR 200 retains its impeccable abilities as well as the new Euro grip Protorq SR Racing radial tyres for a better job of gripping the tarmac in contrast to the old Pirelli Sport Demon & Angel GT rubber combination.

Thanks to the revisions, the cost of the BS6 RTR 200 4V rises up to ₹ 1.24 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi), which is an elevate of around 12,000 rupees over the BS4 model.

Now, for the extra price, the all-new updated Apache RTR 200 4V possesses a BS6 engine, a better-looking headlamp, and more appealing graphics. While the changes may certainly not appear like enough, still, it remains one of the best bikes in India under 1 Lakh at the 200CC segment.


Suzuki Intruder 150 Review

3.) Suzuki Intruder 150 Review – best bike in India under 1 Lakh regarding looks

Moving on in our Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India 2021 Reviews, let’s introduce you to the Suzuki Intruder, which looks like a steel lion! Suzuki Bikes India has decided that it’s gonna play the 150cc bikes and above, as well as the scooter game in India only. Suzuki’s top commuters, Zeus, Hayate, the Heat, and Slingshot, did a bit for its business.

Suzuki really hit gold with the popular Suzuki Intruder, and its few variants and the Access scooter, most importantly, in the new 125cc form, seems to have done well too.

To meet the rapidly changing tastes & trends in the market of the best bikes in India under 1 Lakh brings us the impressive model of the Intruder, a lion!

The very first look on the Intruder impresses us, and when it launched here in India, it was hard to believe that around 1 Lakh is the cost! Costing around 98K at the ex-showroom, how well does it hit the competition of 150CC bikes? Let’s look a little bit closer.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 50 kmpl Wheels Type Cast
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 155cc
Power 14.8 PS @ 8000 rpm Fuel Capacity 11L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 1.01 lakh

Specs score: A+


Here comes the sixth-best bike in India under 1 Lakh. A larger airbox and a completely new exhaust design are appealing, and the overt styling of its exhaust has a role to play.

The engine sits in its frame is similar to the Gixxer model but not identical. Certainly, Suzuki officials revealed the fact that a slightly shorter fork extends its trail while the rake angle stays the same as the popular Gixxer for the Intruder.

The rear mono-shock is something new and a bit shorter unit with a 7-step adjustable preload. 1kg is attributed to its single-channel ABS body for the front disc. The ride is pliant and absorbent. Most importantly, even the bigger bumps don’t disturb the rider.


Total Score: 9.3

  • Suzuki Gixxer is a popular bike, and in the Intruder also, you are enjoying the same 155CC engine, which tends to do a great job. Peak power & torque are identical (at 8,000rpm) at 14.8PS and 14Nm at 6,000 RPM.
  • The engine feels torque as well as ultra-refined. Besides that, the progress is easy without requiring too many gear changes. The factor that really impressed is its handling and ride quality.
  • The Intruder certainly likes the corners. It is a longer wheelbase, which helps in sharper turns. Therefore, at top speeds, you are more confident.
  • The brakes are excellent too, and these single-channel ABS systems, even after being cost-effective to be sure, pretty much help Indian riders. That also made us include the intruder 150 in our best bikes below 1 Lakh list.
  • The Intruder also gets the upgraded forward controls that hide that subframe.


Did you noticed that we didn’t explain much about the styling, eh? So please allow us the lion in the room. The Suzuki Intruder 150 certainly takes design elements from the huge Intruders and a sort of re-adapts them to something like a small cruiser role. That’s led to a very challenging design for riders who know what exactly classically good-looking cruisers look like.

So, besides very nice control, smooth ride, support for sharp turns, and everything else we explained, the looks also make the Intruder worth buying. The Intruder is a very efficient urban commuter-cruiser. Certainly, it’s on the comfy side, swift and knows what exactly to do to a buyer.


TVS Apache RTR 180 Review

4.) TVS Apache RTR 180 Review

The TVS Apache RTR 180 is truly a performance-oriented commuter bike from the Hosur-based bikemaker. It was once among the most affordable bikes in India, having a proper dual-channel ABS. Post the new safety norms; this bike is available with a single-channel ABS only.

In March 2021 , TVS launched the awaited Apache RTR 180 BS6 in India. This updated motorcycle is around Rs 1.01 lakh (ex-showroom), meaning around 7K more expensive than before. Besides the addition of the amazing Glide Through Traffic feature, there’s much more in the RTR 180 BS6 model.

Riding this 180CC bike was a great pleasure, and while shifting the gears, it was tough to believe that it’s actually just a 180CC bike, as the thrust was like a 225 CC bike! TVS has deeply concentrated on the color scheme as well.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 45 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 177.4 cc
Power 16.79 PS @ 8500 rpm Fuel Capacity 16L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 94,101

Specs score: A


The TVS Apache RTR 180 BS6 arrives with a similar design language to that of the BS4 TVS Apache RTR 180. Its sporty-looking headlight cowl is very well complemented by muscular tank extensions, which the makers have designed for the engine heat reduction to a certain extent, that highly helps in longer rides.

