Best Bike Under 1.5 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

Best Bike Under 1.5 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

Now, at this price, you surely look for show-off, but you might not know that more than half of the bikes at this price segment in India don’t have the right design to support your body posture perfectly! In our Best bike in India under 1.5 lakh, you won’t just get appealing models, but also very comfortable!

The matter to delight is, we came across some tremendous bikes at this price segment, which can be your everyday city machine also, and weekend highway trip supporters also! Most importantly, you don’t need to bother about fuel consumption with the bikes that we’ve chosen!

We’ve tested these bikes with whole dedication, as we don’t want any of our rider buddy to squeal after making a purchase!

Just follow this list, and read the details that we’ve provided after very long examinations of each bike, and then tap the bike that you think will explain your style statement the best way.

If you are flexible with the budget, then we have Best Bikes under 70,000, 1 Lakh, 2 Lakh, & 3 Lakh reviews also.


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Best Bike Under 1.5 Lakh in India 2021 Reviews

KTM 125 Duke KTM 125 Duke 1.34 Lakhs 124.7 cc 34.56kmpl 10.5 L
KTM RC 125 KTM RC 125 1.47 Lakh 124.7cc 40 Kmpl 9.5 L
Yamaha YZF-R15 Yamaha YZF-R15 1.41 Lakhs 155cc 42 Kmpl 11 L
RE Classic Gunmetal Grey RE Classic Gunmetal Grey 1.50 lakhs 346cc 40.8 kmpl 13.5 L
Jawa Forty Two Jawa Forty Two 1.50 lakhs 293cc 37 Kmpl 13.5 L
Yamaha Fazer 25 Yamaha Fazer 25 1.34 Lakhs 249cc 32.9 Kmpl 14 L
Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 1.13 Lakhs 199.5cc 35 Kmpl 12 L
RE Thunderbird 350 RE Thunderbird 350 1.50 lakhs 346cc 40 Kmpl 20 L
Yamaha MT 15 Yamaha MT 15 1.39 Lakhs 155cc 48.58 Kmpl 10 L
Yamaha FZ25 Yamaha FZ25 1.34 Lakhs 249cc 45.6 Kmpl 14 L


KTM 125 Duke

1.) KTM 125 Duke Review – Overall Best Bike Under 1.5 Lakh

Here comes the first bike choice in Best bikes under 1.5 lakh list. Because we believed a motorcycle from the 125cc area to be sporty, it has been around two decades. These bikes in our marketplace begin at around 150cc, but KTM has chosen to take a different approach.

Its recently launched 125 Duke is basically a 200 Duke using a 125cc heart, and is the exact same one that KTM developed for the light bike license category (A1) in the UK. We head out to the streets to understand the KTM does its own job.

The KTM 125 Duke could be the infant in the Duke family, but it sure enjoys a set of corners and will cajole you, tempt you, and also force you to take liberties you’ll never dream of about another 125 cc motorcycle, or possibly a section above.

Needless to say, at Rupees 1.18 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the KTM 125 Duke is not just any 125 cc commuter bike, or near commuter bike pricing. However, if you are thinking in motor displacement terms, it is not reasonable to gauge the Duke that is the 125 by what it provides. It is much greater than simply any 125 cc motorcycle, much.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6-Speed
Mileage 34.56kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual-Channel Engine Displ. 124.7 cc
Power 14.5 PS @ 9250 rpm Fuel Capacity 10.5 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed

specs score: A++


Not backslapping functionality, and exactly what the infant Duke lacks, is absolute pulling power – with 12 Nm of torque, and therefore you have to keep. But hey, you wouldn’t require to be doing these speeds on the 125 Duke, and it’ll take some real estate to achieve those speeds.

In the event that you want to stretch its legs on a trip, the KTM 125 Duke is going to settle in at a nice and stress-free 90-92 kmph, for a continuous cruise on a highway, in an rpm. However, for the most part, it’s built to tackle even the coffee date or responsibilities, like the dash and catching up to discuss some notes with your classmates.

Sixty to about 80 kmph is where its sweet spot is, and you will delight in how smooth and refined the engine feels. The KTM 125 Duke’s engine does not seem as little When you examine the motor. Yes, it is liquid-cooled, and the foundation to be bored from the larger motor of their KTM 200 Duke is really formed by it.

Aside from the bore and stroke, everything in the gearbox, clutch, suspension, and brakes are all shared using all the KTM 20 Duke the steel trellis frame. And it is a chassis that’s intended to encourage engines. The 125 Duke will induce you to catch each and every time to a small number of gasoline there comes that the corner up.

It is secure, implanted, and tight enough to create their riding abilities are honed by riders fast to upgrade to motorcycles.


