Are Pressure Cookers Safe for Cooking?

Are you avoiding the pressure cooker for cooking? You may think that it could explode and cause danger to you and your kitchen too.

But do you know?

Pressure cookers are now much safer since they were invented. Now the modern cookers are equipped with various safety features that make them safe and acceptable for you. So, you just need to know the proper rules for using it.

How does a pressure cooker work?

The pressure cooker uses its steam to make the food heated. A lot of steam forms excessive pressure in the cooker, making the water boil at a high temperature of 212° F. This high pressure inside the cooker forces the liquid to mix with the food quickly.

When it reaches the high pressure quickly, it finds the way to come outside with the steam release vents in the form of a whistle. High pressure inside of the cooker makes food faster to boil.

Are pressure cookers safe?

Are pressure cookers safe?

Yes, a pressure cooker is safe. The modern age electric pressure cookers evolve some safety mechanism that makes it safe to use if used properly. Those safety mechanisms are ensured with the following factors-

  • Steam release: It releases excess steam from its steam release valve.
  • Safety lid lock: When the cooker reaches high pressure, the lid lock gets locked automatically so that the
    lid cannot be opened with full force.
  • Lid protection detection: It checks if the kid is in the proper position or not. If it is wrong, the cooker
    will not start to cook.
  • Anti-block shield: It prevents food particles from entering the steam release pipe and reduces blockage
  • Pressure control: It helps in maintaining the pressure level. Lower the heating level when the pressure is
    exceptionally high.
  • Materials: The copper and aluminum are replaced with innovative stainless steel. Aluminum and
    copper get heated up quickly that could burn your food.

These are the safety mechanisms of a pressure cooker. So, you can go ahead without any question about safety in a pressure cooker. Safety precautions for using a pressure cooker

Check the cooker well

The rubber gaskets are one of the most important parts of a pressure cooker. Make sure the rubber gasket is not dried out or cracked. Depending upon your cooking habit, you need to replace the gasket often. Keep an extra piece always on hand. The rim of the pot should be clean as it can work on sealing the steam inside.

Wait until the cooker releases pressure

Wait until the cooker releases pressure

Let it release the pressure naturally. Don’t force open the lid until the pressure gets lower in the pot. That may lead to an explosion. The experts recommend waiting for at least 10 minutes to open the lid. You can wait for 30 minutes also so that the pressure cooker gets cool naturally.

Clean the cooker properly

You should not clean the pressure cooker all parts together. You can use a wooden toothpick to clean the valve properly. Clean it so that it can move freely over the cooker. Always store it upside down. Always clean the pot, valve, and gasket separately.

Don’t overfill the pressure cooker

The liquid inside the pressure cooker forms excessive pressure there. Overfilling the cooker may form adverse effects on the food. It may also pose a safety risk. Too much pressure from the overfilled liquid may interfere with the cooking process.

This increased pressure may make the food tasteless and mushy. Apart from that, overfilled liquid may create blockage on the safety valve, leading to a serious accident on your hand.

To avoid overfilling, fill the cooker up to half full for the foods like grains, beans, etc. as they need additional space for expanding. For the other foods, you can fill it up to two-thirds.

Inspect the following things before each use

The malfunctioned parts of your pressure cooker can be dangerous. Before you turn on the gas, check the  following things:

  • Check if the lid has cracks
  • If the vent has any blockage
  • The handle is secured enough
  • Each part of the cookies clean

Don’t leave the cooker unattended when using it in high pressure

You should not keep the pressure cooker in high pressure for a long time. When you are using it under high pressure, please don’t leave it unattended. If an accident occurs, you will be there to fix this. But if you are away from the cooker at that time, it may cause intense danger.

The modern age cookers are even safest for the amateur also. Since the cooker was invented, many models were not equipped with alternative routes for the steam to escape. In that case, the clogged valves would explode. But now, the models undergo some extensive testing to be approved for sale in the market.

Although, there are many safety aspects for the modern age cookers. Still, you need to ensure proper maintenance about the safety issues and, of course, its longevity issue. Just know about all these guidelines, and get ready to prepare delicious meals for your family every day.


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