Expert’s Honest Review: Bajaj Toaster ATX 4 750 Won Hearts

Expert’s Honest Review: Bajaj Toaster ATX 4 750 Won Hearts

Most of us love starting our day with a nice cup of tea/coffee along with one perfectly crisped toasted slice of bread with butter, jam, cheese, or honey!

Toasters give great pleasure, and these little appliances don’t cost any way high. In our August 2021 testing, we tested 19 toasters, out of which one truly won our hearts.

It was a bright-white colored Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster that costs just around 1300 rupees and proves to be much better than those costing you over 2000 rupees.

Our expert tester team’s head titles this toaster as “Breakfast thriller” after getting so impressed by the performance.

We prepared numerous types of toasts, and we’re here to put forth our results and views on why these little appliances deserve to be in your kitchen.

bajaj toaster

How This Model Won Our Hearts?

So, what’s so special in Bajaj Toaster ATX 4 750 toaster?

Most of the kids make mums scream in the morning as (God only knows why), kids most of the time don’t complete their breakfast.

Making kids complete their breakfast is trouble for most Indian mums.

Well, change the taste, offer something mouth-watering, let them enjoy, and then you won’t need to scream at them. 

Prepare some wonderful toasts with brown bread (it’s much healthier than white bread), and this will keep them energetic till lunchtime in school.

So, coming back to the Bajaj toaster, can it do it for you? Can it prepare something that kids and other family members love? Does it have enough features for that 1350 rupees price tag? Should you buy it?

Let’s explain!

It’s a “fast n furious” 2 slice maker

2 slice maker

Hey, morning time is too precious, and preparing school bags, getting kids bathed and uniformed, and yes, getting perfect breakfast ready is such a huge, huge hassle, isn’t it?

Every single minute is precious, and you’re always under pressure to prepare breakfast as soon as possible.

So, the toaster in your kitchen doesn’t just need to be perfect, but also a very speedy one.

Believe us. A quick taster can save a lot of time.

This toaster prepares 2 perfectly toasted slices at a time in just half time than what most other toasters do. Also, as two slices are prepared at a time, you’re already saving half-time!

No hassle of toasting single bread slices again and again. Once your bread is toasted, this model’s auto pop feature will automatically pop the bread slices out.


Special browning settings for perfect serving

Special browning settings

You’ve prepared toasts, and your husband may exclaim that it’s burnt, or your kids say that these aren’t crispy and leave half of it.

Yes, that happens.

When it comes to tasting, one fit for everyone doesn’t seem possible. But the good fact is that an efficient Bajaj ATX 4 750 W Toaster can be used to toast the bread as per your desire.

No matter you want it medium brown or light brown, you can get your desired settings. With the 6 adjustable browning settings, this toaster gives you wider choices to add to the convenience.

This lets you get your other work completed and not stay in the kitchen the whole morning.

Less power consumption and cool touch convenience

Let’s face the truth, all of us try out to keep the electricity bills minimum. So, we always prefer electric appliances which perform well, but at the same price, consume minimum electricity.

This toaster from Bajaj, even after performing so well, consumes very little electricity.

Not just that, the design is sleek, durable (both from inside and outside), and comes with a cool-touch body.

This feature helps you handle the toaster conveniently and eliminating chances of getting hurt in case your kids handle it. 

This cool touch feature helps in keeping the body cool while operating and saves your hands from accidental burning.

Removable crumb tray and non-skid base

Removable crumb tray

This toaster arrives with a removable crumb tray, making the cleaning process easy for you. Also, there’s cord storage, and it does prove to be a nice feature.

If you’ve used a toaster earlier, you may be knowing that while toasting the bread slices, most of the time few roasted bread crumbs fall down. 

It takes time to clean them, but the removable tray of this taster eliminates this issue. Cleaning work won’t trouble you anymore!

Also, you always need to take care of your counter-top appliances that they never fall down and break. This accident happens at least once in everybody’s life who works in the kitchen.

Thankfully, this appliance comes with a non-skid base, which means even if by mistake your hand hits the taster, it will just shift a bit and not tumble down the counter.

Accident saved!

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Are there any negatives?

See, we are honest reviewers, and we stay away from any sort of endorsement.

Our only motto is to suggest only the best and avoid our readers’ money from getting wasted.

Whenever we find any negatives in any appliance, no matter small or big, we openly discuss (and expose) it. 

We can stand strong on our words that even after fully testing this appliance, we didn’t find any considerable negatives in his toaster.

Yes, the “Made in China” sticker makes a few think twice about the durability.

See, it’s actually not fully made in Chine. Only a few internal components are and believe us. You can find at least a few China-made electric components in every single appliance.

In the case of this Bajaj toaster, you don’t need to worry about durability at all. The warranty of 2 years exists, which stands strongly in your support.

The Final Advice

Final advice from the Expert

Bajaj ATX 4 750 W Toaster scored 9.7 in our testing, and believe us, our testing methods are so strict that hardly one out of 500 products manage to score above 9.2 out of 10.

This clearly means this toaster from Bajaj is actually superb. This model performed much better than the models from Philips, Havells, Borosil, etc., at this price.

So, we stand strong with the recommendation of this taster, all because of its excellent performance, safety features, and also low price.

No 1300-1400 rupees taster is better than this one in the market currently.


Toaster Buyer’s Guide

Here, we have explained certain toaster factors for you to consider as toasters nowadays arrive with numerous functionalities which one should surely look for.



No matter which electric appliance such as dishwashers you’re using, power ratings always matter. 

Check your toaster’s power ratings, and if it’s more than sufficient, it might consume a lot of your electricity. 