Feature Score: 9.6

  • The KTM 125 Duke includes a 124.7 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC engine that lays out 14.3 bhp of greatest energy at 9,250 rpm. That electricity output is similar to cc sporty, premium commuter bikes.
  • Performance in addition to the flexibility to ride in higher gears at The 125cc motorcycle that is performance-oriented claims to provide a very good mileage.
  • The Vbox shows that the 125 Duke isn’t a match to the fastest, although performance is great for engine size.
  • The gearbox has closely packed ratios, which offer an eager It makes 14.5hp and 12Nm, which not only will be the greatest one of 125s but are also on par with the majority of 160s marketed in India.
  • The motorcycle weighs just 148kg, supplying rapid acceleration and an immense ratio. The KTM Duke 125 includes a gas tank capacity of 10.2-liters. The figure of about 35 – 40km/l.
  • The features include a number of segment-firsts like the fully-digital instrument cluster, alloy wheels, a frame, and ABS. The 125 Duke has ergonomics that is identical to the and the current 200 Duke Great.
  • KTM has built the 125 using single-channel ABS on Precisely the Same 300mm, and The brand new Duke has a company and rides where comfort takes a back seat.
  • Carving corners and acing racetracks Previous-generation 390 Duke, both of which have a reputation of 230mm discs as the 200 Duke.


The KTM 125 Duke is a near-perfect bike to get some pleasure on, if you are a young rider who is simply got your driver’s license, or whether you’re searching for a sporty and fashionable bike that’s available, yet has unintimidating functionality for school and back.

This really is actually the target audience KTM India appears to take into account; young guys that will be receiving their very first pair of wheels, but might have difficulty forcing their parents to allow them to go with a 125CC bike at this price, as the general thought is that one can grab a higher CC bike at this price.

The 125 Duke presents excellent road manners road existence and a personality for riders to hone their abilities to graduate to larger and more performance-oriented bikes. And being a 125 cc, it may be handed off as a relatively’safe’ option, at least while convincing the parent.

The one issue is that the price; at rupees 1.18 lakh (ex-showroom), the KTM 125 Duke isn’t exactly cheap, but considering that the KTM 200 Duke is rupees 30,000 more pricey, the 125 Duke certainly provides a comparatively affordable and accessible entry to the KTM household. It’s an enjoyable bike, hence, recommendable as the overall Best Bike Under 1.5 Lakh in India.


KTM RC 125

2.) KTM RC 125 Review – Best for looks

When KTM launched the 125 Duke, it was confirmed that its sibling that is fully-faired would show. KTM India’s silent bye-bye to the popular RC 200 also created good space for the KTM RC 125. In a way, no matter it won’t simplify the powerful RC 200 directly, it is the erliable entry sportbike out of KTM in India now.

The RC 125 has been launched at the cost of Rs 1.47 lakh ex-showroom that makes it a costly proposition as an entry-level sports bike, more in order to 125cc machine. Does it really live up to its sticker price? Our expert rode the RC 125 on New Delhi roads to find out.

The layout of the RC 125 is the same – let us rephrase this, the styling is precisely the same as we have seen about RC 390 both and the RC 200. However, this time that the paint schemes on offer are schemes that are white and orange. While the white is key, the orange is lively. Paint quality is superior as a result of its selection of colors. Gaps are constant, and pieces are overlaid.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6-Speed
Mileage 40 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 124.7 cc
Power 14.5 PS @ 9250 rpm Fuel Capacity 9.5 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed
135 kmph

specs score: A++


Walking towards the motorcycle did not feel very different than walking up, and the 125 didn’t feel hopping. Nevertheless, one of the first things that we noticed was the lack of brake and clutch levers. The dash is the same, though, as the instrument cluster is exactly the LCD screen we’ve seen because of the entry of KTM into the market.

The RC 125 is the 125 Duke having a fairing, and the fantastic thing is that you know half of the bike, in case you are knowledgeable about the bike. The 125cc engine churning out 14.5PS in 9,250 rpm and 12Nm of torque at 8,000rpm, which naturally is just like the 125 Duke.

Sounds underwhelming? We’ll get to this later. But the motor is elegant and is pleased to climb up all of the ways. There are several reasons for this KTM to be in the best bikes under 1.5 lakh list.


Feature Score: 9.5

  • Quality of its switchgear is awesome as well and is very striking for what is a 125cc motorcycle.
  • Even with additional body panels, vibration doesn’t creep into footpegs or the handlebars.
  • Although the RC 125 feels alive when you’re transitioning from mid-revs to the top, peak power is offered at the upper echelons of the rev band, but with that said, bottom end functionality is sufficient.
  • What is even more striking is how power delivery is favorable and quite linear. This may seem uncharacteristic however it’s evident the manufacturer has assured riders will not be scared by that the RC 125.
  • The RC 125 sheds speed easily, Outfitted with a single Disk Upfront along with a 230mm disc at the back (the installation has impressed us on the 125 down to a full stop from speeds is no sweat. already).
  • Obviously, this time around, the brakes have to manage a KTM RC 200 Motorcycle with half the power, and a top rate hauling the RC 125 down to a full stop right from three-digit speeds is no sweat.


The KTM RC 125 is a great bike for riders to cut their teeth at the world of sports bikes that are fully-faired. It’s a motorcycle which will help without bothering themselves; their cornering abilities are honed by novices with its handling. You can’t underestimate the possibility it holds on the managing front since it comes in KTM, a producer that’s a power to reckon with at the world’s stable.

To us, the 125 KTMs are overpriced, but the 125 Duke’s high sales numbers have shown that sporty image and KTM’s youthful is highly appreciated in India, perhaps even more so than the bikes’ real performance.