The single-piece seat receives premium red stitching while the seat is ventilated for better comfort. Its rear end is dominated by the sporty-looking split grab rails and cool LED tail lamp. The peak torque stands at 15.5Nm, and that’s similar to the older model. However, it arrives at 7000 RPM in place of 6500 RPM in the TVS BS4. Its engine works with the 5-speed transmission.


Total Score: 9.0

  • The TVS Apache RTR 180 BS6 has a LED DRL, halogen headlamp, and tail lamp. The indicators of this bike are of bulb-type, though.
  • Certainly, TVS has equipped the bike with an amazing analog-digital combo cluster, and that houses a tachometer, odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, dual tripmeters, clock, low battery, and fuel lights, as well as maintenance indicator besides telltale lights.
  • This bike employs a 177.4cc single-cylinder engine (fuel-injected ), which churns out 16.79PS, which is 0.17PS more than the popular BS4-compliant model.
  • The TVS Apache RTR 180 BS6 is constructed on a double cradle Synchro-Stiff chassis with twin gas-charged shock absorbers right at the rear and telescopic fork upfront.
  • The bike gets a 0-60km/h acceleration timer, which is going to be appreciated by enthusiasts. The bike arrives with a Super-Moto ABS, which is certainly TVS’ jargon for single-channel ABS.
  • The Glide Through Traffic function highly impressed us. It ensures the bike can conveniently crawl at low speeds by clutch modulation and actually no throttle. Now, this feature is going to be handy when you are crawling through traffic-riddled roads.


TVS Apache RTR 180 bike’s price begins at around Rs. 95K and goes up to Rs. 1.01 lakh. You get TVS Apache RTR 180 in 2 variants, which are the top variant RTR 180 BS6 and Front Rear Disc and ABS, which arrive at a price tag of Rs. 1.01 lakh. This model highly impressed in best bikes below 1 Lakh testings regarding gear shifting.

The RTR 180 BS6 gets fewer but crucial updates, which makes this bike future-proof. With these, it possesses the potential to remain high in demand for a little longer, certainly at the 180cc segment, which actually remains sparsely populated. It’s definitely one of the best bikes to buy under 1 Lakh.


Honda CB Hornet 160R Review

5.) Honda CB Hornet 160R Review

Here comes the sixth-best bike in India under 1 Lakh. The Honda CB Hornet 160R recently received a major update at Auto Expo 2018. That time, it got a new LED headlamp, single-channel ABS, and a full-digital instrument console. CB Hornet’s engine provides power in a linear manner, and that’s much appreciated while riding in the crowded city.

Our experts were expecting this bike to be launched in India with a BS6 motor in 2021 April, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it might get delayed. Talking about the price of the BS4 CB Hornet 160R, it’s gonna start at Rs 93,042. This bike is likely to carry a Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 premium over the current BS4 model.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 42 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 162.71 cc
Power 15.09 PS @ 8500 rpm Fuel Capacity 12L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) 2 Years
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 84,969

Specs score: A


Despite the design remaining largely away from changes since its launch in the year 2015, the CB Hornet 160R remains a decent-looking bike. It gets a slim headlamp, a sharp tail section, and muscular fuel tank extensions.

It’s available in five two-tone colors: Mars Orange, Athletic Blue Metallic, Striking Green, Sports Red, and Dazzle Yellow Metallic, and you’ll be confused, as all those color combos are highly attractive.

The CB Hornet 160R gets an LED tail lamp, bulb-type turn indicator, and LED headlamp. It also features a fantastic digital instrument console. It includes the tachometer, fuel gauge, speedometer, and odometer.


Total Score: 8.9

  • The CB Hornet 160R receives power from a 162.71cc air-cooled & carburetted motor. It’s capable of delivering 15.09PS at 8500 RPM and 14.5Nm at 6500 RPM.
  • The bike gets a 5-speed gearbox. The CB Hornet 160R gets a fantastic diamond-type frame with preload-adjustable Monoshock and telescopic forks.
  • It’s the best bike to buy for under 1 Lakh regarding handling.
  • The braking setup of this bike features a 276mm front disc & a 130mm drum (220mm disc optional) with single-channel ABS. Undoubtedly, the Hornet is among the few bikes in its price segment to sport a nice fat 140-section rear tyre.
  • At low speeds, the bike’s engine responds pretty well to throttle inputs, and certainly, it offers good bottom-end torque.
  • This bike can trundle along in slow-moving city traffic pretty comfortably in third gear without even the smallest hints of protest from the engine.


The CB Hornet 160R is undoubtedly the best-looking bike in its price segment. With its macho and bold look, which Honda was able to achieve by utilizing bulky body panels, most importantly, the fuel tank, Honda plans to targetting buyers who are style-conscious.

