V-Guard Automatic Water Pressure Pump for Home Review: A Complete Package for Water Supply

With simple machinery and advanced technology, automatic water pumps for homes pull water from underground sources and supply it to our homes. These have been instrumental in solving water scarcity issues in several rural parts.

Amidst several options in the market, it is confusing to choose one that best fits your needs. In this article, you’ll get to understand all about booster pumps and our recommended choice – the V-Guard automatic water pressure pump for Home.

V-Guard VCB14-F030 Automatic Water Pressure Pump Suitable for Hot Water Circulation

Here’s some rundown for Booster Pumps

The importance of water in almost all household chores is widely known. If the water supply is inadequate, your life sort of jst halts over there. Here water booster pumps come into the picture.

Domestic water booster pumps keep a steady flow of water supply so that our daily household chores remain unaffected by the scarcity of water. These pumps are used at several places such as irrigation fields, our homes, and even construction sites and other industrial areas. These pumps ensure that the water supply is constant every time.

The water pressure booster pump for fome is either manually activated with a switch or generated as required. The on-demand system is an automatic function. In this, the water pump monitors the water flow automatically.

  • Booster pumps keep a steady water supply at homes.
  • They are portable, so they can be easily transported inside the house.
  • Experience high efficiency.
  • They provide excellent customer satisfaction.

The Features of V-Guard Automatic Water Pressure Pump for Home

water pump

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Style: Pump
  • Item Dimensions L X W X H: 12 X 20 X 15 Centimetres
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Weight: 3.3 Kilograms
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1800 Litres Per Hour
  • B Class Electrical Insulation
  • IP 44 Protection
  • Included Components: ‎Pressure Pump

VGB Series pumps are designed to circulate water in a closed circuit or to boost the pressure of water for bathroom functions, such as showers, taps, flush, etc. The motor in the pump is covered from all sides with a stainless steel enclosure. The pump is also known for making very low noise and requires negligible maintenance.

Here’s what you benefit from if you use V-Guard’s water pressure pump:

  • High efficiency inline circulating pump
  • Less Vibration, noise, and operation
  • Generates constant pressure

Various applications of V-Guard’s water pressure pump for home:

  • The water pressure pump is apt for a fully automatic washing machine that requires a minimum of 1 bar.
  • Can pump high-pressure water into the RO water filter
  • Removes trapped air in the pipes that get water from overhead tanks.
  • Has shown remarkable performance by working with 2 to 3 taps if the water is lifted to 6-7 feet.
  • Provides enough pressure to bathroom utilities, especially showers.

Here are some dos/don’ts for using a V-Guard water pressure pump

  • Protect the pump against the weather by covering it properly.
  • Use the pump for pressuring clear, cold, and freshwater.
  • Double-check all pipe joints. Ensure that they are leak-proof.
  • Check the pre-charged air pressure in the tank at certain intervals to ensure hassle-free operation of a pressure booster pump.

If you follow the instructions of the manual properly, this water pressure pump gives excellent performance with no complaints.

The VGuard water pressure pump for home makes almost no noise, no vibration, and it works amazingly in automatic mode. It had worked well for a multi-nozzle shower, automatic washing machine, and two taps at a time.

However, if you’re planning to buy a water booster pump for your house, it is important that you indulge in research before making a wise purchase decision.

What to look for in a water pressure pump?


It includes the distance from which the water must be sucked from its source to reach the pump.

Delivery Head

The vertical distance between the tank and the pump is important. The height between the pump and the delivery tank should be matched with the pump delivery head.

When do you need a booster pump?

If you are constantly suffering from low water pressure, which is not caused due to a leak, or you need to raise the water pressure for certain household chores, then purchasing a booster pump is your best shot.

Ask yourself these before buying a booster pump

  • What is the water flow rate at my house? 
  • How much water do you need daily? 
  • Where is the water source – above or below the pump? 
  • What is the adequate amount of pressure that fits best for my household tasks? 

Some people prefer high pressure in their showers.

The choice of the booster pump totally depends on the usage of water, the required amount of pressure, and the location of your water source.

If you have a big house of more than one floor, then you may definitely need a booster pump to supply water on the other floors of your house. Considering the above questions will help you to make a sound decision for your purchase.

Why do you need a V-Guard Automatic Water Pressure Pump for home?

V-Guard’s water booster pump can boost water pressure for hot water circulation, washing machine, RO shower, etc. You might want to increase the flow from your low-recovery well to home. The water booster will pull the water from the storage tank to pressurize enough water in the house.

This booster pump keeps up with your daily demands of water for several household tasks. You can use the booster pump to re-pressure water from your storage tank and send it throughout the home.

In order to flush toilets, wash laundry in the washing machine, you need to pump out water from the tank into the house. Use an automatic water pressure pump for home to move the water around the house. This is a cost-effective solution for an urban household with modern requirements in their daily routine.


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