The RC 125 might just be as exciting a beginner bike you’ll find if you are a college kid searching for your very first bike, or maybe even someone older who’s still seeking with something that’s exciting while not a few.


Yamaha YZF-R15

3.) Yamaha YZF-R15 Review – Best versatile bike

Here is the third bike choice in Best bikes under 1.5 lakh review. Priced at Rs 1.29 lakh at ex-showroom, Fazer 25 does not feel like much of a bargain. It’s better value for the money than the naked FZ25. We’d recommend the Fazer only if full fairings thoroughly enamored you, although in that case, the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 could be needed for a premium that is insignificant. And that also with ABS.

Nevertheless, for all purposes and accounts, the FZ25 does every single thing that the Fazer does, so we think it’s the wiser option in this segment. Yamaha India, launched the awaited YZF-R15, a blue supersport that certainly brought an interesting flavor for a market.

It won great reviews from the riders. It re-established Yamaha as a performance-oriented brand. Now, a decade later, the Yamaha YZF-R15 V3.0, an amazing motorcycle, claims to elevate the R15 experience to a whole new level. Let us dive deeper to find out whether it does.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6-Speed
Mileage 42 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 155 cc
Power 18.6 PS @ 10000 rpm Fuel Capacity 11 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 131 kmph

specs score: A+


Bear in mind the 1:18 scale models? Well, that, in a nutshell, is exactly what the R15 appears like, a scaled-down version of the popular Yamaha YZF-R1 & R6. All details appear similar, from the front fairing into the floating tail segment and the vertical LED tail lamp. The most attractive angle was when the bike had seen head-on.

Get onto the saddle, and you notice how low the clip-ons are set. That combined with the increase in the chair. The motor in the V3 is your best yet. Riding over stinky streets and undulations, the suspension did a fine job of soaking everything up without upsetting the balance of the bike. But the joy of riding the R15 is up a twisty road.

Out on the streets that are open, the engine feels powerful, with all the energy coming from a way that is crisp. This motor can sit at high prices. From a standstill, the R15 races beyond the 100kmph markers in 8.63 seconds that’s well within 200cc motorcycle land.

However, what’s truly amazing is that fuel efficiency due to VVA, which continues to be promoted. At the city rates, the bike returned an impressive 38.9 kmpl whilst outside on the street; the figure rises to 42.4 kmpl.


Feature Score: 9.3

  • Not just for long rides, but the engine does a perfect job to make R-15 a perfect city bike.
  • Producing 19.3 PS at 10,000rpm, the motor has always been the new as well as the R15 characteristic. The R15’s ergos are therefore suited for city runs, riding fast up the race track or a street, it’s home turf. And 15Nm in 8,500rpm, the liquid-cooled only is elegant and an Absolute pleasure to rev.
  • The drop in the trail has certainly made the steering much sharper than ever and making the bike quick and exact when turning into a corner.
  • The R15 gets heavier, 41mm forks at the front, and link kind mono-shock at the back with reduced travel than before.
  • The Deltabox frame offers these very attributes that make the R15 a fantastic corner carver and amazing feedback and pleasure to ride.
  • The sleek LED headlamps on both sides of the faux air duct create the bike appear sinister. It is by far the proportionate looking YZF- R15, to most likely the best and date.


The 282mm front brake presents great stopping power with all our evaluations enrolling an 80-0kmph period of 3.2s apartment. The comments through the lever are exceptional too, but you can not dismiss ABS’s lack. The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a flavor of bike.

It is designed to take you through a pair of corners with ultimate poise and assurance; however, in precisely the exact similar time, it’s proficient at managing daily commutes along with the highway jaunt that is occasional.

However, what stays unchanged in regards to the YZF-R15, is its own efficacy for a beginner bike, particularly for people that are intent on improving their riding abilities. This makes the YZF-R15 crucial purchase of this aspect of Rs 1.5 lakh.


Royal Enfield Classic Gunmetal Grey

4.) Royal Enfield Classic Gunmetal Grey Review – Best bike in India under 1.5 Lakh regarding power

Gunmetal Grey comes under the Vintage 350 clan with a Gunmetal Grey matte finish paint job. The version also gets updated rear swingarm and rear disc brake. Contrary to the black saddle of first grey 350, this one has brown colored seat covering to enhance the looks of this machine.

The inclusion of rear swingarm and disk brake had increased the burden of the Classic to achieve 194 kgs. Aside from these, the makers have not made any other mechanical changes. The timeless Gunmetal Grey is an upgrade to the very popular and most selling bike, Vintage 350 in the Royal Enfield.

The new Classic Gunmetal Grey is an upgrade to the recent models in terms of also a stiffer swingarm arrangement and braking, both sourced by the Thunderbird. Aside from these parts that are updated, everything remains the motorcycle, and the exact same is powered with the powerhouse and other features that are mechanical.


Emission Type bs4 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 40.8 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 346 cc
Power 20.07 PS @ 5250 rpm Fuel Capacity 13.5 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 130 kmph

specs score: A+


The Classic Gunmetal Grey displays a 346.00 cc Single-Cylinder, 4 strokes, Twinspark, Air Cooled engine. The engine generates a maximum strength of 19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm and apeak torque of 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm. The engine is mated to some gearbox. The Classic Gunmetal Grey variant utilizes a Single downtube, with the engine.