However, the fascia still makes us remind the CB Unicorn Dazzler; this bike’s side profile is truly the best way to stare at this bike. The rear of this 160CC bike also stands out, and we need to thank the X-shaped tail lamp.

Besides that, it gets an LED headlamp, as well as a hazard light switch, where you would generally have got an engine kill switch. Overall, if you are finding a stylish, fuss-free city commuter within 1 Lakh price, then this bike is worth putting your money on.


Yamaha FZ-S Fi Version 3.0 Review

6.) Yamaha FZ-S Fi Version 3.0 Review

Here comes the sixth-best bike in India under 1 Lakh. The Yamaha FZ is something that you see since around for a bit over a decade now, and its current iteration is what Yamaha is describing as the V3.0. Despite what its name suggests, this fresh version is merely a cosmetic job.

Talking about the only serious mechanical change, it’s the single-channel ABS fitment, but that was a thing that Yamaha simply had to do come 2019 April. Yamaha has updated a huge of the FZ’s bodywork with elements that are inspired by the FZ25 model.

So while it still hangs on with its muscular, sharp profile, it also appears considerably larger. We need to thank a wide fuel tank and shrouds. These extend down towards the engine’s front. This bike additionally gets some nice chrome trim around its faux air intakes, like vents on its tank’s front and a belly pan. Let’s read why we placed in this best bikes below the 1 Lakh list.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 50 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 149 cc
Power 13.2 PS @ 8000 rpm Fuel Capacity 12.8 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 98,680

Specs score: A


The FZ continues to be the one among the sporty commuter. This update certainly brings some changes, making the bike more practical. Now, it doesn’t use a split-seat design, and undoubtedly, the new single-seat is wider with extra room for both rider and pillion. Added support is there for the pillion. You definitely feel that the seat couldn’t be comfier.

You get the new LCD display. Turned off, it doesn’t at all look drastically different from the LCD on the V2.0. However, it uses a negative LCD scheme, and this is certainly a refreshing change that brings a slightly premium feel.

It’s among the sweetest handling bikes in its segment. Since this bike uses the same chassis & suspension setup as its predecessor model, it certainly can’t be called a monotonous model, as here, extra swift is waiting for you.


Total Score: 8.8

  • Out on the highway, you certainly can cruise this bike comfortably at 85-90kph speed with its engine spinning at 6,000-6,500 RPM. Even after this, we didn’t find things becoming a struggle in terms of gaining speed in our testing.
  • The handling of this bike is very smooth on sharp turns.
  • The bike’s sound is amazing, and most importantly, while riding it, you don’t feel much vibration. While riding it, our expert exclaimed that this bike gives a premium feel as if we’re on a bike costing around 1.5Lakh!
  • While testing, 46.1Km per liter was the average of Yamaha FZ-S Fi Version 3.0, and that means that for fulfilling your desire of riding on a powerful bike, you won’t have to hurt your pocket much when it comes to refilling the petrol tank.


Essentially what we have is a bike offering a bit better experience than before while looking fresher, being constructed a bit more practical and also better equipped. At Rs 96,180 ( Delhi ex-showroom) for the standard model and around 2K mode for the FZ-S, the FZ V3.0 can’t be counted as a costly bike in the best bikes below 1 Lakh list.

It is contrasted with the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FI ABS, Honda CB Hornet 160R, and the last updated Suzuki Gixxer. That said, the FZ has received some significant updates this time and this new.


Aprilia SR125 Review

7.) Aprilia SR125 Review

A huge number of 125 cc scooters were there to make their debut at the Auto Expo 2018. One of those was the Aprilia SR125. It’s easily the sportiest offering among all those scooter launches, the SR125 is certainly the younger sibling to the Aprilia SR150, and it promises to offer the same level of a fun experience, however, with a smaller motor and also a lower price tag.

We loved the Aprilia SR150, especially for its splendid Italian design. The Italian manufacturer has happily offered us the same pleasure in the SR125 model. We mean that literally since the Aprilia SR125 & SR150 use the same body shell.

This one has made quite a name as a performance-oriented scooter, actually without any inhibitions. It’s just the perfect riding tool for anyone looking at sporty commuting, which is convenient. But, with at least eight scooters to beat in the 125 cc segment, does the Aprilia SR125 really stand out? We should read more!


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box NA
Mileage 40Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 125CC
Power 9.92 PS @ 7700 rpm Fuel Capacity 6.8L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 71,360

Specs score: B+


The swooping side panels of this 125CC thing remain the same, and it sharply meets at the scooter’s taillight. We loved the exposed engine of the SR150, and we’re glad to see that the same element remains untouched on the SR125 also. The same 14-inch alloy wheels you get on the scooter, which are wrapped in the same tyres.