However, the Bajaj toaster arrives with minimal electricity (230 volts) consumption, which won’t hurt your electricity bill.

Number of slices

Among the considerations, while buying a toaster is the slice capacity it arrives with. Usually, a toaster, especially those which also work fantastic with browning, should minimum have 2 slice slots to speed up the work. Fortunately, Bajaj offers you two slots with a pop-up feature that will ensure safety.

A toaster with a slicing capacity of 2 will be suitable for an individual or a small family. However, a slicing capacity of up to 4 slots would be ideal in case you’re a part of a large family. The more slices slots, the more speedy it will be for you to toast.

However, for commercial use, we won’t suggest you this toaster model. Hence, purchase it only if you are satisfied with the home usage purpose.

Type of plates

We talked about the number of slice slots. The second crucial fact is the slice’s type. In case your purpose of purchasing a toaster is for grilling sandwiches, you should go for the toaster grill

It arrives with a fixed grill plate that ensures your sandwiches get grilled thoroughly and offer you a crispy texture.

Also, if your requirement is for both toasting and grilling, Bajaj offers you a great discounted combo for both gadgets. 

Also, such grill toasters have removable plates as well to ease you while cleaning them. A few toasters are versatile and even offers you waffle making grill plates type. Therefore, choose a toaster model according to what your main purpose behind it is.

Nonstick coat

Non-stick coat

No matter what toaster plate type you select, the most important part is the nonstick coating of the plate. 

Opt for a toaster that has a nonstick coating, especially if your purpose is grilling on the plates. This decreases the use of oil as well as butter on your sandwich. 

As a result, you get an idea of and healthy grilled sandwich. Just like your other nonstick cookware sets in your kitchen, it should include this coating too.

Most importantly, the coating will prevent the bread or food item from getting stuck to the plates that lead is an awful cleaning experience.



Toaster arrives with a variety of price ranges. But you’ll be surprised to know they all work the same. The reason for the increment in price is the material and quality. 

Some technologies with greater versatility in toasters will cost you a few thousand more, just like OTG ovens

However, if your only purpose of opting for a toaster is to toast in preparing your morning breakfast, the Bajaj model can be an ideal selection since it’s the cheapest toaster out there in the market.

Easy to clean

The surface material of your toaster should also be considered before purchasing as it determines the quality as well as efficiency of the gadget. 

The body should be sleek, and no matter you spread crumbs around the toaster, it should not get sticky on the outer body parts.

Size of the product

Toasters with a compact size are easy to store and takes less kitchen counter space when you spread other things while preparing morning breakfast for your family. 

A large and heavy toaster might consume a lot of space which leads to an inconvenient working experience. 

Moreover, the compact design from Bajaj makes it easier to carry around as well, especially traveling around your relative’s home and enjoying quick toasts in the morning.

Removable crumb tray

Another important feature to look for among ideal toasters is the removable crumb tray. Yes, while toasting, there are high possibilities of the crumbs spreading over your kitchen counter. 

In this case, the removable tray makes the entire cleaning process of the crumbs hassle-free, and that saves a lot of time. 


These toasting gadgets get really heat up, and in this case, while toasting your bread, if by mistake the appliance skids, your hands will get burned. 

Never overlook this safety measure. Therefore, look for a toaster with an anti-skid base that suits your kitchen counter and never skids while you use it. 

No problem. Bajaj pop-up toaster will ensure safety as the design will never slide off your kitchen counter.

Cord length and Cord Winding Option

While selecting a suitable toaster for your kitchen, cheeking the cord length & the cord winding option becomes necessary. 

Those models which come with a short cord length will be problematic for you to always use near a socket.

Always go for a sufficient cord length of a minimum of 1.5 m that can offer you the versatility of using it from a long distance. Also, it will ensure that the toaster becomes useful from a corner of your kitchen at a convenient place since there might be other appliances such as air fryers or hand blenders.

Besides that, having a cord winding option permits you to store the toaster neatly. The hanging wire might look untidy. Winding it around the gadget will also ensure safety. Thus, always note this two length and winding features before making your purchase.

Cool Touch Body

Cool Touch Body

Considering the safety features of an appliance should be a huge priority in every purchase. The toaster you purchase must possess a cool-touch handle and body feature.

The body must be heat resistant, which can prevent any injuries or burns while you toast. A shockproof body is also another safety feature that is essential.

Preventing these unwanted accidents while toasting, grilling, or juicing with cold press juicers is an important responsibility. Hence, safety features are no matter it’s a pop-up toaster or toaster grill.


Additional features

Other added benefits such as variable browning settings, non-skid feet, auto-off, light indicators, and cool-touch are some essential toaster features to look at.

The variable browning settings option will permit you to set the ideal temperature essential for toasting your bread. The light indicators on the surface are there for notifying you once the bread pops up and is ready to serve.

An auto-off will cut the heat supply automatically if you leave the toaster on, preventing it from getting burnt. Lastly, non-skid feet will prevent the toaster from moving while you use it.

Hence, all such features ensure the convenience of the appliance.

Warranty & after-sales service

Hence in the toaster considerations buyer’s guide, the warranty and after-sales service of your model selection are left to explain. 

Having a guarantee on the kitchen, home, or any category’s product makes it more reliable for a shopper to make a purchase.

Certain brands offer you a one/two-year warranty, which will ensure any manufacturing defects. Try selecting a toaster model with the highest warranty from the brand.

Not only that, ideal after-sales service is equally essential. Nobody prefers going through the hassle of carrying toasters to its service center. Buy a product that has on-site after-sales service.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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