The of this brand new Classic Gunmetal Grey is completed with 280-millimeter Disc, 2-Piston Caliper, whereas the rear braking system is completed Single Piston Caliper at the back, with 240 mm Disc. The general burden of the new motorcycle is 194 kg.

Nonetheless, it enjoys being revved, and when the rev limiter kicks in at 45,000 rpm, you’ll be rewarded with a sense in engine and acceleration texture of smoothness and refinement, if not functionality like its siblings.

Accelerating after the bowl at the end of the trail through the slick gearbox and on the back that was long-ish straight, the speedometer quickly climbed up into the top 90s but took just a while to climb up of 100 kmph. Fast acceleration is surely something that every single rider loves.


Feature Score: 9.0

  • It may generate a torque of 28 Nm at 4000 rpm, which makes the bike among the in its segment.
  • Royal Enfield Classic also comes with a coil ignition system, which is known to be efficient. Other than these, the bike comes with telescopic forks and a dual spring rear suspension.
  • The suspension duties of this bike are confirmed with Telescopic 35 millimeter fork with 130-millimeter travel, while its rear suspension is equipped with Twin gas charged shock-absorbers.
  • The brake setup of the vehicle consists of a disc in the rear and the front.
  • Among this two-wheeler’s features is its exquisite retro layout, which clocks contain a rounded headlamp, and mirrors.
  • Like any other bikes, Royal Enfield Classic also comes with a carbureted single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that can produce a maximum strength of 19.8 bhp at 5250 rpm.


Now for”is it advisable to purchase this bike?”Watch it’s a leisure ride, a tourer, and it is definitely not a speed agile racing bike. It definitely promises an unforgettable experience. In case your budget conscience permits you to devote close to 1.5 lakhs for a comfortable ride, then purchase it.

in straight words, it’s for those, who do enjoy riding, but dont race. If your relaxation speed is 80–90 kmph, then this bike is the best choice. You’d really like this bike because it simply feels good riding REs. You test ride it for a km or 2, and we wager you won’t have the ability to forget the feel n thump.


Jawa Forty Two

5.) Jawa Forty Two Review – Best bike in India under 1.5 Lakh in 300cc segment

We are fairly sure when Classic Legends showcased the new creation Jawa and Jawa Forty; they anticipated a crazy reply but not the kind of mad it has turned out to be. We hear the reply has been overwhelming, and there are over 40,000 reservations, Jawa ceased back!Classic Legends is hard at work, seeking to deliver as many bikes as possible swiftly.

That’s 1 reason why you have not seen a street evaluation of either new Jawa on internet yet. But we’ managed to lay our hands on a Forty Two to deliver you that road test review! Though the Jawa strikes the right chord with timers given how closely it looks like the first, the Forty Two is ‘modern retro,’ if there is a term such as that.

It seems properly classic with its round headlamp, offset pod instrument cluster the way, and as the handlebar in which the fuel tank slopes backward. Wire spoked wheels and chrome completed as does the back end with round turn indicators and the prevent light, exhausts increase the timeless motif in heaps.

Attention to detail is good, and emblem and the Jawa name find a place on the grips, cylinder head, motor casing, and a couple more places. So, why is jawa Forty two in the best bikes under 1.5 Lakh list? let’s know now!


Emission Type BS4 / BS6 Gear Box 6 Speed
Mileage 37 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 293 cc
Power 27.00 bhp @ rpm Fuel Capacity 13.5 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 143 kmph

specs score: A


The fuel gauge layouts and speedometer are inverted and require some getting used to, although the instrument cluster appears retro with its black background and readouts and needles. The 293cc single-cylinder engine powering the two stocks it’s basic architecture with all the Mahindra Mojo’s engine.

Its liquid-cooled motor offers 27.2PS & 28Nm, and it’s mated to a 6-speed gearbox. It undoubtedly feels smooth and contains a note, partly thanks to the twin exhausts and, in part, thanks to Jawa trying to emulate the first Jawa sound.

Performance is linear and also a small laidback, as you would expect, given the bike’s positioning. We felt power delivery might have been punchier; despite this said, the two managed the 0-60kmph operate in 4.1 seconds within our stride test. It crossed the 100kmph barrier in 14.3 seconds, which is adequate for a 170kg, retro bike.

Though on a few occasions, we felt a bit grunt would have been simpler, progress through visitors is reasonably quick. Gear ratios are sufficient and function nicely in the city and on the street also. The bike feels comparatively stress-free and comfy sustaining 90 to 100kmph on the street. Overall, the Forty Two is truly well-balanced on the dynamics front.


Feature Score: 8.9

  • The Forty Two don’t get a trip meter although there is a digital screen for the odometer, but. Fit-finish and quality are great overall.
  • There is no denying that the Forty Two looks really appealing and has. And given the stunning looking shade of blue and its styling, the Forty Two proved to be a complete head-turner in the street, with nearly everyone giving a second glance to it.
  • The Forty Two is dangled on forks and gas-charged shock absorbers, and the ride quality they offer is pliant since the bike soaks up roads with aplomb.
  • The riding position leaves standing up to the simple, which can help you avoid having to slow down to a poor crawl road.
  • The seating is comfy – you lean forward to get to the flat handlebar ever so slightly.
  • The handlebar offers leverage that is good and helps in making quick directional changes. Therefore the two feel nimble and light.