The Aprilia SR125 scooter shares its powertrain with the popular Vespa 125 scooter. It possesses a 124 cc single-cylinder, 9.9 Nm of peak torque right at 6250 rpm, 2-valve motor that’s tuned for 9.4 bhp right at 7250 rpm. The scooter is paired with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) unit.

Backaches aren’t issues for the riders of SR150, and that’s the case for the SR125 riders as well. If performance is the thing you’re looking for, then trust us, there’s no other scooter coming close to the Aprilia twins.


Total Score: 8.6

  • We managed to pull the SR125on the race circuit all the way to 110 Km/h (speedo indicated). That certainly indicates something about this 125 cc scooter, which will win regarding pure performance in comparison tests.
  • The difference is that the power is almost half a bhp over the SR150 model, while the torque is down by about 1 Nm. In contrast to the Vespa 125, its motor has been tuned perfectly for slightly peppier performance.
  • The scooter is pretty confident through a corner, most importantly, the tighter ones. That makes it such fun to ride.
  • Certainly, special mention goes to this scooter’s engine also, as it barely feels out of breath no matter you go over 100 regardless of any changes from the SR150.
  • The bike is easy to flick through the traffic with an aggressive riding position. That’s a solid point supporting this bike to be one among the best bikes in India under 1 Lakh.
  • The disc at the front of this scooter offers a crisp bite that you can feel at the slightest press of its lever and is complemented by a perfectly balanced unit at its rear too.



The SR 125 is a fantastic entry-level scooter by the Aprilia brand. We need to thank the shared components with the sweet SR150 model and certainly is such a joy to ride. Priced at ₹ 65,000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), the SR125 proves to be a logical buy for those looking at a fun and good-looking scooter that isn’t trying to be called the jack of all trades.

For the younger Aprilia fan, certainly, the SR125 model is a splendid package. If you are finding a highly dependable and consistent scooter in this best bikes in India under the 1 Lakh list, then better don’t move further, as this 125CC model will serve the best.


Honda Activa 6G Review

8.) Honda Activa 6G Review

The Honda Activa doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the king of scooters and also the highest-selling scooters in India. This time again, Activa has gone through a major upgrade. The new Honda Activa 6G gets noticeable changes over the older model.

Yes, we’ve seen certain changes over the years, but it’s only now, in the year 2021 , that the 6th gen Activa actually gets its biggest upgrades ever, most importantly, with a new engine, which meets the forth-coming BS6 emission regulations.

Certainly, Honda has also gone par and given an overall update on features as well as styling. Is the new Honda Activa 6G really six times better, though? So, what makes Honda Activa 6G the one among best bikes in India under 1 Lakh? Shouldn’t we find out?


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box NA
Mileage 45 Kmpl Wheels Type Sheet Metal
ABS NA Engine Displ. 109.51 cc
Power 7.79 PS @ 8000 rpm Fuel Capacity 5.3L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) 6 Years
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 63,336

Specs score: B+


The motor gets fuel-injection, whereas power delivery also has been improved, thanks to the friction reduction technology and Enhanced Smart Power technology. The outcome is a lighter scooter. Honda claims that fuel efficiency has been improved by 10%.

Refinement levels on the new engine of this scooter though, have improved by a great margin. Power delivery also has been worked up for lower acceleration. The Activa 6G feels faster in comparison with the previews model, and overtaking is easier… Pretty good when maneuvering city traffic.

Speeds build up rapidly up to 60 km/h, and the Activa 6G can pull up to 80 kmph, actually without breaking a sweat. The new Activa 6G calmly glides over awful roads because of the new suspension, and that’s thanks from us to the upgraded telescopic front forks.


Total Score: 8.5

  • The full-metal body shell appears identical. However, you enjoy a new front fender & twin slats with impressive chrome accents on the scooter’s front apron.
  • The seat is now longer as well as more comfortable for the pillion and rider.
  • The scooter comes with an elongated tail section, and besides that, a revised design for the grab rail, which brings a refreshing look.
  • The big update on this scooter is the inclusion of the bigger 12-inch front wheel in contrast to the 10-inch unit on the previews version. It makes for high-speed stability and better ride quality.
  • The side panels have a solitary air intake in place of two, as you see on the outgoing Activa 5G.


Honda has worked hard upon retaining the popularity of its most popular scooter while putting on much-needed value additions over its older model. The new model is well-packaged, barring just a few negatives. Talking about the cost, the new model is about 8000K rupees more pricey than the BS4 version.

The price is now beginning at ₹ 63,912 for the standard version. It goes up to ₹ 65,412 (ex-showroom Delhi). That isn’t a steep increase in this scooter’s cost, and the value additions are certainly more comprehensive this time.

Most importantly, Honda also offers a huge six-year warranty package ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience. Undoubtedly, in our best bike in India under 1 Lakh review, we count Activa 4G as a value for money scooter.


Honda Dio Review

9.) Honda Dio Review

In our best bikes below 1 Lakh countdown, we’ve reached our ninth choice. The BS6 Honda Dio was launched in India recently. It’s available in two variants, which are Standard & Deluxe, costing Rs 60K and Rs 63,340 (ex-showroom Delhi).

That’s an increase of Rs 5,749 & Rs 7,099 over the BS4 models. Regarding design, the scooter looks pretty sharper and in focus with the Honda Grazia’s design language.

A 109.51cc fuel-injected engine (single-cylinder ) powers the 2021 Dio, making 7.76PS at 8000 RPM and peak torque measuring 9Nm at 4750 RPMm, which is 0.16PS less 0.09Nm more in contrast to its predecessor.

Moreover, the engine now comes with an ACG starter motor for ensuring silent and jolt-free startups. So, what makes Dio the one among best bike in India under 1 Lakh? Let’s know now!


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box No
Mileage 55 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS NA Engine Displ. 109.19 cc
Power 7.92 PS @ 7000 rpm Fuel Capacity 5.3L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) 6 Years
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 53,665

Specs score: B


The Dio features a moto-scooter design. You see a large headlamp and turn indicators that are integrated into the front apron. Instead of where the headlamp is generally mounted on conventional scooters, this one has LED DRLs. Its tail lamp is a bigger one with a perfectly placed integrated clear lens indicator.

This scooter gets a two-tone paint scheme with amazing graphics, and color variations are also more than most of the competing scooters. Its appealing features include Automatic Headlamp On (AHO), combi brake system, and tubeless tyres. A mobile charging outlet is there in the under-seat storage bay.


Total Score: 8.3

  • A revised full-digital instrument console is there with real-time & average fuel efficiency, a new LED headlight, a side stand indicator, engine cut-off switch, an engine kill switch, split grab rail, and a 3-step eco indicator.
  • The scooter gets an external fuel-filler cap as well as a cubby hole in its front apron.
  • The BS6-compliant Honda Dio has a longer wheelbase (+22mm) contrasting with the BS4 model. It features a new telescopic fork and also a larger 12-inch front wheel.
  • There’s a 3-step rear mono-shock (preload-adjustable), helping you to roll this scooter easily on rough India roads, and that’s what one needs while buying any of the best bikes in India under 1 Lakh.
  • You have 5 colors to choose – Sports Red, Grey Blue, and orange for the Standard variant you get Sangria Red, yellow, and besides that, Axis Grey for the Deluxe variant.
  • Honda also offers the BS6 Dio with a great 6-year warranty (3 years optional extended + 3 years standard warranty). that’s the biggest warranty period in our best bikes in India under 1 Lakh list, equal to Activa 6G.


It’s true that from such sort of scooter, you don’t expect immense power, and if you fall in the same group, then this scooter won’t give anything to complain. TRuly, style is on top, and even when we took the Honda Dio out on crowded Delhi streets, we found that this scooted was attracting a lot of eyes.

If you contrast it with the Activa 5G, then you will surely feel much more smoothness while riding the Dio. However, we’ve placed this one down to ninth rank in our best bikes below 1 Lakh review because it carries some flaws also.

You can’t depend on the Honda Dio for longer rides, as once 6-8 months pass by after buying this scooter, the engine will start heating up highly during long-distance rides. You have to stop the vehicle at certain intervals, for letting it cool down.

If that doesn’t hurt you, then we could say, in the best looking scooters range in this best bike in India under 1 Lakh review, Honda Dio is a sweet choice.


Bajaj Pulsar 125 Review

10.) Bajaj Pulsar 125 Review – Best Bike Regarding Fuel Efficiency

It’s the last one in our best bikes in India under 1 Lakh review. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the undisputed leader talking about the 150-160 cc bikes segment in India with an untouchable fan following. They sell as many as 65,000 bikes per month.

Now, Bajaj wants to replicate its success in the 125CC bikes segment with its new Bajaj Pulsar 125. It’s the new entry-level bike model in the Pulsar family. It’s certainly the most affordable model in the whole Bajaj Pulsar range.

It gets a 125 cc engine (that’s great for the money). So, primarily, it’s a commuter bike, but boasts of possessing the ‘thrilling personality’ the huge Pulsar models are known for.

Is really Bajaj going to taste similar success in this 125 CC bikes segment with this bike? While performing bike tests for our best bikes in India under 1 Lakh review, we had some saddle time understanding what all makes the new Bajaj Pulsar 125 offer.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 5 Gear
Mileage 62 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 124.4 cc
Power 11.8 bhp @ 8,500 rpm Fuel Capacity 11.5L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Price Rs. 67,386

Specs score: C+


The Pulsar 125 looks identical to the Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon. That’s certainly because almost all components are shared with the huge Pulsar 150 Neon. Additionally, it comes with the exact same dimensions, and also shares almost every single body panel, chassis, component, and also the cycle parts with the 150 Neon.