The Forty Two was made to bring back the nostalgia of the older Jawas, which enjoyed cult status. The mention of the newest has a grin cross the lips of old-timers that rode the first Jawas in their days. Jawas were ‘the’ bikes to have back and were used for rallying, racing, and touring, given the functionality they boasted.

Vintage Legends has attempted recreating that magic with Forty Two and the Jawa. And given your period in the saddle of the Forty Two, you can confirm that it will have that retro, old-world charm. It’s a very good looking motorcycle in our books, and in fact, the overall packaging is to that effect too – texture, instead of exciting with engine performance or handling and evoke emotions.

So in case, you wanna buy a Jawa it makes sense to get it for that nostalgic sort of feel, but much less when searching for a motorcycle that looks retro and is also exciting to ride since this bike likes the rider to take it easy once he swings his leg over rather than revving the nuts off it.

Costing Rs 1.83 lakh on-road in Mumbai, this bike’s price is in the exact same league as its biggest rival 9we all know that), the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and certainly, the feel should be intriguing to discover which of both is a better time machine!


Yamaha Fazer 25

6.) Yamaha Fazer 25 Review

Here comes the sixth bike choice in Best bikes under 1.5 lakh countdown. Launched earlier this season, Yamaha’s FZ25 – a 250cc take on the company FZ series – has shown itself to be quite a blend of both functionality and everyday usability. And as is the organization’s heritage, a version of exactly the same was bound to follow.

Well, while the nomenclature reserved for semi fairings that are chopped-off is retained by the bike in question, its design isn’t anything but compliant with this philosophy. Yes, this is the first bike ever produced by Yamaha (both locally and globally ), that carries the Fazer title yet sports a complete fairing. Why?

We could only guess about the organization’s reasons, but a touring focus has been denoted by bikes carrying this venerable title. The main question is, how does this new Fazer 25 deliver on that front? Shouldn’t we discover?


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5-speed
Mileage 32.9 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 249 cc
Power 20.9 PS @ 8000 rpm Fuel Capacity 14 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 134 kmph

specs score: A


The broad mirrors placed on long stalks, though a little out of proportion, provide a clear perspective of what’s behind. The instrument console is Clearly legible and offers all of the fundamental readouts, including instant and average fuel efficiency. The LED unit does the night, using a useful spread on a low beam.

The Fazer 25 has the heart that beats over the FZ25. The energy output of 20.9PS is produced at 8000rpm, and peak torque of 20 Nm is produced at 6000rpm. It’s equipped with a gearbox, which offers changes that are positive. We could ride at gear at 30kmph, without a fuss. This flexibility was supported by the roll-on figures.

In third gear, the Fazer handles a 30-70kmph run in 4.80 seconds, whereas the 40-80kmph run in fourth gear takes 6.20 minutes. Ergonomics and the elements are solid, and understanding Yamaha’s penchant for constructing bikes, the Fazer ought to be bullet-proof to this mentioning.


Feature Score: 8.6

  • The city-centric nature of this motor is also evident in the gas efficiency figures since the Fazer returned a remarkable 41.3kmpl from town.
  • The riding position is matching to the FZ25, using a flat and broad handlebar and backset footrests, offering an erect posture that’s comfortable for long hauls.
  • The paint finish is top-notch along with the bike feels like it’s well put together.
  • The tank has recesses on either side on top, which helps accommodate the handlebar, helping hassle-free U-turns.
  • The split seats offer just the right quantity of padding, which ought to make spending hours is a cinch. Pillion comfort is great too, with the rear seat feeling accommodating.
  • Rails are feeling very useable. A Bybre takes braking care. Front disk and also a Nissin powered rear disc As a result of this obscure brakes, 80-0kmph was attained in 32.19 meters, while 60-0kmph was coated in 18.58 meters, throughout our evaluations.
  • The front brake has tremendous stopping power.


The fairing adds weight, which appears to have influenced efficiency and performance, though marginally. And that fairing does not even do that good work of cutting through the air. Well, the fairing that is extra gives the Fazer 25 the bike feel, bearing in mind that front is not conventionally.

But the bike did draw on a great deal of attention from individuals and onlookers riding alongside inquiring about the cost and availability of the bike. So that could be regarded as a triumph for Yamaha India. Priced at Rs 1.29 lakh at the ex-showroom), the Fazer 25 is a cool deal. It is Rs 10,000 more than FZ25.

We would suggest the Fazer if you’re thoroughly enamored by full fairings, although in that instance, that the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 could be needed for a premium that is rather insignificant, and that also with ABS.

However, for purposes and all accounts, the FZ25 does everything that the Fazer does, so we think it’s the choice in this scenario. Together with the bike having the ability to handle responsibilities for many years on end.


Bajaj Pulsar NS200

7.) Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Review

Moving fiurther in our countdown of the Best bikes under 1.5 lakh, here we meet Bajaj Pulsar NS200.For over 10 Years, the Bajaj Pulsar has preserved a top spot in its own segment. Buoyed by routine updates of this product — be it through technologies, layout, or new versions — Bajaj Auto saw brand Pulsar growing from strength to strength. The raw and muscular layout speech of Pulsar drew consumers.

It is difficult to consider any motorcycle in the last decade or so, which did better concerning electricity delivered for the money than the Pulsar. Yet there were. These included a not-so-smooth gearbox, knee recess, and also a few other niggles. These never took away anything in the Pulsar, as it came into allure.

A decade is a long time, along with the modifications made to the show in the previous five years or so were not actually differentiating. Time called for a completely new Pulsar, which would not only offer you another groundbreaking design but innovative technologies.

Better its own work or A challenging task it was to update. The response came in the form of the Pulsar 200 NS, and we snapped it to discover whether it truly lives up to the legacy.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 6 speed
Mileage 35 Kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 199.5 cc
Power 24.5 PS @ 9750 rpm Fuel Capacity 12 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 136 kmph

specs score: B+


From the flesh, the 200 NS seems a whole lot better than on information or screen spreads. Is that a unit has replaced the trademark bulging Pulsar tank. Storage capacity has shrunk into a maximum capacity of 12 l. Visually, however, the vinyl panels combined to give it with a bigger, nevertheless slick appearance.

The general styling was combined with all the swells around the headlamp. When seen from the front, the layout of this headlamp brings an aggressive position to the bike. The side profile is rectified by lines that were sharp yet smooth. Foot and switch equipment pegs tear has to be viewed and suggests quality that is fantastic from a perspective.

Revving to approximately 10,500 rpm advancement past that will take a while and will deliver up the 120 km/hr markers. We were able to clock a rate of 131 km/hr. The business maintains the figure to become given the functionality of that machine and 136 km/hr. We don’t have any reason.

The Pulsar engine is carburetted rather than fuel-injected. Another technology that sets it apart is that the triple-spark combustion, one up from the. The use of 3 spark-plugs theoretically contributes to cleaner combustion in the chamber. Total NVH levels are appreciable and better than any of the earlier Pulsars.


Feature Score: 8.5

  • The neatly tucked at the underbelly in exhaust looks great but does good for weight reduction, as it allows for a prejudice between either side.
  • The tool console is easy to see in lighting conditions and provides the rider with great information.
  • Styling of this 200 NS does not really leave for. It puts the design language onto a base within its predecessor’s of the company.
  • The engine is easy to operate in traffic and pulls away from rpm. One can pull with no motor jerks off from as low as 35 km/hr from the sixth gear.
  • Entire shifting is smooth and supports nicely that is quick-shifting. Due to this tall-ratio gearbox and few technologies, the 200 NS is a very promising bike.
  • The sharp appearance of the Pulsar 200 NS rubs to its behavior. The managing and design of the 200 NS comes as a welcome change for those in the marketplace for a bike. The motorcycle is agile than the Pulsar and is simple to flick.


The Pulsar 200 NS is truly a giant leap for Bajaj in tech provisions. While it’s largely driven by KTM’s technologies this moment, an individual can’t take any credit from Bajaj engineers to applying some mass-favoring effective solutions.

The motorcycle has great road existence, and overall material quality also looks to be better than sooner, but that will be best advised by time. The biggest of the 200 NS models is hidden in its amazing features that it has got.

The 200 NS is excellent value-for-money, and it is difficult to think about anything that could beat it in terms of power and performance during its price-tag. In doing so, the third biggest two-wheeler manufacturer of the country has managed to take up the game of performance a notch.


Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

8.) Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Review – Best Bike for city rides

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird Includes a classic cruiser style. The new Royal Enfield Thunderbird Includes a teardrop-shaped gas tank, One of the most viable choices from the cruiser segment in India.

Royal Unit building engine (UCE). Enfield established the Thunderbird in 2009, and in 2000 the company Round spoked wheels headlamp, cruiser handlebars, and set foot Controls, which provides excellent comfort and riding posture. The Pillion which makes it comfortable and attractive. Thunderbird includes a saddle seat along with a backrest for the Pillion.

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird hasn’t lost its own identity, and that is the thing about this bike. The first generation TB premiered back in 2000, and it obtained its first facelift back in 2012, where it was bestowed with some contemporary features like projector headlamps using an illuminated DRL ring to the headlamps, LED taillamps, an electronic plus analog instrument cluster, etc.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 5 Speed
Mileage 40 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 346 cc
Power 20.07 PS @ 5250 rpm Fuel Capacity 20 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 107 kmph

specs score: B+


The top thing about Thunderbird 350 is the saddle, which provides a lot of backbone support and is soft. Although little small, is nicely cushioned, the pillion seat is lavish and inviting. The pillion backrest that is cushioned comes in handy. Towards the back, the TB has that also LED Taillamps gets.

A brand new exhaust and the split seats complete the Cruiser’s styling. The proper Cruiser like handlebars was carried over from the older Cruiser with alterations. The teardrop shape fuel tank is huge and is capable of holding up to 20L of fuel, and is made from metal, which helps the rider to stick any tank bags on the fuel tank anytime they’re planning a tour on the Cruiser.