In fact, at your first glance, you might get fooled into thinking that it’s actually the Pulsar 150 Neon, apart from a bit different color scheme and the ‘125’ graphic, which is understated on the tail section. With a kerb weight of around 140 kg, it’s heavier in contrast to any other 125 cc bike and boasts of actually having the longest wheelbase in this segment – at 1,320 mm.

its USP is that it promises us to have the same engaging performance as the bigger siblings in the Pulsar family. 80Km/H is achieved without its engine showing signs of stress, and given some real estate, this bike can certainly cross the 100 km/h barrier.


Total Score: 8.1

  • The engine of this bike puts out 11.8 bhp at 8,500RPM and calculates peak torque of 11 Nm right at 6,500RPM. In our best bikes below 1 Lakh testings, we found that it’s the most powerful 125CC bike available on sale right now.
  • It’s smooth and refined. We need to thank its counterbalancer. From the get-go, this bike feels eager and peppy to achieve speeds to compete up with traffic.
  • With a kerb weight of almost 140 Kilograms, the Pulsar 125 is only 4 kg lighter in comparison to the Pulsar 150. Its weight certainly helps in achieving a good balance.
  • the perfect shape and design of this bike provides solid stability, and translates to very good ride quality, most importantly, over potholes and also broken roads.


The Bajaj Pulsar 125 has a refined, smooth, and decently powerful engine, which is truly appreciable. The excellent ride quality, as well as impressive stability, just enhances its capabilities and makes it stand tall in the list of well-rounded commuter bikes. The only dampener is – its design looks pretty common and similar to the Pulsar 150 Neon.

As a result, in our best bike to buy under 1 lakh review, we didn’t give any marks regarding the freshness of design. However, that particular strategy works well on the advantages side, boasting of the same engaging performance, the same dimensions as the huge Pulsar 150, but most importantly, in a more fuel-efficient package.
No matter what works to make this bike, the new king of the 125CC bikes segment, though, remains to be seen.

Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India Buying Guide

Most of us have viewpoints of contemplating our purpose of seeing a bike. It’s only one of the ways of transportation due to their jaunts. It’s a level of liberty with which they may set your vacation trips with their buddies.

Most importantly, it’s a style of a standing symbol. Simply speaking, there are an array of options to fully baffle you if you’re likely to purchase your own pair of wheels, and picking among these isn’t a simple cup of tea since every supplying from each brand has its own importance and qualities that distinguish or betters itself in another way.

So, in this review, we’ll mention 10 huge considerations. Keeping these in mind, buying a bike won’t baffle you.

 How To Buy The Best Bike Under 1 Lakh?

A feeling of confusion is expectable from a great deal of bike options available today, as the goods available lure you personally, banking on its own design or engineering abilities it includes.

It is only the subject of need and attention which makes you outside choose the ideal choice, which finally introduces you to the world of motorcycling, which will be a complete delight, a feeling that you may cherish until the final minute you’re connected with the bike you go for.

But making that choice that is right can be confusing since the simple fact that India is the world’s biggest growing marketplace is its evidence of how hard to favor your choice. Below are a few things, which cause you to believe the bike that you would like to go over may specify your own need to get and eventually permit you to choose your motorcycle from its showroom.


Factor1: Look Upon Your Body Type

Imagine a world that’s filled with similar-sized human beings, either every single of them muscular gym hunks or lean broomsticks or potato fans! And the consequences might be weird.

Much like the case of bikes, there are different types of two-wheeled machines, which allow you to know that the entire world of bikes has a lot to offer for all tastes. The variety of body Kinds of bikes are:-


Sportbikes: Most of those mentioned in our first choice among the most impressive sports bikes only. In all these, the seating position is in its competitive disposition, with the leaned over riding position, in which the handlebars are under the rider’s torso, elbows are kept straight.

Further, feet are tucked right beneath or behind the body, forming an acute angle with your thighs. Certainly, these are designed especially for track rides to make the most of you around lanes and corners.

Cruisers: In all these, your toes are placed forward and hands at or above the chest amount, providing the rider an upright or slightly leaned back seat position. These are like the sofa incarnated as a bike, designed for highway jaunts.

Dual Purpose/Dirt BIKES: These bikes have a riding position identical to those of standard bare street fighters but with a bit raised seat height to properly accommodate the further suspension travel. At the conclusion of the day, the kilometers on the odometer of your bike are of sweat; you exhausted out of your body, the replica.

For long distances, cruisers and tourers are the best options for your money, and for city flicks that are brief, street fighters are worth your hard-spent cash.

Street bikes: This way, the riding position is an amalgamation of a sportbike and tourer, using a bit more vertical riding posture that can be comfortable for short and slick traffic rides. These belong to the category, which ranges from commuters that you see a lot on the roads to the beast’s sort bikes that are super-powerful.