Feature Score: 8.5

  • The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is powered through an air-cooled, twin-spark 346cc single-cylinder, lookup engine that generates 19.8bhp and 28Nm of torque.
  • This Thunderbird 350 is mated to some manual gearbox. The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is among the ideal cruiser bikes in India, offering power in mid-range and the low, and that a big reason to place Thunderbird 350 in this best bikes under 1.5 Lakh countdown.
  • Together with the handlebar and the seating position, the Thunderbird offers exceptional ride and handling. The Royal Enfield Thunderbird delivers a mileage of roughly 30kmpl, and together with all the tanks, the bike may travel around 600km. This is dependent upon the riding and street requirements.
  • This bike includes hazard lamps projector headlamps, along with an LED taillight. Whereas the right is an LCD for its fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, service index, and clock, the Thunderbird comes equipped with an instrument cluster with an analog speedometer and tachometer on the wing.
  • The Royal Enfield Thunderbird weighs exactly 192kg. That makes managing it easy and also improves the stability of the ride. calculating a ground clearance of 140mm, this bike provides stability when taking corners.


There’s absolutely no doubt that RE has paid a great deal of focus to create this bike the managing thumper of this lot if it comes to tackling. The seat elevation, the rider position that is cozy, the accessible handlebars, and, needless to say, makes it a perfect bike that may be ridden without becoming tired.

We’d like to say that if you’re a diehard Royal Enfield enthusiast and want to explore unfamiliar places onto a cozy motorcycle that you are able to ride for long-distance and on highways without including any excess effort, then there isn’t any other bike which could substitute this retro Cruiser along with the soul of riding this bike ignites in the riders.


Yamaha MT 15 Review

9.) Yamaha MT 15 Review – Best Bike Regarding Mileage

Much was said about this Yamaha MT-15’s purchase price because of its launch. For what is basically an R15-based bike — minus a few of those cost-intensive pieces like the aluminum swingarm, fairing and rear-wheel ABS — that the MT-15’s Rs 1.36 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) requesting price was just absurd.

However, there’s no use in writing a bike simply on the grounds of this sticker price? Than meets the eye In the end, much as our road evaluation shows, there is more to the Yamaha MT-15. The monoshock installation that is link-type along with the vertical fork provides the ideal balance between handling and ride.

Whether it had been potholes bumps or undulations, the MT-15 stayed calm throughout. Tight turning radius, the steering and also also the leverage given by the handlebar, all lead to a bike that is super-reactivate to inputs greater than the KTM Dukes. It keeps the rider and does light work of negotiating city traffic.


Emission Type BS4 Gear Box 6-Speed
Mileage 48.58 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Single Channel Engine Displ. 155 cc
Power 19.3 PS @ 10000 rpm Fuel Capacity 10 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed 130 kmph

specs score: B+


The design, to start with, is in accord with another MT series of motorcycles. Hence the body panels are minimal, so the tank is small, the tail segment is stubby, and there is not any bikini. Now, that is a place as it lends its individuality that is distinctive to the MT-15 that we like.

The form of the LED position lamps that are twin looks like the only LED projector lamp that is placed below it and a pair of eyes that complete the look of an aggressive face. In reality, the whole layout has just the ideal quantity of aggression to get a road fighter.

The matte blue paint on the test bike was nicely completed, and you get the sensation of a well-built bike once you see the panels and also the way in which they’re put together. That said, the switchgear and weights couldn’t have been made in a better way.


Feature Score: 8.3

  • The exhaust note of this YZF-R15 greets you. Yamaha, thankfully, hasn’t meddled with the 155cc, liquid-cooled, four-valve, motor, and hence it generates impressive 19.3PS and 14.7Nm.
  • It is mated to a six-speed transmission having an aid and slip clutch.We were pleased to note that the MT-15 has exactly the same, rev-happy nature of this R15’s motor and coupled with the VVA (variable valve actuation), comparable tractability as well.
  • The primary change, keeping in mind the MT-15’s street-focused character, is the revised final drive ratio. This was accomplished by fitting a larger, 52 teeth sprocket in the back (48T about the R15), which leads to faster acceleration off the ground, albeit at the expense of high speed.
  • Outside about the BIC, the MT-15 felt punchy from the word go, and its lightweight (138kg) assists in this regard. As expected the progress post 110kmph is also very impressive.
  • Iin the city, where you will find short bursts of acceleration between lighting, the MT-15 will be quick, and this will be confirmed by us during the road test.
  • Refinement levels are as good as on any Yamaha, with just a couple of vibes creeping in through the handlebar.


Our ride of the MT-15 was cool, and we tried it on typical Indian roads. Now that we have ridden it, it’s apparent that this bike is a little streetfighter that is correct, and if the bulk of your riding is restricted to the city, this bike is a fun weapon. The engine is whats we call an absolute gem and the same you can use for the delta box chassis, all of which combine to make the MT-15 a bike.

Additionally, the upright riding position makes it a motorcycle to live with than its sibling that is faired. But that doesn’t alter the fact that there’s just no justification for the MT-15’s Rs 1.36 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) price.

Simple math in relevance to this bike falls over the R15 — a substantial fairing, a single LED headlamp versus twin LEDs, a fundamental swingarm and single-channel ABS — reveals that it ought to have been priced at approximately Rs 1.2-1.25 lakh.

That hasn’t been the case, unfortunately. We conclude that you should consider this machine when buying a bike is not the highest on your list of priorities. We’ve recommended some better options up there. But in case this bike attracts, then Yamaha MT 15 isn’t a bad investment.


Yamaha FZ25 Review

10.) Yamaha FZ25 Review

Here comes the last bike choice in our Best bikes under 1.5 lakh list. Yamaha has had good success in getting clients to spend more. First came a bike that got people believing it was fine to invest more than 1 lakh on a motorcycle, the R15. Buyers persuaded you could cover more for technology, design, and quality when you did not possess specs. Shortly afterward,t almost rolls Rs 1 lakh on-road These days.

It is not the motorcycle in its own section, but it sells in amounts that are much higher than most of its rivals. Did you ask the reason? An unstressed ownership experience, great quality, and a fun, nonetheless comfortable and functional experience. The FZ25, just like we said in Best Bike Under 1.5 Lakh review, offers an updated variant of this winning formula.

It is quite clear after having spent a couple of days using it on Delhi streets this is exactly the upgrade the FZ16 operator will love. The design is fine but comfortable, and the flavor of performance is comparable also. Like using the junior FZ, comparing cost graphs and spec sheets will do the FZ25 no favors. The proof of the pudding comes from the riding.


Emission Type BS6 Gear Box 5-speed
Mileage 45.6 kmpl Wheels Type Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Engine Displ. 249 cc
Power 20.8 PS @ 8000 rpm Fuel Capacity 14 L
Tyre Type Tubeless Standard Warranty (Years) NA
Fuel Type Petrol Top Speed
134 kmph

specs score: B


The FZ25’s 2-valve air-cooled 249cc single benefits from an oil cooler to generate an adequate 20.9PS, which it sends to its rear wheel through a 5-speed gearbox. A motor is a unit from the XT250, a dual-sport bike that is small. In line with its own lineage, the motor has a bottom end with tractability that is wonderful. .

Pottering around in gears increases appeal of the bike. Factor in an overall, and a clutch feel from the saddle that is no bigger or heavier in contrast to the FZ standard model, and you have a wonderful city bike. As a result of the engine’s unstressed ability to sit down in large gears, town mileage is still a decent 30.8kmpl.

The horizontal handlebar ensures the rider sits almost vertical with the tank providing a good point of anchorage. Putting on a dash of sportiness, its footpegs are swept a reasonable bit but not together with the dedication of something such as the KTM Dukes.


Feature Score: 8.1

  • The riding position does balance city comfort with poise to get streets. While ones like me won’t be cramped, shorter riders who find that the Dukes somewhat intimidating will feel more comfy here.
  • Ride quality features a moderate air of firmness through the 41mm forks and mono-shock back. Nevertheless, irregularities and potholes are disposed of without shock or bother. More, if you are familiar with this FZ16, you’ll immediately feel better.
  • It is very happy to dance to the song of a winding street with you, although the brand new downtube frame is as sensitive as the framework on the KTMs.
  • Cornering clearance is better compared to FZ16, ample and scratching on footpegs is not a cause for concern. Grip in the MRF tyres is good, regardless of the change to Zappers that are bias-ply in the radials around the FZ16.
  • A gear position indicator would be fine, although the easy display is easy to read. You’ll be a fan of this new thumb controlled pass-light change; a is simpler to use.
  • At length, the headlamp throws a powerful beam of white that is clean, mild that is defined.


It would set you off to sleep soundly in 100 km/h, nor will it permit you to increase your heartbeat idle speed unnecessarily every time you wish to go for a ride. Oh, and it might perform the Leh trip, solo, without breaking down and without needing you to take a mechanic and 183 kilograms of spares together.

At INR 1.19 lakh (ex-Delhi), that has a great deal of fun, excitement, and reliability to your money. It might be too good for a few. It’s apparent that the Yamaha FZ25 is not for those. Who’s going to purchase one? The lightweight bike goes without throwing heat on the calves.

In addition, it may add a little excess delight. At the same time, a lot of torque and comfortable ergonomic create cruising at 100-115kmph a pleasure on the FZ25. So, it can be one’s weekend-escape machine or everyday 0.25-liter connector bike at a price of Rs 1.19 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Let’s Conclude Best Bike Under 1.5 Lakh in India in 2021 Reviews

So, KTMs are ruling at this price segment also. The same scene was in our Best Bike under 2 Lakh reviews. We can’t deny from the fact thatKTM 125 Duke & KTM RC 125 are truly most stylish offerings under 1.5 Lakh. However, on the basis of versatility,Yamaha YZF-R15 is a better choice.

If you prefer power over anyhting else, thenRoyal Enfield Classic Gunmetal Grey model is the thing to buy. The similar looking Jawa Forty Two is the best 300CC bike at this price.Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is the perfect bike for city rides, while for our rider brothers who are more bothered about fuel efficiency, we recommend Yamaha MT 15.

In case you want a superbike that turns heads on the road, then this prie segment is considered the best from an Indian’s point of view. Now, if you feel you’ll fall somewhat short of the budget, then we have written a dedicated review for under 1 lakh price segment also, and if you are left with desires, then move on to our “ Best Bike under 2 Lakh reviews” review.

Let’s admire our 10 best bikes under 1.5 Lakh once again!


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