E.g. — Bajaj Discover 100T, Honda CB 1000R. In our bottom five choices in our best bikes below 1 Lakh reviews, you can find a super comfortable street bike for yourselves.

Tourer: In these, the seating position can be called a mixed bag of a cruiser bike and a sportbike, using a little more erected riding posture and toes placed not so far behind. These are designed for those looking out for long-distance rides. E.g. — Yamaha Fazer, Hero Karizma R.


Factor 2: Frequency of Use

While testing bikes for this review, we heavily strained ourselves over the frequency of usage and picked bikes for our readers, no matter they are everyday riders or just occasional ones.

So in the event that you believe the countless rupees you are spending for purchasing a bike is the last money you invoice for your trip, you must be kidding. Your bike, too, needs regular maintenance checks as you need health checks for fit. And for this, service costs are counted, which are determined by how many km your odometer counts at the close of the day.

If your daily commutes are over the number of assignments that an engineering student does in a single semester, then certainly, you must choose a bike that doesn’t need frequent internal services.

A valve adjustment can be made 25000 or every 4000 km, based on the built, cubic, and size power of your bike – the bigger they are, the deeper hole that they burn off in your pockets because of their maintenance.

However, in case your commutes are less than the fuel prices that are present, then the upkeep costs might not be an important element when finding the correct bike for your requirements.


Factor 3: Where You Want To Ride

Normally, sometimes it’s your residence’s region which can make you realize what kind of ride you ought to prefer there. You cannot take a liter-class or even street-fighters superbike that is built-for-track in desert paths. The majority of the motorcycles are intended to be ridden primarily on the streets.

There are bikes that are made to be ridden as wells as on the normal ailments that are paved on trails and dirt terrains. And this makes us think about this Royal Enfields & Hero Impulse and Laddakh, ehh’s mountains!


Factor 4: Experience Matters

Before picking up a bike from our best bikes in India under 1 Lakh reviews, you should look upon your experience level, and that’s necessary! Possibly, that’s the level of expertise that distinguishes the two types of riders: the inexperienced and experienced rider.

As anticipated in some topsy-turvy cases, the inexperienced ones would be those who are unable to make the most of their own B.I.G. machine’s power by finding them hard to take care of their power while improper maneuvering from one spot to another.

Compared to it, an experienced bike is gonna find the puny motorcycles, not around the mark of his riding abilities, along with the hunger of power and thrill he has in his soul. Certainly, these topsy-turvy situations may lead to the disrespect of these machines. Thus, the decades, seconds, and minutes spent on a bike make you understand how proficient you’re as a rider.

Therefore, if you’re new to motorcycles and want to optimize your skills as a professional rider, then prefer the commuters or entry sports bikes (125-150cc bikes in the Indian context) at the initial level, which have a fantastic symphony of the ride and handling quality, and then roll on with a bottom-to-top approach.

Just follow the order of 200/250cc-500/600cc-1000cc or over. But make sure you have your hands set on the section before you upgrade to another level, as this may result in inefficiencies. In India, we’ve got bikes such as Yamaha YZF-R15, Honda CBF-Stunner, K.T.M. Duke 200, etc. help you to bring out the inner rider through their One Make Championships.

Bear in mind, it’s the game of demand for speed, and you need to make the proper bounties for it! And one more thing avoids scooters for gaining proficiency. They are not going to assist you older as a pro-rider.


Factor 5: Cost (Yeah, that’s a big point!)

While searching for the best bikes below 1 Lakh, the cost is undoubtedly a big thing. 5k more rupees can bring some amazing benefits and thrill. We do really when we are out to buy a bike for ourselves are worried about how in which the manufacturer manages to take the pay.

For individuals whose bank accounts are wealthier, they can pay the whole amount in money, or there’s an alternative for them admin to pick from many different financing options provided through registered banks and finance lenders, or sometimes, the manufacturer itself providing you with the loan facilities.

However, the entire M.R.P. of your bike at once is a better value, considering the excess quantity of money you spent as the pursuits. But it is only a matter of boundations. So, besides thinking about the original price of the bike, do think about the additional costs, and also the future costs regarding accessories, maintenance, etc.


Factor 6: Fuel Efficiency & Engine Displacement

It is the result of varying demands of different riders, which we have an extensive range of motorcycles ranging to 2000cc. This variable cannot be denied; it is the quantity of the engine’s air, which decides the total amount of Power it liberates to make you feel free.

From the words of a Layman, the larger the engine displacement, the more Power it will create. This brings out the proportional theorem of the world of motorcycles. The more Power a bike produces, the fuel-efficient it is. Decide what your priority is. Power?

Boost the desire for cubic capacity. Fuel Efficiency? Decrease the thirst for the exact cubic capacity. In our guide, every single bike provides great fuel efficiency, and the least average was 38 Kmpl!


Factor 7: New Bike Vs. Used Bike

It is always a moment for every person to buy his first pair of wheels. However, what’s more, precious is the cheque that they sign for purchasing it. So, the question which arises in their thoughts is — That one is a deal that is cheaper? A brand new bike from the showroom or a trusted used one at a lesser price, although at a fantastic state.

Both have advantages of their own. New bikes come with a manufacturer warranty and have the features and cutting-edge tech-laden packaging. Also, they qualify perfectly for special financing and components, and after-sales service is often available. However, they might be more costly to insure and cost much more than bikes that are used by a fair margin.

On the other hand, second-hand bikes are great for a newbie rider that has a probability of damaging the machine while at his period that is maturing for a rider since they are already though vulnerable, provide a fantastic price.
Though one might not be confident about the extent of care the preceding owner took of that bike, and replacement parts may be challenging to find. But to get a value for money proposition, a machine definitely comes up with better and more plus points.


Factor 8: Your size and Physique

Don’t just try to pick up bull from the best bikes below the 1 Lakh list! Look upon the factor in which bike actually suits you. A large significant distinction is when you see a guy riding a puny commuter and a thin, lean lad riding a chopper that is muscle. Some bikes may be too tall to reach the tank sidewalk when stopped.

Others may be too small to ride for an extended period of time. The physical dimension has an important role in locating the bike that matches right for the magnitude of a rider. Consequently, if you would like to coincide with the macho of this bike you ride, you better purchase the bike that’s in league with your nature.


Factor 9: Accessories & Parts

Moving to the second last buying consideration of our buying guide, let’s now discuss the accessories and parts of the bikes. Most of us love going beauty parlors or adorning ourselves with some glitzy tattoos and piercings, as they are our manners of enhancing our allure.

Similarly, one of the best things about having a bike is the ability to customize it to suit your riding needs and styles. Just a visit to the car accessories marketplace near your house, and you will acquire consciousness about the never-ending opportunities to accessorize your new bike, with one restricted only by his imagination.

Certainly, common accessories that are worth spending your extra dough in the pocket are — windscreen, backrest, custom exhaust, saddlebags, and much better illuminative lights. Often these accessories may be funded and installed at the same time of purchase. However, they could always be inserted at a later date.

But the quality of these parts should be held in check; otherwise, trust us, one part is enough to entirely deteriorate your beloved bike’s ability forever.


Factor 10: Practical Usage & Ride Quality

Ride quality was among the top priorities of our experts while narrating this review. Normally, these will be the actual criteria that specify the line between scooters and bikes.

Both wheelers are restricted to these two body styles on the root level. They are much better handling machines than scooters and offer you power and torque figures, keeping the motor configurations the same as a result of their greater leaning in motorcycles.

On the other hand, certainly, the scooters appear to be a sensible buy, which provides you practical usage and better ride quality with their footboards, which while taking the additional luggage, can prevent you from the sand splashes through monsoons and capacious under-seat storage to carrying out that extra stuff, besides being comfy to ride their usually gearless trannys.

Consequently, if you are a shopaholic who would like to purchase groceries while coming from his/her routine office commutes, markets, or shopping malls, scooters create a preferable choice, and in case you are looking to explore the engine on which your bike runs and want it to throw around corners, motorcycles usually come out as a better choice.

Among the best bikes in India under 1 Lakh that we’ve chosen, you won’t find a single bike that’s impractical, actually! We hired a 4 riders’ team, and all of them rode every single bike that we brought for testing, and after that, we wrote this review.

 Let’s Wrap the Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

We are sure that we helped out all sorts of riders, and regarding purchasing a bike, we finished all your confusion. It’s true that finding those 10 bikes and arranging a proper list was actually too difficult for us, but the positive is that we enjoyed the rides of so many bikes!

So, if you ask about a quick revision, then we would say if you want the ultimate best bike to buy under 1 lakh, then you should buy Hero Xtreme 200S. Regarding looks, we appreciate the Suzuki Intruder 150 the most. If you wanna buy a scooter, then we have three supreme choices, and all are best in some or the other way.

It depends upon you that, as a rider, you want in your scooter, and on the basis of that, you can choose anything out of Aprilia SR125, Honda Activa 6G, and Honda Dio. If you want the best bike to buy under 1 lakh regarding fuel efficiency, then let’s tell you, Bajaj Pulsar 125 is providing you 62 Kmpl average!

For the last 2 years, we’re highly focussing on the automotive industry of India, especially bikes and cars. We’ve research bikes of all major price segments. Roll your gaze over the table below, and you’ll find a perfect top 10 bikes review for whatever price you think! Not just the vehicles, but we’ve also covered the maintenance and safety part, hence narrated helmet, engine oil, tyres, etc., related reviews.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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